Rebirth: How A Loser Became A Prince Charming

Alternative Names:Halbapc, 重生之抠脚大汉变男神

Genre:Romance, School Life, Comedy, Slice Of Life

Authors:Erbao Angel



Qin Guan was reborn and sent back to his final semester in High School 18 years ago. Getting a second chance at life, he works hard to turn things around and eventually become a Prince Charming. What will his life be like the second time around? What will he have to go through? How will he succeed in turning from a loser into a Prince Charming?

Chapter 1: Eighteen Again Chapter 2: Crushing on Cong Nianwei Chapter 3: The Days Before the College Entrance Examination Chapter 4: Graduation Party Chapter 5: The Moneymaking Barbecue Stand Chapter 6: A Prince Charming With A Choppy Hairstyle Chapter 7: Buying A House in Beijing Chapter 8: Military Training Chapter 9: The Troublesome Student Chapter 10: Cong Nianwei’s Suitor at Tsinghua University Chapter 11: Landai Club Chapter 12: The Dance Competition and The Fight Chapter 13: A Fight Between Rough Men Chapter 14: Eggs Laid by the Red Flag Chapter 15: The Bateau Interview Chapter 16: Big Plate Chicken at the China World Mall Chapter 17: Vinexpo China Chapter 18: Huang Jiajia Vs. Cong Nianwei Chapter 19: CET 4 and the Computer Chapter 20: Abacus Level 5 and the First Pot of Old City Chapter 21: Holding Her Soft Hand Chapter 22: The 1998 Snowfall Chapter 23: The First Photo Shoot Chapter 24: Barbeque on Principal Filter Chapter 25: The Driving License Exam Chapter 26: Niu Street and the Zhang Yiyuan Tea Shop Chapter 27: A Kind of Successful Confession Chapter 28: The Long Train Ride Home Chapter 29: A Martial Artist Among Ordinary People Chapter 30: Business in the Morning Market Chapter 31: The Urban Management Officer Chapter 32: The Big Deal Chapter 33: The Carrefour Poster Chapter 34: Three Small Gigs Chapter 35: Liu Xiaoyang’s Gigot Chapter 36: Huan Jiajia’s First Test Chapter 37: Professor Li's Training Courses Chapter 38: Business with J Boss Chapter 39: The Friend-Making Party Chapter 40: The Red Star Bar Chapter 41: A Successful Meeting Chapter 42: Photo Studio Models Chapter 43: The Cathedral Church Chapter 44: Nations of Mi and Cowboy 【1】 Chapter 45: Eldest Brother’s Day Chapter 46: The Automobile Accessories Market Chapter 47: The Contract Plan Chapter 48: The Prince of the Ball Chapter 49: Love Rival Chapter 50: Zhongguancun in 1999
Chapter 51: The Special Disk Chapter 52: Watching A Movie Together Chapter 53: Hello Animal World, Farewell Animal World Chapter 54: Formal Contract Chapter 55: 10,000 Yuan Chapter 56: The Tyrant's Feast and the Wet Shirt Chapter 57: The Photo Exhibition Chapter 58: Model Business Photos Chapter 59: The High School General Examination Chapter 60: Super Cheater Chapter 61: Two Dependent People Chapter 62: Business on the Beach Chapter 63: Wholesale Market Chapter 64: Recalling Fang Pingping (Bingbing) Chapter 65: Everything Is Ready Chapter 66: Business on the Beach and Delicious Dishes Chapter 67: The First Date Chapter 68: Heartbeat Chapter 69: Swimming in the Sea Chapter 70: Dog Paddling for the Win Chapter 71: The New Face Model Competition Chapter 72: The Preliminary Competition Chapter 73: Arch Enemies Chapter 74: Oh! Powerful! Chapter 75: The Underestimated Military Uniform Chapter 76: The Talent Show Chapter 77: The Winners of the Local Final Chapter 78: Shabby Rewards Chapter 79: The Pessimistic T Stage Show Chapter 80: Bathing with an Enemy Chapter 81: The End of the Competition Chapter 82: An Honourable Sophomore Chapter 83: A Strong Girl Chapter 84: The Hapless Duo Chapter 85: Misfortunes Come in Pairs Chapter 86: The Troublesome Girl Chapter 87: The Sleeping Teacher Chapter 88: The Fun Journey to the Grassland Chapter 89: A Horse Called Troublemaker Chapter 90: Threatening But Not Dangerous Chapter 91: The End Chapter 92: A Short Interview Chapter 93: Legend of Ghost Street Chapter 94: Mysterious Light Spots Chapter 95: Emergency Chapter 96: Gratitude and Resentment Chapter 97: The Playful Shirt Chapter 98: The Girlfriend Present Chapter 99: The Haunting Love Rival Chapter 100: A Sworn Follower with Low EQ
