"All those who said those words to me are dead!"

Ye Xuan ignored Jack the Ripper's and the bone shard's venomous gazes. He had a faint smile on his face as he lightly spoke.


The instant Ye Xuan's words left his mouth, he moved once more.

He was like a leopard rushing out to hunt for its prey. With an extremely fast speed, he rushed towards Jack the Ripper, creating a strong wind.

In just an instant, he had arrived in front of Jack the Ripper. His right leg turned into a long whip as he lashed out at Jack the Ripper.

"An insignificant skill!"

Seeing this, a cold smile appeared on Jack the Ripper's face. The instant Ye Xuan's whip leg swung towards him, Jack put his hands together in a defensive posture as disdainful words came out of his mouth!

"Chi! Chi!"

Ye Xuan's whip kick was just about to land on Jack the Ripper's arms, but it seemed to have noticed something and Ye Xuan's whip leg suddenly moved to the side. With him as the axis, Ye Xuan's body spun to the side and dodged.

The instant Ye Xuan completed this action, bright rays of cold light bloomed from Jack the Ripper's arms, but he didn't know when two sharp daggers had appeared in his hands!

If Ye Xuan hadn't changed his attack in time, then his leg would've undoubtedly been injured by the sharp dagger.


He was just about to attack Ye Xuan when he saw the nearby Ye Xuan flip back. The elbow of his right hand carried a powerful force as it accurately hit Jack the Ripper's armpit, causing a terrifying force to explode forth.

"Tap, tap, tap …"

Jack the Ripper's body was knocked back dozens of steps in order to stabilize his body. The sharp pain coming from his ribs caused his face to become twisted due to the pain …

Ye Xuan's strength was beyond his imagination!

"Die, boy!"

Just as Ye Xuan was about to give chase to Jack the Ripper, a voice filled with killing intent resounded behind him. It was the bone shard, Chuck, that was launching a surprise attack on him.

The Bone Crusher Blade that could easily cut through a bone slashed towards the back of Ye Xuan's head, bringing with it a sharp blade light. Once it hit, Ye Xuan's body would be split in half by the Bone Crusher Blade!


However, it was as if Ye Xuan had a pair of eyes on the back of his head. He didn't look back, nor did he look.


When the attack missed, the Broken Bone Knife's face slightly changed. Without waiting for it to react or make any movements, Ye Xuan's fist carried a fierce force as it smashed into his face!

The powerful force caused his face to contort, and his body was directly sent flying. He heavily smashed into a pillar in the hall, producing a dull thud.

He was just about to forcefully endure the pain and attack Ye Xuan again when Ye Xuan appeared beside him like a worm. His right shoulder carried an incomparably fierce force as it struck Ye Xuan's chest.

Stick close to the mountain!

"Puchi …"

Large amounts of blood and shattered teeth sprayed out from Chuck's mouth.

Mt. Tai!

However, Ye Xuan's attack wasn't over yet. His right knee carried an unstoppable force as it fiercely slammed into his lower abdomen.

"Ahh …"

The Broken Bone Knife Chuck was bent like a shrimp.


Ye Xuan's elbow carried a fierce force as it landed on Tang Wulin's back.

An explosion resounded like a drum.

"Puchi …"

"Woo …"

The Broken Bone Knife Chuck held his throat and slowly fell to the ground. He had completely lost his ability to fight.

"Die, you bastard!"

At this moment, Jack the Ripper's attack and support had just arrived. He was like a bat flying in the air before diving down towards Ye Xuan. The sharp dagger in his hands fiercely stabbed towards Ye Xuan's chest with an intense intent to kill.

This was Jack the Ripper's most prized killing technique: Disembowelling Assassinate!

Once it hit the enemy, the sharp dagger in his hand would rely on his strength to descend all the way down, slicing open the other party's chest and cutting open his abdomen.

"Swish …"

However, Ye Xuan completely ignored him. The moment Jack the Ripper's attack approached, the saber in his hand appeared and fiercely slashed horizontally.

In the next moment, something that made Jack the Ripper shocked quietly happened.

Under Jack the Ripper's horrified gaze, Ye Xuan's military knife easily cut his sharp dagger into two, then continued onwards without slowing down in the slightest …

Jack the Ripper's expression changed. There was no time to dodge at all.

