Seeing the Yin Yang Twin Headed Dragon that had rushed out from the ground without any warning, the Immortal Emperor snorted disdainfully. The instant the Yin Yang Twin Headed Dragon tried to bite him, his body dodged and at the same time, his foot heavily stepped on the head of the Yin Yang Twin Headed Dragon.


Following that, the Immortal Emperor spun around, and the hands that were holding onto the Double-Headed Dragon's tail suddenly swung out with force.


A terrifying force exploded. Under the shocked gaze of the crowd, the massive body of the Yin Yang Double-Headed Wyrm was actually swung up by the Immortal Emperor. It was then heavily flung into the air, smashing into a distant villa in the distance.

The undying Emperor's baleful aura overflowed into the heavens as his killing intent filled the air. He charged straight towards Ye Xuan.

Because the Double-Headed Dragon had stopped them, the Spatial Card in Ye Xuan's hand was completely activated. A formless teleportation array appeared beneath Ye Xuan's and Qing Tian's feet, emitting a blinding light that enveloped their bodies, causing them to gradually become illusionary.

"Immortal Emperor, Battle of the Gods!"

The corners of Ye Xuan's mouth curled up slightly as he watched the Immortal Emperor charge towards him with a belly full of rage. A faint smile appeared on his face as he indifferently spoke.

The space card's teleportation ability was completely activated by him. In the next second, he and Qing Tian could be teleported away and leave this place.

To Ye Xuan, this was undoubtedly a windfall.

"Bastard, go to hell!"

Seeing Ye Xuan's and the others' figures gradually turn illusory, the Undying Immortal Emperor instantly became anxious. He dashed out at an even faster speed, and smashed his fist towards Ye Xuan with the intent to kill.

Unfortunately, his fist wasn't able to land on Ye Xuan's body. Instead, it was blocked by the barrier formed by Ye Xuan's spatial card, causing the Immortal Emperor's expression to turn fierce and angry. He clenched his fist so tightly that it was about to drip blood.

"What are you talking about!"

Ye Xuan's face was filled with smiles as he looked at the Immortal Immortal Emperor that didn't dare be angry as he waved his hand.

It had to be said that the Spatial Card given to him by the Emperor Ou Yueyun was extremely useful.

"Master, something doesn't feel right …"

Just when Ye Xuan was about to teleport and infuriate the Immortal Emperor to death, Qing Tian's solemn voice sounded out.

"What's wrong?"

Ye Xuan's eyes went cold as a trace of doubt flashed through them.

"Kacha, kacha …"

"This... There seems to be something wrong with the teleportation circle, as though it has been locked down by something, and cracks have appeared in the surrounding space … "

Qing Tian's eyes were focused on the teleportation array, looking around at the shattered space, his expression was ugly as he spoke.

Hearing this, Ye Xuan's expression changed. He looked around at the fragmented fear and the gradually dimming teleportation array, and his expression became unsightly at this moment as well.

As if he had sensed something, he suddenly raised his head and his gaze fell upon the person in front of him, Heng Tianyu, who had yet to speak.

At this moment, the corner of Hengtian Qiong's mouth curled up into a playful smile as she looked at Ye Xuan with disdain.

He stretched out his palm, maintaining the posture of grabbing something through the air.

"It's him?"

Ye Xuan's eyes flickered with an ice-cold light, and a bad premonition welled up from the bottom of his heart.

"That's right, it's me … Brat, do you think you can escape by using the teleportation formation in front of me? You are too naive! "

Hengtian Qiong seemed to understand Ye Xuan's thoughts as she coldly spoke.


After that, he let out a sneer, and the palm that came out of nowhere suddenly clenched tightly.

"Crack crack …" "Bam!"

Ye Xuan and Qing Tian only felt an enormous pressure bearing down on them, causing the cracks on the array to grow larger and larger. In the end, the array shattered into fragments that filled the sky.


This sudden turn of events caused Ye Xuan's expression to greatly change. He clutched at the sky as he fiercely retreated.

In the instant he retreated, an invisible energy hand flashed.

If it wasn't for Ye Xuan having sensed the danger ahead of time and brought Qing Tian away, then they'd probably have been tightly grabbed by that giant energy hand and turned into playthings in Hengtian Qiong's hands.

This fellow, on the other hand, was ridiculously strong.

Without the obstruction of the Legend rank array, the Undying Immortal Emperor suddenly rushed forward and appeared in front of Ye Xuan. His fist that was wrapped around the Undying Gold Flame carried a wild strength as it smashed towards Ye Xuan.


An intense sense of danger filled Ye Xuan's heart, causing his expression to become extremely unsightly. He abruptly clenched his teeth, swung his fist at the Immortal Emperor's fist, and collided with it.

"Demon Dragon's Strength!"

The Demon Dragon was enraged!

A dull sound of impact rang out. Ye Xuan spat out a mouthful of black blood as his entire body flew backwards like a football that was kicked out.

The Undying Immortal Emperor was like a maggot on the bones as he chased after Ye Xuan, launching a powerful attack.


Seeing this, Qing Tian's expression changed. He forcefully endured the pain in his body and was just about to start rescuing Ye Xuan. However, Hengtian Qiong's gaze turned cold as she swept her gaze over Qing Tian.

