"Ah Xuan, you're finally back. How was it?"

In the cave beneath the waterfall, Mad Demon Lin Feng, Saint Devil Derek, and Beast Demon Qin Shou watched as Ye Xuan returned, and they couldn't help but be pleasantly surprised.

"The ice spirit has entered our hands!"

Ye Xuan raised his head and directed his gaze onto Mad Demon Lin Feng. He asked in a low voice, "How is it? Are you ready?"

"I've prepared it long ago. It can start anytime!"

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, Lin Feng replied with a smile.

"If that's the case … Then let's begin! Ah Di, the two of you go outside the cave and guard it. No matter what happens, no one will disturb me! "

Ye Xuan said without the slightest hesitation.

"By the way, where's Alice?"

As if he'd thought of something, Ye Xuan noticed that the Snow Goddess didn't seem to be here these past few days, so he couldn't help but ask.

"She said she had something to do and left … What? "Are you interested in her?"

Saint Demon Derek teased.

"Your sister, hurry up and get out of here!" Ye Xuan said in annoyance.

As the words left his mouth, Saint Devil Derek and Beast Demon Qin Shou swiftly left the cave and stood guard outside.

"Clang clang!"

Ye Xuan's heart stirred. He suddenly beckoned with his hand. The Void Magic Ring on his hand flashed, and a customized surgical table, medical toolbox, and various medicines appeared.

This time, when he entered the forbidden zone for his life, he knew that he would have to change the heart of Crazy Devil Lin Feng.

"Take off your shirt and lie flat on the bed!"

Ye Xuan said in a low voice as he prepared the narcotic drugs.

Mad Demon Lin Feng lightly nodded his head, took off his shirt and laid on the surgical bed.

"The whole process will take a long time. In order to avoid pain and to facilitate the operation, I need to undergo anesthesia!"

Ye Xuan looked at Lin Feng and spoke with a serious expression.

"Mm, just come at me …" Mad Demon Lin Feng laughed as he spoke.

"The risk of surgery is very high, if..." Ye Xuan said in a low voice as he drugged Lin Feng.

"If the operation failed, I wouldn't blame you, and Adai and the others wouldn't blame you …" "Remember, we are brothers!" Perhaps it was the effect of the anesthetic, but Mad Demon Lin Feng's consciousness slowly turned blurry, but a relaxed smile surfaced on his face as he said that with a smile.

"Don't feel any pressure, see you later!"

As Lin Feng's words fell, his consciousness rapidly faded and he fell into a deep sleep.


Ye Xuan took a deep breath as he beckoned with his palm with the Extreme Arctic Frost. He opened the cap of the bottle and fed the Extreme Frost Ice Spirit into Lin Feng's mouth.

"Crack, crack, crack …"

As the extreme cold of the ice spirits entered Lin Feng's mouth, the surface of his body began to emit waves of cold air. From the inside of his body to the outside, thin layers of ice began to form.

His meridians were frozen, his blood vessels were frozen, and even his heart was frozen. His heart had stopped beating, and his blood circulation had stopped as well.

However, he was not dead. He was alive, and all signs of life were stable.

In fact, if you touch him with your hand, you will realize that he doesn't give off the extremely stiff and icy feeling that the frozen ice person gave you.

The layer of ice on his body seemed to be fake.

However, the state of his life was frozen at this moment!

This was the enormous effect of the extreme cold of the ice spirits.

The Crossing Disaster Gold Needle appeared in his hand, respectively stabbing into Lin Feng's body, sealing his heart veins, and maintaining his vital signs. At the same time, a steady flow of life energy entered Lin Feng's body, nourishing and repairing his body.

At this point, all the preparation for the operation was completed.


Afterwards, Ye Xuan slowly picked up the surgery and took the most important step!

Begin surgery, change of heart!

Time passed bit by bit, and in the blink of an eye, it was from morning to afternoon, from afternoon to night, and from night to morning. However, Ye Xuan still hadn't come out from the cave, causing the Holy Demon Derek and Beast Devil Qin Shou to be incomparably anxious.

"Little Beast, you've been talking for such a long time. That guy Xuan still hasn't come out. Could something have happened during the operation?"

Holy Demon Derek could not help but ask with a grave expression.

"Pfft, you jinx, don't spout nonsense. With Ye Xuan's ability, he'll definitely be fine …"

Beast Demon Qin Shou could not help but curse when he heard the Holy Demon Derek's words.

"I'm just worried. It's been a day and a night since yesterday. At least you should at least give us some information, but now that you've seen it, you haven't said a single word …"

The Sage Derek paced back and forth like an ant on a hot pan.

"Big brother, this is a heart surgery, not some other small surgery. Furthermore, this time it was Long Xin, who knows how many times more difficult it was compared to ordinary cardiac surgery. It was understandable if he was a little slower, but don't worry! "Just wait, believe the two of them!"

The Demonic Beast, Qin Shou, walked up to the Saint Devil Derek and patted his shoulder as he consoled him.

"Alright, just wait!"

Finally, Saint Demon Derek nodded and quietly guarded the entrance of the cave.

Another day passed, but there still wasn't any movement from Ye Xuan's side. This caused the Beast Mage Qin Shou, who was originally trying to comfort the Saint Devil Derek, to be unable to sit still.