Chapter 101: Final Rejection Chapter 102: The Suicide Farce Chapter 103: Cheating for Mercy Chapter 104: Thief! Chapter 105: Catching the Thief Chapter 106: Short Work Notice Chapter 107: An Unexpected Friendship Chapter 108: Opportunity Chapter 109: Picked by the Designer Chapter 110: The Beer Bear Chapter 111: Beer Sales Girls Chapter 112: Changing Situation Chapter 113: A Lost Opportunity Chapter 114: The First Show Chapter 115: A Strong Look is Power Chapter 116: Unreasonable Hostility Chapter 117: Hypocrite Chapter 118: Focusing on College Chapter 119: Never Played Basketball Chapter 120: Mighty Liu Xiaoyang Chapter 121: Using Temporary Knowledge Chapter 122: Youth Without Tears Chapter 123: A Charming Prince Chapter 124: A Mysterious First Glance Chapter 125: Arch Enemies Always Get Together Chapter 126: Thanks for the Support Chapter 127: I Love My Grandma The Most Chapter 128: Love in the Old Times Chapter 129: The Five Star Wholesale Market Chapter 130: Busted by the Staff of the Industrial and Commercial Bureau Chapter 131: John the Bisexual Chapter 132: Three Girls and One Man Chapter 133: Oh, No! They Are All Martial Artists! Chapter 134: The Four Accountants Chapter 135: The Brand Endorsement Contract Chapter 136: Shooting An Advertisement Chapter 137: The First Car Chapter 138: House, Car, Bills Chapter 139: The Great Director Chapter 140: Just Shut Up and Kiss Me! Chapter 141: Are You Serious? Chapter 142: Forgive Me, Grandma Rong! Chapter 143: A Careless Man Hugs A Princess Chapter 144: Taking Off The Costume Chapter 145: Kissing and Cuddling? Chapter 146: Let Me Go! It's Indecent! Chapter 147: Fighting Back Chapter 148: The Path Winds Through High Peaks Chapter 149: The DV Film Chapter 150: Sunflowers
Chapter 151: The CCTV Hit Show Daming Palace Chapter 152: Learning About the Buddha Doctrine Chapter 153: Bianji in a Grey Frock Chapter 154: Success and Failure Chapter 155: Let’s Build A Love Nest Together Chapter 156: The Legendary Swordsman Yang Lianting Chapter 157: Hierarch’s Secret Garden Chapter 158: The Wire is Nothing Chapter 159: I Love You Chapter 160: Gunpowder Smoke at Fashion Week Chapter 161: Dirty Tricks Chapter 162: John's Promotion Chapter 163: Shao Xiaobing's Dirty Trick Chapter 164: An Admirer From a Foreign Land Chapter 165: Huang Jiajia's Confession Chapter 166: Job Hunting Chapter 167: Past Life Acquaintance Chapter 168: In the Bandits’ Nest Chapter 169: A Warm and Quiet Life Chapter 170: Farce at the Annual Gala Chapter 171: The Lolita Fan Chapter 172: “The Legendary Swordsman” Is On Chapter 173: The Beijing Film Academy Chapter 174: Will You Go to the US, Qin Guan? Chapter 175: Qin Guan Seized the Opportunity! Chapter 176: Afrodyn! Chapter 177: The Nearly Forgotten Money Chapter 178: A Dog Called Egg Chapter 179: Feelings Need a Foundation Chapter 180: The Charming Smile of a Villain Chapter 181: Romance Across Time and Space Chapter 182: Several Slaps on the Face Chapter 183: Fire! Chapter 184: The Human Rights of a Tortoise Chapter 185: The Manservant Chapter 186: So Funny! Chapter 187: Accepting the Younger Brother Chapter 188: Becoming Famous Chapter 189: Negotiation Chapter 190: Dedicating Oneself to the Motherland Chapter 191: Different Ways of Life Chapter 192: A Group Visit to the Studio Chapter 193: Luring Glances Chapter 194: Drinking the Strongest Liquor and Marrying the Most Beautiful Woman Chapter 195: You Are Jealous of Me Chapter 196: Tangled Chapter 197: Arousing Enthusiasm Chapter 198: What A Shame! Chapter 199: The Strict Chief Editor Chapter 200: Black and White
