In the Life Extinction Zone, the demonic beasts howled miserably as energy howled forth.

The enormous Sea Cracking Mysterious Dragon Whale was like a madman, wantonly wreaking havoc within the mysterious and dangerous forbidden zone of life.

Mountains after mountains were leveled by it, and rivers after rivers were filled up.

Their faces were extremely pale, and their bodies were covered with the marks of magical beast claws tearing them apart. They stood there covered in blood, looking to be in a very sorry state.

If someone from the outside world saw them, they would definitely recognize them. This was because they were the Western Asura World's Sword Emperor, Demon Emperor Ba Zi, and Ice Emperor!

Lying next to the three of them was a dragon-shaped magical beast covered in azure scales. Although it was already dead, it was still filled with a violent aura.

This dragon-shaped magical beast was the protector of the ship's remains. Its strength was extremely terrifying and powerful. Even when the three of them joined forces, they still expended a great amount of effort to kill it.

Moreover, this dragon-shaped magical beast did not originate from Earth, but from space just like this ship. Its entire body was filled with precious treasures, which would greatly increase the strength of the three of them.

"Just the guardian beasts are this powerful? I wonder what treasures and inheritances are inside the ship? Let's go!" Let's go in and see what kind of inheritance and treasures there are. I can't wait … "

Sword Emperor Ba Zi rested for a good while before he stretched his transplanted right arm lazily and teased.

"Alright, let's go!"

Hearing the words of the Sword Emperor, the Evil Emperor and the Ice Emperor both nodded their heads, stood up and walked towards the inner part of the ship.

Although this dragon-shaped magical beast was extremely valuable, they were more interested in the inheritances and treasures inside the ship's ruins.

"Dong, dong, dong …"

Just as they were about to enter the interior of the ship's ruins, the entire ruins began to tremble. Large amounts of debris and rocks rolled down from the surrounding walls, causing the faces of the Sword Emperor Ba Zi, the Evil Emperor, and the Ice Emperor to change.

"What happened?"

The Evil Emperor asked with an ugly expression.

"I don't know. Perhaps the magical beast that was making a ruckus outside just a while ago has rushed out again!" Sword Emperor Baqi shook his head lightly.

"Whatever, let's go in and take a look first."

The Ice Empress' face was cold as she charged forward.

Seeing that, Sword Emperor Ba Zi and Evil Emperor followed up like lightning and disappeared from the space.

West side, Asura World, Immortal Mountain, Immortal Deity Pavilion Headquarters!

In that quaint living room, the Undying Immortal Emperor lazily laid on the sofa, wearing a golden robe as he sipped his wine and listened to the reports of his subordinates. His face was full of smiles and he nodded in satisfaction, "It seems that during my closed door training, all of you have performed quite well. It's just that unfortunately, Undying King Ma Ke and Old Yin have died.

He didn't know what kind of gains this fellow had obtained from his closed door cultivation, but he didn't feel any heartache or anger at the death of the Undead King Mark and Old Yin Elder. Furthermore, he seemed to be in a pretty good mood.

"It's an honor for Ma Ke and Old Yin to die for the Immortal Emperor. I'm sure they would be happy and happy if they found out below the spring that the Immortal Emperor's strength has greatly increased and even received the favor of the Immortal Emperor from the starry sky!"

After hearing the Immortal Emperor's words, Gaia's face was filled with smiles as he spoke with a flattering tone.

Although the top experts from all over the world had surged into the Asura World in the past few months, causing earth-shattering changes to the Asura World, causing the deaths of many experts and experts, and even causing the destruction of many of their strengths, the Immortal Immortal Immortal Pavilion was not affected much, and their overall strength was also greatly increased.

The undying emperor smiled as he tasted the good wine in his cup. Then, as if he had thought of something, he opened his mouth and asked, "What about the Demon Lord's former wife, Chu Qing? How is she? That Lord in the starry sky has taken a fancy to her, and she is now our most precious treasure, so don't be negligent! "

"Lord Immortal Emperor, don't worry. We will be waiting on you happily …" Only... "But …"

Gaia's face was full of smiles. After hesitating for a moment, she opened her mouth and spoke in a low voice.

"But what?"

The Undying Immortal Emperor's eyes turned cold as he coldly asked.

"It's just that her mental state doesn't seem to be too good recently. Her lost memories seem to be recovering …"

Gaia thought for a moment before replying respectfully.

Her physique is very special. Back then, she did not hesitate to use her body to block his fatal sword for the Demon Lord, so everyone thought that she had fallen into death, but they never thought that she would recover from her injuries and awaken her soul. Having lost all her memories, it is as if she is a completely different person.

