In the Ye Clan's mansion, fallen leaves flew about as killing intent filled the air.

Ye Xuan's expression was grim as he looked at the Eight Shadow Blood Fiends and the Ten Thousand Killing Gods. His gaze was ice-cold to the extreme.

With his current strength, dealing with such a fellow was undoubtedly extremely difficult. He might even have to explain things to him.

The Ye Family had an extraordinary background and ability to become one of the Four Great Families in the Star Sea.

Although Ye Xuan had impulsively attacked the Ye Clan's courtyard, causing him to be surrounded, he didn't regret it at all.

The anger in his heart would not be quelled even if he did not vent it!

If there was an enmity, he would take it on the spot!

This was his usual style of doing things!

"Ye Xuan, you must die today!"

Ye Jianxin coldly gazed at Ye Xuan, who was surrounded by the eight shadow blood fiend. Killing intent surged within his eyes as he coldly spoke.

"It's hard to say who will live and who won't!"

Ye Xuan chuckled. He didn't care in the slightest.

He took a silver needle from his watch and stabbed it into his body.

Thirteen heaven defying needles, silver needles to stimulate potential!

Following Ye Xuan's actions, it was as if he'd been injected with a stimulant. An unending stream of power flowed into his body, causing every cell in his body to become lively.

"Eight Shadow Blood Demon, kill him!"

Seeing this, Ye Jianxin's expression turned cold as he spoke in a venomous tone.

"Yes sir!"

As Ye Jian's new words faded, a terrifying aura exploded from the bodies of the eight figures, Blood Fiend and the others, causing their aura to become even more intimidating.

In the next moment, the eight of them turned into eight shadows that charged towards Ye Xuan. They created a gale of wind and brought about sword lights.

In just an instant, they arrived beside Ye Xuan. A crisis had arrived in an instant!

"Swish …"

The sharp daggers covered with barbed spikes, the daggers cut through the iron like mud, and the unique looking Nepalese Army knives and other weapons attacked Ye Xuan from different angles, enveloping him within.

There was no retreat!

Ye Xuan could clearly feel his body being locked down by eight sharp killing intents, and he could also feel the fierceness and sharpness of the eight shadow blood fiends' attacks. It could be said that they completely sealed off his escape route.

Ye Xuan hadn't even made a move when he fell into a deadlock!

As one of the eight shadow blood fiends of the Ye Family, its strength was indeed extraordinary.

"It looks like I can only fight on my back!"

Seeing the eight shadow blood fiend's attack getting closer and closer, Ye Xuan's eyes flashed as he coldly spoke.

If he was forced into a corner, the only thing he could do was to force himself into the devil state and raise his strength!

"Swish …"

"Ding ding ding …"

As soon as Ye Xuan finished speaking, he moved to the side, and his body abruptly rotated 360 degrees. The saber in his hand appeared and whistled out.

In the next moment, the saber followed Ye Xuan's spinning movements and turned into shadows that filled the sky as they circled around Ye Xuan. They completely dispelled the eight shadow blood fiend's attack, which carried a sharp killing intent, and the blades collided with their weapons with a crisp sound, causing beautiful sparks to fly.

Ye Xuan's counterattack was beyond the expectations of Blood Fiend, and he was forced back by the saber.

A trace of seriousness flashed through his eyes as he raised his head to look at Ye Xuan, who was brandishing his saber.

He had originally thought that the fellow would die for sure, but never did he expect that he would be able to resolve the crisis with his unique military knife at such a crucial moment.

And that guy could actually control a military knife through the air?

After all, the nanowires that connected Ye Xuan's sabre were even thinner than his hair. Under high-speed swinging, it was impossible to see with the naked eye, so Ye Xuan's sabre wielding seemed like an ancient deity controlling a flying sword through the air as it brimmed with formless strength.


Ye Xuan's expression turned cold as he forced the Eight Shadow Blood Fiends to retreat with a single strike. He charged towards the closest member of the Eight Shadow Blood Demon Group, clenched his right hand into a fist, and furiously smashed down at him.

Raging Dragon's Destruction!

"You're courting death!"

Seeing this, a sneer appeared on the face of the Eight Shadows Blood Demon. He clenched his right fist and smashed it towards Ye Xuan with a violent force. His words were cold and indifferent.

Blood Fist Art!


In the next moment, the two fists heavily collided together, causing a terrifying gust of wind to blow.

Before the Eight Shadows Blood Demon member could react, Ye Xuan's shoulders shook as a formidable force exploded out from his arm like a volcano!

Collapsing Dragon's Strength!


"Puchi …"

In the next moment, under the stunned gazes of the crowd, the eight shadow member was blasted flying by the terrifying force of Ye Xuan's fist. A mouthful of black blood sprayed out of his mouth ….


However, the other eight shadow blood fiends took this opportunity to launch a fierce siege and sneak attack on Ye Xuan. Waves of murderous intent enveloped Ye Xuan and once again locked him down!

Ye Xuan's face was cold as his right leg whizzed out.

Easterly Wind Break plus Dragon Break!

The terrifying whip kick whistled out, creating a series of sonic booms. At the same time, it caused a strong wind to blow in the courtyard, causing people's long hair to flutter!


"Tap, tap, tap …"

In the next moment, a loud explosion resounded!

