The entrance to the life forbidden zone was already packed with people. Large numbers of experts were gathered here.

A while ago, there had been a huge commotion within the life forbidden zone, which had attracted countless tyrants to come over and take a look.

Those who were able to come here were all people with extraordinary strength and courage. Even so, none of them dared to rashly enter the Life Zone, because there were several cold corpses lying at the entrance to the Life Zone. Large amounts of blood flowed out from the bodies, staining the ground red, making the Life Zone even more mysterious.


Seeing the dense crowd in front of them, Satan's eyes glinted with a cold light. His long, sharp hands reached out and grabbed a person by the neck, flinging the person to the side. His cold words came out of his mouth.

whoosh whoosh whoosh … *

The sudden turn of events caused everyone to be shocked and they quickly pushed to the side to make a passage.

After all, Satan's reputation had risen tremendously in this period of time, and he was in the limelight. They could not afford to offend him.

However, she didn't go forward to argue with Satan or anything like that, but instead silently retreated to the side. After all, this time, not all of the Shura Seven Heroes were present, but she herself had come here to inquire about Ye Xuan and the Holy Demon Derek.

After all, Ye Xuan and the others had been in the forbidden zone for so long, and they hadn't come out for so long.

In addition to the impending start of the Conferred God Battle, the servants and servants of the Divine Demon Palace were all very worried. That was why she had released them to guard this place.

It was a pity that she hadn't seen a single person coming out of the forbidden zone in the past few days.

"What's the situation now? Who went in? "

Satan walked to the front of the crowd and swept his ice-cold gaze over the people around him. Finally, his gaze landed on a thin and weak man.

"Lord Satan, this... We came here rather late and we don't know the actual situation, so we only know that a lot of people died! " The thin man quickly replied respectfully.

"Hmph, trash doesn't even know anything …"

Satan let out a displeased snort, and his withered hand shot out like lightning to pinch the thin man's neck. He then opened his mouth to reveal four sharp fangs that bit into the man's neck, sucking up his blood.

When this scene entered the ears of the surrounding people, it silenced them and they subconsciously took a few steps back.

Anya's brows twitched and she similarly took a few steps back.

"Which one of you came here first and knows more information?"

Satan casually threw the corpse in his hand to the side and coldly asked.

Everyone looked at each other. In the end, their gazes all landed on Anya who was standing beside them and they shakily spoke, "Sir Satan, I … "We really don't know. Miss Anya was the only one here when we arrived. Maybe she knows something …"

Hearing the words of the people around her and feeling the gazes of the Devil Satan, Anya's expression slightly changed, her eyes flashing with a cold light.

"She is quite pretty, compared to Kaiva, I seem to have heard of the name Anya somewhere …" "Oh, I heard it. Are you Anya from the Asura Seven Heroes?"

Satan sized Anya up with great interest, his eyes full of playfulness as he teased her.

"That's right!"

Anya nodded slightly.

"Tell me, what do you know?"

Satan walked with large strides to Anya's side, his tone filled with an unquestionable intent.

"While I was here, a total of 1,385 people went in. So far, not a single person has come out. Some people rushed to the exit of the Life Zone, but they died to a strange hand that killed them!"

Anya replied in a low voice.

"Then what do you know about this life forbidden zone?" Satan asked again.

"I don't know much, I only know that there are dangers and opportunities inside. Our hall master has entered!" Anya replied indifferently.

"Your hall master? "Who is it?"

Satan put his arm around Anya's shoulders and put his mouth close to Anya's ear. A playful smile appeared on his face as provocative words came out of his mouth. "That little piece of trash that carried the light of the Devil Lord's successor?"

"If I were to say that the strength of you seven asura warriors are not weak, then why would you guys follow a trash like him? In my opinion, why not follow me? "

During their conversation, Satan's hand, which was wrapped around Anya's shoulder, involuntarily tightened.

"Satan, pay attention to your words and actions!"

Anya's expression was ice-cold. She flung the Devil Satan's hand away, pulling a distance from him as she shouted.

"What do you want me to notice? Words and manners? "

Satan's figure suddenly appeared in front of Anya like a ghost. He lifted Anya's chin with his palm and sneered, "Hehe, should I praise your courage or do you not know how high the sky is and how deep the earth is?"

"Satan, let me warn you, take your hand away!"

An Ya's unusual eyes were filled with a cold glint as she spoke in a cold voice.


However, just as she finished her sentence, the devil Satan slapped her exquisite and adorable face, leaving behind five bloody lines.

"Don't you know what you are? How dare you speak to me like that!"

A cold voice came from the mouth of Satan.


However, just as the devil's words left his mouth, a miserable shriek rang out from within.

In the instant that he made his move against Anya, the enraged Anya kicked him in the crotch, giving him a kick that cut off all descendants!

Instantly, the devil Satan was bent like a shrimp.


Anya turned her hand and slapped his face, producing a crisp sound.

At the same time, Anya's figure explosively retreated, fleeing into the distance!

She knew full well that she was no match for this devil Satan.

"Bitch, you dare hit me!"

Seeing Anya swiftly escaping, Satan's expression was ice-cold. Killing intent filled his eyes and the force under his feet erupted. He instantly chased after Anya like a ghost, appearing in front of her. His right leg also carried a powerful force as it kicked towards Anya.


Anya's expression changed slightly, her arms quickly crossed in front of her and collided with Satan's whip-kick.

Terrifying energy gushed out of Anya's mouth like stormy waves. She spat out a mouthful of black blood and was sent flying like a kite with its string cut. It smashed into the entrance of the life forbidden zone, producing a dull sound.

