Chapter 182: You Mustn’t Say Such Words

Although the courier waiting at the gatehouse ended up with such a result after so long and was not pleased, he had no choice since the recipient was not present and could only return sulkily. Fortunately, there was a consolation for him and his efforts did not go completely to waste!

Shi Fengju heard from Zhan Huan about the result and burst out laughing. He waved his hand to signal Zhan Huan to leave, and felt even more delighted at the thought of what happened.

Such a person should have been treated in such a way in the first place! Thankfully Big Sister isn’t completely ignorant and knew when she should not give in.

When Sang Wan returned and saw the delighted expression on Shi Fengju’s face, she asked curiously with a smile, “What made you so happy? Did a huge gold bar drop from the sky?

Shi Fengju laughed and said, “What is there to be happy about a huge gold bar dropping from the sky?”

Sang Wan knew it was her slip of tongue and nodded, “You’re very right! To you, Lord, only a beautiful goddess descending from the sky is worthy of making you happy!”

Shi Fengju proceeded to hold her hand and laughed, “What beautiful goddess? I already have one —— cough, leave, the rest of you!” Shi Fengju chased everyone else away, including Liu Ya, while he was halfway through his words.

“I already have you, why would I still need some beautiful goddess!” Seeing that all of them had left, he quickly pulled her into his embrace and rubbed her slightly cool cheeks while commenting before giving her two pecks on her cheeks.

Sang Wan’s face blushed and she gently pushed him. Flustered, she complained softly, “Who would want to hear these sweet nothings from you!”

Shi Fengju loved seeing her blushing face. As he watched her, he continued to say more sweet nothings to her, and that made Sang Wan’s face blush even more and her heart beat faster. He finally released her from his embrace and told her about what he did to teach Ren Zhixian a lesson.

Sang Wan could not help but find it funny too, and sighed softly, “Luckily, Big Brother-in-law referred himself as ‘Master Ren’ which had no link to the Shi family. Otherwise, your method of handling it would have definitely become gossip for others!”

News from large households were always popular. Any small commotion could become a major topic in the entire city.

Shi Fengju smiled coldly, “Even if he were to mention anything to link himself with our family, I would still handle it the same way! Just what is he thinking, since when has our family mistreated him? He remains unappreciative towards everything that we provide, and keeps going back to the vices that have cheated him of his family assets!”

Sang Wan sighed gently and said, “It can’t be helped! I can only say that Big Sister is too pitiful!”

Shi Fengju glanced at her and laughed, “Heh, now this is a little strange. Big Sister had humiliated you so much, and you are angry at her, so why are you pitying her now?”

Sang Wan rolled her eyes and said, “By your words, should I be gloating over her misfortune behind closed doors and have a good laugh? One matter is not connected to another, of course I am mad when Big Sister humiliates me unless I’m made out of wood. But she is a woman too, ai, marrying such a man, really ——”

Sang Wan’s eyes darkened, and she shook her head lightly. The worst fear of a woman is to marry the wrong man, just like herself in her past life. She had the most right to speak. Seeing Shi Yumei’s state today, she could completely relate.

Shi Fengju pulled his woman into his embrace and hugged her tightly. He lowered his head near her neck and said gently, “Don’t think too much; you only have to concentrate on being the Shi family’s Young Mistress. As your husband, I’ll not let you down.”

Sang Wan’s heart melted from his words and she rested her hand over his hands that were around her before leaning back gently. Shi Fengju felt her gentleness and her dependence on him and was pleased. “Sang Wan!” He kissed her by her ear and called out to her.

“Fengju,” Sang Wan said abruptly, “There is something I know I shouldn’t say, so if you think it isn’t right, then forget that I ever said it!”

“Speak, I’m listening.” Shi Fengju was slightly intrigued.

Sang Wan hesitated for a moment, but still resigned herself and spoke softly, “Nobody knows when Big Sister’s worries will end. Wouldn’t it be better to ask her for her opinion to sign a peaceful separation document!”

“What!” Shi Fengju’s body shook and his eyes instantly widened.

“Separation?” Even though he resented Ren Zhixian from head to toe, but there was never once he thought of letting his sister go through a separation. A woman who had gone through a separation, even if she were from a prestigious family, would have a hard life and be despised by others. Basically, she would end up growing old and dying all by herself. Of course, there were a few exceptional cases of such woman remarrying and leading a good life.

Sang Wan secretly regretted shooting her mouth off, but since the words were already out, she could only continue, “You’ve seen how Big Sister is like! It’s better to be single than to have such a husband, at least there will be less things to worry about! Big Sister still hopes that Big Brother-in-law will become an official, but from what I see, it will be better if he doesn’t. Otherwise, with his personality and temper, Big Sister would only end up having a more difficult life! With the Shi family’s background, Big Sister will surely be able to remarry into a good household. If her partner is dependable, even if she has to remarry as a concubine, she would still be better off than now!”

The reason why Sang Wan had such a thought was entirely shaped by her painful experience from her previous life. She used to believe that her husband was her everything, and this fact was immutable. However, that everything of hers never once sheltered or blocked her from the rain; there was only endless torture! She was better off without it! If she were not able to have a proper life with him in this lifetime, although separation might not have been the best option, but she would definitely choose it! Only then could she secure a path to survival.

