Yun Yan never thought that her battle with Ye Xuan would actually turn into this.

Her slender, snake-like waist was held by Ye Xuan, and her well-developed and delicate body was held tightly in his embrace. She could even feel her own softness being squeezed and deformed, and she could feel the strong heartbeat and the heat coming from Ye Xuan's chest …

She wanted to struggle, but she didn't know what method Ye Xuan used to seal her acupuncture points, causing her to be unable to exert any strength. She could only allow Ye Xuan to hug her like this.

Yun Yan's heart was filled with rage as she looked at Ye Xuan's face. She'd never been touched by a man in her thirty years of life, let alone being hugged by him like this …

Ye Xuan's breathing and his unique masculinity added on top of the warmth. The posture of Concealed Light caused her calm heart to ripple with emotions.

She didn't think that she'd miscalculated, underestimated Ye Xuan, and even suffered such a huge loss.

"Sister Yun, your figure is not bad at all. It can be said to be of the highest quality …"

Ye Xuan enjoyed the softness of the electric shock. Looking at the furious Yun Yan, his hand unrestrainedly pinched her sexy waist as he teased her.

"Hmm …"

Following Ye Xuan's actions, Yun Yan's delicate body violently trembled. She couldn't help but let out a low moan. Her beautiful face was covered with a blush.

This damned bastard dared to tease him in public!

Yun Yan was embarrassed and angry!

She was his aunt!

"Bastard, hurry up and let me go …"

Immediately, Yun Yan could not hold back and shouted out in anger.

"No problem!"

A trace of an evil smile appeared on Ye Xuan's face as he straightened his waist and fiercely shook his chest.

Following Ye Xuan's action, the softness on Yun Yan's chest heavily collided with Ye Xuan's chest and bounced off.

"Tap, tap, tap …"

Yun Yan took a few steps back before stabilizing her body. Her beautiful face was covered with a thick blush, her entire body could be said to be numb, it could be said to be shameful and angry.

Yun Yan raised her head to look at Ye Xuan, who was smiling, and her eyes were filled with undisguised rage.

This little guy had just eaten a leopard's gall. He actually dared to tease her like this.

How could she not be angry when she was publicly eating her tofu?

"Little bastard, today this old lady will teach you a lesson!"

A voice filled with rage came out from Yun Yan's mouth.

As her words fell, her body trembled violently. A fierce presence quietly exploded out from her as the center, spreading in all directions and causing the people around her to feel a strong sense of oppression.

An invisible gale was stirred up within the courtyard, causing the tree branches within the courtyard to sway violently. Large amounts of fallen leaves rustled down, dancing about like butterflies …

The temperature of the entire courtyard seemed to have been affected by Yun Yan as it dropped, causing one to feel as if it had returned from the spring to the harsh winter.

Everyone knew that at this moment, Yun Yan was truly angry.

"F * ck, I think I went too far …"

Even Ye Xuan couldn't help cursing in his heart as he felt a trace of pressure.

Yun Yan's strength was indeed terrifying, it could be said that she was the strongest person he had met after his rebirth, far above Saber Lord and Dragon Lord.

"Little bastard, are you ready to endure this old lady's anger?"

Yun Yan's beautiful eyes seemed to burn with flames as she raised her head to look at Ye Xuan and coldly spoke.

"Boom! Boom!"

As soon as she finished speaking, without even waiting for Ye Xuan's reply, she charged out like a fire phoenix, wanting to kill him.

His terrifying speed left behind many beautiful afterimages in the courtyard.

In the blink of an eye, she had already arrived in front of Ye Xuan. Her palms seemed to be burning with intense rage as she furiously smashed them towards Ye Xuan with a chilling killing intent.

Windy Flame Palm!

A thick sense of danger filled Ye Xuan's heart, causing the corner of his mouth to curl into a smile. He didn't have any intention of dodging Yun Yan's attack, but instead teased her, "Not bad palm energy. Before the palm energy even arrives, it would quietly attack.

The instant Ye Xuan finished speaking, his shoulders trembled and both of his arms exerted force. At the same time, both of his palms whistled as they struck towards Yun Yan's palms!

Subduing Dragon Palm!


In the next moment, under the shocked gazes of the surrounding Ye Family disciples, Ye Xuan's palms collided with Yun Yan's.

Fiery Blaze Palm vs Dragon Subduing Palm!

Dull collision sounds rang out. An invisible energy and energy swept out in all directions with Ye Xuan and Yun Yan as the center, blowing the leaves in the courtyard up into the air …

Ye Xuan's body didn't budge in the slightest. Fine cracks started to appear on the ground beneath Yun Yan's feet, layer by layer.

"Sister Yun, it seems like you're not as powerful as the rumors say!"