The eight shadow blood fiends that were surrounding Ye Xuan were all swept backwards by the formidable power of the Dragon Slaying Force. They had to retreat for a dozen steps before being able to stabilize themselves …

They only felt their hands and feet go numb from Ye Xuan's attack, and a trace of blood flowed from the corner of their mouths …

When Ye Xuan added Dragon Crushing Power to his martial skills, it greatly increased his strength and lethality. Even if it was the Eight Shadow Blood Demon, who was extremely powerful, he would still be a threat.

According to Ye Xuan's estimation, the strength that each of these eight shadow blood fiends possessed was on the same level as an international killer and was comparable to an extraordinary Gold rank assassin.

The combined attack of eight people was powerful enough to instantly kill any Gold rank expert.


Shaking his numb arm, the eight shadow blood fiend once again struck towards Ye Xuan.

Ye Xuan's expression was as cold as ice. He didn't have the slightest fear as he bravely faced the enemy.

After that, Ye Xuan began to battle with Eight Shadow Xue Sha.

Their terrifying speed left countless afterimages in the yard, so fast that the surrounding Ye Family disciples couldn't even look at them.

For a time, the courtyard was filled with flashes of blades and flashes of swords. Strong forces flew everywhere, and it was difficult to determine the victor!

"This... "How did Ye Xuan become so powerful that even the Eight Shadow Blood Fiends couldn't take him down?"

"Is this my misconception? The trash, Ye Xuan, was kicked out of his family and was able to fight against the Eight Shadow Blood Fiends? "

"Holy shit, I can't believe it. Is that really Ye Xuan?"

As they watched Ye Xuan continuously fight against the eight shadow blood fiend, the faces of the surrounding Ye Family clansmen were filled with shock. Their mouths were filled with disbelief as they spoke.

Ever since Ye Xuan arrived at the Ye Clan's courtyard, his series of extraordinary performances had already overturned their understanding. Compared to their impression of Ye Xuan, he was like a completely different person, causing them to be completely unfamiliar with him.

"This guy …" "Where did you learn all these skills?"

Even Yun Yan, who was at the side, was stunned. Her heart was filled with too many questions, as she muttered.

No matter if it was the Ye Xuan who brutally killed Ye Wenfeng, or the one who fought against Eight Shadow Blood Demon, he wasn't the Ye Xuan she knew.

"This guy, what happened to him?" Did Ye Wenhao really use that thing on that brat? "

A fierce glint flashed across Ye Jianxin's eyes as a thought flashed through his mind.

He believed that only the item that Ye Wenhao had researched would be able to change Ye Xuan's fate and turn him into his current state.

On the side, the Ten Severing Daggers coldly looked at Ye Xuan as he fought against the eight shadow blood fiend. They didn't make a move because Ye Xuan didn't have the qualifications for him to do so!


"Deng deng deng!"

A deafening explosion sounded out as Ye Xuan and Eight Shadow Blood Demon's bodies were blasted away like cannonballs. They had to retreat dozens of steps before they were able to stabilize themselves!

"Puchi …"

The eight shadow Xue Sha's eight men group had just stabilized themselves when their faces suddenly spat out a large amount of blood, dyeing their black night attires dark red.

"Pata! Pata! Pata!"

Drops of blood flowed from their wounds.

There were fine scars on their bodies, either left behind by Ye Xuan's blade, or left behind by the nanowires that connected to the blade …

Of course, Ye Xuan wasn't in a good position either and was injured as well.

"Puchi …"

The powerful force sent him flying backwards. The uniform he wore was lacerated and a large amount of blood sprayed from his mouth. His face was pale to the extreme …

The Eight Shadows Blood Fiends were truly powerful.


However, Ye Xuan didn't care about the injuries at all. His feet exerted force and his body shot towards the Eight Shadow Blood Demon like a cannonball. His mouth emitted a sinister voice.

"Boom! Boom!"

Ye Xuan's speed was too fast. Moreover, it was unknown when he'd used the nano wire to form a large net to seal the Eight Shadowfiend's movements. Even they couldn't dodge it and could only watch as Ye Xuan charged towards them …

"Swish …"

In the next moment, blood splattered. The head of one of the Eight Shadow Blood Fiends fell to the ground, dead.


An eight shadow blood fiend took the opportunity to appear behind Ye Xuan. It held a sharp dagger in its hand as it furiously slashed down at Ye Xuan, attempting to split him into two. Ye Xuan's head seemed to have grown eyes as he fiercely pulled on the nanowires in his hands.

"Swish …"

An invisible cold light flashed through the air as the body of the Eight Shadows Blood Demon member that launched the surprise attack on Ye Xuan exploded, turning into a pool of tainted blood that sprinkled onto the ground, dying beyond compare.

"Merak Kick!"

However, Ye Xuan's attack wasn't over. His body fiercely spun as he swept out with a whip kick.



"Puchi …"

The other six Eight Shadow Blood Demon members were hit by Ye Xuan's whip kick, causing large amounts of blood to spray out of their mouths as they were sent flying. They crashed onto the ground in the distance, suffering from absolute injuries.

"Puchi …"

They struggled to stand up, but as soon as they did, their internal injuries were immediately implicated and a large amount of blood sprayed out of their mouths.

In the blink of an eye, two of the eight shadow blood fiends were severely injured and lost their fighting capabilities on the spot.

I am invincible,

You can do whatever you want!