In the western world of darkness, a meeting was currently taking place at the headquarters of the Sovereign King Palace.

One slender figure after another sat majestically on the platform. Their appearance and clothing design were all extremely unique. It could be said that they were all unique individuals who displayed their own personality.

Seated at the head of the meeting hall was an extremely handsome and sharp looking middle-aged man, he looked to be about forty-five years old, had long flowing black hair, a tall and slender body was wrapped in a black fur coat, a sharp light flashed in his eyes, sword light flashed from time to time, his entire body exuded an irresistible majesty as he sat there upright like a peerless divine sword piercing through the clouds, making people unable to help themselves from submitting to him.

He was the strongest existence on the entire Earth, an existence that could shake the world with a single sentence. It could be said that even the three emperors of the Western Asura World would have to revere him if they saw him.

Sitting on the left side of Ye Si Feng was an old man whose hair had long since turned completely white and whose face had left countless marks of time. Sitting on the left side of Ye Si Feng was an old man whose hair had long since turned completely white and whose face had left countless marks of time.

His existence was extremely ancient. Rumor had it that he and Lan Feng, the tyrant of the first generation, were close friends through life and death. He had a name that shook the world, the Divine Emperor of Light, Prometheus.

This old man's power was also unfathomably deep, even in the entire Earth, he was still a top-notch master.

Sitting on the right side of Ye Si Feng was a mixed blood beauty with long golden hair and a peerless appearance. She had a head of wavy hair, and her sexy body was wrapped in an azure long skirt.

Her name was Annie, of course, a name rarely heard, because people only knew of her code name — the Blue Dragon!

She was a woman who had gone through a life and death struggle with the tyrant Lan Feng. She was a woman who had made numerous meritorious military exploits. Her entire life was a legend.

Of course, other than the three of them, there were also all the core experts that had gathered here, including the second generation of the Sovereign King Palace, the third generation, the fourth generation, and the fourteenth generation.

If they were all deployed, it would be enough to sweep away any country, any power.

It was unknown what had happened that caused all the powerful experts of the Sovereign King Palace to gather here.

"Elder Pu, is everyone here?"

Ye Si's sharp gaze slowly swept across the meeting hall. The originally noisy hall instantly became quiet.

"Monarch, everyone is here!"

Hearing Ye Si Feng's words, the Divine Emperor Prometheus spoke with a solemn voice.

Ye Si Feng nodded slightly and said indifferently, "This time, I have summoned everyone here for a crucial matter to discuss with everyone …"

"My lord, what is it that makes it so important for all of us to gather here?"

Just as Ye Si Feng finished speaking, a muscular man wearing shorts and human slippers, with a naked upper body, and carrying a large saber that looked like a shark's saw on his shoulder, couldn't help but ask curiously.

His name was Shark King, and although this fellow dressed strangely, his strength could definitely be considered terrifying. This was because he was one of the forty blades of the second generation of the Sovereign King Palace, and his master was a character of the same generation as Lan Feng, the tyrant of the first generation, the man-eating White Shark who possessed the power of the King of the Seas!

The ability to fight in the sea was extremely terrifying, with very few opponents!

Ye Si Feng did not answer Shark King's question. Instead, he turned his head to the Blue Dragon Anniel and said, "Aunt Lan, you tell me!"

The Blue Dragon Annie lightly nodded, extending her pure white hand and pressing the projection button on her tactical communications watch. Immediately after, a holographic projection quietly appeared.

On the screen, there was a huge three-dimensional sphere and a void of space. They represented the Earth and the vast starry sky respectively.

However, a large number of spatial passages, wormholes, and densely packed red stars had appeared in the vast space surrounding Earth.

"How is this possible? Didn't the first monarch seal off the space tunnels? How could there be so many? "

"Those densely packed red stars are alien Outsiders?"

"Damn it, is the calamity on Earth coming again?"

Seeing the projection, the faces of everyone present changed. Shock and astonishment filled their mouths as they spoke.

There were quite a few among them who had been involved in the great war between the Outsiders over a hundred years ago. They knew of the terror and brutality of that war, and of the Outsiders' terror ….

In the vast ocean, there were even a few humans who had fallen into a coma from the fierce battle with the alien king.

If not for the timely return of the tyrant from the first generation, Earth would have long fallen and the humans would have all disappeared.

Now that they saw this scene, how could the people present not be shocked, not lose their composure, and not change their expressions?

Seeing everyone's reaction, whether it was Prometheus, Ye Si Feng, or the Blue Dragon Anniel, none of them made a sound. Instead, they silently watched the expressions on their faces, taking their reactions into their eyes.