Chapter 201: The Girlfriend's Supervision Chapter 202: The Mighty Queen Chapter 203: A Handsome Boy and a Fortunate Girl Chapter 204: A Shrewd Merchant Chapter 205: Hot Sales Chapter 206: Trouble in Business Chapter 207: A Girl Named Mou Chapter 208: The Quiet Before the Storm Chapter 209: Artists in the 798 Plant [1] Chapter 210: A Clash of Emotion and Reality Chapter 211: A Gaffer Named Wenwen Chapter 212: Girls Chapter 213: The Green Tea Bitch and White Pond Lily Chapter 214: Shareholder Chapter 215: A Porch Light Chapter 216: The Mystery Woman Chapter 217: Nothing About Romance Chapter 218: My New Awesome Friend Chapter 219: Weirdos Are Everywhere Chapter 220: Outburst Chapter 221: A Seductive Test Chapter 222: Raising One’s Status Chapter 223: Sister Xue's Cold Reception Chapter 224: Profound Historical Accumulation Chapter 225: Who Said the City Was not Literary? Chapter 226: Making A Decision Chapter 227: The Meritorious People Backstage Chapter 228: Project Decided Chapter 229: The Photo Album Chapter 230: The Girlfriend's Visit Chapter 231: Jealousy Chapter 232: Dramatic Acting Skills Chapter 233: Entertainment Circle Reporters Chapter 234: The Affair Chapter 235: A Battle Chapter 236: The Citizen Launch Event Chapter 237: Rejected Affection Chapter 238: The Estee Lauder Pen Chapter 239: Thief! Chapter 240: A Small World Chapter 241: Questioning Chapter 242: Opportunity Chapter 243: A Big Deal Chapter 244: Everything Is Ready Chapter 245: Drunk Without Wine Chapter 246: A Professional Agent Chapter 247: Poaching Chapter 248: Preliminary Discussion Chapter 249: The Photo Album Release Chapter 250: Hot News
Chapter 251: Adding Fuel to the Fire Chapter 252: Endless Strange Affairs Chapter 253: Chaos Chapter 254: A Female Companion on the Red Carpet Chapter 255: The 18th Line Chapter 256: My Savior Chapter 257: An Eagle Falling from the Altar Chapter 258: Interesting Chapter 259: Silence Chapter 260: The Bid Opening Chapter 261: I’m Sick Chapter 262: Injections and Buttocks Chapter 263: An Abundance of Scripts Chapter 264: Choice Chapter 265: Qualifying for an Autographed Copy Chapter 266: Qualification Chapter 267: Chaos Chapter 268: The Offer Chapter 269: Can I Still Love You? Chapter 270: Qin Guan's Fan Club Chapter 271: The Most Beautiful Student Chapter 272: The Screen Test Chapter 273: Displaying and Hiding Chapter 274: The Possibility of Becoming a Meat Pie Chapter 275: You Are Mine Chapter 276: Amazing Chapter 277: No Problem, Director Zhang Chapter 278: Taking Action Chapter 279: The Horn of Battle Chapter 280: Parents Meeting Chapter 281: Heroes Chapter 282: Sorry, Qin Guan Chapter 283: Thank God I Covered My Face Chapter 284: Hiding Chapter 285: The Award Ceremony in Tokyo Chapter 286: On Site Chapter 287: Tangled Romance Chapter 288: Vicious Intentions Chapter 289: A Plan Backfiring Chapter 290: Spicy Girls! Chapter 291: Fighting Over Qin Guan's Chastity Chapter 292: A Cold Porcelain Doll Chapter 293: The Cozy Soya Sauce Ramen Chapter 294: A Fierce Black Dragon Chapter 295: The Influence of Asian Models Chapter 296: The Interesting Industry of Shinjuku Chapter 297: Who Sent You Here? Chapter 298: The Meaning of Colorful Flags Chapter 299: The Greatest Punishment Is Indifference Chapter 300: The Final Job
Chapter 301: A Young Monk On A Cloud Chapter 302: Wang Yuyan at 16 Chapter 303: Lin Zhiying Is A Gentleman Chapter 304: The Beauty of Zhejiang Province Chapter 305: It’s My Battlefield Chapter 306: INITIAL D Chapter 307: Chen Hao Was Beautiful Those Days Chapter 308: Men Also Like Gossip Chapter 309: A National Affair Chapter 310: Calm Down, Princess! Chapter 311: I’m Cold, Hug Me Chapter 312: Notice From Overseas Chapter 313: When We Were Nobodies Chapter 314: Melancholy Chapter 315: We Wish You A Happy Future! Chapter 316: Elapsed Love Chapter 317: New York, New York Chapter 318: Start of A New Life Chapter 319: Strange Neighbours Chapter 320: The Eight-Nation Alliance Chapter 321: Heavy Metal Rock Chapter 322: The German Sun Chapter 323: Applause Chapter 324: Schools Open Chapter 325: Throwing Herself at Him Chapter 326: The Hero Saved the Beauty Chapter 327: Luxurious Columbia University Chapter 328: Class Has Begun! Chapter 329: Chinatown Chapter 330: Are you Kidding? Chapter 331: The Quintessence of Chinese Culture Chapter 332: Homework at Night Chapter 333: Racial Segregation Chapter 334: Theatre Club Chapter 335: Part-Time Chapter 336: Resume Delivery Chapter 337: Not That Simple Chapter 338: Second Rate Model Chapter 339: The Italian Festival Chapter 340: The Difference Between F and B+ Chapter 341: A Difficult Interview Chapter 342: Military Style Chapter 343: Saving A Beauty Chapter 344: The Final Test Chapter 345: Appreciation From An Old Manager Chapter 346: Slow Down, Grampa Chapter 347: Chinese Freemasons Chapter 348: Robbery Chapter 349: Hands Up Chapter 350: The Russian Tearoom
