The Ye Family mansion, he didn't hesitate to sigh.

"Ai, in the future, everyone might as well take a detour when they see that madman Ye Xuan. That guy even dares to kill Ye Wenfeng when he's crazy!"

"That's right. I wonder what happened to that guy to make him become so powerful. It's as if he's a completely different person …"

"Who knows? "In short, I should avoid provoking him in the future …"

"Disperse, everyone disperse …"

Looking at Ye Jianxin, who was rushed to the hospital, all the other Ye Family disciples sighed softly.

What happened today not only shocked them greatly, it also dealt them a huge blow, causing them to no longer have the qualifications and confidence to face Ye Xuan.

Ye Xuan alone is enough to kill them all!

It could be said that Ye Xuan's violent and merciless side deeply engraved a brand in their hearts, leaving an indelible impression.

"What did this guy go through?"

Yun Yan looked at the scattering crowd, then looked at Ye Xuan's disappearing figure and Ye Tiannan's departing back. She muttered some words.

Ye Xuan's series of extraordinary performances completely overturned her understanding and imagination towards him.

No matter if it was the extraordinary strength Ye Xuan displayed or the command medallion in his hand, it caused her, as an aunt, to feel extremely curious.

She'd already made up her mind to have a good talk with Ye Xuan if there was a chance.

Otherwise, if the Ye family's old man came out and knew what had happened today, the consequences would be dire.

No matter how strong Ye Xuan was, there was only death.

Carrick's Pub, an elegant ancient room.

A few well-dressed, imposing youths were sitting elegantly. While enjoying the massage from the beauties beside them, they were leisurely chatting, appearing to be very happy.

If Ye Xuan was here, he would have definitely recognized a portion of them.

This was because there were three people whose names were Qian Duoduo, Qian Xingchen, and Qian Jianchen.

In addition, there were other illustrious princes and young masters of other clans in Xinghai.

"Duo Duo, I heard that you were ruthlessly humiliated by that kid, Ye Xuan, in the talent market?"

Qian Xingchen lightly sipped a mouthful of red wine, and his gaze landed on Qian Duoduo as he teased him.

"Ai, don't mention it. That guy is very evil …" Qian Duoduo shook his head as he spoke with a helpless expression.

"There is indeed something strange going on!" Qian Xing nodded in agreement. He couldn't help but think of his villa that had been destroyed by the black wolf. His eyes emitted a strong sense of hatred …

"That's right, I heard that a lot of people had suffered at his hands, including the Wolf Young Master from the Evil Wolf Gang..."

The others also echoed his sentiments.

As if he had thought of something, Qian Xing turned around and his gaze landed on Qian Jianchen who was at the side. He pretended to be confused as he asked, "Second brother, I heard that you and Ye Wen Feng both suffered because of that guy?"

"That damned brat, I will take his life sooner or later …"

Hearing Qian Xingchen's words, Qian Jianchen couldn't help but think of the scene at the banquet where he was played by Ye Xuan. Killing intent surged in his eyes as he smashed his fist onto the tea table.

He'd sent many people to find trouble with Ye Xuan and kill him, but none of them made a sound.

"Haha …" We naturally believe that Brother Jianchen has the ability to do so. We are all waiting to see that brat fall at your hands! "

Hearing Qian Jianchen's words and seeing his angry appearance, the others all began to tease him.

"Buzz buzz buzz …"

However, at this moment, their phones vibrated at the same time, causing them to be slightly shocked.

Then, he quickly picked up his phone and carefully checked it.

As the famous rich kids of Xinghai, they all had the same circle of contacts and joined the same circle of messages.

The reason why their phones vibrated at the same time was because the group of messages they were in had sent them a piece of news that caused them to be extremely shocked.

This news was that Ye Xuan had barged into the Ye Family and slaughtered Ye Wenfeng in front of Ye Jian.

As they looked at the news, incredulous words came out of their mouths.

"This... How was this possible? Ye Xuan actually broke into the Ye Family and killed Ye Wenfeng? "

"Holy shit, what happened?!" Ye Xuan actually broke into the Ye Family and killed Ye Wenfeng in front of everyone in the Ye Family and Ye Jianxin? "

"It's fine if it's just this, but that guy actually came out from the Ye Family's mansion safely!"

"That guy Ye Xuan is so awesome now. Even the Ye Family can't do anything to him?"

Everyone looked at each other. They could see the shock and extreme fear that was hidden within each other's eyes.

Recently, it's best if we don't offend that madman Ye Xuan!

Deep in the Qian Family's compound!

A white-clothed youth with long hair and an extraordinary appearance was holding onto a unique looking longsword. He was currently in the middle of the courtyard, dancing to the sound of the classical beauty playing the zither.

The courtyard stirred up gusts of fierce wind, leaving behind dazzling shadows and sword images that covered the sky.

If anyone from the outside world was here, they would definitely be able to recognize this young man. This was because he was the leader of the Qian family's younger generation, and the well-deserved young master of the Qian family, the future master of the family.

He was also one of the four most famous people in Xinghai City. His name was Qian Mubai!

Even Qian Jianchen was of a lower status compared to him.

"Buzz buzz buzz …"

Qian Mubai was in the middle of performing a sword technique when his phone vibrated. It made him furrow his brows and stop moving.

Picking up the phone, what appeared before his eyes was a message that caused him to be extremely shocked and astonished.

