With the news Fang Wujie brought, Ye Xuan and Qing Tian quickly found the basement that held Chu Qing's heart.

There were guards at the entrance to the basement, as well as patrolling guards. This caused Ye Xuan and Qing Tian to frown.

"Kacha …."

After taking care of the person in their way, Ye Xuan and Qing Tian charged out of the tunnel that led to the basement with lightning speed.

After getting rid of the guards, Ye Xuan and Qing Tian quickly arrived at the basement.

Rather than saying that it was a basement, it would be more accurate to say that it was an enormous treasure trove of beauties.

Beautiful women from all over the world were gathered here. They had extremely beautiful faces and particularly voluptuous figures. They wore all sorts of uniforms, which could be said to be extremely enticing.

However, they were not tied up with ropes. Instead, they were all immersed in the transparent experiment columns that were erected at the very root of the treasure trove.

The experimental column was filled with a white, transparent liquid while the two of them were submerged in a deep slumber. Their brows couldn't help but knit together as a look of doubt and coldness flashed in their eyes.

They really didn't understand why the Immortal Emperor would gather so many Earth beauties. What was he doing? He was even sealing them inside the experiment pillar.

Are we going to renovate it or are we keeping it fresh?

Ye Xuan and Qing Tian didn't know that these beauties were all chips the Undying Immortal Emperor had in his hand, and that he was secretly doing business with some fellows in the universe.

Ye Xuan's gaze slowly swept across the beauties in the experiment columns. He didn't see Chu Qing's figure, causing him to furrow his brows. He couldn't help but speed up his pace as he walked deeper in.

However, Ye Xuan couldn't find anything even after searching this place, and didn't find Chu Qingxin. This undoubtedly caused his expression to become extremely unsightly.

"Master, there's an encrypted secret door over there!"

However, Qing Tian seemed to have found some clues as he walked over and said.

Ye Xuan's expression was filled with joy. He quickly arrived at the encrypted secret door and examined it carefully. He spent a certain amount of time to open the secret door.

"Crack, crack, crack …"

Following the opening of the encrypted secret door, a room made of gold and jade appeared in Ye Xuan's line of sight.

In the center of the room, there was an experiment pillar that was three times thicker than an ordinary experiment pillar.

The experimental column was filled with an unknown white liquid. A sexy and beautiful figure that was filled with a faint sadness was submerged within it.

Her face, which was even more beautiful than an angel, was covered by a lavender complexion. Her body, which was even more infuriating than a demon's, was wrapped in a silver robe. She was curled up like a baby, her arms wrapped around her thighs, and her eyes were closed as if she was sleeping.

A white energy barrier wrapped around her body, helping her to resist the corrosion of the white transparent liquid outside.

There was an eye-catching scar on her sexy back that was wrapped in a white gauze dress. It was like a sharp sword had pierced out, causing her sexy back to be filled with a sense of inadequacy …

This woman is precisely the love in Ye Xuan's heart.

The woman who had risked her life to save him.

In his mind, he could still see the scene where Chu Qing used his heart to block that fatal sword strike for him.

The scar on her back was the mark left by the sword that had pierced through her body.

"With all my heart, I … "I'm here..."

Ye Xuan stared blankly at the girl in the experimental column. He looked at her delicate, pale face, and the eye-catching scar on her back. Memories once flashed through his mind, causing him to clench his hands tightly as he spoke hoarsely …

Ye Xuan's hoarse voice suddenly entered Qing Tian's ears. The indescribable feeling contained within it caused Qing Tian to feel inexplicably uncomfortable.

He turned around to look at Ye Xuan, only to find that his body was trembling slightly. His eyes had turned red, and he seemed to be enduring an immense amount of pain. But at the same time, he seemed to be forcefully enduring something …

"She... It must be very important to Master, right? "

Qing Tian thought to himself.

It was his first time seeing Ye Xuan lose his composure like this.

"I'm sorry. I'm late. Let you suffer, I. I'll save you now! "

Ye Xuan's hoarse voice echoed from his mouth. He violently swung his fist and smashed it onto the experiment pillar with a powerful force.


