Chapter 66 (V2): You Make Me Disappointed

Shi Fengju was taken aback and could not help but gaze deeply at her. But seeing that her expression remained the same, he laughed secretly to himself: What am I thinking! She didn’t stay in the Shi family because wanted to, she’s slowly counting down to the day when she can finally leave. To say that her words were with jealousy? I must have taken a wrong medicine today!

After washing his hands and face, and changing his clothes, the tea arrived and Shi Fengju signaled with his eyes to have the maidservants withdraw from the room.

Sang Wan’s hand suddenly clutched the handkerchief tightly. She knew what he was going to say. These few days, the household was busily gossiping about it. Was it all not because of what was about to come?

“Sang Wan,” When the conversation reached this point, Shi Fengju prepared himself a few times before squeezing out Sang Wan’s name with difficulty, but the words after became stuck at his throat.

“En?” Sang Wan gently looked at him. Her white and delicate face had a soft glow which was ever beautiful.

If he was not anxious, then even more so for her!

“The matter with Fangzi…” Shi Fengju sighed before cutting his words off again.

Sang Wan nodded her head before shaking it again and giving him a faint smile, “I know. That was all Mother making the decision and it has nothing to do with you, so I don’t blame you. But what I want to know is —— what will you do?”

Shi Fengju’s heart sank. He knew she was reminding him of their promise, the promise which he agreed to; the promise made between them.

This made him feel even more down!

Sang Wan saw the troubled look on his face and she could not help but giggle before smiling, “There’s no need for you to feel guilty about, really! It didn’t have anything to do with you! You are a man of your words, and I believe that you will not deceive a little lady like me! Moreover, hasn’t it already passed? You must have heard from Mother that it would have to be postponed until Cousin Fangzi finishes with mourning! Since that will be the case, it will not have any impact on our promise. I’m also grateful because this would save our Sang family’s and my reputation.”

It seems everything is God’s will! Sang Wan did not dare say it but she secretly added that sentence in her heart.

“Sang Wan!” Hearing those words made Shi Fengju even more guilty and his tongue became heavier than before. He hated his present self! He was never indecisive, else there would be no way he could properly manage the Shi family’s huge business. However, in the face of her gentle smile and tranquil expression, he could not bear to hurt it and was reluctant to do so.

But what had to be said must be said! It was something that would happen sooner or later! Shi Fengju threw his heart to a side and ruthlessly broke her elegance, her clear gentleness, her self-esteem, and reputation in just one sentence.

“Sang Wan, that matter remains unchanged; Fangzi will enter the family in early August!”

The smile on Sang Wan’s face froze and the glisten in her eyes vanished. Her heart felt as if someone had shattered her heart with a heavy hammer. A rumble rang in both her ears and her mind went blank. Her vision of the person in front of her also turned blurry and she felt a slight wave of dizziness!

“You, what did you say?” Sang Wan strained to ask, “Is, is she marrying in within a hundred day?”

“Is that your decision or Mother’s?” With all her strength, she tried to clinch onto the last string of hope as it made a difference for her!

However, she was made completely disappointed. Although Shi Fengu’s voice was soft, she could hear each and every word clearly. “It was my decision.”

Are you so eager, so eager that you cannot wait!

Sang Wan clenched her fists tightly. She was doing her best to control her unhappiness. But what use was there to feeling unhappy? She had long been clear that even though they might have an agreement between themselves, it was never a fair one.

The so-called fairness was completely based on his actions. If he were willing to go with it until the end, then the promise would be effective. But if he were to break it, then that would be so. What can she do?

Shi Fengju, you truly disappoint me! All these while, I was being too naive!

“Sang Wan, I’m sorry!” As her face turned pale, Shi Fengju could tell that she was holding herself back and it made him feel uncomfortable. Especially since she was smiling so cheerfully and tenderly not too long ago with her trust entirely in him. However, that trust was destroyed in an instant!

Shi Fengju suddenly felt bitter in his heart as he found the series of events ridiculous and ironic: The woman whom he hoped would put her trust in him had never once believed in him whereas the woman right in front of him placed her trust in him without a second doubt only to be brutally betrayed!

“Fangzi isn’t young anymore, she can’t wait any longer,” Shi Fengju tried to explain, “But rest assured, if anyone treats you unfavorably or is rude to you, I’ll surely bring that person to justice. Sang Wan, in this household, I will not let you suffer!”

Sang Wan was sour without an end, but she was feeling even more embarrassed by the humiliation. She had always thought that he was different, but now, she knew she had always been wrong about him.

Can I still believe you? Sang Wan did not ask because her heart had already given her the answer she was looking for.“If, the one to do that were her?” Sang Wan didn’t know why but her mouth had already released that question.

Shi Fengju was startled for a moment but he instantly replied firmly, “She won’t!.”

Sang Wan acted as if she had not heard it and smiled, “Congratulations to Lord! Lord finally has his wish come true after so many years, it truly is something worth celebrating!”

