A voice filled with boundless viciousness came out from the mouth of the gigantic beast. The terrifying sound wave began to spread in all directions with him as the center.

Everywhere the sound wave passed, mountains would shatter and the earth would crack. Whether it was a Class 8 Magical Beast or a Class 9 Magical Beast, everything that was touched by the sound wave turned into nothingness!

However, a loud and clear roar came from the distance. The sound wave spread and shook the air, causing them, who were resting within the lake, to instantly be unable to endure the terrifying sound wave's impact and the pressure from the spirit, which caused their bodies to explode, causing the entire lake to turn into a pool of blood.

At this moment, a large number of the magical beasts that lived in the Life Extinction Zone had exploded from being unable to withstand the sound wave from this terrifying behemoth.

A group of rank 9 savage wyverns were soaring at a height of nearly ten thousand meters in the sky, circling below while searching for their prey. However, at this moment, the mountain range below them suddenly collapsed with a loud bang, and an incomparably large beast's head suddenly stuck out, roaring towards the sky!

Under the impact of its terrifying roar and sound wave, the group of savage wyverns suddenly lost control of themselves and fell towards the ground. The gigantic beast opened its mouth and swallowed them in one gulp …

Oh my god!

That was a savage Winged Dragon!

Each of them was fifty meters long, yet the gigantic beast had swallowed hundreds of them in one gulp!

Just what kind of terrifying and dangerous creature was this?

"This... What the hell is this? "

"There is no record of any berserk beasts recorded on Earth!"

"Gu …" Isn't this way too terrifying? "

Ye Xuan, the Demonic Beast Qin Shou, the Berserk Demon Lin Feng, and the Demonic Saint Derek who escaped from the range of the sonic wave were hiding on a distant hill. Their gazes were filled with terror as they watched over a hundred savage wyverns while swallowing them.

Even though they were all part of a group of tyrants, having an extremely good disposition and a firm will, after seeing the strength and ferocity of this mysterious giant beast, they all felt an instinctive sense of dread and fear, and felt their own insignificance.

They could not imagine that there would actually be such a terrifying and powerful fierce beast in this world.

They had never even seen or heard of such a person before.

The level of this vicious beast had already completely surpassed their imagination and knowledge.

If it wasn't for them escaping fast at the first possible moment, they would have already been killed by its terrifying sound wave.

One had to know that even the savage wyvern flying tens of thousands of meters in the air was shaken down by its sonic wave and became his food.

Ye Xuan's expression was also grim. He searched through Tang Ji's memories, but didn't discover anything.

Even Tang Ji, who once roamed the universe, didn't know the level and existence of this berserk beast.

"Zi Huang, what is this vicious beast?"

In the end, Ye Xuan could only helplessly ask Zi Huang in his heart.

However, his question did not get any response from Zi Huang. Instead, he remained silent for a very long time.

It was as if Zi Huang had fallen into a deep sleep.

Zi Huang's reaction caused Ye Xuan to panic even more, and he became even more curious about this vicious beast.

After an unknown amount of time, Zi Huang's voice, which was filled with shock and complexity, rang out from the bottom of Ye Xuan's heart. "If I'm not wrong, the ferocious beast in front of you with raging flames should be one of the three most terrifying divine beasts in the vast universe!"

"One of the three most terrifying divine beasts in the vast universe? "What is it?"

Ye Xuan couldn't help but ask after hearing Zi Huang's words.

"Sea Cracking Profound Dragon Whale!"

Zi Huang fell into a long silence. Only after a long while did she speak.

"Sea Cracking Mysterious Dragon Whale?" A trace of doubt flashed through Ye Xuan's eyes. He'd never heard of this fierce beast before.

"In the vast universe, there are tens of thousands of races and endless beasts! In comparison to magical beasts, vicious beasts are more terrifying when it comes to divine beasts. There are even more terrifying sacred beasts above them that can swallow up an entire planet with a single mouth. "

Zi Huang's incomparably serious voice sounded from the bottom of Ye Xuan's heart, causing him to be inexplicably shocked.

"Swallowing Earth with just one mouth?" Ye Xuan was shocked by Zi Huang's words.

"How small is the earth?" Zi Feng's tone was filled with disdain. She paused for a while before continuing, "Of course, this Sea Cracking Profound Dragon Whale can also swallow an entire Earth in one gulp. It is even scarier than many Holy Beasts. It has the Saint Beast Ranking in the vast universe, and this Sea Cracking Profound Dragon Whale is ranked 21st on the Saint Beast Ranking! "

"You must know that this is the Saint Beast Rankings. For this Sea Cracking Profound Dragon Whale to be able to rank in the 21st place with just a Divine Beast, you can imagine how terrifying it is."

Hearing Zi Huang's explanation, Ye Xuan's heart was filled with unprecedented shock. His understanding of the Sea Cracking Profound Dragon Whale increased.

This Sea Serpent Dragon Whale before him was still young, yet it possessed such terrifying might. Once it reached adulthood, it would be hard for Ye Xuan to imagine its lethality.

"What is it? "Kid, are you scared?"

