Ye Xuan wasn't in the Undying City. Under the lead of Qing Tian, he had already silently snuck into the headquarters of the Immortal Pavilion.

Knowing that the Undying Immortal Pavilion had gathered a large number of experts, Ye Xuan did not rely on his hot-bloodedness to charge into the Immortal Immortal Execution Archipelago headquarters.

In order to not attract people to their group, the two of them specially caught two unlucky fellows who came to the Immortal Deity Pavilion to change their clothes, then used a disguise technique to secretly sneak in.

Ye Xuan looked at the unfamiliar man in front of him and forced a smile on his face.

Qing Tian was also puzzled.

Although they pretended to be the unlucky two who had their clothes ripped off, they had forgotten to ask about their identities.

"Is that so? "Then let's hurry up and go. Everyone's waiting for you two. If we're late, we might miss out on a good show."

After hearing Ye Xuan's reply, the young man immediately pulled Ye Xuan and Qing Tian's hand and they walked towards a nearby courtyard.

"A good show?" What kind of show is this? "

Ye Xuan and Qing Tian asked curiously.

"You'll know when we get there!"

The young man replied with a smile.

This guy seemed to have a lot of things to say. Along the way, he chatted with Ye Xuan and Qing Tian.

From his conversation with him, Ye Xuan vaguely knew that his name was Bai Yan. He seemed to be a descendant of an underworld clan that followed his father to the Immortal Deity Pavilion as a guest.

At the same time, Ye Xuan found out the names of the two unlucky bastards they'd knocked unconscious in the sewer: Ming Xuan, Xu Hu!

Under Bai Yan's lead, they quickly arrived at an elegant courtyard.

At this moment, the courtyard was filled with a large number of young men and women.

In the center of them all, a man with a rebellious face and an extremely beautiful woman were engaged in an intense battle.

The man was handsome and extraordinary, exuding a prideful aura.

The woman had a sweet appearance and a graceful figure. Just a glance at her would cause anyone to be captivated by her beauty.

The battle between them was extremely intense, causing continuous cheers to be heard from the surrounding youths.

Clearly, this was a spar between the younger generation.


"Myriad Mile Godspeed Kick?"

Ye Xuan furrowed his brows as he looked at the young man who was fighting against the beautiful woman and the moves he executed. A trace of doubt flashed through his heart.

This was because the movement technique this young man used was the exact same as Fang Wujie's. Not only that, but his temperament was the same as well. It was just that his appearance was different.

"Could it be that Fang Wujie also came here?"

A thought flashed through Ye Xuan's mind as he watched the men and women fiercely battle.

The more he watched, the more Ye Xuan felt that it was Fang Wujie.

Because only Fang Wujie could be so wretched. His strength was clearly far above that woman's, yet he didn't defeat her, and instead ate her tofu without leaving a trace. This made Ye Xuan feel that there was no doubt about it.


With a dull thud, the woman's palm collided with the man's.

Powerful energy exploded in all directions, and the woman was sent flying backwards.

Seeing that the girl was about to fall to the ground, the man who seemed to be Fang Wujie dashed out like lightning and embraced her slender waist. He said gently, "Beauty, admit to it!"

"Thank you!"

Hearing the words of the suspected Fang Wujie, the woman nodded her head and said goodbye before parting with him.

"Young Master Fang, you're so handsome! You're so awesome!"

"Young Master Fang, you're too amazing! Even senior sister Xu Yan is no match for you …"

As for the surrounding young ladies, they looked at the suspected Fang Wujie with reverence, their mouths filled with fervent words.

"Heh heh... Everyone, all of you young sisters from the Immortal Immortal Immortal Pavilion are too kind. I was just lucky. "

An innocent smile appeared on the face of the suspected Fang Wujie as he spoke in a rather elegant manner.

"Damn, this Fang Xiang is too good at showing off!" Even the girls were all soaked in soup for him... "

"Brother Xuan, you're the strongest out of our group. Whether we can get a girl today will depend on you. Hurry up and teach him a lesson!"

Bai Yan stood beside Ye Xuan and said angrily as he looked at the man, who seemed to be Fang Wujie, surrounded by many beauties.

Ye Xuan smiled but didn't reply.

"Heh heh... Who will be the next? "

The man suspected of being Fang Wujie was very satisfied and satisfied with the enthusiasm of his young sister, and he smiled as he looked around.

"Brother Xuan, look at that fellow's complacent look. Go and fuck him!"

Bai Yan said angrily.

"I'll do it!"

And at this moment, he fiercely pushed Ye Xuan out of the crowd.

"Ming Xuan?"

As they watched Ye Xuan being pushed out, astonishment appeared on the faces of everyone present, and they started to discuss.

"Although Ming Xuan has some skill, but will he be able to beat this guy?"

"Who knows? "Regardless of whether we win or not, we can't just let this Fang brat, who suddenly popped out, steal our limelight, right?"

"Ming Xuan, kill him!"

Seeing Ye Xuan being pushed out of the crowd, Fang Wujie's face was filled with playfulness and ridicule. He looked at Ye Xuan like a lamb waiting to be ravaged.

These days, he had been enjoying himself by sneaking into the Immortal Immortal Pavilion. Not only did he get a lot of pleasure from constantly acting tough, he also got the favor of a lot of big sisters. He was very popular here, and every night he spent his days in the Immortal Pavilion.

"Kid, you are not my match. Let me give you a word of advice. Before I attack, it's still not too late to admit defeat!" I won't show mercy to men! "

Fang Wujie sized up Ye Xuan and lightly said.