"Using that lord's words, even in the vast universe, her physique is a rarely seen existence, it's exactly the cauldron that the sect leader painstakingly searched for over a thousand years, hence if there's any situation, you have to report it to him immediately! "In three days, that lord will arrive on Earth and take her away. Don't let any trouble happen to her …"

Hearing the words of Gaia, the God of Earth, the Undying Immortal Emperor carefully reminded.

"Rest assured, my lord. Gaia will definitely serve you wholeheartedly and wholeheartedly. We will not allow any mistakes to occur!"

Gaia replied in a deep voice.

"En, when the time comes, I will make that lord speak up for you in front of the grand master and have them bring you out of Earth and into space …" The Undying Immortal Emperor nodded and said solemnly.

"Thank you, master!"

A look of ecstasy appeared on Gaia's face, and she hurriedly cupped her hands in greeting.

"By the way, how is the investigation going on?"

The Undying Immortal Emperor thought for a while, then asked.

"Lord, don't worry, our people have already found the exact location where Tyrant Lan Feng sealed the War God, God Slaughtering Sky and the rest, and that location is precisely where this year's Conferred God Battle will be held. When the Lord arrives with a large group of experts from the starry sky, they will definitely be able to break the seal left behind by Tyrant Lan Feng that year with their strength alone, and get those people who are asleep out …"

The Mechanical Golem, Man Ku, and the Broken City King Anders spoke in a low voice.

"I presume that all those fellows from the Dark World from the west will come for the Conferred God Battle this time. It'll be a good opportunity to catch them all in one fell swoop and let them witness Tyrant Blue's seal being broken apart while his brothers and friends were taken away!"

The Undying Immortal Emperor stuck out his bright red tongue and licked the corner of his mouth, then said coldly, "They have secretly ruled over Earth for so many years, it's time to change!"

"Immortal Emperor, I'm worried that if we attack them, the Tyrant who has already left for the stars will know about this and return to Earth …"

Anders, the Demon King of Broken Cities, couldn't help but ask after hesitating for a moment.

"Haha …" You're still worried about him? So many years have passed, and yet he has never returned. Maybe he has already died in space, so what is there to be afraid of? "

"Besides, even though so many years have passed, he was still lucky enough to survive and come back at the critical moment. So what?" Do you think that lord will be afraid of him? Furthermore, that sect leader is right behind that lord … "

A cold smile appeared on the face of the Undying Immortal Emperor as he spoke in a voice filled with disdain and jealousy.

"The Great Immortal Emperor is right!"

Hearing the Immortal Emperor's words, Demon King Anders, Gaia and the others spoke out respectfully.

"Oh right, my lord …" Not long ago, we received news that the Evil Emperor, Ice Emperor, and the Sword Emperor have entered the Life Zone. Furthermore, Ye Xuan has entered as well, and recently, there was news from the Life Zone saying that a large number of high level magical beasts had charged out of it. "

After pondering for a moment, Gaia, the God of Earth, spoke up.

"They went to the life forbidden zone?"

The Immortal Emperor's eyes flashed with a cold and solemn light. He knew the strangeness and mystery of that place. Even the world's top experts wouldn't dare to carelessly barge in.

"That's right!" Gaia nodded slightly.

"It doesn't matter. I'm afraid that the Conferred God Battle is about to begin. These fellows want to go inside and find some lucky chances to gain experience and break through …"

The Undying Immortal Emperor waved his hand and said indifferently.

Pausing for a moment, he continued to ask, "What movements and news did the other two emperors have?"

"They have already disappeared for dozens of years, yet there is still no news of their whereabouts. It is as if they have vanished into thin air!" Gaia, the God of Earth, shook her head gently.

"What about Emperor Qing?" The Undying Immortal Emperor asked again.

"Recently, Emperor Qing has often visited the Immortal Gazing Tower. I heard that an exalted immortal from the starry sky came to visit. I wonder if that's true or not!" Anders the Broken City King replied in a low voice.

"The Immortal Gazing Restaurant?"

Hearing Anders' words, the Undying Immortal Emperor's eyes flashed with a cold light. He coldly said, "It seems that I should go to the Wangxiang Tower and take a seat. After all, I still have a few questions to ask that woman!"

With that, the undying emperor slowly stood up and walked out of the hall. With a few flashes, he strangely disappeared from this world.

In a penthouse in the depths of the Immortal Emperor Headquarters.

A woman with a veil on her head and a beauty that could topple empires was sealed within an enormous energy barrier.

She had a face that was even more beautiful than an angel, a body that was even more provocative than a devil, and a silver robe that gave off an otherworldly charm. Just one look at her would cause one to involuntarily become infatuated …

She was curled up within the energy shield with her eyes tightly shut, as if she was in deep sleep.

It was unknown when her long eyelashes lightly trembled, but two crystal clear tears flowed down her face, causing people to feel an inexplicable pain and adoration.

Her name.

It was called Chu Qingxin!