It was only after a long while that the crowd finally quieted down from the initial uproar.

It was at this time that Azure Dragon Anniel finally spoke up, "Although Lord Lan Feng had indeed sealed and sealed the entire Earth before he left Earth, closing all the spatial passages in the surroundings so that the other races and powerhouses in the starry sky couldn't find the location of Earth, as time passed … Our earth is still exposed to the other races and fighters in space. "

"These spatial passages weren't created just now, but rather, are newly created. These densely packed red dots don't represent any of the Outsiders, but rather, are something even more terrifying and terrifying than them. An expert from out in the starry sky …."

"An expert from space?"

Hearing the words of the Blue Dragon Anniel, everyone present could not help but be shocked.

"That's right, according to the information we gathered from space, the alien race that invaded our planet was just an extremely weak race with a low status in the vast universe! "In this boundless universe, there are other living beings. There are even countless races that have bodies and talents that are much more powerful than us humans …"

"In the vast universe, our humankind, our Earth is just too small!"

Ye Si Feng also said in a deep voice at this moment.

In this period of over a hundred years, ever since the two strongest men on Earth, Lan Feng and the Sword Emperor Mikke, had left Earth, they had been secretly exploring the vast universe. However, the information they had was limited.

There were many experts who had left Earth to inquire about the whereabouts of the stars. Most of them seemed to have vanished into thin air with no news of their whereabouts. Only a few people had received news of their whereabouts, but after that, none of them had returned …

What humans knew about the boundless universe was far too little.

When Ye Si Feng's words entered the ears of the surrounding people, they couldn't help but feel a trace of sadness flash across their faces. Even their moods were a little dejected.

Although they could be called the world's top powerhouses on Earth, in the vast universe, they were but a drop in the ocean, extremely insignificant.

In the eyes of those tyrants in the starry sky, they were nothing more than ants!

"Over the past hundred years, our humankind has been developing at a rapid pace. We have also made some progress in the Martial Dao, and we have accumulated a lot of strength!" We have never stopped exploring the universe during these long years, but the things we know are too little! However, right now, there is an opportunity for us humans to understand the universe … "

Ye Si Feng paused for a moment before continuing.

"What chance?"

A hint of astonishment and confusion appeared in everyone's eyes. They all raised their heads and looked at Ye Si Feng.

"These are the group of warriors from the vast universe!"

A confident smile hung on Ye Si Feng's face. "Although the rumors say that so many experts from all over the universe are heading to Earth for the purpose of watching the Conferred God Battle on Earth, and that they intend to recruit disciples, based on our understanding, things may not be as simple as they seem on the surface …"

After a long period of silence, Ye Si Feng continued to say, "They... It seems to be for my father! "

"Your father, the first generation lord?"

"Lord Lan Feng?"

The pupils of everyone present couldn't help but constrict.

"It's not too clear, it's just our speculation! If they really dared to harm Earth, then … I can only keep them all here, just in time to get their information about the universe from them! "

Ye Si Feng expressionlessly said.

However, his words, at the end, were filled with an endless coldness and tyranny, and an invisible and terrifying pressure spread out from his body, causing a gale to blow in the hall.

Not only that, as if influenced by his aura, the previously clear skies outside surged with dark clouds, and a gigantic whirlpool appeared in the sky above the Hall of Monarchs' headquarters. Sword light flickered within, as though it was the end of the world!

"Alright, let's not talk about this for now. Let's talk about the Conferred God Battle in the near future!"

It was only when Ye Si Feng withdrew his aura that the strange phenomenon in the sky disappeared.

As Ye Si Feng's words faded, the Blue Dragon Anniel's finger gently swiped across the surface of the projection. A frozen sea enveloped by a seal appeared on the surface of the projection.

This is the sea region that my lord father sealed the War God, Uncle Heaven Slaughter, and has undergone a transformation. It became the main battlefield of this session of the Conferred God Battle, and has been set up with a heavy test and mechanism … "

A wise and farsighted glint appeared in Ye Si Feng's eyes as he solemnly spoke.

"According to the information sent by Zi Yao, the successor of the Daoist Canon of Medicine has already appeared and will participate in the Conferred God Battle. I want you all to participate in this year's Conferred God Battle and secretly assist him to enter the sealed land. Use the Holy Book of Medicine to save the War God and the others.


Hearing Ye Si Feng's words, everyone nodded.

"If that's the case, then immediately leave with me to the Asura World!"

Ye Si Feng nodded in satisfaction. With a wave of his hand, he spoke in a heroic manner.

Ye Xuan didn't know about any of this. At this moment, he'd just reached the exit of the life forbidden zone.