My Instant Marriage

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Genre:Romance, Josei




Yoon Eunah was engaged with Lee Young-soo by their parents. But the marriage didn’t go as it was planned.
Faced with Eunah’s absence. Eunbi, her younger sister ended up marrying Young-soo against her will to save her parents pride and self-esteem.
Neither her’s nor his parents came up with a plan of involving Eunbi and Young-soo into the marriage. It was full and fully planned by Young-soo, he emotionally advice Eunbi by using her family weakness as his strength to get her acceptance to marry him.
Eunbi was suspicious of Young-soo’s plans for marrying her whether, did he married her for revenge? (or) did he married her for her wealth?
What will happen when Eunbi finds out the real reasons why Young-soo has married her, will she forgive and accept him as her husband and lead a happy life?

Chapter 1 His tricky plan Chapter 2 You ruined my life, Eonni Chapter 3 The wedding nigh Chapter 4 Threatening and warnings Chapter 5 Threatening and warnings- 2 Chapter 6 In his home Chapter 7 Let’s see who is going to regret firs Chapter 8 He trembled with fear Chapter 9 Will you stop bossing me? Chapter 10 Don’t he know that I hate him? Chapter 11 Meeting his friends Chapter 12 Don’t you feel ashamed to do this to me? Chapter 13 You’re apologies are worthless Chapter 14 A thorn can only be removed with another thorn Chapter 15 I’ll protect you no matter wha Chapter 16 Meeting my saviors in the college Chapter 17 The unexpected sickness of my father Chapter 18 Young-Soo, will you stop staring at me like that? Chapter 19 Should I follow the advices of my friends? Chapter 20 I should haven’t bought him a gif Chapter 21 I think I missed the right chance to know about his secrets Chapter 22 Getting to know him Chapter 23 Hereafter, don’t take my wife to such places Chapter 24 His direct love proposal and an apology Chapter 25 I can’t understand the reason why you do not believe my words Chapter 26 Days without him Chapter 27 Please, stay by my side Chapter 28 He reveals the reason of his trauma Chapter 29 You know that it was purely an acciden Chapter 30 The gala dinner Chapter 30 The social occasion Chapter 31 You are my angel Chapter 32 I’m feeling happy because of the changes Chapter 33 The sudden visit of his mother Chapter 34 He surprised me with his mother Chapter 35 He is such a kiddo Chapter 36 I love you, Eunbi Chapter 37 I’m sorry, Young-soo Chapter 38 She blamed herself for his sickness Chapter 39 Eunbi, will you stop taking care of me? Chapter 40 I’m in love with another man Chapter 41 Visiting his ex-girlfriend Chapter 42 I want to make a legal relationship with you Chapter 43 You can lean on my shoulders Chapter 44 Hello sir, I’m Lee Min-suk Chapter 45 Will you stop nitpicking of my character? Chapter 46 Let’s live separately Chapter 47 Why did you leave me alone, Hyejin? Chapter 48 Why I’m so special to you, Hyejin? Chapter 49 Spare a minute for me, I need to talk to you, Hyejin