Chapter 72: A Lifeless Marriage

Gu Fangzi was speechless and almost choked from what she said! She glared relentlessly at Auntie Wu before a smirk ran through her face. “No need! Let’s go into the household!”

That should’ve been so right from the start! Why the need to find trouble for herself and cause others unhappiness! Auntie Wu sneered.

Trying to embarrass me and affect my extremely good mood. In your dreams! All of you are belittling me! Once I enter the household, I’ll have the means to clear the debt with each and every one of you in the future. Gu Fangzi smirked.

She climbed into the old sedan chair and the curtains were dropped before the carriers lift the chair gently. Swaying from one side to the other, the chair was slowly carried off into Qingzhou City. Inside the sedan chair, Gu Fangzi thought absentmindedly to herself, Does this really count as getting married?

She looked down at the plain white clothes she was wearing as well as her plain white shoes before touching her silver headdress which was simple. She suddenly felt an urge to cry from the unfair treatment she had to suffer.

This was how she was going to be married? She was the bride today? There was no team to welcome her, no chaplet and official wedding robe, and no brightly decorated sedan chair! This was absolutely different from what she had pictured!

If not for experiencing it herself, even if someone had told her that her wedding would be such a spectacle, she definitely wouldn’t have believed it!

“Aiyo! What are all of you doing!” Gu Fangzi’s forehead slammed against the wall when the chair suddenly shook, making her furious.

“Missy, there was, there was a carriage that suddenly sped past by and almost got us in danger! Are you alright?” Lan Xiang quickly spoke.

“I’m fine, move!” Gu Fangzi said sullenly.

What a stroke of bad luck! Rubbing her forehead gently, she suddenly felt a sense of frustration and dejection. Her eyes could no longer hold her tears, and they trickled down her cheeks.

The chair entered from the side gate and went directly to Peony Park. The entire trip was quiet, like a pond without the slightest ripples, as if the chair entering was of no concern to those from the household. Gu Fangzi’s heart felt even more dejected.

“Miss Gu, we’ve arrived. Please get off the chair!” The sedan chair finally stopped moving, and Auntie Wu cleared her throat before making her announcement.

Once the chair was lowered, Lan Xiang rushed forward to raise the curtain before helping Gu Fangzi off the chair. The scene she immediately saw was naturally not one that was filled with a festive vibe. On the contrary, it was clean and lonely.

After a moment of dejection, Gu Fangzi suddenly realized that something was not right! The two large 6-sided sandalwood lanterns with a tassel were missing. In the courtyard, the colorful potted plants, as well as the portraits, were all gone! They were all replaced with yellow-white chrysanthemums! No wonder the entire yard was uncomfortable to the eyes!

“Miss Gu, is there anything else you’d like to order? If not, we shall take our leave!” Auntie Wu rubbed her hands as she spoke.

“Nothing, you all may go!” Gu Fangzi waved at them. She was currently entirely filled with anxiety as she wished to quickly search around to see the state of her place and what else had been changed. Where would she have the heart to talk with Auntie Wu? Once that was said, she headed forward.

“Then, we shall take our leave!” Auntie Wu and the rest were very disappointed. This was still a “happy occasion,” was it not? Everyone had exhausted themselves, yet they were not given a single reward!

If this were a normal occasion, Gu Fangzi would definitely have rewarded them, but at this moment, why would she care about that? Inside the house, the entire interior was like a snow cave. Furious at the sight of it, she almost fainted over!

The beautifully embroidered draperies were missing. The embroidered tablecloth, chair covers, and curtains were gone. The portrait of a beautiful woman which was hung on the wall was gone. All the different kinds of exquisite porcelain, as well as ornaments, were also gone! The bed was still there, but the bed curtain and sheets were changed to a pale white one! Even her rouge was nowhere to be found!

“Outrageous! Outrageous!” Gu Fangzi was rendered speechless by her own fury. As she opened her closet, she saw that all her brightly colored clothes were gone, leaving only a few dull colored clothes that were barely worn. The blood surged up into her head and almost caused her entire body to collapse.

“Sang Wan, you b*tch! How dare you touch my belongings! How dare you do something as shameless as this! I’ll definitely make you pay for this!” Gu Fangzi was so furious that she started cussing at Sang Wan and Nanny Li repeatedly.

Tired after a round of cussing, she sat on the bed, panting loudly as she attempted to calm herself down.

The sky had already darkened. Seeing that she had finally quietened down, Lan Xiang carefully entered and lit the candles.

“How come there’s only you? Where are the others? Where did they die off to!” Gu Fangzi raised her brow in anger.

Lan Xiang quickly answered, “They’re still here! The two lasses, Xiao Chun and Xiao Xia, as well as Auntie Zhang and Auntie Xiaozhang are still the maidservants here. Nubi, nubi saw that there isn’t anything to do as of now and asked them to leave! Missy, the kitchen has sent the food over already. Would you like to have them now?”

Gu Fangzi smirked. “So they still left me with some people! Here I thought they would take this opportunity to clean up everything that belongs to me!”

After contemplating for a moment, she looked up and asked, “Where’s Big Cousin? Why didn’t he come to keep me company?”

Lan Xiang’s face changed slightly, and she lowered her head before answering softly, “Nubi, nubi doesn’t know…”

Even if she were to be beaten up, she did not dare to say that Young Master had been here, and he left after hearing all the cussing.