Chapter 351: A Scream During the Show Chapter 352: The Director Chapter 353: J Clothing Is Coming Chapter 354: The World Is My Stage Chapter 355: An Order From Broadway Chapter 356: Midterms Chapter 357: Stop Jabbering, Rongzhi! Chapter 358: Welcoming Party at Columbia Chapter 359: Together Again Chapter 360: Impressing the Whole Audience Chapter 361: Is the Crown Valuable? Chapter 362: An Influential Man on Campus Chapter 363: Freelance Photographer Chapter 364: Hello, New York Fashion Week! Chapter 365: Giorgio Armani Chapter 366: Similar Concepts Chapter 367: Getting Noticed Chapter 368: Good Graces Chapter 369: New York Times Chapter 370: Three Invitations Chapter 371: The Armani Product Chapter 372: The Armani Advertisement Chapter 373: Unblessed Love Chapter 374: To Forge Iron One Must Be Strong Chapter 375: Roar Chapter 376: You Are the Boss Chapter 377: Invitations From Everyone Chapter 378: Carmine Cong Nianwei Chapter 379: Will You Run for Chairman? Chapter 380: The Party Shooting Chapter 381: Treating the Wounded and Rescuing the Dying Chapter 382: Underground Doctor Chapter 383: I’m not Gay! Chapter 384: The First Film Chapter 385: I Can Play Piano Chapter 386: Forbidden Kiss Between Boys Chapter 387: Adoration Chapter 388: Massacre Chapter 389: The Real Demon Chapter 390: Battles Among the Ivy League Chapter 391: Escaping From Trouble Chapter 392: The New York Chinese Yacht Club Chapter 393: Careers Chapter 394: The Intelligence of Actors Chapter 395: Sister Xue's Idol Chapter 396: Quick Shooter Chapter 397: Ambiguous Attitude Chapter 398: Sister Xue’s Success Chapter 399: Julia Roberts Chapter 400: The Wide-Mouthed Beauty
Chapter 401: Resisting External Temptation Chapter 402: A Woman's Heart is the Worst Thing in the World Chapter 403: The Affair Chapter 404: Open for Business Chapter 405: The Art Dealer Chapter 406: Chinese Treasure Chapter 407: One of the Most Valuable Certificates in the US Chapter 408: Christmas Shopping Guidance Chapter 409: Uninvited Christmas Guests Chapter 410: Top Brands Chapter 411: A Promotional Conference Chapter 412: The CPA Exams Chapter 413: The Real Prince Chapter 414: The First Client Chapter 415: The Old Accounting Firm Chapter 416: Latent Rules Chapter 417: Qu Xuemei Is Coming Chapter 418: Enough Profit Chapter 419: Election Chapter 420: Batter on the Trigger Chapter 421: Something Happened Chapter 422: A Powerful General Chapter 423: Different Kinds of Figurants Chapter 424: Dracula Makeup Chapter 425: The Green Hand Chapter 426: Uniformed Temptation Chapter 427: Fans Everywhere Chapter 428: The Oscars Chapter 429: The Award Ceremony Chapter 430: Happiness Is Simple Chapter 431: Crush Him Chapter 432: Let's Blossom Chapter 433: Stealing Flowers Chapter 434: The Lingerie Show Chapter 435: High-End Jewellery Chapter 436: The TV Show Chapter 437: Terrible Business Chapter 438: New Work Chapter 439: The Screen Test Chapter 440: Flirting Chapter 441: A Good Bath Towel Chapter 442: Exhausted Chapter 443: On Show Chapter 444: Escaping from the Cinema Chapter 445: Qin Guan's Limited Influence Chapter 446: The Power of A Single Person Chapter 447: Explosion Chapter 448: Baselworld Chapter 449: The Show Chapter 450: Jewellery Buyers