They could only watch helplessly as the sharp saber in Ye Xuan's hand cut apart his dagger before landing on his face!

"Ahh …"

Following Jack the Ripper's incomparably miserable shriek, a terrifying wound appeared on his face from the center of the nose bridge of the nose. Blood was flowing out … …

From afar, it looked like his head had been cut open from the middle of his face. Even his nose and bones had been torn, and his blood vessels and bones could be clearly seen …

"Ahh …"

After receiving this blow from Ye Xuan, Jack the Ripper had completely lost all of his strength. He covered his face with his hands and unceasingly howled as he rolled on the ground. It could be said that he was in an extremely miserable state …

This fellow could be considered to be a cripple.

"Tell me, which bastard was it that sent you here?"

Ye Xuan stomped his foot on Jack the Ripper's chest, causing him to stop struggling as unquestionable words came out of his mouth.

"Haha …" To ask me that, dream on... "Haha …"

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, Jack the Ripper laughed like a madman.

"You have some backbone …"

A cold smile appeared on Ye Xuan's face. He took out a bottle of decomposing water from his pocket and gently opened the cap.

"Swish …"

After that, he dripped a drop of decomposing water onto the back of Jack the Ripper's hand.

"Ah... "My hand …"

In the next moment, the back of Jack the Ripper's hand began to emit large amounts of smoke. The flesh and bones on the back of his hand started to melt bit by bit, and this kind of melting continued to spread from his palm along his arm.

"Tell me, who sent you? Emperor Qing himself? "

Ye Xuan coldly looked at the struggling Jack the Ripper as he mercilessly spat out words.

"Ah... My hand, my arm, please. "I beg of you, please kill me …"

However, Jack the Ripper was in a state of endless fear. He could only watch as his arm gradually disappeared, then was swallowed by the decomposing water, then started to spread towards his body …

If this continued, his body would slowly disappear under the effects of the decomposing water, eventually disappearing like smoke in thin air.

"Tell me, I'll help you relieve the pain!"

Ye Xuan said again.

"Ye Xuan, I …" I won't let you off even if I become a ghost. "

Jack the Ripper glared hatefully at Ye Xuan. His tongue curled as he abruptly swallowed the blade that was hidden in his mouth. He had resolved his pain and died.

In the end, his corpse turned into a cloud of white smoke under the effect of the decomposing water. It completely disappeared as if it never existed.

"Goo …"

When this scene appeared in the eyes of the seriously injured and near death Broken Bone Knife, Chuck's face turned deathly pale. His face was filled with fear as he subconsciously swallowed his saliva …

"Since he's dead, then I'll leave the question to you to answer!"

Ye Xuan walked over to Chuck with the bone shard and said an unquestionable sentence.

After witnessing Jack the Ripper's tragic death, how could Chuck dare to hide anything from him? He quickly said shakily, "Lord Ye, it's …" "It's …"


However, just as he was about to finish his sentence, an ear-piercing gunshot rang out.

On the other hand, a sniper bullet carrying a cold killing intent shot out from the forest outside the faraway villa, heading straight for Ye Xuan without any warning.


Ye Xuan's expression slightly changed. He didn't hesitate to throw himself to the side, causing a sharp sniper bullet to pass by him.

"Boom! Boom!"

Under Ye Xuan's unsightly gaze, the bullet accurately hit Chuck's head, causing his head to explode and end his life.

Seeing this, Ye Xuan's expression instantly became unsightly. The other person killing him was just an illusion, their real goal was to kill Zha Ke.

Since the opponent was able to predict Ye Xuan's reaction and make such a shot, not only could it threaten Ye Xuan, but it could also kill Chuck.


Ye Xuan was about to take action when a bright, cold light quietly blossomed in his eyes. He didn't even hesitate as he rolled towards the sniper rifle that Hank had left behind.


The sharp sniper bullets struck the wall and created a hole.

"Kacha …."

Ye Xuan took the opportunity to obtain Hank's sniper rifle.

With the sniper rifle in hand, Ye Xuan's aura suddenly changed. He didn't even aim and instead, turned around and pulled the trigger of the sniper rifle.


The ear-piercing sound of gunshots rang out as the sniper bullets filled with a biting cold killing intent flew towards the dense forest in the distance.

Listening to the voice position, Jedi Blind Sniper!