"It's been two days and two nights, why hasn't he come out yet? I'm going crazy! "

Beast Demon Qin Shou couldn't help but ask.

"Sigh, maybe he met with difficulty during the operation and continues to wait. That fellow Lin Feng will not die so easily!"

The Saint Devil Derek let out a soft sigh and said while holding onto the shoulder of the Demonic Beast, Qin Shou.

"But... Should I go in and take a look? " The Demonic Beast, Qin Shou, couldn't hold it in any longer. He stood up and walked towards the cave.

"You forgot what Xuan said. Don't let anyone disturb him. Just wait and see!"

However, the Demonic Beast, Qin Shou, was brought back by Saint Devil Dirac.

In the depths of the restricted area for life, two figures were speeding along at an extremely fast speed.

If the Demonic Beast, Qin Shou, and the others saw these two figures, they would definitely be able to recognize them.

This was because they were actually the Evil Emperor and the Sword Emperor who had fought fiercely against them.

After the battle with Ye Xuan and the others, the two of them had disappeared. Coincidently, they broke into a mysterious ancient cave and obtained an ancient inheritance. After a period of time, not only did the injuries of these two guys heal, but even their strength had greatly increased.

This was especially true for the Sword Emperor; he had obtained a martial saint's severed hand in the mysterious ancient cave and had perfectly transplanted it. This had caused his strength to increase once again and ascend to a higher level!

Now, the two of them had received news from the Ice Empress. They had discovered a starship relic deep within the Life Zone. They were on their way to investigate it.

And the place where the Sea Cracking Profound Dragon Whale had fallen asleep after a meal was not far from the spaceship ruins they had discovered.

Of course, Qin Shou, Saint Devil Derek, and Ye Xuan, who was currently undergoing surgery, didn't know anything about this.

"Three days. Three days have already passed … Xuan still hasn't come out! I can't hold it in any longer, if we keep waiting like this, I'm going to go crazy! "

At the entrance of the cave, the Demonic Beast Qin Shou smashed his fist heavily against a huge rock, venting the anger and anxiety in his heart.

"Let's wait a little longer. Nothing we do now is of any use. We can only wait!" To think that you were trying to persuade me in the beginning, but now, you're the one who's been the most worried these past two days. "

The Holy Demon Derek took a deep drag from his cigar and exhaled the thick smoke. He then turned his head and looked at the Demonic Beast, Qin Shou, and said with a smile, "This cigar tastes pretty good. I've kept it for many years. Do you want me to take a puff?"

"Coo, coo..."

Qin Shou ignored him. Instead, he took out a jar of Nu'er Red and gulped it down.


"No, I can't take it anymore. I have to go in and take a look..."

When the jug of wine was finished, the Beast Demonic Qin Shou smashed the jug of wine into pieces. He could not hold it in any longer and walked into the cave.

"You …"

Seeing this, a helpless smile surfaced on the Saint Devil Derek's face. He also stood up at this moment.

"How long have I made you wait? Can't you bear it any longer?"

However, the Demonic Beast, Qin Shou, and the others had only taken two steps when a clear and clear voice sounded at this moment.

Following the appearance of this voice, the footsteps of the Demonic Saint Derek and the Demonic Beast Qin Shou both involuntarily paused. They raised their heads and looked towards the front.

Under their gazes, two tall and slender figures slowly walked out of the cave.

Their faces were brimming with brilliant smiles. Their entire bodies were emitting a powerful aura, giving off an extremely extraordinary feeling.

The two of them were actually Ye Xuan and Lin Feng!



Seeing Ye Xuan and Mad Demon Lin Feng walk over, the Holy Demon Derek and Beast Devil Qin Shou's faces were filled with intense joy. They quickly rushed over and gave the two of them a warm hug.

"Do you know? You two are making us so impatient! "

"F * ck, you two finally came out. Do you know how we've been living these past few days?"

The grumbling voices came from the mouths of Saint Devil Derek and the Crazy Devil Lin Feng.

Ye Xuan and Lin Feng were only concerned about them!

"How is it? Is the operation successful? "

Then, the Holy Demon Derek asked without any hesitation.

The smiles on Ye Xuan's and Mad Demon Lin Feng's faces vanished when they heard Saint Devil Derek's words. Their expressions became slightly downcast …

"Did the operation not succeed?"

Seeing the expressions of Ye Xuan and Mad Demon Lin Feng, the Sage Derek and Beast Devil Qin Shou's hearts couldn't help but thump as they urgently asked.

Ye Xuan and Mad Demon Lin Feng's expressions were gloomy as they lowered their heads and didn't say anything.

When the Holy Demon Derek and the Beast Demon Qin Shou were extremely anxious and their expressions dimmed, the two of them slowly opened their mouths, "I encountered a huge problem during the operation …"

A bad premonition arose in the hearts of the Demonic Saint Derek and the Demonic Beast, Qin Shou.

However, the words of Ye Xuan and the others suddenly changed as they smiled and spoke.

"However, the final operation was a success!"

When they heard Ye Xuan's words, Saint Devil Derek and Mad Devil Lin Feng couldn't help but heave a long sigh of relief. In the end, they couldn't help but curse.

"Damn!" If we succeed, why don't you guys talk about it? "

"Dammit, they scared the two of us to death!"

"You two did it on purpose, right?"