Chapter 10 Always Be There

Since Qin Sheng had protected Han Bing twice in a row, and was injured because of her last night, Han Bing’s attitude towards Qin Sheng had changed greatly. This was a good start.

Han Bing wanted to treat Qin Sheng to a meal. With her taste, she would naturally not to go to a roadside stall, but to choose a rather top-notch restaurant on the Bund. However, Qin Sheng preferred a stall, while he could not reject Han Bing’s good intention.

The injuries on his arm and chest were not fatal, so Qin Sheng did not mind. It would be fine after a while, but Han Bing had persisted on driving. People in the company knew Qin Sheng’s identity, that he was Han Bing’s assistant, whereas those who did not know that might think that he was Han Bing’s boyfriend.

Wang Jiang Ge, on the 7th floor of No.3 on the Bund, was one of the most famous restaurants in Shanghai, and also one of the most expensive restaurants. It was said that the success rate of proposing marriage here was very high. Han Bing had already booked a table early, but not for a proposal.

It’s obviously that Han Bing came to this place frequently. She easily brought Qin Sheng to the window. He took a look at the view of the entire Pudong, then looked at the guests around, and saw that each and every one of them were dressed brilliantly, looking neither rich nor noble. Qin Sheng was not used to this place.

“I prefer you taking me to a roadside stall to eat and drink. A meal here worths dozens times of a barbeque I have. “Qin Sheng said in a good mood as he sat across from Han Bing and admired the beautiful woman who was no longer cold and had a smile on her face.

Everyone’s living environments were different. Han Bing had been educated into an elite from a young age. She also studied abroad in U.K. All her friends were super rich and beautiful like her. Naturally, she couldn’t understand the satisfaction Qin Sheng meant by that.

“You poor guy. Ordinary people don’t get a chance to eat here even if they want to, but you despise it. Which boss you know has ever treated a chauffeur and bodyguard to such a nice meal? Besides, those are junk food, so aren’t you afraid of getting sick?” Han Bing glared at Qin Sheng. She really could not show a good face, otherwise he would ask more.

Qin Sheng curled his lips and said, “That’s true. Anyway, you’re the one who pay for it. I’m just here to enjoy free food. I’ll eat whatever you order!”

“Then shut up.” Han Bing coldly snorted.

Besides Qin Sheng and Han Bing, there were a man and woman. They seemed to be a couple, and were currently talking romantic words. Upon hearing what Qin Sheng and Han Bing said, the two did not look down on them, but felt that it was funny.

However, the man seemed to feel familiar with Qin Sheng’s voice. He frowned and shook his head, thinking that he couldn’t possibly bump into the one he thought here. When he turned around to look at Qin Sheng’s face, the latter just gotten up to go to the restroom, but from the view of his back, the man already knew the answer he was looking for. His eyesight became a little hot, and he grinned like a fiend, making his girlfriend sitting across from him puzzled.

After Qin Sheng left far away, the man slowly stood up and muttered a few words to his girlfriend, then sat directly in front of Han Bing, in other words, on Qin Sheng’s seat.

“Beauty, we seemed to have met somewhere before. You should be the girlfriend of a friend of mine.” The man said to Han Bing with a smile.

Han Bing was playing with her phone when she saw a strange man sitting opposite to her. She was wondering what was going on, but she seemed to understand what happened after hearing his words.

She had already gotten used to this kind of vulgar greeting, so she directly replied, “Sorry, I don’t know you. I also don’t want to know you …”

“Hey, beauty, don’t say that. Let’ make friends. Maybe we’ll have many interactions in the future …” The man was broad-minded and insisted.

Han Bing stared at this wired stranger. He had a good look and temptation, but his smile was a little evil. On his wrist, there was a Patek Philippe watch. The clothes that he was wearing should be Armani or Versace. Thus he must be rich. Considering his young age, he was probably a son of a rich family. However, Han Bing had really seen too many guys like him, and was not interested in him at all.

“Do you have one billion?” Han Bing asked suddenly.

Her words caused the man to be stunned. After coming back to his senses, he laughed out loud. “What a tricky girl! Is having one billion a prerequisite of being your friend?”