Chapter 451: The Chinese Are the Richest Chapter 452: A Display of Ignorance Chapter 453: Sweet Life Chapter 454: An Office on Wall Street Chapter 455: The Grocery Store Robbery Chapter 456: Reinforcements Chapter 457: The Importance of Special Weapons Chapter 458: Complete Victory Chapter 459: Busy All Day Long Chapter 460: Acquaintances in Cannes Chapter 461: Again and Again Chapter 462: Unexpected Winner Chapter 463: A Shameless Speech Chapter 464: Devotion Chapter 465: Another Female Acquaintance Chapter 466: An Unreliable Affair Chapter 467: Countermeasures Chapter 468: Unknown Sentiment Chapter 469: Breaking News Chapter 470: Devastation Chapter 471: Success Chapter 472: Ranking Actors Chapter 473: God or Fraud? Chapter 474: SOS from Japan Chapter 475: Solution Chapter 476: A New Task Chapter 477: Superman Chapter 478: Being A Teacher Chapter 479: Advantages Chapter 480: Awful Chapter 481: Makeup Artists Kneeling Down Chapter 482: Emergency Chapter 483: Mickey Mouse and KFC Chapter 484: Fun During A Traffic Jam Chapter 485: Fierce Girls Chapter 486: Unimpeded Chapter 487: Extremely Annoyed Chapter 488: Going Through Flowers Chapter 489: Never Provoke A Woman Chapter 490: A Heartfelt Film Chapter 491: Fresh Blood from China Chapter 492: Lv Yan the Cleaner Chapter 493: Buenos Aires Chapter 494: No Good Chapter 495: A Father's Love Chapter 496: Professionalism Chapter 497: Thank You Chapter 498: Animal Actors Chapter 499: Farce in the Aquarium Chapter 500: Common Animal Enemy
Chapter 551: The Oil Painting Deal Chapter 552: Your Sweetness Chapter 553: Tasha Tudor Chapter 554: New Neighbor Chapter 555: America's Next Top Model Chapter 556: Instant Data Chapter 557: The Whole World Joins in the Fun Chapter 558: Broadway Chapter 559: Don't Speak, Just Kiss Me Chapter 560: A Living Landmark Chapter 561: The Big Urchin Chapter 562: An Old Schoolmate Chapter 563: London, London Chapter 564: Hint Chapter 565: Getting A Room Chapter 566: The Right Person Will Wait Chapter 567: Disastrous Food Chapter 568: The Four Actors Together Chapter 569: Competition Chapter 570: Old Friends Chapter 571: The Trust of the Nation Chapter 572: What Strong American Men Want Chapter 573: Crying Easily Chapter 574: Discovering An Asian Designer Chapter 575: The Iron Frog Chapter 576: Beating Jude Law Chapter 577: First-Class Romance Chapter 578: Never Collaborate With A Madman Chapter 579: Asian People Eat Vegetables Every Day Chapter 580: A Peaceful Time Chapter 581: Going Back In Time Chapter 582: A Family Of Squirrels Chapter 583: A Spanish Cow Chapter 584: Genius Chapter 585: Busy Working Chapter 586: A Musical Interview Chapter 587: Record Release Chapter 588: Cutting the Ribbon Chapter 589: Cutting the Ribbon Chapter 590: Out Of Control Chapter 591: At The Police Station Chapter 592: Captivated Chapter 593: An Invitation From The Sergeant Chapter 594: Milan: An Art Paradise Chapter 595: Marco Polo’s Contribution Chapter 596: Traditional Chinese Costumes Chapter 597: Tough Questions Chapter 598: A Love For Fur Chapter 599: The Sicilians Chapter 600: Warmth
Chapter 601: The Opening Show Chapter 602: The Crackpot Attack Chapter 603: A Mistake Chapter 604: Gunpowder Smoke Chapter 605: A Red-Haired Girl In A Bikini Chapter 606: Showdown Chapter 607: Surrounded Chapter 608: Ancient Benefactors Chapter 609: Preparing for the Rise of the Asians Chapter 610: Flourishing China Chapter 611: An Unprecedented Performance Chapter 612: The Ambitious Textile Industry Chapter 613: Becoming Famous Chapter 614: Bursting A Bubble Chapter 615: Returning Home Momentarily Chapter 616: Information Disclosure Chapter 617: Stars at the Airport Chapter 618: Awkward Chapter 619: Diamond Cuts Diamond Chapter 620: The Chinese Stamp Chapter 621: An Exquisite Young Man Chapter 622: The Sculpting Master Chapter 623: Cunning Filmmakers Chapter 624: Taking Clients Out To Dinner Chapter 625: Accidents Happen Chapter 626: Setting Out For Qinghai Chapter 627: A World Without Thieves Chapter 628: The Kekexili National Nature Reserve Chapter 629: Simple Tibetan Girls Chapter 630: Half-Naked Chapter 631: The Sin of Desire Chapter 632: A Matrimonial House Chapter 633: Lao Liu Chapter 634: Distracted Chapter 635: The Human Kindness Of A Hutong Chapter 636: The Dirty Tricks Of The Real Estate Industry Chapter 637: National Day Chapter 638: I Love You, China! Chapter 639: Community Service Advertisements Chapter 640: Injustice Chapter 641: The Charity Bazaar Chapter 642: The Good Packer Chapter 643: The Auction Chapter 644: TIME Chapter 645: The Exclusive VIP Stylist Chapter 646: The Illustrated Fairy Chapter 647: Finding Faults Chapter 648: Internet Tycoons Chapter 649: Small Bets In Las Vegas Chapter 650: Acting Skills Vs. Gambling Strategy