Ye Xuan, who'd once been kicked out of the Ye Family to become a vegetable, had actually returned to the Ye Family by himself. Not only did he kill Ye Wenfeng, he even walked out of the Ye Family safe and sound.

This piece of news truly made everyone feel puzzled and shocked.

The corner of his mouth slightly raised upwards as he muttered, "A guy that was kicked out of his family and turned into trash has actually attacked the Ye family and even killed Ye Wen Feng in front of the Ye family patriarch. He was then able to walk out of the Ye family safely."

"Now that I look at it, this Ye Xuan is quite interesting." "If I have the chance, I would like to test this sword technique on him with his blood …"

In the headquarters of the Wild Dragon Committee's comfortable hall.

Lord Dragon sat on the sofa, listening to Kuang Ba and Qing Yu's reports. His brows were tightly knitted together.

Ever since they'd expressed their goodwill towards Ye Xuan, they'd clearly felt that the War Tiger Gang and the wolf would tighten their grip and suppress them, causing their battle with the two gangs to increase significantly.

Even now, War Tiger Gang and the Evil Wolf Gang had shown signs of joining hands to annex him. In many of the bars and entertainment places they ran, War Tiger Gang and the members of the Evil Wolf Gang would come to disturb them, causing their profits to worsen, which made Dragon Lord's heart full of worry.

If Zhan Hu and the wolf would join hands, then their days in the Raging Dragon Guild would be even worse.

"Boss, what should we do next?"

Seeing that Master Long didn't say anything, Kuang Ba couldn't help but ask.

Master Long raised his head and looked at Qingyu who was at the side, and asked solemnly: "Qingyu, are your injuries better? What do you think about this matter? "

"Boss, how about we go find Brother Xuan. If he is willing to help, there shouldn't be any problems …"

Qing Yu hesitated for a moment before speaking.

The scene of Ye Xuan easily defeating Saber Lord had left a deep impression on him.

Hearing this, Master Long once again fell into deep thought.

After all, their Raging Dragon's Association wasn't really close to Ye Xuan at the moment.

"Boss, a message arrived …"

However, at this moment, Master Long's cell phone rang.

When he picked up the phone to check, the first thing that appeared in his line of sight was the news of Ye Xuan breaking into the Ye family's mansion.

Seeing Ye Xuan's actions in the Ye Family's courtyard, Lord Dragon was slightly stunned with a face full of shock.

"Boss, what's wrong?" What happened? "

Looking at Dragon Lord's expression, Qing Yu and Kuang Ba couldn't help but ask.

"Ye Xuan barged into the Ye Clan alone and killed Ye Wenfeng in front of Ye Jianxin. It's said that the Ye Clan's eight shadow blood fiend is unable to do anything to him …"

Master Long took a deep breath and slowly spoke.

Lord Dragon's information was much more reliable than Qian Mubai's. At the very least, he had mentioned the Eight Shadows Blood Demon.


"So awesome?"

Qing Yu and Kuang Ba were stunned, their faces filled with disbelief.

They were well aware of how powerful the Eight Shadows Blood Fiends were.

However, if they knew that even the Ten Thousand Killing Deity had been instantly killed by Ye Xuan, what expression would they have?

"Qingyu, I'll do as you say!" for you to come forward and ask for Brother Xuan's help... "

Elder Long's eyes surged with wisdom as he made his decision in an instant …

Within a luxurious private room in the Zhui Ming Valley.

Xia Nan lazily lied on the sofa, leisurely drinking red wine while enjoying the dancing and singing of the beauties in front of him. Everyone seemed to be leisurely enjoying themselves …

"Dong, dong, dong …"

However, just at this moment, a crisp knock on the door rang out. A middle-aged man with slightly gray hair and wearing a suit, looking rather gentleman and dignified, walked in.

"Young Master!"

The middle-aged man walked over to Ye Xuan, who was sitting on the sofa, and respectfully said.

"Uncle Bai, what's the matter?"

Xia Nan asked with a smile.

"I just received a message from Galaxy..."

Uncle White nodded slightly, then spoke with respect.

"Oh, what news?"

Xia Nan's face revealed an expression of interest.

"The friend you made last time, Ye Xuan, charged into the Ye Family's courtyard alone and killed his son, Ye Wenfeng, right in front of Ye Jianxin. It's said that even though Ye Jian used the Eight Shadow Blood Fiends, they were unable to do anything to him and allowed him to walk out of the Ye Family's courtyard safe and sound …."

Uncle Bai said with a smile. He looked at Xia Nan with undisguised gratification and praise in his eyes, "Young Master, you have a good eye. To have made such an extraordinary friend …"

"Heh heh... Is that so? I didn't expect that guy to be so much more temperamental than me, and that the speed of his growth has far exceeded my expectations! "

Hearing Uncle Bai's words, Xia Nan's face was filled with smiles as he praised.

"It seems that I have to find some time to have a good relationship with him in Xinghai City."

As Xia Nan finished speaking, he put down his wine cup, stood up, and started walking out of the room …

If he could make Ye Xuan his subordinate, then he'd have a better chance of killing his way back to the family.

A similar scene quietly occurred in every corner of the sea of stars. Ye Xuan, who was kicked out of his home, once again entered the line of sight of many celebrities in Star Sea City.

His name was once again spread throughout the circle.