In the lobby of the demon bar, the intense battle between Qing Tian and the Demon Empress was currently going on.

Qing Tian's attacks were fast, simple and direct. When paired with his Umbra's ability, it could be said to be a surprise attack.

Her movements were strange and ethereal, always able to avoid the powerful and fatal attack of Qing Tian at critical moments, causing Qing Tian's fist to always have the feeling of hitting cotton, his heart filled with grievance and impatience.

"Not a bad attack, but there's still a loophole!"

Ye Xuan stood to the side and quietly watched the battle between Qing Tian and the Demon Empress. As he watched the martial skill that Qing Tian executed, a faint smile couldn't help but surface on his face. He lightly shook his head.

The reason why he did not make a move was because he wanted to see the strength of Qing Tian!

"This damn guy is really tough to deal with!"

Looking at the Shadow Clone that came out from the ground and surrounded her, and then looking at the Ghost Claw that was attacking her, the Demon Empress felt a strong sense of crisis in her heart, and she could not help but curse.

Her eyes flickered as she saw the sharp ghost claws about to land on her body. She stomped her foot and her body strangely split into three, dodging from three different directions.

"Swish …"

The sound of flesh being torn apart rang out. The two clones formed by the two Demon Emperors were torn apart by the ghost hands, while her main body dodged the attack from Di Tian and appeared in front of him.

The Infernal Queen's face was ice-cold, the ring on her finger flickered with light, and two crescent-shaped crescents appeared in her hands. It caused her aura to soar and her aura to turn ice-cold.

She held the moon wheel with both of her hands and slashed at the sky with a dazzling cold light.

Following the action of the Little Demon Empress, an illusionary two-headed snake appeared behind her. As she slashed out, Yuelun opened his mouth, revealing his sharp fangs as he charged towards Qing Tian.

Yue Yin Shou!

This was the Demon Empress' fatal move that caught him off guard.

In an instant, a sense of danger of death enveloped him, causing him to raise his eyebrows.

However, this fellow had no intention of dodging. Instead, he clenched both of his hands into fists. His fists were instantly covered by the energy of the shadow, causing his aura to instantly increase.


In the next moment, the sound of metal clashing rang out. Terrifying energy gushed out of the center of their battle like stormy waves and swept out in all directions.

"Kacha …."

The sound of tables and chairs breaking continuously sounded out, and many of the tables and chairs were shattered due to the shock from the spreading of the force.

The people who were closer to him were also hit by the energy and sent flying by the powerful force.

"Puchi …"

Bright red blood immediately spurted out from their mouths.


Having her attacks blocked, the Little Demon Empress' expression became extremely ugly. She let out a delicate shout and her arms shook violently. A terrifying force spread out from the moon wheel in her hands and began to crush at the sky.

Qing Tian's face was ice-cold. Even the ground beneath his feet cracked as a result of this. His legs couldn't withstand this terrifying force and began to tremble.


He let out a furious roar, and his entire body was instantly covered by the black shadow armor. An even more terrifying and violent power spread out from his body, setting off a black energy wind that swept towards his surroundings and the Demon Empress …

The strength of the heavens had completely surpassed the Little Demon Empress, and a wild strength swept through the area. The Little Demon Empress spat out a mouthful of blood, and her body was sent flying backwards by the terrifying power.

Qing Tian took the opportunity to give chase. Like a mad rhinoceros, he rushed forward and instantly appeared in front of the Little Demon Empress. He clenched his right fist and smashed it towards the Little Demon Empress.

"Swish …"

The Infernal Queen, who was in midair, had no way to borrow any strength, and as she saw the fist approaching, just as she was about to be struck by the fist, a resplendent golden light shot out like lightning from the passageway upstairs, charging towards the heart of the sky with a crafty arc.

A rich sense of danger permeated the heart of Qing Tian, causing his entire body to feel cold. All of the hair on his body involuntarily stood up at this moment.

If the Demon Empress insisted on attacking, there was only death!

Of course, even if Di Tian gave up his attack on the Demon Empress, he had nowhere to run to and no way to dodge this golden light.

All of this was because the speed of this golden light was simply too fast.

This sudden turn of events caused Ye Xuan's pupils to constrict. Even if he wanted to save her, he wouldn't make it in time.


Upon seeing this, a roar akin to that of a ferocious beast sounded out from Qing Tian's skinny body. His body suddenly swelled up at this moment, and strong muscles appeared perfectly at this moment. The strength of his entire body rose crazily and his aura rose bit by bit …

In less than a breath's time, Qing Tian had turned into a two-meter-tall giant, whose entire body was covered in a line of black armor, making him look like a well-built giant.

The black armor on his body was the Black God set that Ye Xuan had obtained from the Life Extinction Domain.

This black suit could only be of great use and value to Qing Tian.

Revealing his true body, coupled with the fact that the Black God set had increased his attack and defense by a large amount, he was completely fearless against the golden light, which allowed him to ignore the golden light as he punched towards the Little Demon Empress.


