The vice principal's office!

Leng Qingcheng gracefully sat in her office chair, her slender fingers rapidly tapping on her laptop, causing the office to echo with the crisp sounds of a keyboard.

Ye Xuan lazily lied on the sofa to the side, leisurely admiring Leng Qingcheng's straight and sexy legs. His handsome face had a trace of a leisurely, light smile.

He was enjoying this leisurely time of his.

Unknowingly, he fell asleep on the sofa.

"Dong, dong, dong …"

Only when he was woken up by the sound of someone knocking on his door did Leng Qingcheng, who was busy with her work, stop what she was doing.

"Come in..."

As Leng Qingcheng's solemn voice rang out, the office door quickly rang. Captain of the security team, Zhao Da Hai, rushed in.

"Hello, Dean Leng!"

Looking at her ice-cold expression, Zhao Da Hai was full of smiles as he greeted her.

"What is it?"

Leng Qingcheng expressionlessly stated.

"I... I have something to talk to Older Brother Xuan about! "

"Older brother Xuan …"

As he spoke, Zhao Da Hai hurriedly waved towards Ye Xuan.

"Captain, what happened?"

Ye Xuan held Zhao Da Hai's shoulders as they walked out of Leng Qingcheng's office.

"Older brother Xuan, a child just brought this to our security room …"

Zhao Da Hai quickly took out a blood-stained letter from his pocket.

Ye Xuan's expression turned cold as he opened the letter. The words that appeared in his vision were filled with killing intent.

"Ye Xuan, if you want to save Little Doctor Liang, come to the ruins outside the northern city!"

A cold light flashed within Ye Xuan's eyes as he looked at the words. He never imagined that the doctor that brought him food would be kidnapped.

"Captain, leave this to me, I'll leave Star Sea Hospital to you!" If anything happens, just give me a call! "

After Ye Xuan finished his sentence, he took large strides down the stairs and quickly drove the Mercedes-Benz towards the ruins of the northern city.

Northern City Ruins!

This place had been abandoned for a long time and was overgrown with weeds. There was not a single person in sight. The air was filled with a rotten smell.

In the center of the ruins, there was an incomparably ancient looking great banyan tree. It was like an enormous umbrella, covering an area of a hundred meters.

On the thick trunk of the great banyan tree, there was an extremely fresh and beautiful woman tied to it.

She had delicate cheeks and elegant long hair. Her graceful figure was tightly bound by a rope. Her well-developed body was so bound by the rope that it seemed as if her clothes would burst apart. It was a tantalizing sight to behold.

However, her palms were penetrated by the long nails, nailing her to a tree trunk, causing bright red blood to gush out of her palms.

Her gaze was unfocused, and her exquisite and beautiful face was filled with intense pain, causing others to feel an incomparable amount of pity for her.

She was none other than the number one beauty nurse of Star Sea Hospital — Doctor Liang!

Beneath the great banyan tree stood a man dressed in a long red robe. He had a rough face, sharp fangs, and a sharp mouth. His arm was wrapped in a dark snake pattern, and his eyes were cold like a poisonous snake.

He was no other than one of the important members of the Shadow Snakes, the Blood Python!

Looking at Liang Xiaoxiao, the blood python teased, "Do you know why I caught you?"

"Wha …. "Why?"

Liang Xiaoxiao's unfocused gaze fell on the blood python as he said some words of doubt.

She didn't know this man at all. She didn't understand why this guy would want to capture her and treat her like this.

"Because of a mouse called Ye Xuan!"

The blood python answered coldly. Its gaze towards Liang Xiaoxiao was filled with greed and passion.

"Ye …" Ye Xuan? "

Liang Xiaoxiao was slightly stunned and did not understand ….

"That's right, he killed a member of my Shadow Snake Society …" The reason we captured you is only to lure him here! "

"However, it's been so long but he still hasn't come. It looks like … You have no value in his heart! "This has really miscalculated me …"

The blood python lowered its head to look at the time on its watch, before shifting its gaze to Liang Xiaoxiao's graceful figure outlined by the rope. The greed and heat in its eyes became even more intense, and its mouth began to emit lust. The voice of evil.

"Originally, I planned to send you off in front of that kid when he comes. Since he doesn't come, then I won't wait any longer!"

As the blood python's words fell, he exerted strength through his soles, and with a leap, he firmly stuck himself to the tree trunk like a gecko. Extending his palm, he abruptly grabbed at Little Doctor Liang's clothes, then exerted a bit of strength …

"Swish …"

Following a crisp "chi la" sound, Little Doctor Liang's clothes were savagely torn apart by the blood python, revealing a pink Bra and her snow-white skin that was tightly bound by a rope …

"Ahh …"

The blood python's actions did not stop. His palm reached out again and landed on Liang Xiaoxiao's jeans, tearing it apart.