Shi Fengju smiled bitterly. He had never heard her use such a tone filled with ridicule before, but that made him feel even more guilty and apologetic.

“She’s only entering the family, everything will still be the same as before.” Shi Fengju again tried to explain.

But Sang Wan was in no mood to continue listening and she stood up before smiling, “Lord, I’ve already asked someone to bring your luggage to the study room. As for the other boxes, Nanny Li personally carried them in herself. We don’t know what’s in them so we didn’t open them. In the future, please remember to bring someone along to unpack them! Oh yes, what would Lord wish to eat tonight? If there is, I’ll have the kitchen prepare it early; if there isn’t, then would Lord like to have the usual? Lord must be tired, so rest early tonight! I’m afraid there must be something happening outside, Zhide that servant has been gazing over at this direction for quite a few times already!”

Shi Fengju was suddenly turned bewildered.

He could not help but think: Are women born with the gift of changing masks? Fangzi changed into someone so unfamiliar, and so did Sang Wan!

“Oh, then, please go ahead! I’ll go to the study room first! For dinner, anything’s fine, I’m alright with anything, just choose what you like.” At this moment, there was an alarming aura around Sang Wan which Shi Fengju had never seen before. However, his instincts of a businessman kicked in to tell him that the time now was best not to provoke her. Retreating now would be the best possible choice!

“Alright, I understand.” Sang Wan said with a faint voice.

Shi Fengju managed a smile and withdrew embarrassedly.

When it was time for dinner, Shi Fengju knew he should return to Ning Garden early to accompany Sang Wan, but he did not have the courage to do so for his conscience was afraid to face her. In the end, he gave an excuse that there were things to do and he would eat in the study room instead so Sang Wan did not have to wait for him.

Sang Wan wished for nothing more. Without a question, she instructed the kitchen to cook a few dishes and have them sent over to him before eating her delicious dinner calmly.

After dinner, Shi Fengju had someone sent an entire set of travel notes that was the latest publication in the capital, saying that he had brought it specially for Sang Wan. Sang Wan passed a message of thanks and had a servant to receive it. Without any mood to read, she ordered the servant to put it at a side and she would read it when she had the time.

The atmosphere in Ning Garden suddenly became strange. No one could tell what was strange, but everything seemed too normal! Especially their young master and young mistress, they were unusually normal which the servants could not help but take extra precaution and not dare to relax.

“Young Mistress, it’s evident that the young master still has an eye for you!” Nanny Li smiled as she persuaded, “Just look at that, the young master puts whatever you like to heart! The young master has just returned, so shouldn’t Young Mistress care a little more for him? Why don’t you bring these grapes to the study room? Then have a small conversation with him! These were picked fresh today from a farm!”

“Nanny, have Liu Ya or Zhide, or anyone one else do it! Or you can do it yourself! I’m a little tired today and I wish to rest early!”

In the past, Sang Wan would never refuse Nanny Li’s suggestion. From matters as huge as coaxing Wang Shi or any other minor things, she would never not listen to Nanny Li. But today, she felt dispirited as if everything that she felt was important in the past was actually not worthwhile anymore!

Nanny Li sighed to herself and gestured to the others to leave using her eyes. However, she was not feeling angry but instead felt compassion for her. From how she saw, Sang Wan was good at everything with no spot of dust; in other words, perfect in every way. But she was too perfect and lacked a temper an ordinary person should have! Without a temper, is that person still a human? That person would be nothing but a clay made Buddha in a temple! The her now that was feeling peeved was more lovely than her usual self.

What kind of face would Sang Wan have if she knew of the evaluation Nanny Li had given her?

“Young Mistress,” Nanny Li smiled and personally handed her a cup of hot tea before exhorting with a smile, “This old servant knows you’re feeling unhappy, but if you don’t see it that way, then it might not be that bad!”

The way she said it, Sang Wan found it amusing and she asked half-jokingly, “Oh? Then how should I see it?”

Nanny Li smiled, “Just think about it, her rushing in to become one part of the family would make her position worse than before. That itself is not a bad thing!”

Nanny Li went on and told her about the conversation she had with Wang Shi and what arrangements she had given for Peony Park. With a sneer, she said, “What that vixen’s planning, this old servant is absolutely clear! After all, isn’t she just afraid that the young master would not want her after the three years of mourning in her own home and was thus so anxious to marry in? Young Mistress, just wait and see! A woman still serving her period of mourning has many taboos! When she marries in, just watch how this old servant will handle her! After her three years of mourning, she’ll become more honest and be reborned a new with no way of bouncing back!”

Sang Wan suddenly wanted to burst into laughter. She and Nanny Li were on a different wavelength! Her heart was not bothered about that, but there was no way she could speak of it with Nanny Li.

However, why did it seem like her dispirited mood had brightened up a little after talking with Nanny Li?