“Go and invite him over!” Gu Fangzi could not help but feel annoyed. Stomping her foot, she ordered, “Go and invite him over, quickly! He can’t just leave me all alone today. He can’t do that to me.”

“Missy, I, I think you should eat first!” How would Lan Xiang dare? Putting a grin on her face, she added, “You must be tired today, isn’t it—”

But after being met with Gu Fangzi’s cold glare, Lan Xiang immediately stopped and smiled. “Then nubi——shall go now!”

“Quickly! Just say that I’m waiting to eat with him!” Gu Fangzi nodded.

Seeing Lan Xiang leave to invite Shi Fengju, Gu Fangzi’s mood became slightly better. She let out a long sigh before smirking coldly and murmuring to herself, “Trying to humiliate me, aren’t you? Too bad you aren’t skilled enough! Even if I can’t handle you, I’m sure Big Cousin can! Ma’am Shi !”

Gu Fangzi sat in front of the dressing mirror and wanted to smear some makeup on her face. Recalling that those had all disappeared, she hatefully cussed a few more times before doing what she could to make herself more presentable. But after some thought, she held herself back and let her already tidied hair loose to make herself look extremely pitiful.

This would do the trick! When Big Cousin sees this, he will definitely stand up for me!

Gu Fangzi smirked as she quietly pictured Shi Fengju’s expression when he saw her like that.

Unfortunately, Lan Xiang was unable to invite Shi Fengju over.

“Young Master said, the trip here for Missy must’ve been tiring, so he’d like you to rest first. He’ll come over a few days later to see Missy. He also said that if Missy needs anything else, Missy can go to the small garden and make a request to Ma’am. Ma’am will be understanding and…” Lan Xiang twirled her fingers uneasily, and her voice gradually became softer and softer.

The imposing aura from Gu Fangzi was overwhelming. Her face was extremely pale, and her eyes were opened so wide that they could fall off at any moment. Her plain white clothes, as well as a house which felt like an ice cave, perfectly complemented her jealous expression, making Lan Xiang even more cautious.

“What did you say?” As if she was almost gnawing at her teeth, she said each word one at a time.

“Missy…” Lan Xiang subconsciously took two steps back and arched her shoulders. She was afraid to make another sound.

“Ask him again!” Gu Fangzi had lost it. Furiously, she yelled and pointed at the door, “Go and ask him again! Tell him, if he still refuses to come, I will not eat without him!”

Lan Xiang stood rooted to the spot and could not help but take a glimpse of Gu Fangzi while remaining silent. She thought to herself, Missy ah, Missy, nubi can see that the situation is already disadvantageous, yet why are you still using such tricks?

Still, thoughts were just thoughts, and Lan Xiang did not dare say them in front of Gu Fangzi. Bracing herself once more, she accepted her orders and went out again.

Gu Fangzi sneered proudly. She’ll deal with him later when he comes! But of course, Lan Xiang returned by herself once again.

Gu Fangzi found it unbelievable! How could this be? He had never been like this before, and this trick of hers had never failed before!

Knowing that Gu Fangzi found it hard to believe, Lan Xiang forced herself and said softly, ” Young Master said, said, that if Missy doesn’t have any appetite, then she should take a rest first because today must’ve been tiring. Once Missy’s appetite returns, she can…”

“Did he really say that? Did you really meet with him, or are you lying to me?” Gu Fangzi glared at Lan Xiang.

Lan Xiang was a little disappointed by such remark, but she smiled bitterly as she asked, “Missy, have you lost trust in your own servant, too?”

“Nubi doesn’t dare to deceive Missy. Young Master really said so!”

Gu Fangzi’s heart suddenly sank to the bottom of the valley, and she trembled slightly.

His heart has changed, his heart really has changed! All this time, that was what she was worried about the most, and lo and behold, that nightmare turned out to be true!

Gu Fangzi could not help but clench her teeth tightly. Fortunately, she had married into the family already. Otherwise, there might not be another chance left for her!

She looked up and gazed at everything around her. Everything was plain and pale, but all the furniture was of good quality; it was much better than the broken yard of Gu family. And with this, she regretted nothing for marrying in today.

There are still many years ahead!

Gu Fangzi whispered to herself.

“Go to the study room again,” Gu Fangzi exhaled deeply and said slowly to Lan Xiang who almost burst out crying, “Just tell him that I’m the one at fault. Even if I was upset by the recent events, I shouldn’t have acted wilfully. I’ll take a rest now and meet with Big Cousin tomorrow, as well as Aunt and Sister. Please tell Big Cousin to rest early and not sleep too late because lack of sleep isn’t good for the body! Go then!”

Lan Xiang was stunned and nodded her head abruptly. “Understood, nubi will do so!”

Study room? How was she was so sure that Young Master would be in the study room when he was actually at the small garden! However, at this time, she did not dare to add fuel to the fire by telling Gu Fangzi that.

Gu Fangzi smirked. Squinting her eyes, she gazed at the chilly flame. Does that woman think that it’s over? No, this is just the beginning!

After the meal, Gu Fangzi went to sleep, and the night finally quietened down. Nanny Li, who was waiting eagerly to watch a drama, was left disappointed.

Even though she had accepted the reality, that did not mean that she approved of it. The day that Gu Fangzi entered on a sedan chair, Sang Wan might have looked indifferent as she handled all sorts of household affairs, but her heart felt somewhat empty and at a loss.