"Cough cough …"

Streaks of jet-black blood flowed from the corners of Anya's mouth.

The difference in strength was too great. She was not a match for Satan's one move.

"Little bitch, how do you want to die?"

Satan looked down at Anya from above, his cold words coming out of his mouth.

Anya's face was ice-cold. She stretched out her hand to wipe away the blood at the corner of her mouth. She struggled to stand up, but was unable to muster up any strength.

"Heh heh... How about you ride one hundred thousand? "

Seeing the dying Anya, Satan stuck out his bright red tongue and licked the corner of his mouth, sneering as he spoke.

He then turned around and looked at the people around him. He said in a playful voice, "This little bitch is not bad looking and her figure is excellent. Don't you want to ride her?"

Hearing the provocative words of the devil Satan as he eyed Anya, who was lying on the ground with her last breath, the surrounding people subconsciously swallowed their saliva. A fiery heat surged within their eyes.

"You are interested, right? Since that's the case, what are you waiting for? Quickly go and bully and toy with her! If anyone does not move, then this tree will be his outcome! "

The devil's face turned cold. With a sudden wave of his hand, an enormous blade aura appeared and cut a large tree in half. "Hurry and make your move!"

"But... But she is from the Palace of Gods and Demons … "

Upon hearing the Devil's words and seeing the charming Anya, the hearts of the surrounding people had long been filled with a fiery passion as some of them cautiously opened their mouths to speak.

"So what if they are from the Demonic Palace? Come on, I'll kill one! Moreover, this was a forbidden zone for life. If she died, then so be it! A chance to get intimate with someone is right in front of your eyes, what are you all waiting for? "

Satan said with a cold expression.

"If you want to live, hurry up and fuck her! I want to see her humiliated under your feet, haha!"

Most of the people present were desperate fugitives. After hearing Satan's words, they could no longer hold back the restlessness in their hearts. One by one, they pounced towards Anya like hungry wolves …

Satan was right, this was a forbidden zone for life. Since Anya would die sooner or later if she were to offend Satan, it would be better for them to have a good time before dying.


Seeing those hungry wolves pouncing on her, Anya's face turned ugly. She let out an angry curse, but there was nothing she could do!

"Chi! Chi!"

Seeing that these fellows were about to pounce on Anya and crush her, a resplendent sword glow burst out from the Life Extinction Domain without any warning, swallowing up all those who were the first to pounce towards Anya.

"Ahh …"

In an instant, miserable screams could be heard incessantly. Dozens of people had their bodies sliced in half by the sword Qis.

This sudden turn of events caused everyone present to be alarmed. Those people who were charging towards Anya quietly stopped, looking at the exit of the Life Extinction Zone with faces full of fear.

"Rustle, rustle, rustle …"

Clear footsteps could be heard, and under their shocked and ugly gazes, a slender figure slowly walked out from the restricted Life Zone.

He had a head of elegant long hair and a face as sharp as a knife. His eyes flickered with a cold light and his slender figure was wrapped in a silver windbreaker. He held a unique looking weapon in his hand.

He is … Ye Xuan!

"My lord!"

Seeing the figure that had walked out of the forbidden zone of life and saved her at the most critical moment, Anya's face was filled with joy and fanaticism. Her voice was filled with excitement as she spoke.

"Dammit, it's actually the successor of the Demon Lord, Ye Xuan …"

"He... He actually made it out of the forbidden zone of life alive? "

"It's over, I … … "We actually had evil intentions towards Anya just now …"

Looking at Ye Xuan who'd walked out of the Life Extinction Zone, the faces of the surrounding people went deathly pale when they recalled how they'd just attacked Anya.

"Is he the descendant of the Demon Lord? "Did Black Comet die in his hands?"

Satan's expression was extremely cold, his eyes gleaming with a cold light.

"How is it? Are you alright? "

Ye Xuan's cold gaze swept through the crowd before finally landing on Anya. He helped her up and spoke in concern.

"Brat, you're the successor of the Demon Lord, Ye Xuan?" "That Black Comet fellow died here …"

Seeing this, Satan's face was ice-cold as he coldly spoke.


However, before he could finish speaking, Ye Xuan's eyes flashed with a cold light. He extended his palm, and a violent suction force suddenly exploded forth, forcefully pulling the Devil Satan over.

Ye Xuan's hand grabbed his neck.

"This... "You …"

This sudden turn of events caused the Devil's face to change drastically. He never thought that Ye Xuan would be so terrifying. Just as he was about to speak, Ye Xuan's hand grabbed his neck and exerted force.

"Kacha …."

The sound of bones shattering rang out as monstrous devil flames burst out from Ye Xuan's palm, burning Satan's body to ashes and dissipating with the wind.

"This …"

The expressions of the surrounding people changed greatly as they looked at the devil Satan, who was easily killed by Ye Xuan. They felt as if they'd fallen into an icehouse as their legs trembled and their bodies trembled.

"Lord Ye Xuan, we …. We were forced to do this. Please don't kill us, just spare us! "

"Lord Ye Xuan, let us go. We know we're at fault …"

"Lord Ye Xuan, your lord has a great deal …."

In the next moment, all of them knelt before Ye Xuan as they pleaded.

Ye Xuan didn't pay attention to them. Instead, he picked up the shocked Anya and walked off into the distance.

"Boom …"

"Ahh …"

Just when everyone thought that Ye Xuan had let them off the hook and let out a sigh of relief, endless devil flames burst out from the ground without any warning, burning their bodies into nothingness …

A mournful scream resounded throughout the world!

Ye Xuan didn't forgive them because they weren't worth it.

All of them deserve to die!