A dull sound of impact rang out. The experimental column did not budge in the slightest. There was not even the slightest hint of damage.

Ye Xuan tried again, but was still unable to break through the experimental column, causing his expression to become extremely unsightly.

"Clank, clank, clank …"

In the next moment, the dragon blade in his hand appeared. The energy in his body circulated as he waved the dragon blade, causing a series of metallic sounds. However, it was still useless. The energy pillar was still unbroken.

He didn't even leave a trace on it.

Wu wu wu …

Not only that, but perhaps Ye Xuan's domineering action had triggered some sort of warning device, causing the Undying Immortal Pavilion's headquarters to suddenly ring out a series of sirens, causing Qing Tian and Ye Xuan's expressions to change.

Along with the ear-piercing siren that rang throughout the Undying Immortal Pavilion, the faces of many of the experts and guards who were sleeping and drinking couldn't help but change as they rushed towards the basement in the headquarters' backyard.

In an ancient looking study, a twenty-something year old man with short red hair and a body wrapped in red flames that made him look like a descendant of the Fire God sat at the desk, flipping through an ancient book.

This young man was the eldest son of the Undying Immortal Emperor, his name was Yan Xing'er, and he was known as the First Prince of the Immortal Immortal Pavilion. He had an abnormal talent in martial arts, and was extremely powerful and terrifying.

This book had been exchanged by his father, the Immortal Emperor, from an Outer Sect Deacon for the Eternal Cloud Sect. It contained many secret manuals and martial arts knowledge, and it could be said that he had benefited greatly from it.

He watched the scene with relish. His entire person descended into a state of sudden enlightenment. However, an ear-piercing alarm suddenly sounded, causing his expression to involuntarily change. He was awakened from his sudden enlightenment.

"Damn it, why is there a sudden siren? What happened?"

With a cold expression, he picked up the sword hanging on the wall and quickly walked out of the study.

In a room filled with a thick and warm smell, a man with three eyes and golden hair who looked like Yang Jian was lying on the bed, hugging two beauties and sleeping soundly.

But at this moment, an ear-piercing alarm rang out without any warning, waking him and the beauty in his arms from their dreams.

"Alarm? Why would there be an alarm in the middle of the night? "

"Second Prince, I'm afraid … What exactly happened? "

A panicked voice came out from the two beautiful ladies with extremely good figures.

The Second Prince's expression was ice-cold. The golden vertical eye between his brows flashed with a biting cold light, and his cold words came out from his mouth, "Beauty, don't worry. I'll go out and take a look!"

After saying that, he put on his clothes and quickly left the room.

Within a messy room, Ruyan, as the steward of the Immortal Immortal Pavilion, was lying on the bed, drooling and having beautiful dreams.

She dreamed that she and her beloved male god were on vacation, having a carefree and blissful time …

Wu wu wu …

Just as she was immersed in this beautiful dream, an ear-piercing alarm rang out, waking her up and causing her expression to change involuntarily.

"What happened?"

He sat up and looked around in a daze, his voice filled with doubts.

She vaguely remembered that she was sleeping with her male god. Why did an alarm suddenly sound out?

"Damn it! What kind of bastard would dare to ruin my beautiful dream?"

She stretched out her hand to rub her eyes, woke up and dozed off. She quickly put on her clothes and walked out of the room, full of anger.

In the depths of the Immortal Immortal Immortal Pavilion, in a villa decorated with classical decorations, following an ear-piercing siren, young men who were in a deep slumber walked out.

They were all disciples of the Heng Yun Sect.

"What happened?"

"I don't know. Maybe it's a thief. It has nothing to do with us. Let's go back to sleep!"

"It's so late at night. So noisy, so annoying …"

Looking at the rapidly gathering Immortal Execution Archipelago guards, they furrowed their brows and said in displeasure.

"Finally, something interesting happened. You guys continue sleeping, I'll go out and take a look!"

However, a young man dressed in white walked out of the house and left behind a sentence. He then turned into a stream of light as he charged towards the source of the voice with lightning speed …

"Senior Bai Yu..."

