Not only was the Demon Empress dead, the entire Immortal Immortal Pavilion's guards that were stationed at the Immortal City were wiped out by Ye Xuan and Qing Tian. Even the City Lord's Mansion wasn't spared.

Since the Immortal Execution Archipelago had repeatedly offended Ye Xuan, Ye Xuan naturally wouldn't show them any mercy.

After exterminating the City Lord's Mansion, Ye Xuan and Qing Tian didn't return to the headquarters of the Divine Demon Palace. Instead, they directly charged towards the Immortal Mountain's Immortal Temple headquarters.

Even the Immortal Emperor who was the master of the Immortal Immortal Immortal Pavilion could only be considered a side character.

He did not sit on the throne that should have been his, in the middle of the hall, but to one side.

Seated in the center of the throne was a middle-aged man of around fifty years of age. He looked extremely cold and arrogant, with sword-like eyebrows and starry eyes. His entire body radiated with a strong aura, and from time to time, a formless pressure would emanate from him, causing no one to dare approach him.

He was Heng Yun Sect's outer sect elder, Hengtian Qiong.

In the vast universe, there were countless academies, and many of the better ones were divided into the inner and outer division. Although the Heng Yun Sect was a large ancient sect, it was also divided into the outer division and outer division, similar to the inner division and outer division.

However, the fact that Heng Tianyu was an elder of the Eternal Cloud Sect's outer sect was unquestionable.

Although a large number of the world's top experts were present, none of them were able to tell the level of Heng Tianyu's strength.

Even the two outer sect deacons sitting beside Hengtian Qiong were unable to differentiate between the realms of strength.

The strength and status of these two outer sect deacons were also quite extraordinary, but with Hengtian Qiong here, they were destined to be nothing more than a foil.

Of course, other than the middle and upper echelons of the Heng Yun Sect like Heng Yun Sect, there were also many outer sect disciples present.

They were all handsome and had extraordinary temperaments. When they looked at the gathering peak powerhouses of this world, their gazes were filled with contempt.

The majority of these guys were either high grade Martial Kings or just recently advanced Martial Emperors. Only one or two of them barely managed to step into the quasi-Martial Saint realm.

In their eyes, these guys would probably never make another breakthrough in their entire lives.

The Undying Immortal Emperor stood up and swept his gaze across everyone present. He stretched out his hand and pressed down, and the originally noisy crowd gradually quieted down. Everyone's eyes turned towards the Immortal Emperor at the same time.

The Undying Immortal Emperor had a smile on his face as he said sincerely, "I am very glad that you all are able to take the time out of your busy lives to discuss the Dao of the Immortal Immortal Pavilion. Here, this emperor expresses his most sincere gratitude to all of you for coming."

"Pah pah pah …"

Hearing the Immortal Emperor's sincere words, the people at the scene all nodded their heads in satisfaction. They passionately clapped, causing the atmosphere to become extremely warm.

Seeing this, the undying emperor nodded his head in satisfaction. He paused for a while, before continuing to speak: "For this Dao Debate, This Emperor has meticulously prepared everything, and specially invited the strongest sect, the outer sect, Lord Hengyun Sect's Elder Hengtian Qianyu, the outer sect deacon, and Lord Hengtian to give a lecture! Everyone, please give us a round of applause! "

As the Immortal Emperor finished speaking, the applause from the audience became even more intense. It was as if the mountains and seas were toppling over as the applause continued to resonate unceasingly.

In the days they had been guests at the Immortal Immortal Pavilion's headquarters, they had gained a better understanding of the vast universe and what kind of terrifying existence the Heng Yun Sect was.

It was only when Hengtian Qianyu lightly waved her hand that everyone finally stopped clapping. Only then did the scene become quiet.

"Heh heh... Thank you everyone for your love, I am very happy to be able to discuss dao with everyone here. "

Hengtian Qianyu was rather polite and extremely cultivated words came out of her mouth. Coupled with his facial expression, it was clear that she was quite sincere.

He, Heng Tianyu, was an aloof and respected existence no matter where he went. Even though he looked down on the group of people in front of him, and did not want to get involved with them at all, he still agreed to give them a lecture on the Dao on account of the Immortal Emperor.

"Actually, the martial way is very vast and the path of cultivation is very long. Even I don't dare to speak carelessly about it. Before this, I specially came to know about the martial arts cultivation realms of your Earth from the Immortal Emperor. I discovered that your cultivation realms were not complete. "

Heng Tianchong's calm voice resounded in the ears of everyone present, causing their spirits to rise. They began to concentrate, afraid that they would miss something.

"You will divide your martial arts realm into the Diamond Gigantic Elephant, the Supreme Force, the Martial Saint, the Martial Ancestor Realm, the Martial King realm, the Martial Monarch realm, the Martial Emperor realm, the Quasi-Martial Saint realm, and the Martial Saint realm!" And the Martial Saint has become the destination for your cultivation! "

Everyone present nodded their heads in agreement upon hearing Heng Tianyu's words, but Heng Tianyu's words suddenly turned around at this moment. He continued to speak: "The truth is … What you call the martial arts destination, the Martial Saint realm, is just a true starting point for the path of cultivation in the universe. "

"Even though Martial Emperors are able to stand in the air and travel, or even walk out of this planet … However, only a Martial Saint would be able to withstand the powerful tearing force of the astral winds in the vast universe, and would have a chance of surviving in space. "However they are usually the lowest level wanderers in the vast universe, they don't have any power to recruit them, and are barely able to survive in the vast universe until they get their fill …"

When Hengtian Qianyu's voice fell into the ears of everyone present, it could be said that it set off raging waves in their hearts, causing their expressions to change greatly. Their gazes towards Hengtian Qiong were filled with undisguised shock.

