"Reincarnation Sky Blade!"

As Ye Xuan's blade slashed out, a visible black and a formless white blade qi whizzed out of the dragon's blade, colliding with the giant sword that was coming at them at high speed.


"Die, you bastard!"

In the next moment, the black blade energy couldn't withstand the sword energy and collapsed, causing the remaining force of the sword to directly pierce towards Ye Xuan. Moreover, the moment it rushed out, it suddenly shrank in size, causing its speed to increase, while bloodthirsty and cruel words came out from Sword Emperor Ba Zi's mouth.

He didn't think that Ye Xuan would be able to dodge this sword strike!

It was as if he could already see Ye Xuan being stabbed through the heart by a sharp sword!

"Ahh …"

Suddenly, an unprecedented sense of life-and-death danger surged in the Sword Emperor's heart without any warning, causing all of the hair on his body to stand on end. His expression changed drastically as he fiercely retreated.

Unfortunately, his movement was still too slow. The formless blade qi still attacked his body, slashing through his body.

Sword Emperor Tyrannical Ambition only felt as if something had directly struck his soul and torn his body apart. Subsequently, a wave of pain that originated from his soul filled his heart, causing him to let out a shrill cry.

His hair was turning pale at a speed visible to the naked eye, his body was aging at an extreme speed, his muscles were shrinking, his life was slipping away, and a large amount of wrinkles appeared on his skin …

His longevity had been snatched away by the Reincarnation Sky Blade for at least 20 years!

This was the huge impact that a soul attack would have on the body.

"Soul attack?" That damned little bastard actually had such a move! "

Sword Emperor Ba Zi's expression turned malevolent due to the pain. He roared out with incomparable rage in his mouth, "I'll kill you!"

As the Sword Emperor's domineering words fell, killing intent filled his eyes. The longsword in his hand appeared, and he charged towards Ye Xuan like an evil ghost that had rushed out of hell.

However, after charging out, the Sword Emperor found that Ye Xuan had mysteriously disappeared from his line of sight, since he'd unknowingly dodged Ye Xuan's sword energy attacks …

"Kill me? Are you worthy? "

His ice-cold voice reverberated in the sky and resounded beside the ears of the Sword Emperor, causing his expression to become extremely ugly.

The damage to his soul caused his senses to be severely weakened.

"Swish …"

In the next moment, a dazzling sword light appeared without any warning on the side of the Sword Emperor, causing his expression to change drastically. It was too late for him to dodge.

As the sword light flashed past, Ye Xuan's figure flashed past Sword Emperor Ba Zi.

Blood spurted out as a severed arm flew out!

Sword Emperor Ba Zi's arm was forcefully sliced off by Ye Xuan's dragon blade.

"Ahh …"

Shrill cries of pain came out from Sword Emperor Ba Zi's mouth.

The intense pain caused cold sweat to break out on his forehead. His expression was satisfied and he seemed to have gone insane. He waved the longsword in his hand and madly attacked Ye Xuan.

At the same time, he unknowingly reached out his palm from where the arm of the Sword Emperor Ba Zi was. Holding the arm of the Sword Emperor Ba Zi in his hand, his figure explosively retreated as he coldly and playfully said, "Do you want to do it?"

"Damn it …" "You …"

After hearing Ye Xuan's words and seeing the severed arm in his hand, Sword Emperor Ba Zi had no choice but to stop his actions. He forcefully endured the pain of losing an arm as he coldly stared at Ye Xuan.


However, just as he finished speaking, Ye Xuan's hand that was holding onto his severed arm suddenly exerted force. Boundless Glazed Demon Flames whizzed out and burned the severed arm into ashes.

Sword Emperor Ba Zi's eyes instantly turned red. His expression was sinister and his killing intent surged. Endless Sword Qi surged out from his body. "You damned bastard, go and die!"

"Holy Sword Breaking Armor, Ten Thousand Swords Attack!"

The instant Sword Emperor fell from the sky, an ancient Holy Sword appeared in the sky and fiercely pierced towards Ye Xuan. The dense sword energy whistled from all directions as it attacked Ye Xuan with its most powerful attack.

At this moment, Sword Emperor Ba Zi was completely enraged!

A strong sense of danger filled Ye Xuan's heart, causing his expression to turn extremely unsightly.

Sword Emperor Ba Zi's move had no loopholes or blind spots, so it was indeed very difficult to deal with.

"Great Devil Realm!"

At the same time, Ye Xuan's expression turned cold. His figure became like a ghost as he turned into dozens of shadows that simultaneously pressed down onto the ground!


The earth crumbled as boundless demonic energy gushed out from underground. A large amount of demonic energy shot out into the sky and combined with the ancient holy sword, creating an earth-shaking sound.

At the same time, an endless amount of demonic energy formed a domain with Ye Xuan's body as the center. The domain spread out in all directions as it collided with the incoming sword beams, blocking all of them.

The great devil world not only could transform into a domain to attack, it could also be used for defense. Its defensive power was also astonishing.

Sword Emperor Ba Zi's furious attack was forcefully blocked by Ye Xuan's Great Devil World just like that.