Shi Fengju kept silent for a moment before he sighed and said, “Only say this to me, and never mention this to Mother and Big Sister. Mother would never agree to it, and Big Sister would not be willing to do so.”

Shi Fengju thought in his heart: What a naive woman, to even dare to voice out such a thought! Things wouldn’t turn well if Mother and Big Sister were to hear this! Since time immemorial, only reconciliation is encouraged and never separation. Furthermore, she is her younger sister-in-law. There would be no way for me to defend her if Mother decided to fault her for saying such imprudent words.

Sang Wan was already regretting being too nosy. She secretly let out a sigh of relief upon knowing that Shi Fengju did not have any signs of blaming her. She smiled and said, “I only dare to say this in front of you! I am not so sick of living to have the guts to let Mother and Big Sister know! I am just speaking objectively about my view for Big Sister. Just take it as I have never spoken about this!”

Shi Fengju read her words as her trusting him immensely and felt extremely happy. He smiled and said, “I know you are kind-hearted; I won’t blame you! Actually you are quite right, just that,” Shi Fengju shook his head and said, “It is still difficult! With my big sister’s personality, telling her to become single isn’t something she would be willing to do!”

“I didn’t think it through thoroughly!” Sang Wan admitted her wrong quickly.

“Good advice jars the ears. I know you said so with good intentions, so don’t take it to heart, okay?” Shi Fengju smiled and patted her. She smiled gently and continued to rest in his embrace.

In a blink of an eye, it was almost New Year and the atmosphere of celebration was strong. Everyone in the Shi household was extremely busy. All the cleaning had been done and big red lanterns with golden rims were hung on both sides of the corridors. When the sky turned dark, the servants lit up the lanterns and the entire household was well-lit with the red festive lights. The flowers growing in the greenhouse were also placed at every place within the household.

In the courtyard of Ning Garden1, camelia flowers, cherry blossoms, osmanthus flowers, azalea flowers, small pots of hyacinth grass, calamus, rose and crabapple were planted on the side of the pavement. The sight was lovely as the flowers were blossoming and plentiful. In the house, there were many exotic plant species, such as the orchid flower, the scarlet kaffir lily, and peony flowers. They complemented the lavish decorations and added vitality into the rooms.

The interior and exterior of the house was also decorated brightly. Nobody knew where Shi Fengju obtained so many brilliant red roses which surrounded the corridors. In the house, there were also roses placed in vases on the tables which bloomed passionately.

Sang Wan was momentarily taken aback. Shi Fengju asked with great interest, “How about it? Do you like them? You mentioned that roses in vases were pretty, so I made them for you!”

Sang Wan finally remembered mentioning it casually in the plum forest and her heart was filled with mixed emotions. She smiled and said, “You really… are credulous! To do all this based on a small comment from me, this really is embarrassing for me! ”

Shi Fengju smiled indifferently, “What’s wrong with spoiling my wife? These are bought by the florist outside and not from the greenhouse in the household, what’s there to be afraid of! Do you like them?”

Sang Wan was touched and nodded her head lightly to agree.

Shi Fengju immediately felt that all his efforts had paid off, and he brought her to appreciate the beautiful rose placed in a large pink vase before giving a light laugh, “I also bought many rose extracts, try them when you bathe and see if they smell good!”

Sang Wan’s face turned red and she said angrily, “I won’t use them!” She knew that he wasn’t harboring any good thoughts.

Shi Fengju laughed and did not continue to tease her, but his eyes continued to flash a suggestive look.

At night when Sang Wan was about to take a bath, she could smell the strong scent of rose from the steaming hot water the moment she entered the bath house. Seeing the petals that were spread out above the surface of the bathtub, Sang Wan’s face almost turned green, and she asked Liu Ya, “Where did this come from? I don’t remember asking for this.”

Liu Ya said cheekily, “This is Young Master’s instructions. Young Master said that these few days must have tired Young Mistress out, so adding some petals can help to relieve the tiredness and help with circulation. Young Mistress, the water temperature is just right, so take your time to soak!”

Sang Wan opened her mouth to speak but no words came out. Liu Ya had already closed the door and left with a cheeky smile. She had no choice but to remove her clothes and step into the bathtub. The strong flower scent, together with the hot steam, rose and was extremely comfortable. The petals rested on her shoulders, hands, and chests, surrounding her. She let out a sigh and gently closed her eyes as she rested by the edge.

After soaking herself, she wrapped herself in a gown and returned to her room. Shi Fengju reclined against the wall and looked at her excitedly with a smile as his eyes sparkled. Sang Wan’s face flushed and staggered.

This person, really he is becoming more and more——

“Sang Wan, come over quickly! Let’s lie down together!” Shi Fengju stretched his hand out towards her happily.

Sang Wan gave him a grudging look as she walked towards him. Before she could sit down, she was hugged by his long arms and fell into his embrace.

Sang Wan exclaimed in a low voice, and before she could recover, she was already trapped in his embrace. He lowered his head near her body and started sniffing her body, “Let me smell if you smell good…”

Sang Wan’s resistance was futile. After awhile, her face felt hot as she rested in his embrace without strength, and complained, “You, I knew you weren’t harboring any good thoughts!”