Heng Tianyu's words could be said to have completely overturned their understanding.

They had never thought that the supreme Martial Saint in their hearts would only be a wanderer in the vast universe. There was no power that would recruit or shelter them, and all they could do was to just barely keep them warm.

"Then... "Then what is the realm above the Martial Saint realm?"

Someone asked subconsciously.

"The realm above Martial Saint?"

The corner of Hengtian Qianyu's mouth curved up slightly. She smiled and said, "The Martial Saint is the Yin energy stage, the Yang energy stage, the Nirvana energy stage, the Reincarnation energy stage, the Immortal energy stage …"


However, before Hengtian Qiong could finish her words, she was interrupted by a hurried voice, causing everyone present to frown without leaving a trace. Their hearts could be said to be filled with great anger.

A trace of killing intent also flashed through Hengtian Qiong's eyes.

He hated being interrupted when he spoke.

"Reporting... Reporting to the Immortal Emperor, big … Something big has happened! "

An anxious voice sounded and under the cold gaze of the crowd, a guard rushed in. He respectfully knelt in the middle of the hall and reported.

"What's going on? Why are you in such a panic?"

Looking at the guards that barged in, the Undying Immortal Emperor suppressed the killing intent in his heart and spoke coldly.

"Just now, there was news from the foot of the mountain saying that Lord Heck, the Demon Empress, Mister Jin Mu, and Sir Gan Zi were killed in the Immortal City. All our troops stationed in the Immortal City were completely uprooted!"

The guard endured the murderous stares and spoke through gritted teeth.

"What?" Heck and the Demon Empress are dead? "

"Master Jin Mu and Master Qian Zi were killed?"

Hearing the guard's report, the Undying Immortal Emperor's pupils constricted and his expression changed.

"Junior Brother Jin Mu and Junior Brother Qian Zi were killed?"

"Dammit, who actually dared to kill two of my junior brothers?"

The faces of the Heng Yun Sect disciples sitting in the hall also couldn't help but change.

Although Jin Mu and Qian Zi were the weakest amongst their group of Heng Yun Sect disciples, their combat strength was extraordinary. The amount of people on Earth that could injure them could be said to be few.

Now that they heard the news of their deaths, they were undoubtedly shocked, and their eyes flashed with astonishment.

"Goldwood and Qian Zi are dead?"

Even Heng Yun Sect's two outer sect deacons, Heng Tianyun and Heng Tianyi, couldn't help but be shocked.

They had actually lost two disciples on this barren planet, wouldn't it be a joke if word of this got out?

"Aren't the two of them accompanied by the two old fellows, Jin Dong and Qian Ling?" How did he die? "

"Where are those two old fellows, Jin Dong and Qian Ling?"

The killing intent in Hengtian Qiong's eyes was unrestrained. A terrifying aura spread as ice-cold words came out from her mouth.

"I'm asking you a question?"

The Undying Immortal Emperor stared at the guard and asked coldly.

"Alright... It seems like Jin Dong and Qian Ling … They are all dead! "

The guard took a deep breath and gritted his teeth as he spoke.

"What?" They're dead too? "

The gazes of Hengtian Qiong, Hengtian Yuan, and Hengtian Yun all went cold as puzzlement flashed in their eyes.

They were quite clear about the strength of Jin Dong and Qian Ling. Although their martial talent was weak, they still had the strength of prospective Martial Saints. On this backward planet, they could easily crush any region.

However, Xiang and his men were all dead.

This truly made it hard for them to understand and accept.

Could it be that someone else from the starry sky had taken action against them?

"What's going on?"

"Did you find out who did it?"

The Undying Immortal Emperor suppressed the anger in his heart and asked without hesitation.

"Investigate... Check it out! According to our investigation, it was reported to be done by the current hall master of the Demonic God Palace, Ye Xuan! "

the guard replied without hesitation.

"Ye Xuan?" It's actually him! "

The Immortal Emperor clenched his fist so hard that it made 'ka ka ka' sounds. His eyes were filled with killing intent.

"It's actually Ye Xuan?"

"He actually dared to kill a Heng Yun Sect disciple?"

"Does this guy think he has a long life?"

Everyone at the scene had stunned and shocked expressions. Some of them could not help but suck in a breath of cold air.

"Who's Ye Xuan?" Why haven't I heard of it? "

As for Hengtian Qiong, Hengtian Yuan, and Hengtian Yuan, the three of them had stupefied expressions on their faces.

Hearing their question, the undying Emperor quickly explained Ye Xuan's identity to them …

"An ant from Earth dares to attack my Heng Yun Sect?" "You really have guts!"

"This is obviously a provocation from my Heng Yun Sect …"

After hearing the Immortal Emperor's explanation, the two deacons of the Heng Yun Sect said angrily.

"Wei Wuji."

Hengtian Qiong even spoke without hesitation at this moment.

"Disciple is here!"

A handsome young man dressed in a black robe walked out.

"You lead your junior brothers down the mountain to Immortal City. Bring that kid Ye Xuan's head back to see me!"

"Yes sir!"