Seeing the young man in white running over to watch the show, the crowd was speechless. However, they were helpless to do anything.

After all, Bai Yu was the most senior and strongest member of their group. They couldn't stop her at all.

Inside a teahouse decorated with elegance and elegance, the undying was currently chatting with the Heng Yun Sect's elder, Hengtian Qiong, over tea. They were discussing various matters and plans.

"Sect Master Heng, are you saying that many disciples of the Heng Yun Sect will participate in the Conferred God Battle?"

When the Undying Immortal Emperor heard Heng Tianyu's suggestion, he couldn't help but be shocked and speak up.

"That's right. This time, besides taking away the reincarnated Holy Maiden, I have also brought these outer court disciples here to gain experience. Your Conferred God Battle seems a bit interesting. I want them to participate …"

Hengtian Qiong lightly drank a mouthful of tea and nodded with a smile.

Pausing, he continued, "Furthermore … Not only will our Heng Yun Sect's disciples attend, I'm afraid those who will follow suit will also send their disciples to attend as well! "


The Undying Immortal Emperor asked in confusion after hearing Hengtian Qiong's words.

"Since you are one of us, I won't hide this from you! The reason we allow our disciples to participate is not only to train them, but also because that madman left treasures and inheritances on your Earth! "

Seeing the Immortal Emperor's puzzled expression, Hengtian Qiong mysteriously smiled and said at a moderate pace.

Of course, there were also some secrets that Hengtian Qiong would never tell the Undying Immortal Emperor.

"That madman? "Which madman is this?"

The Undying Immortal Emperor was puzzled.

"Madman Blue!"

Hengtian Qiong lazily stretched her body, raised her head to look at the full moon in the sky and said.

"Madman Blue? You mean the tyrant of the first generation, Lan Feng? "

The undying emperor was stunned for a moment. In the next moment, he seemed to have thought of something and his heart trembled. His pupils constricted as he thought of Lan Feng, who had left Earth, and he immediately spoke up.

Hengtian Qiong lightly nodded her head.

"He's still alive?"

The Undying Immortal Emperor said in shock.

"Of course I'm alive, but … "He's about to die too!"

Heng Tianyu calmly replied.

Normally, he wouldn't dare to say anything bad about that tyrant or bring the Heng Yun Sect to Earth …

Those experts from the starry sky also didn't dare to step foot on Earth in the slightest. They came here to make a name for themselves.

But now …

That fellow could no longer protect himself.

Wu wu wu …

The Immortal Emperor was shocked beyond words. He wanted to ask for more information, but at this moment, an ear-piercing alarm rang.

At the same time, the golden plate hanging from his waist also released a resplendent light, causing the Immortal Emperor's expression to change.

"Damn it, something happened!"

The Undying Immortal Emperor suddenly stood up and scolded.

"What happened?"

This was the first time he saw the Immortal Emperor lose his composure in such a way.

"It seems that someone has entered the basement where the reincarnated Holy Maiden is being held!"

The Undying Immortal Emperor said with an ugly expression.

"Bastard, let's go take a look!"

Finally, Hengtian Qiong's expression changed.

If anything happened to that reincarnated Holy Maiden, even he would not be able to bear the consequences.

"Let's go!"

At this moment, the Undying Immortal Emperor and Heng Tianyu rushed towards the secret chamber that Ye Xuan and the others were in without hesitation.

In the room, Fang Wujie was lying on the sofa, staring at the ceiling in a daze.

When he thought of what had happened today, his mood was as if he had just been beaten like a dog by the sun. It was simply unbearable.

He didn't expect that the woman called Ruyan would be so hard to deal with, and her strength was also extraordinary. Even if he used all of his skills, he couldn't escape her clutches, and in the end was …

Thinking up to this point, Fang Wujie felt as if he had lost all interest in women.

He wanted to find a place to degenerate and be a salted fish …

Wu wu wu …

However, the ear-piercing sound of an alarm rang at this moment, causing his expression to change involuntarily.

He subconsciously thought of Ye Xuan and Qing Tian.

"Did something happen to these two guys?"

In the next moment, he sat up, braced himself, and put on his clothes before walking out of the room …