After easily blocking Yun Yan's attack, a faint smile appeared on Ye Xuan's handsome face as he teased her.

"How is this possible? How did you suddenly become so strong? It's actually able to block my Clearwind Inferno Palm! "

Hearing Ye Xuan's words and seeing the smile on his face, Yun Yan's beautiful face was filled with astonishment. She let out an extremely puzzled voice.

Although she only used 50% of her power, there were very few people in the entire Star Sea City who could take this hit.

She'd watched Ye Xuan grow up together with her and knew that this guy didn't practice martial arts. Not long ago, this guy was even a vegetable lying on a sickbed.

However, now that Ye Xuan was able to block fifty percent of her Burning Wind Palm, how could Yun Yan not be shocked?

This was completely against common sense, and it was simply impossible for it to happen.

She knew very well that training in martial arts required one to have a solid foundation. One had to start from a very young age.

"Haha …" "Yun-jie, there's nothing impossible in the world. If you're really interested in me and want to know what's going on with me, why don't I find a room at the hotel and wait for you tonight?"

Looking at Yun Yan's beautiful face that was filled with shock and hearing her astonished words, Ye Xuan's gaze swept over her mature and well-developed body. A smile appeared on his face as he joked around.

This fellow was clearly flirting with Yun Yan …

After all, this woman had an appetite for Ye Xuan.


Hearing Ye Xuan's words, Yun Yan was furious. She didn't hold back her strength in the slightest as she shouted in a delicate voice!

"Swish …"

As Yun Yan's words fell, a suffocating force suddenly exploded out, charging straight towards Ye Xuan.

However, Ye Xuan had already noticed this earlier. He quickly withdrew his palm attack with Yun Yan and dodged to the side.

"Boom! Boom!"

In the next moment, a sound like a gale suddenly sounded out. It was Yun Yan's palm energy that she'd skillfully used to dodge Ye Xuan's attack and struck a pot of blooming chrysanthemum not far away.

The terrifying palm energy had shattered the flower pot, and the blooming chrysanthemums were scattered all over the ground.

The ground was littered with the remnants of chrysanthemum, indicating the strength of Yun Yan's earlier palm strike.

Ye Xuan took a deep look at the chrysanthemums that were scattered all over the ground.

Yun Yan is indeed a strong person. If it wasn't for her holding back, Ye Xuan wouldn't have dealt with her so easily …

Seeing that Ye Xuan had dodged her attack, Yun Yan was slightly stunned. A trace of astonishment flashed through her eyes. Just as she was about to attack again, a dignified voice quietly sounded out.

"Humph!" Not being able to deal with a mere piece of trash for half a day, Yun Yan … I think it's better for you to not be the head of security in the Ye Family compound! "

As the voice sounded out, under everyone's gaze, an imposing middle-aged man accompanied by a yellow clothed elder slowly walked out from the depths of the Ye family mansion.

Not only were there bandaged Ye Wen Feng and the Saber Lord following behind him, there were also a large number of Ye Family elite guards.



As they looked at the middle-aged man who had just arrived, deep shock and excitement appeared on the faces of everyone present. One after another, respectful words came out of their mouths.

This middle-aged man was none other than the current Patriarch of the Ye Clan, Ye Jianxin. He was the eldest brother of Ye Xuan's father, and he had to call him uncle.

Ye Xuan didn't even look at Ye Jianxin. Instead, his gaze was fixed on the yellow-clothed old man behind Ye Jianxin. His gaze was filled with undisguised seriousness.

He had never seen this old man before in the Ye family mansion, but he felt an invisible pressure from this old man. His instincts told him that this old man was very strong.

No one knew his name, they only knew that he came to the Ye family three years ago to protect Ye Jian, who was also known as Elder Huang.

The people in the Ye family mansion had rarely seen him fight, but they knew how terrifying and powerful he was. After all, it was rumored that the butler was defeated by him in one move.

"Oh no, they were actually alerted to come out …"

Seeing Ye Jianxin and Elder Huang walk out, Yun Yan, who was at the side, inwardly exclaimed that things weren't going well. Her gaze toward Ye Xuan contained an extremely deep sense of worry.

Since these guys were alerted to come out, then Ye Xuan would be in deep trouble today!

"Yun Yan, you can leave …."

Just as Yun Yan was about to speak, she was interrupted by Ye Jianxin's authoritative voice.

"Yes sir!"

When she heard Ye Jian's words, Yun Yan could only respectfully withdraw …

As the current head of the Ye family, Ye Jianxin held the supreme authority, even if it was her, she had to obey.

Seeing this, Ye Jianxin nodded his head in satisfaction. His gaze then fell onto Ye Xuan as he emitted words that were filled with killing intent.

"Where are the Ye Family guards? Hurry up and capture that trash!"