When Ye Xuan stopped speaking, Zi Huang's voice once again sounded from the bottom of Ye Xuan's heart.

Ye Xuan was truly frightened!

As if he'd thought of something, Ye Xuan asked in a low voice, "Right, Zi Huang, have you heard of the Ten Fiends?"

The Ten Vicious Beasts were the ten strongest Vicious Beasts on Earth. A hundred years ago, they were subdued by Dragon Emperor Lan Feng.

"Ten Fiends?" What is it? I've never heard of it before! " A trace of doubt rose in Zi Huang's heart.

"Then, have you heard of Dragon Emperor Lan Feng?" Ye Xuan couldn't help but ask.

"Never heard of it, why? Dragon Emperor Lan Feng came from your Earth? " Zi Huang's voice sounded from the bottom of Ye Xuan's heart.

"Indeed, he's a powerful warrior that walked out of Earth. A hundred years ago, he left Earth and went to explore the vast and boundless space!" Ye Xuan lightly nodded, his eyes filled with fanaticism and adoration.

That man was Earth's hero. It was because of his existence that a hundred years ago, Earth was not enslaved by the alien races and became their colony.

"A hundred years ago? "Little fellow, let me tell you honestly, I have already fallen for tens of thousands of years and have yet to know about what happened afterwards …" Zi Huang's voice sounded from the bottom of Ye Xuan's heart, causing him to be shocked.

This Zi Huang had actually fallen ten thousand years ago?

"What is it? Do you think it's been ten thousand years? That was just the seclusion of a top Ranker! "

As if she knew what Ye Xuan was thinking and his shock, Zi Huang's voice sounded from the bottom of Ye Xuan's heart.

It was time to instill some thought into this little guy and give him some preventive measures.

"Ten thousand years is just the seclusion of a top powerhouse?" Ye Xuan was truly shocked in his heart.

"Of course, in a hundred years, in the blink of an eye, ten thousand years! "When you truly step into the vast universe and step into the path of the strong, you'll know …"

Ye Xuan was speechless and didn't know what to say.

As if she had thought of something, Zi Huang's voice once again rang out, and her tone was filled with bewitchment, "Little fellow, there is a massive opportunity placed right before your eyes. Do you want to give it a try?"

"What opportunity?" Ye Xuan's brows tightly knitted together.

"How's your cultivation of Possession?" Zi Huang did not reply but asked a question instead.

"I've just finished cultivating the basic arts, and I've just started practicing the first stage!" "Why do you ask?"

"Of course it's related to your great opportunity this time. Little fellow, do you see that Sea Cracking Mystic Dragon Whale? If you successfully cultivate the first level of "Possession", then you can split your soul and carry out a Possession, and have a doppelganger right? "

"That's right, as long as I succeed in training the first stage of Possession, then my soul can be separated, undergo a possession, and have a clone. Moreover, the power of the clone can be superimposed on the main body!" Ye Xuan lightly nodded.

"Very good, then. Now that your first body is here! "

"You … You're not talking about that Sea Cracking Profound Dragon Whale, are you? "

"Smart! That's right, that's it! "

"Holy shit, are you crazy? It is so powerful, and I can't even fill its teeth now. It can blow me to death with a single breath, yet you want me to possess it? " Ye Xuan was greatly shocked by Zi Huang's words.

Zi Huang actually wanted him to possess the Sea Cracking Profound Dragon Whale and become his first body? Isn't that courting death?

"Why are you afraid? Kid, how could it be so easy to become a true top-notch expert? Take that Dragon Emperor Lan Feng you speak of. Did you think that it was easy for him to fend off the alien Outsiders back then? It will definitely be a narrow escape! "

"This Sea Cracking Profound Dragon Whale is indeed strong. Its physical body is invincible, even if it is your Earth's strongest weapon, the nuclear warhead, would not be harmed in the slightest … But it's still in its infancy, and its soul is very weak. If you can use Possession, successfully seizing it, and become your first body, then I can guarantee that no one on Earth will be able to harm you at all. Even if you want to enter the universe and roam about, you can still gain an additional layer of protection.

"Do you know how high the achievements of this Sea Cracking Profound Dragon Whale will be in the future? And it's only your first body! Do you know how rare this opportunity is? It had been a rare occurrence in tens of thousands of years. "If you wish to become a true expert, don't let go of this opportunity in front of you …"

Zi Huang's voice was filled with endless enchantment and excitement. When it entered Ye Xuan's ears, it caused his blood to boil …

It was just as Zi Huang had said. An extremely rare opportunity was right in front of him.

"How confident are you?" Ye Xuan couldn't help but ask.

"One in ten thousand!" The purple phoenix thought for a moment before replying.

Ye Xuan: "…"

"Let's leave this place first and quickly find a place to cultivate" Possession ". Only by successfully cultivating it will you have a chance!" Zi Feng said in a low voice.


Ye Xuan nodded slightly. He turned his head around and looked at Mad Demon Lin Feng and the others who were recuperating, "Feng … Let's leave this place first!

"Alright, let's go!"

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, Mad Demon Lin Feng and the others quickly disappeared from this world.