Ye Xuan's expression was cold and grave. Circulating the Yin Yang Tyrant Body Technique within his body, the Liu Li Devil Flame shot out from the center of his palm and fused with the Great Devil Realm, causing a cold and fierce shout to come out from his mouth.

As the word "Break" came out, the sacred sword that had fallen from the sky shattered, and the sword qi that had assaulted him also shattered, turning into countless fragments that swept out in all directions. The Great Devil Realm was even more so spreading, enveloping the Sword Emperor at an extremely fast speed, attempting to swallow him into the Great Devil Realm.

"Puchi …"

As the holy sword shattered and the sword Qi shattered, the Sword Emperor Ba Zi's attack was instantly dissolved. He suffered a huge backlash and his entire face paled as he spat out a mouthful of black blood. His body was sent flying backwards like a broken kite.

"Damn it …" "It's that hard to deal with?"

Looking at the rapidly expanding Great Devil Realm that was engulfing everything, Sword Emperor Ba Zi's face turned ice-cold and he could not help but let out a furious roar.


He was just about to use a secret technique to fight against Ye Xuan when a voice that seemed to come from ancient times that contained the might to destroy the heavens and earth sounded from afar, causing Sword Emperor Ba Zi's expression to greatly change.

"Evil Emperor, go!"

At this moment, Sword Emperor Ba Zi didn't hesitate to give up on the idea of battling Ye Xuan again. Instead, he turned into a ray of light and flew off into the distance …

"Bastard!" Why did that thing come out at this time? "

The Evil Emperor had already defeated Mad Demon Lin Feng, Saint Devil Derek, Beast Demon Qin Shou and the other two with heavy injuries, and was about to kill them. Hearing the Sword Emperor's tyrannical words and the distant roars, his expression changed, as he actually gave up the chance to kill Mad Demon Lin Feng and the others, and turned into a ray of light instead, fleeing into the distance …

"Little bastard Ye Xuan, I, the Conferred God Battle not long ago, will come again to take your dog life! Wash your neck and wait! "

"You can consider yourselves lucky today, but you won't have such good luck next time. I'll let you guys bounce around for a few more days!"

As the cold and unwilling voices of the Sword Emperor Ba Zi and the Evil Emperor sounded out, their figures quickly disappeared from Ye Xuan and the others' line of sight.

"Huff, puff …"

"That was close! I almost died!"

"He's still too weak …"

Looking at the rapidly leaving Evil Emperor, Crazy Devil Lin Feng, Saint Devil Derek and Beast Demon Qin Shou, all of them let out a long sigh of relief as they lay on the ground, gasping for breath.

As for Ye Xuan, his brows were tightly knitted together as he watched the departing figures of the Sword Emperor Ba Zi and the Evil Emperor.

Although he'd heavily injured Sword Emperor Ba Zi and had lost one of his arms, Ye Xuan wasn't happy. After all, Ye Xuan wasn't able to kill him!

Furthermore, he did not understand that the Sword Emperor Tyrant was going to fight him to the death, so why did he suddenly leave?

What did that shout represent?


The instant Ye Xuan was puzzled, the towering mountain range in the distance exploded without any warning. A giant claw with countless long hair extended out from within the shattered mountain.

It was an indescribably giant claw the size of a mountain. It was ten meters long and covered with long, barbed hair. A destructive aura spread out from the giant hand.

What Class 8 Magical Beast? A Class 9 Magical Beast was like an ant in front of this giant hand. It could easily crush it to death!

"Moo …."

It was as if an archaic voice was emitting from the mountain, a terrifying sound wave that spread out, causing extreme pain in one's eardrums, as if one's soul was about to be torn apart …

Under Ye Xuan's stunned gaze, a head that was difficult to put into words, whose appearance was similar to a dragon head but had two horns, broke free from his body.

An enormous blood-red light beam shot out from its eyes that were ten times larger than a lantern.

"Clang clang …"

The blood-red light from his eyes swept across the horizon and swept not far away from Ye Xuan and the others. It struck a large mountain behind them and instantly pierced through it.

"Goo …"

Ye Xuan and the others felt their scalps go numb and their backs turn cold. They subconsciously swallowed their saliva.

If the blood-red light beam had struck them just now, then the consequences would have been unimaginable. They might have been instantly blown to the point where not even dregs remained!

"What a terrifying might, I almost died!"

"This... Just what kind of fierce beast is this? "

The expressions of Mad Demon Lin Feng, Saint Devil Derek, and Beast Demon Qin Shou all changed drastically. Fear and shock surged in their hearts.

Even Ye Xuan felt his scalp go numb as he felt a lingering fear in his heart …

"Ye Xuan, run!"

Just when Ye Xuan was shocked by the peerless fierce beast that had suddenly appeared, Zi Huang's anxious voice resounded in his heart, causing his expression to drastically change.

He had never heard Zi Feng's voice that lost control of himself. His voice was filled with an undisguised urgency, and there was even a trace of a deep and concealed trembling.

"Hurry up!"

At this moment, Ye Xuan didn't stop at all. He brought the heavily injured Mad Demon, Lin Feng, and the others and fled.