Instantly, a majestic pressure landed on Qing Tian's body, causing his figure to quietly freeze. It was as though there was a Mount Tai pressing down on his body, causing his face to turn pale as black blood sprayed out from his mouth …

"Kacha …."

Not only that, Qing Tian's heavily injured body was crushed by the terrifying pressure. His legs hit the ground and he fell to his knees.

He wanted to struggle to his feet, but that majestic aura continued to crush him. At the same time, he felt as though countless ghostly hands were pulling him down into hell.

"Pa da pa da pa da … …."

Traces of blood flowed out from the black suit. The injuries on his body were simply too severe.

He only felt as if his body had collapsed, and his consciousness gradually turned blurry …

"No, I can't fall down! It cannot be crushed! "

However, at that moment, Qing Tian looked at the experimental pillar that Ye Xuan had given him and saw the holy light enveloping Chu Qingxin.

He gritted his teeth and held onto the experimental column tightly.


Hengtian Qiong's face was ice-cold as killing intent flashed in her eyes. Her palm reached out towards the experiment pillar and sucked in a deep breath. A majestic suction force exploded, wanting to snatch the experiment pillar away from Qing Tian's grasp.

However, Qing Tian held onto the experimental column tightly, unwilling to let go.

"Pah …" Pow … "Pah!"

Hengtian Tianchong's face turned cold. With a thought, a long whip made of astral energy quietly appeared and fiercely lashed towards Qing Tian.

The whip hit Qing Tian's shoulder, producing an ear-piercing sound. The terrifying power caused Qing Tian's body to tremble uncontrollably, and he spat out a large amount of black blood. However, he refused to give up.

"CNM, bastard!"

When Fang Wujie, who was standing in the middle of the crowd, saw this scene, he clenched his teeth tightly together with an angry expression on his face as he clenched his fist so hard that it made a cracking sound. Finally, he could no longer bear to watch any longer and let out an angry curse.

In the instant that Fang Wugou charged forward, his body turned into a series of afterimages that filled the sky, densely filling up this entire area. It was as if he had used a body splitting technique as they all rushed towards Hengtian Qiong.


In the next moment, a dull sound of collision rang out.

The sky full of afterimages disappeared as Fang Wujie's fist landed on Hengtian Qiong's back.

However, Hengtian Qianyu's body did not move at all and there was not the slightest expression on his face. Even if Fang Wujie's earlier attack contained his full fury and used his full strength, it still would not be able to harm him in the slightest.

Fang Wujie's fist did not have the slightest feeling when it landed on Hengtian Qiong's body, it could not even be considered as scratching an itch.

This result caused Fang Wujie to be stunned and a trace of blankness flashed across his face.

This was a punch that he was going all out for …

How could this be …

There was not a single trace of emotion or fluctuation on Hengtian Qiong's face. She slowly turned her head and her gaze fell upon Fang Wuju's somewhat blank face. Then, she fiercely swung her sleeves …


"Puchi …"

A terrifying force exploded out and Fang Wujie was struck by Hengtian Qiong's sleeve. A large amount of black blood sprayed out of his mouth and his entire body flew out like a rocket, smashing onto the ground not far from the sky and producing a dull sound.

The hard ground was instantly shattered, causing dust to fill the air …

"Cough cough …" Wu Jie, how are you … "Wujie …"

This sudden turn of events caused Qing Tian to be stunned. When he saw that Fang Wugou had crashed beside him, he quickly spoke up.

"Cough cough …" "Don't worry, I won't die yet!"

Fang Wujie lightly shook his head, enduring the pain that was akin to his bones about to break apart. He stretched out a hand to wipe the blood from the corner of his mouth, standing up with much difficulty and blocking in front of Qing Tian.


When Ye Xuan, who was battling the Immortal Emperor in the distance, saw this scene, his expression became ugly to the extreme. Angry curses came out of his mouth.

If it weren't for the fact that the Sea Cracking Profound Dragon Whale's injuries were too severe and it wasn't in deep sleep, he would have used it to devour these fellows.

A strong sense of grievance filled Ye Xuan's heart, leaving him with no choice!

"Brat, you still dare to be distracted at a time like this? Go to hell! "Immortality Flaming Spear!"

While Ye Xuan was distracted, the Undying Immortal Emperor's cold voice quietly sounded out.

He didn't know when the Undying Immortal Emperor appeared in front of him, but a long spear that was formed from the Immortal Gold Flame appeared in his hand and he fiercely thrust it towards Ye Xuan's heart.

"Swish …"

A strong sense of danger filled Ye Xuan's heart. It was already too late for him to dodge. All he could do was slightly move to the side to avoid the fatal blow.

At the same time, a golden light flashed between his eyebrows, and boundless soul force burst out.

A flying shuttle, which was rotating at a high speed, burst out from between his eyebrows along with a cold killing intent.

Primal Chaos Heavenly Shuttle!

Author's Note: Brothers, although the monthly tickets last night did not meet the additional requirements, Little Ming did not want to disappoint everyone, so … Today, I'll send you a gift. Brothers, please cast your monthly tickets towards the War God. Thank you!