"Dong, dong, dong …"

"Bang, bang, bang …"

In the secret chamber, muffled sounds of collisions continuously rang out. Ye Xuan and Qing Tian tried their best to break the experimental pillar and save Chu Qing, but it didn't budge an inch.

"Ye Xuan, give up!" This experimental pillar was created by the Meteorite God Stone, and with your current strength, you cannot break it! "

Zi Huang who was within the ring looked at Ye Xuan's continuous attacks and sighed softly in her heart. She couldn't help but open her mouth to speak.

However, Ye Xuan didn't pay any attention to him and continued to madly attack the experiment pillar.

"Little Fire!" Bind it to pieces! "

Even after madly attacking, he still wasn't able to get any results. With a single thought from Ye Xuan, a Double-Headed Dragon flew out of the ring as fast as lightning.


The enormous body of the Yinyang Double-Headed Dragon coiled around the experimental column. It opened its huge mouth and let out an angry roar. It abruptly exerted its strength in an attempt to shatter the experimental column, but no matter how hard it tried, it had no effect.

Even if Ye Xuan wanted the Double-Headed Dragon to pull it out, it wouldn't be enough to take it away.

This was because the experiment pillar seemed to have merged with the secret chamber, making it impossible to bring away. This caused Ye Xuan to be extremely furious.

"Damn it!"

He smashed his fist against the wall, but the wall didn't budge at all. Not even a single mark was left behind.

"Who is it?"

It was at this moment that the guards of the Undying Immortal Pavilion finally arrived at the scene. They looked at Ye Xuan and Qing Tian, who were destroying the experiment pillars, and shouted.

"Master, leave them to me. Continue to think of a way!"

Upon seeing this, killing intent filled Qing Tian's eyes. He let out a roar and rushed out.



Looking at the rushing Qing Tian, the expressions of the guards changed drastically as they let out angry cries.

"Swish, swish, swish …"

"Da Da Da …"

In a split-second, the guards pulled the triggers of their armor-breaking spears and the energy crossbows in their hands, launching an attack on Qing Tian. Dense bullets and energy arrows enveloped the sky.

However, Qing Tian did not care about these attacks at all. The moment he rushed out, his skinny body suddenly became huge and sturdy. He charged into the crowd like a heavy truck, tearing the bodies of the guards apart.

This scene caused the faces of the guards that followed suit to change drastically. They never thought that Qing Tian would actually be so fierce. Fear surged within their hearts.

However, this sliver of fear was quickly replaced by anger.

They were the elites of the Undying Immortal Pavilion. How could they be afraid of a nameless person?


They let out a roar, drew their sabers, and hacked towards the sky.

"Clang clang clang!"

Qing Tian's expression was ice-cold. He ignored the attacks of these fellows and allowed their weapons to strike his body, causing a metallic sound. Then, his body shook and sent these fellows flying.

"Clang clang!"

With a sudden swipe of his palm, huge energy claws appeared, ripping the bodies of the dozens of experts who were charging from behind to pieces.

He was like a giant that had rushed out from the ancient times, fearlessly walking towards the guards, forcing them to slowly retreat.


The commander in the back frowned as he saw this. His eyes were full of killing intent, and he spoke without hesitation.

However, before he could finish his words, Di Tian suddenly waved his claw and tore his body into two halves.

In the next moment, Qing Tian quickly rushed into the crowd and tore those guys apart.

However, no matter how hard Qing Tian fought, there was still an unending stream of guards rushing over from behind, which made his eyes burn with fury.

He knew that he had to endure!

He had to buy more time for Ye Xuan!

So no matter how many guards rushed in, there was only one word that could describe the sky: Do it!

Right now, in the back garden of the Undying Immortal Pavilion, there were already a large number of guards and experts gathered.

Three circles, three circles on the outside, completely surrounding the back garden.

The First Prince, Yan Zhaoge, hovered in mid-air, staring coldly at the entrance ahead of him. His eyes glimmered with a cold light. He had not expected that someone would actually dare cause trouble at their Immortal Deity Pavilion's headquarters.

The Second Prince, Yan Hong, stood beside the First Prince, Yan Zhan. His expression was also incomparably cold, and the golden vertical eye in his forehead flickered with a sinister light. His heart was filled with rage.

Next to the two princes, the claymores, the Demon King Anders, the Mother of All Gods Gaia, the Chief Steward of Internal Affairs, and many other powerhouses also stood in the air. They watched everything with ice-cold gazes as a large number of guards rushed into the entrance passage in an unending stream.

"Anders, have you found out who broke in?"

The First Prince, Yan Zhaoge, said coldly.

"Your subordinate is incompetent, and was not able to find out who entered. All I know is that there are two people who entered!" However, no matter who they are, since they have come, do not even think about escaping! "

Hearing the First Prince's question, Anders, the Demon King of Broken Cities, hurriedly spoke in a respectful tone.


Just as Demon King Anders finished his words, a deafening collision quietly sounded at this moment.

Following a deafening collision sound that shook the earth, a terrifying force howled out from the underground chamber's entrance in front of them like a roaring wave, stirring up a wild gale.

Under the shocked and ugly gazes of the people around them, one after another, miserable figures flew out of the passageway like cannonballs, slamming into the ground with muffled thuds.

"Puchi …"

They didn't even have the time to say a single word before bright red blood gushed out of their mouths, causing them to die on the spot.