"Cut the crap, let's fight!"

Ye Xuan said expressionlessly.

Although he didn't want to fight with the guy in front of him, since Bai Yan had already pushed him out, Ye Xuan could just spar with him for a bit.

Moreover, Ye Xuan would only be able to determine whether he was Fang Wujie or not after fighting with this fellow.

If he really is Fang Wujie, then Ye Xuan wants to see if this fellow's strength has increased since he came to the Asura World …

"Oh wow, I couldn't tell, but this brat is pretty arrogant!"

Ye Xuan's words piqued Fang Wujie's interest. He teased, "However, I'll soon beat you to the point that even your parents won't be able to recognize you …"


In the instant that Fang Wujie spoke, Ye Xuan attacked like lightning.

He took a step forward, and with the speed of a ghost, he instantly appeared in front of Fang Wujie. His palm stretched out, transforming into a dragon claw, aiming straight for Fang Wujie's throat.

"Such a fast speed!"

The speed that Ye Xuan displayed caused everyone to be shocked. They couldn't help but exclaim in admiration.

Fang Wujie's gaze turned cold as he moved to the side, dodging Ye Xuan's attack. At the same time, he sent a punch towards Ye Xuan.


Ye Xuan lightly smiled. Without the slightest fear, he also smashed his fist out.

The two fists collided, and a dull sound of collision rang out. Fang Wujie's body trembled, and flew out like a cannonball. He retreated more than ten steps before stabilizing his body.

On the other hand, Ye Xuan's tattoo didn't move at all and he didn't retreat half a step.

"What a terrifying power!"

"Is this Xuan guy really that strong?"

This scene in the eyes of the surrounding people caused deep shock to appear on their faces. They looked at Ye Xuan in astonishment as words of disbelief came out of their mouths.

Although they knew that Ming Xuan wasn't weak, they didn't expect him to be this strong.

It was as if he had become a completely different person.

The playfulness on Fang Wujie's face had disappeared, replaced by seriousness and seriousness.

He raised his head, looked at Ye Xuan, then charged out like lightning.

His speed was too fast. The moment he rushed out, a series of afterimages actually appeared around his body, dazzling everyone's eyes.

However, Ye Xuan's expression remained the same. Without the slightest fluctuation on his face, he executed the Star Steps and fiercely fought with Fang Wujie.

The two of them were simply too fast, so fast that the onlookers couldn't even see them with their naked eyes. All they could see were afterimages constantly flashing by at high speed.

From afar, two shadows that were wrapped by punches and kicks moved at high speeds, causing a majestic gust of wind to blow in the courtyard, deeply shocking everyone's eyeballs.

The strength they had displayed had already completely exceeded their imagination.

In a short period of time, they'd exchanged over a hundred blows.

Ye Xuan didn't use his usual moves, making it impossible for Fang Wujie to discern his true identity.

However, Ye Xuan confirmed the identity of the man in front of him!

He was indeed Fang Wujie.

And it was the real Fang Wujie.

In the few months since he had arrived in the Western Asura World, Fang Wujie's strength had also risen tremendously. Not only had he successfully stepped into the Emperor Realm, but his cultivation and strength were even greater than Gan Zi's.

If Ye Xuan didn't use his true abilities, defeating him would be difficult.

Even so, Ye Xuan was still able to completely crush Fang Wujie. He didn't have any temper at all.

"Dammit, who is this guy exactly?" How can he be so strong? "

"I have never met a true opponent within the young generation. Could it be that today, I will be defeated by this boy?"

"Damn it! Do you really want me to use that skill?"

"Dammit, this guy's attack frequency finally dropped, but now he f * cking brought it up again. Is it poisonous?" Did you eat Viagra? "

At this moment, there was no need to mention how aggrieved Fang Wujie was.

Before he fought, he even threatened to beat Ye Xuan until his parents didn't recognize him. Yet, Ye Xuan beat him up so badly that he didn't even have the strength to fight back.

His heart was bitter!

But he could not cry!

"Holy shit, have you gone mad? What level of battle is this? "

"Although they both control their powers well, isn't this a bit too strong?"

"God damn, even Emperor level experts aren't as powerful as the two of them, right?"

"Damn, when did Ming Xuan step into the Emperor Realm?"

"Fuck, I don't know what to say anymore …"

Looking at the lightning-fast battle between Ye Xuan and Fang Wujie, the surrounding crowd burst into an uproar.

Especially Bai Yan; he was completely stupefied by Ye Xuan's performance.

Was this still the Ming Xuan that he knew?


A muffled collision sound rang out as Ye Xuan's and Fang Wujie's fists collided. A terrifying force exploded out from the collision, sending Fang Wujie flying backwards from the impact.

Stabilizing his body and wiping the traces of blood from the corner of his mouth, Fang Wujie raised his head and stared at Ye Xuan. Just as he was about to make his move again, Ye Xuan stretched out a hand to stop him, "I'm not going to fight, I'm too tired. I concede …"

The heck?

Admit defeat?

What kind of trick is this?

Fang Wujie, who was about to go all out, had a stupefied expression on his face when he heard Ye Xuan's words.

The surrounding people were also confused and astonished.

"Well... I suddenly remember that we still have things to do, so we'll be leaving first! "

Ye Xuan completely ignored them, and hurriedly left with a word …

If he were to continue, Fang Wujie would definitely recognize his identity.

If he found out that he was the one who stopped this fellow from flirting with girls, he would definitely fight it out with him …

Therefore, Ye Xuan fled with Qing Tian. He planned to reunite with Fang Wujie later.