Chapter 651: The Casino Staff Chapter 652: The Magic Show Prop Chapter 653: An Excited Audience Chapter 654: Penny Chapter 655: A Superficial Selection Chapter 656: The First Positive Feedback Chapter 657: The Shaolin Temple in New York Chapter 658: A Statement From The Benefactor Chapter 659: Showing Off Before The Experts Chapter 660: A Splendid Martial Arts Performance Chapter 661: A Provoking Performance Chapter 662: Great Admiration Chapter 663: Memories of Youth Chapter 664: Old Guys Among Children Chapter 665: The Familiar Park Chapter 666: The Riot On The Monkey Mountain Chapter 667: Getting Used To Having You Around Chapter 668: Climbing Over A Wall Chapter 669: A Traditional Spring Festival Chapter 670: Good Wang Xiaoya Chapter 671: Can You? Chapter 672: Lv Opera Chapter 673: A Wonderful Opera Chapter 674: An Invitation From Hong Kong Chapter 675: Three Roles On Auction Chapter 676: Kowloon Chapter 677: Shanghai, The Oriental Pearl Chapter 678: Cooperation Chapter 679: No Comparison, No Harm Chapter 680: Mainland Residents Are So Weird! Chapter 681: The Clever Shanghainese Chapter 682: Unromantic Chapter 683: Giving A Lesson To Hong Kongers Chapter 684: A Hot Kiss Chapter 685: Spring Dandelions Chapter 686: Suppression and Resistance Chapter 687: Pushing Forward The Film Festival Chapter 688: Another Award Chapter 689: The Acceptance Speech Chapter 691: Declining Prosperity Chapter 692: The TIME Cover Chapter 693: An American Translation Of Chinese TV Series Chapter 694: A Warm Corner Chapter 695: Serving The Country Chapter 696: An Important Award Ceremony Chapter 697: Internal Conflict Chapter 698: The Sales King Of The Fair Chapter 699: A High-Risk Advertisement Chapter 700: The Crazy Building-Jumping Hero Chapter 701: A Dangerous Beauty
Chapter 702: The Second Ad Chapter 703: Magic Chapter 704: Waterloo? Chapter 705: The Company's Last Film Chapter 706: The Teen Choice Awards Chapter 707: Muddling Up The Ceremony Chapter 708: A Big Award Chapter 709: The New Villa Chapter 710: Borrowing A Private Jet Chapter 711: A Judge In Dubai Chapter 712: Joining The Crew Chapter 713: Breeding Chapter 714: A Strange Man Chapter 715: It's Hard To Shoot A Children's Film Chapter 716: Cuckold By Mistake Chapter 717: Collapsing At The First Blow Chapter 718: The Completion Of The Last Film Chapter 719: Officially Returning to China Chapter 720: Untitled Chapter 721: Chaos Chapter 722: A Skilful Inquest Chapter 723: The Contract Chapter 724: Meeting Wang Jianlin Chapter 725: Settlement Chapter 726: New Rich And Old Rich Chapter 727: Niggling Chapter 728: The Coming Storm Chapter 729: Acquiring Original Shares Chapter 730: The Athens Olympics Closing Ceremony Chapter 731: A Global Press Conference Chapter 732: The Different Responses Of Two Directors Chapter 733: The First Scene In Tianjin Chapter 734: Juanquan Chapter 735: Whisper Of Pipa Chapter 736: Romance In The Republic Of China Chapter 737: An Aesthetic Erotic Scene Chapter 738: A Beam Of Light Among Web Novels Chapter 739: National Effort Chapter 740: Hong Kong, Macao And Taiwan Vs. The Chinese Mainland Chapter 741: A Top Brand Gathering Chapter 742: Paris Chapter 743: God Makes Fools Out Of People Chapter 744: Changing The Rules Chapter 745: The Strongest Becomes King Chapter 746: The World's Largest Fair Chapter 747: A Strange Exhibiting Method Chapter 748: Where Are My Shoes? Chapter 749: A Local Specialty Chapter 750: Short-Listed Chapter 751: Our Career
