Proofread by Yin Jing

Unlike ordinary rice, this rice grains seem a bit mellower and are polished smooth like little pearls. I am afraid that we cannot make those within two hours, if we have to polish them one by one.

"It's the peak of Supreme Cookery that we can feel the sorrows and joys after tasting a cuisine. Those we have tasted before are the most basic emotions of joy, anger, sorrow and pleasure, while this one is hate!" Feng Qingge sneers and glances at Mu Cangyun over there.

Mu Ronghao shivers in his seat and stares straight ahead. It seems that his neck is squeezed by a pair of invisible big hands, so he can say nothing.


Measureless blood splashed down, and the whole city wall was dyed red. Familiar figures fell down one by one, including his dead brothers. In that fair fight, he had strong army and many people, and he murdered his own brothers by insidious tricks, even his own sisters were no exception.

From then on, they always appear in his dream and let him pay with his life. He is afraid of talking about these things.

And now, the bloody scenes reappear in front of him, and torture him like pictures in movies. "Oh!" Ronghao smashes the spoon in his hand, stands up suddenly with bloodshot eyes, and says angrily, "Bastard! What is this? Come and drag her down immediately, Feng Qinger is fined a hundred times strokes with a stick!"


Everyone turns pale and doesn't know what happens. Ronghao spoke highly of Qinger's cookery just now, but why does he suddenly get angry and wants to punish Qinger heavily now?

It changes so abruptly, even Qinger doesn't get it at first. She looks at Ronghao dully and asks with astonishment, "Em, emperor..."

"Come and drag her down quickly!" Ronghao feels sick and spits out what he has eaten. He really can't stand that disgusting odor, and vomits up by supporting a table.

Feng Lingyun turns pale, bows and says promptly, "Emperor, I..."

"Get out!" With the bloody scenes appearing in his mind again and again, Hao feels much sicker and overturns the table in the front of him, blurts out, "Dear Feng, look what your good granddaughter has done!"

"Qinger, what did you do with the porridge!" Lingyun frowns and says angrily.

If anything happens to emperor, we, Feng Family, will definitely be not able to take it.

Qinger is getting nervous at the moment, and she stammers, "I, I've done nothing, grandpa, I don't know, either." "Nonsense, didn't you make the Tofu Soup with Chinese Cabbages!" Lingyun's eyes widen in anger. There is something uncommon today, but he doesn't say it directly in front of so many people, just hinting at it subconsciously.

Cold wind blowing, Qinger shudders and sees Qingge's eyes unintentionally, in a flush, she knows everything. Intending to use this unpalatable rice porridge to condemn Qingge, she falsely claimed the fame as her own because of what Ronghao had said, and thought that she could accomplish both success and fame, but in fact, she backfires herself! She doesn't know why palatable cuisines do not taste well, but she knows, it is Qingge who did this.

"It's you, you set me up!" Qinger turns pale, puts down her hands suddenly, and the red Astral Power surrounds her. She is like an angry tiger, folding her hands and going to attack Qingge.

Blood bodyguards standing on two sides snort contemptuously, drag up Qinger, grab her by the hair, and slam her toward the ground. Immediately, Qinger's face swells up.

"How dare you!"

Qinger has a terrible fall, struggles to her feet, glares at Qingge with anger, and spits out, "Qingge, what did you put in the Tofu Soup with Chinese Cabbages?"

"Interesting, you made it your own, why ask me?" Qingge laughs with eyebrow rising. The courtiers on two sides just realize that the nebbish lady also attends Birthday Celebration this time. They almost spit out the overnight meal when seeing the fat flesh of the body.

The rumor that the oldest lady in the Feng House is fat proves false now. The person in front of people is very ugly and fat, which even subverts their outlooks on life.

With her eyes rolling, Qinger stops the words that almost come out of the mouth. She has said to Emperor that the soup was made by her own, and no one will believe her if she says that Qingge did this.

In that case…

Qinger glares at Qingge, saying angrily: "Don't you dare talk back! Emperor, I cooked for you in the backyard, but this girl called me out compulsorily. I saw her sneaking around the kitchen, so it must be she who poisoned the dish!"

Saying this, she not only puts the merits of cooking on herself, but also pushes Qingge into a dilemma, which proves her own innocence. Qinger sneers, and the fat actually wants to frame her. Now she wonders what Qingge is going to do next!

"Nonsense, how could my lady..." Cuichun feels anxious, and thinks that Qinger was obviously lying, kept saying the things that never happened. She is very eager to explain, but now who can speak for them, since Qinger deliberately framed them.

All the bodyguards know what happened in the backyard just now, and Qinger also knows that. If they confess at the moment, then Lord Cen's abduction will be exposed. At that time, the Feng House will also be implicated.

Lingyun turns pale, no matter whether this is Qinger's fault or Qingge's, the Feng House is going to be implicated. He stands up at once, bows and says angrily, "Qinger, what are you talking about, Emperor, I'll take Qinger's punishment."

"Grandpa, it's true! Feng Qingge, don't you dare to do it!" Qinger pretends to be pitiful with watering eyes.

Holding her chin with one hand, Qingge thinks it is even funnier, and says with eyebrows rising, "Oh? So I'm gonna ask you, since you saw me sneaking around the kitchen, why not stop me? Or let's say, you have already found me do something with Emperor's dishes, but still gave the poisoned one to Emperor. Feng Qinger, how dare you!"