"Puchi …"

In the next moment, the golden light struck Qing Tian's body, and the sound of metal colliding rang out. As for Qing Tian, his remaining strength did not diminish as it smashed onto the Demon Empress' body.

Instantly, fresh red blood spurted out from the Demon Empress' mouth.

Under the attack of Qingtian, she spat out a mouthful of blood and was sent flying.

Qing Tian did not have the slightest intention of giving up his attack on the Demon Empress, and instead attacked the Demon Empress like a maggot on the Tarsal Bone.

"You're courting death!"

Seeing that Feng Tian's attack was about to land on the body of the Demon Empress, a voice filled with endless iciness and killing intent rang out.

As the voice rang out, a golden figure shot out of the building like a bolt of lightning, attacking towards the sky.

His speed was too fast, so fast that no one could react.

However, Ye Xuan made his move a second ago.

Lightning flashed, and the winds surged.

Ye Xuan's body left behind an eye-catching afterimage as he instantly appeared in front of Qing Tian like a ghost. He waved his fist and fiercely smashed downwards.


In the next moment, a dull sound of collision rang out.

The terrifying energy spread out in all directions, creating a violent wind that was unprecedented in the hall. Everywhere it passed, everything was turned to dust.

"Puchi …"

Ye Xuan's body and the golden figure were both sent flying by the powerful force.

In the instant that Ye Xuan was sent flying, he pulled Feng Tian along with him as they backed away from the Demon Empress and the golden figure.

This golden figure was Jin Mu, who had rushed out from a box upstairs.

Stabilizing his body, Jin Mu raised his head and stared coldly at Qing Tian and Ye Xuan. A trace of astonishment flashed across his eyes as he said in a cold voice, "Hm? Both attacks were blocked? "

"Demon Empress, how are you?"

At this time, the killing king, Heck, and the purple-clothed youth had also rushed to the scene. They held the Demon Empress' body and words of concern came out of their mouths.

"Don't worry, I'll be fine!"

The Little Demon Empress steadied her body, wiped off the blood at the corner of her mouth and gently waved her hand.

"Qianqian greets Master Jin Mu, and Master Gan Zi … Thank you, young master Jin Mu, for saving us! "

Following that, the Infernal Queen bowed slightly towards Jin Mu and the violet-clothed youth, and said.

Qianqian was the Little Demon Empress' name, and her life was called Tu Qianqian!

"Beauty, there is no need to be so polite!"

Jin Mu hurriedly extended his hand to help the Demon Empress up. He turned his head and looked at Di Tian with an ice-cold expression, and said in a cold voice, "If that guy didn't have the protection of the Black God set, he would have died just now!"

Gan Zi and the Killing King, Heck, coldly examined Ye Xuan and Qing Tian. Their eyes flickered with a cold light, and Qian Zi coldly spoke, "It's indeed the Black God set. No wonder I was able to block your attack …" However, for a Black God set to be worn by an ant from the lower realms is truly a bit of a waste! "

While Qian Zi and Jin Mu were sizing up Ye Xuan, Ye Tian, and Qing Tian, Ye Xuan, and Qing Tian.

Ye Xuan and Qing Tian didn't care at all about the slaughter king, Heck. What they cared about was Jin Mu, Qing Tian, and the two elders behind them.

Ye Xuan sensed an aura and a hidden sense of danger from them that was completely different from Earth's martial artists.

Especially those two old men. They were extremely powerful.

"Ye Xuan, be careful. These four fellows aren't Earth's martial artists. They're from space …" Judging from their clothing and appearance, they should be from the Golden Eyed Race on Pluto and the Qian Family on Cang Lan Star respectively. Their bloodline power was extremely powerful and terrifying, and these two families could be considered quite famous in the starry sky! And judging from the badges on their bodies, they should be disciples of the Heng Yun Sect! "

"As for those two elders, their strengths are extraordinary as well. They have both reached the level of 8-star Five Emperors. However, they should be their Dao Protectors since their bloodlines are powerful enough to attract the attention of a quasi-Martial Saint!"

Zihuang's solemn voice resounded in Ye Xuan's heart, causing his expression to become even more unsightly and solemn.

They originally came here to look for the Killing King Heck, but they didn't expect that the person Heck was here to receive was actually an expert from the starry sky.

At the same time, Ye Xuan began to search his mind for information regarding the Golden Eyed Clan, the Qian Family, and the Heng Yun Sect.

After all, he had devoured the soul of a space expert and obtained his memories and legacy.

When he searched through all of this information, Ye Xuan's expression instantly became incomparably grim and unsightly, and his heart was filled with an enormous pressure.

This was because whether it was the Golden Eyed clan, the Qian clan, or the Heng Yun Sect, they were all extremely terrifying existences!

Any one of these three powers could easily destroy Earth.

Especially the Heng Yun Sect, which was the most powerful sect in the world.