Chapter 752: Conspiracy Chapter 753: The New Fabric Chapter 754: The Best Place To Flaunt One’s Wealth Chapter 755: Refusal Chapter 756: The Underwater Restaurant Chapter 757: A New Script Chapter 758: The Investment Chapter 759: A Homey Taste Chapter 760: Acting Separately Chapter 761: A High Box Office Chapter 762: A Different Golden Globes Ceremony Chapter 763: The Supporting Actor Award Winner Chapter 764: A Funny Performance Chapter 765: Panic Among The Domestic Media Chapter 766: Fan Stories Chapter 767: A Successful Film Chapter 768: The SARFT Outpatient Department Chapter 769: Unexpected Trouble Chapter 770: The Official Document Chapter 771: The Villa On Beverly Hills Chapter 772: Everyone Has Fun Chapter 773: The Oscar Opening Ceremony Chapter 774: Waterloo Chapter 775: Getting Together Chapter 776: Don't Be Nervous! Chapter 777: Two Tigers Can't Live On The Same Mountain Chapter 778: First Love And Noodles Chapter 779: The Kiss Chapter 780: Believe Me! You can! Chapter 781: Arduous Conditions Chapter 782: Chicken Feathers Everywhere Chapter 783: The Avalanche Of Despair Chapter 784: A Coming Storm Chapter 785: Challenge Accepted Chapter 786: Sister Xue's Wedding Chapter 787: Be Nicer To Yourself Chapter 788: A Strange Role Chapter 789: Registration Chapter 790: A Show For Nobody Chapter 791: Master Tian's Looks Chapter 792: Being Criticized Chapter 793: Antique Jewellery Chapter 794: A Green Lotus Out Of Water Chapter 795: Fish And Crab Chapter 796: The Power Of Charm Chapter 797: Girlfriend Exposed Chapter 798: A Mystery Man Online Chapter 799: Our Way Chapter 800: Not Really Chapter 801: A Dedicated Guy
Chapter 802: Yin and Yang Chapter 803: An Independent Brand Chapter 804: Extensive Promotion Chapter 805: No Label Chapter 806: Hello, Taiwan Chapter 807: The Golden Horse Night Market Chapter 808: On The Red Carpet Chapter 809: A Show With Four Famous Actors Chapter 810: Sun [1] Chapter 811: Filming In The Louvre Chapter 812: Tough Penance Chapter 813: Jean Reno Chapter 814: The Zurich Bank Chapter 815: The Terrible Force Of Faith Chapter 816: Emergency Chapter 817: The Motherland's Help Chapter 818: The Most Thoughtful Aid Chapter 819: Famous Chapter 820: Jewellery Chapter 821: A Good Example For Models Chapter 822: CCTV's Attention Chapter 823: The Spring Festival Gala Chapter 824: The Backbone Of Underground Music Chapter 825: Gao Xiaosong Joins In Chapter 826: A Group Of Comedians Chapter 827: The Second Rehearsal Chapter 828: Internal Fans Chapter 829: Night Snack Chapter 830: Happy Spring Festival! Chapter 831: Absent From The Award Ceremony Chapter 832: Unfair Chapter 833: The Crew Chapter 834: A Renowned Thief Vs. A Nobody Chapter 835: No Body Double Chapter 836: Losing All Four Rounds Chapter 837: Guo Tao's Pants Fall Down Chapter 838: Four Directors Chapter 839: Four Scripts Chapter 840: The Hong Kong Entertainment Circle Chapter 841: The Top 50 Most Handsome Guys In The World Chapter 842: The Hong Kong Film Awards Chapter 843: My Dream Chapter 844: Hani Village Chapter 845: The Sauce Chapter 846: Chinese Zhusuan Chapter 847: An Awkward Scene Chapter 848: A Ripe Peach Chapter 849: As Smooth As Velvet Chapter 850: Misery Chapter 851: A Way Of Escape
Chapter 852: The Lausanne Track Meeting Chapter 853: A Glimpse Chapter 854: Chaos Chapter 855: Group Photo Chapter 856: Spain Chapter 857: The Quintessence of Spanish Culture Chapter 858: The Silver Shell Awards And Young Chinese Actresses Chapter 859: People Are Not Equal Chapter 860: The Importance Of The Ornamental Column Awards Chapter 861: Confidence Chapter 862: Replacing Older Actors Chapter 863: Two Award-Winning Actors Chapter 864: Bathing Chapter 865: Wild Girls Chapter 866: Good Fortune In Love Chapter 867: An Investing Setback Chapter 868: Earning Great Profits Chapter 869: Visiting The Research Institute Chapter 870: Never Show Off On A Construction Site Chapter 871: I Love Bargains Chapter 872: Reaching Hong Kong Chapter 873: Contrast Chapter 874: Style Chapter 875: Ridiculous Justice Chapter 876: Not Another Teen Movie Chapter 