Following Liang Xiaoxiao's painful screams, the blood python tore apart her jeans, causing her snow-white legs to be exposed to the air, emitting a fatal temptation...

"You … You. What do you want? "

Her clothes were torn apart as a cold wind blew past. Liang Xiaoxiao's body couldn't help but tremble as she looked in horror at the face of the blood python that was filled with greed. Words came out of her mouth that trembled …

"What else can I do? "Of course it's you!"

"You probably haven't experienced such a posture, right? Tsk tsk, Little Lang. "Women …"

The blood python slapped Liang Xiaoxiao heavily on her face, leaving behind five bloody lines. A bloodthirsty voice came from its mouth.

"Come on... My little darling, I'll let you experience the power of my snake belt … "Swish!"

"Pah pah pah …"

As the blood python's words fell, he fiercely swung the snake pattern on his arm, mercilessly slapping Liang Xiaoxiao's snow-white skin. A series of crisp sounds rang out, leaving behind numerous scars on her fiery body, as fresh blood slowly flowed out …

"Come on, baby, scream your ass off. No one here can hear you."

"Don't be shy. Yell, cry, scream without restraint. Right …"

"That's it, I guess the whip will whine even more along with it …"

This blood python was simply abnormal. It waved the whip in its hand without a trace of pity, and shrieked and screamed like a madman. It was extremely terrifying …

"Mmm mmm... Ah... Hmm... That's it, my baby. Keep shouting! "

"How is it? The taste of my whip is not bad, right? Tsk tsk... You are already the one hundred ninety-eighth woman served by my whip... "Look, under the care of my whip, the wounds on your body are growing more and more, and your blood is flowing faster and faster …"

"Shoo! Shoo!" Your father is calling you! "F * ck …"

As the snake pattern whip in the blood python's hand continued to lash at Little Doctor Liang's body, her body was covered in scars and was a mess of blood. Even her consciousness had gradually dissipated under the blood python's torment …

Her whole body was in a tearing pain. This kind of inhumane torture and humiliation seemed to last forever. It made Little Doctor Liang's heart feel an incomparable amount of despair …

She didn't know what kind of fate awaited her …

She really wanted to die here and be free from this demon in front of her …

She couldn't hold on any longer …

"F * ck, I told you to scream!"

As the blood python roared angrily, he lashed out once more at Little Doctor Liang's body.

This time it was her delicate face.

A terrifying whip scar extended from her left cheek to her left chin. Blood continued to flow, disfiguring her appearance …

"Useless trash? Even this can't do it? "

"If that's the case … Then let this daddy properly reward you! "

Upon seeing this, the blood python stretched out its tongue and licked the bloody whip in its hand. Its gaze fell upon the body covered in wounds and scales as it spoke in a cold voice.

Following the end of his words, he pounced towards Little Doctor Liang like a hungry wolf, wanting to stab into her body and merge into one with her …

"Swish …"

However, just at this moment, the sound of rushing wind quietly sounded out beside his blood vessels. A rich sense of danger filled his heart, causing his expression to drastically change …

When he turned around to look at the source of the danger, what appeared before him was a sharp military knife that carried endless killing intent!

"Swish …"

In the next moment, the blood python dodged to the side without hesitation.

However, at this moment, the dashing and exquisite military knife suddenly turned around and stabbed towards him. Before he could even react, it had stabbed into his left shoulder and pierced through it …

"Ahh …"

Fresh blood oozed out as the blood python let out a blood-curdling screech.


He was about to reach out to pull out that sharp military knife, but that military knife seemed to have been controlled by some sort of force, and it suddenly slashed down towards his arm …

"Ah... "Aooo …"

Miserable screams and howls came from the blood python's mouth. After the sharp blade stabbed into his left shoulder, it actually cut through a large amount of flesh on his left arm like a knife. Blood splattered everywhere, even exposing the joints in his arm to the air …

Only then did the warblade strangely shoot back.

"Damn bastard …" Get the hell out here! "

Forcefully enduring the pain in its body, the blood python looked in the direction of the flying dagger. Its mouth was filled with angry words.

"Swish …"

However, just as he finished speaking, a thin figure flew towards him like a bolt of lightning. The dazzling light that shone from the sharp military knife caused his expression to change greatly.

"Ye Xuan you damned bastard, I'll cut you into a thousand pieces …"

As the Blood Python watched the approaching figure, its venomous voice rang out from its mouth.

"Swish …"

As the words left his mouth, the snake pattern whip in his hand shook, transforming into a soft sword that slashed horizontally.

Instant Death Sword!

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