This sudden turn of events caused the First Prince, Yan Zhan, and the Second Prince, Yan Hong, and the Chief Steward, Yan Yan's, to involuntarily change their expressions, their eyes flashing with a cold light.

"Dong, dong, dong …"

The earth trembled as heavy footsteps sounded.

Under their unsightly gazes, a tall and sturdy figure slowly walked out of the passageway like a giant and appeared in everyone's line of sight.

His large and sturdy body was enveloped by a dazzling and unique black energy armor, giving him a terrifying strength and aura.

He was the one who had killed his way out of the treasury.

He had to guard this entrance and prevent anyone from disturbing Ye Xuan.

This was his responsibility!

"Kill him!"

Looking at Di Tian, who was walking over, the First Prince Yan Zhu's eyes were filled with killing intent as he gave the order without any hesitation.

whoosh whoosh whoosh … *

"Da Da Da …"

The guards did not hesitate to pull the trigger of the annihilation rifle and the energy crossbow after his words.

Bullets and arrows covered the sky as they rained down upon the body of Qing Tian, causing a crisp crackling sound.

However, it couldn't hurt Feng Tian at all.

The defensive capabilities of the Black God set on his body was not something to be trifled with. Even a quasi-Martial Saint would be able to withstand his attack.


However, with Qing Tian's personality, he wouldn't just stand there and let these guys get beaten up. With a fierce look in his eyes, he clenched his right hand into a fist and punched towards the ground with a strong power.

A fist was thrown out, and a terrifying energy surged forward. The power of shadow spread out, and the entire ground seemed to have turned into a black hell before collapsing with a loud bang.

Endless ghost hands emerged from the collapsed ground and grabbed at the guards.

"Ahh …"

The ground crumbled and the guards had nowhere to land. Their bodies fell uncontrollably before being dragged down to hell by the Shadow Wraith's hands. Miserable screams continuously rang out.

In the blink of an eye, hundreds of guards had died.

Qing Tian, on the other hand, took advantage of the chaos that he had created to rush out like a bolt of lightning to mercilessly reap the lives of others.

He could kill dozens of guards with a single punch!

One kick from him could send a guard flying.

It was as if he was an invincible existence. He didn't even need to dodge or defend; he could only mercilessly attack.

"Damn it!" "Bitter, Anders."

Looking at the murderous Qing Tian, the First Prince Yan Zhu's expression turned extremely ugly as he coldly spoke.

"Yes sir!"

Hearing the First Prince's words, the Demon King Anders and the Mechanical Golem nodded their heads slightly.

Man Ku suddenly leaped up and flew high into the sky. The ring on his hand flashed and a heavy weapon similar to Jia Te Lin appeared in his hand.

After which, he fiercely activated the heavy weapon in his hand and mercilessly fired at the sky.

"Da Da Da …"

The ear-piercing sound of gunfire rang out as countless energy bullets rained down on Qing Feng. The bullets covered the sky and covered the earth. There was nowhere for him to escape, so they posed a threat to him.

To be able to be called a Mechanical Spear Demon, its strength was definitely not ordinary, especially towards firearms.

The heavy weapons in his hands that were similar to Jia Te Lin were specially designed and modified. The power of each of the Astral Energy bullets was more than ten times stronger than armor piercing bullets. They could easily pierce through armoured tanks and heavy steel plates, and could pierce through a martial artist's barrier of Astral Energy.

"Ding ding ding …"

Dense energy bullets landed on Qing Tian's body. Even with the defense of the Black God set, he still felt a bit of pain, causing him to furrow his brows.

In the next moment, a cold light flashed across Qing Tian's eyes. His feet abruptly exerted force, and his body suddenly leaped up. He swung his fist towards the Mechanical Spear Demon with great difficulty.

"Big guy, your opponent is laozi!"

However, an ear-piercing sound rang in the ears of Qing Tian.

Anders, the Demon King of Broken Cities, had used his Mecha Gun Magic's bullets to dodge the bullets to appear next to Di Tian. He then swung his fist at Di Tian's face.


Qing Tian's face turned cold. He decisively gave up on attacking the Mechanical Spear Demons, and swung his fist to the side. It collided with City Destroyer Devil King Anders' fist.

"Kacha …."

In the next moment, the fists of the two collided. Under the incredulous gazes of the surrounding people, the arm of City Destroyer Devil King Anders twisted, causing a fist to smash into his face.

"Boom! Boom!"

Blood splattered everywhere.

Anders' head exploded, turning into a headless corpse that fell from the sky.

The bright red blood quickly dyed the ground red.

"The City Destroyer Devil King is dead?"

"Lord Anders was actually killed with a single punch?"

"How is that possible? How could this be? How could that guy be so strong? "

"Fuck, what the hell!?" Is Lord Anders' physical strength superior to Lord Anders'? "

Shocked, shocked, and incredulous sounds came out from the mouths of the surrounding people.

Even the pupils of First Prince Yan Zhe and the Second Prince Yan Hong constricted in shock.

Wasn't this a little too f * cking fierce?


The Mecha Gun Demon, Man Ku, was also frightened by this scene. With a fierce glint in his eyes, the Gatling weapon in his hand instantly turned into a huge rocket launcher, fiercely pulling the trigger towards Di Tian.

A huge rocket was launched towards Di Tian.


An earth-shaking explosion followed.