877: Belated Report Chapter 878: Benevolent Fund Chapter 879: Meeting Friends In Thailand Chapter 880: The Princess Chapter 881: Drama Chapter 882: Hand-Kissing Chapter 883: A Big Event Chapter 884: A Smooth Coup d’Etat Chapter 885: Pomelo Leaves Chapter 886: A Steamed Bun Chapter 887: The Premiere Chapter 888: A Shocking Box Office Success Chapter 889: Ultraman At The Tokyo Film Festival Chapter 890: Farewell, My Love Chapter 891: A Shocking Twist Chapter 892: Feedback From All Sides Chapter 893: A Guest Appearance Chapter 894: The Base In Pinggu Chapter 895: Qin Tengyun Chapter 896: The Difficulties Of Performing Chapter 897: The End Chapter 898: Straying From The Point Chapter 899: Meeting The Father-In-Law Chapter 900: Secrets Of Men Chapter 901: Mr. Right
Chapter 902: The Civil Affairs Bureau Chapter 903: Growing Old Together Chapter 904: New Neighbors Chapter 905: Good Neighbors Chapter 906: The Guidance Of Public Opinion Chapter 907: Sharing Happiness Chapter 908: The Different Fate Of Two Movies Chapter 909: An A-Level Film Chapter 910: A Great Film Chapter 911: Thank You All Chapter 912: A Beautiful Misunderstanding Chapter 913: Who Likes Vegetables? Chapter 914: The Stuntman Chapter 915: The Invitation From Madame Tussauds Chapter 916: Two Endings Chapter 917: A Confused Actress Chapter 918: The Third Floor Of Madame Tussauds Chapter 919: The Daily Express Chapter 920: An Acute Question Chapter 921: The Pianist Chapter 922: The Grammy Sponsorship Chapter 923: Are You Ready? Chapter 924: How To Get A Star On The Walk Of Fame Chapter 925: The Star Ceremony Chapter 926: The Best Group Photo Chapter 927: An Honest Friend Chapter 928: The Guest Judge Chapter 929: The Wedding Ring Chapter 930: A Sudden Attack Chapter 931: Vancouver Chapter 932: A Short Scene Chapter 933: Roosevelt Chapter 934: A Former President Chapter 935: Project Runway Chapter 936: Decision Chapter 937: Three Kinds Of People One Shouldn’t Ignore Chapter 938: Monkey Boxing Chapter 939: A Second-Hand Grammy Invitation Chapter 940: Two Different Groups Chapter 941: A Gorgeous Military-Style Outfit Chapter 942: Low Chapter 943: Shock Chapter 944: Shut The Door And Release Xiao Song Chapter 945: A Big Event Chapter 946: Project Runway Chapter 947: Acquaintance Chapter 948: A Bitter Critic Chapter 949: Eye Candy Chapter 950: The First Meeting Chapter 951: Demand Exceeds Supply
Chapter 952: Fighting For An Invitation Chapter 953: Breaking Old Traditions Chapter 954: Grandpa And Grandchild Chapter 955: A Brave Attempt Chapter 956: Early Retirement Chapter 957: Plotting Chapter 958: The Country With The Most Handsome Guys Chapter 959: The Venice Film Festival Chapter 960: Grand Slam Chapter 961: Cheers! Good Boys! Chapter 962: The Chinese Television and Acting Association Chapter 963: The Final Chapter 964: The Meaning Of A TV Show Chapter 965: Youth Chapter 966: The Winner's Outfit Chapter 967: Be Careful Around Qin Guan Chapter 968: The News Disaster Chapter 969: The General Stockholder Meeting Chapter 970: At The Construction Site Chapter 971: A Good Script Chapter 972: China’s Road Chapter 973: The Sixth Fuwa Chapter 974: The National Promotional Film Chapter 975: Air China Chapter 976: A Lovely Director Chapter 977: The Unveiling Chapter 978: A 500,000,000 Box Office Chapter 979: Subprime Crisis Chapter 980: Watching A Romantic Movie Chapter 981: The Fuwa Actors Chapter 982: A National Treasure And An Award-Winning Actor Chapter 983: Another Ad Chapter 984: Camera! Chapter 985: Joining The Military Chapter 986: Push-Ups Chapter 987: Life Is Like A TV Show Chapter 988: The Dining Hall Menu On Tuesdays Chapter 989: A Special Skill Chapter 990: An Awkward Proposal Chapter 991: The First Step Of The Wedding Chapter 992: The Second Step Chapter 993: Teacher Chen Chapter 994: Strength In Unity Chapter 995: Accident Chapter 996: A Crazy Ending Chapter 997: My Wife Is Coming Chapter 998: A Group Wedding Chapter 999: Going To The Olympics Chapter 1000: Another Ending Chapter 1001: Encore