“Be my friend? You just want to seduce me or sleep with me, don’t you? If you don’t have the money, why don’t you look for someone else?” Han Bing was already somewhat disgusted, and said rudely.

“So straightforward. It seems like that friend of yours must have more than one billion, right?” The man asked, unwilling to let her off.

Han Bing laughed coldly, “Whether he has a billion or not has nothing to do with you. Most importantly, he is my boyfriend. Even he is poor, I still belong to him.”

Han Bing didn’t have any other thoughts. Se just wanted to use this simple cause to scare the man away.

“Well, then I have to take a look. What kind of man can have a beauty like you?” The man wasn’t angry at all.

“Are you going or not? If you don’t, I’ll call the security guards!” Han Bing was really angry now.

The man still had no intention to leave. Han Bing stood up and stared angrily at him. At that moment, Qin Sheng returned from the restroom. Seeing that there was someone sitting in his position and Han Bing became displeased, he quickly walked over.

“What’s going on?” Qin Sheng asked in a low voice.

The man didn’t get up, but deliberately hid half of his face and said, “Is this your boyfriend? Let me see how amazing he is!”

When the man stood up and faced Qin Sheng as the latter wanted to see who had the ability to provoke the great beauty Han Bing. However, his expression suddenly changed from fury to joy as he didn’t know what to say.

The man was calm as he stared at Qin Sheng with a light smile. A few seconds later, Qin Sheng’s fist landed on his chest before grabbing him and shouting, “Damn you, Lao San! What the hell are you doing here?”

“You bastard. Do you still recognize me? I thought you were dead!” The man cursed. At the same time, he hugged Qin Sheng and punched him hard on his back.

The other guests did not know what was going on as they looked over in confusion, including Han Bing. What was going on?

After a long while, the man who was called Lao San by Qin Sheng said excitedly, “Damn! I thought I recognized the wrong person. But when I heard your familiar voice and saw your walking posture, I knew it was you!”

“Damn, I didn’t expect to meet you here either!” Qin Sheng laughed.

Only then did Lao San look at Han Bing, and said smilingly, “Sorry, beauty. I was just joking with you to tease Qin Sheng. I didn’t mean anything else, but this bastard is so lucky to have a girlfriend like you.”

“Girlfriend?” Qin Sheng looked at Han Bing, and asked puzzledly.

Han Bing had originally wanted to use Qin Sheng as an excuse, but it turned be to a mistake. Now that she really felt embarrassed. She looked at Qin Sheng and the man, not knowing what to say.

“This great beauty just said that she’s your girlfriend. What’s wrong?” Lao San was also a bit confused.

Qin Sheng would not let go of the opportunity of taking advantage of girls. The corner of his mouth rose up. He instantly knew what was going on, then walked to Han Bing’s side and forcefully grabbed onto her slender waist as he said, “Oh, this is my girlfriend, Han Bing. This is Xia Ding, my college roommate. He was ranked the third in our dorm.”

“Nice to meet you.” Han Bing politely nodded her head and smiled, while she ruthlessly pinched the tender flesh on Qin Sheng’s waist.

Although Qin Sheng felt extreme pain, he could only smile and endure it. He had to admit that Han Bing’s waist was really soft.

“Hello, sister-in-law. Don’t be angry at what happened just now. It was a joke!” It was rare to meet a close friend from college, thus Xia Ding was in a good mood.

There were four people in their dorm. Qin Sheng was ranked the first, Xia Ding was the third. The second was from Beijing and the fourth was from Nanjing.

Han Bing was not angry. After all, she already knew Xia Ding’s motive. After a few words, they sat at the same table, and Xia Ding also introduced his girlfriend, a beauty with a slim body. But Qin Sheng knew Xia Ding very well. This brat was a disloyal erotic. It would not take long for him to change his girlfriend.

“Boss, it’s been almost two and a half years. It’s like you’ve gone missing and you had no connection with us. Where did you go?” When they sat down facing each other and drank, Xia Ding began to complain.

Over the past two years, Qin Sheng didn’t contacted anyone. This was also the biggest question in everyone’s heart when they saw Qin Sheng again. Qin Sheng couldn’t tell anyone what’s the reason that he hid for more than two years, so he could only perfunctorily say, “It’s hard to explain. I’ll tell you in detail later.”

“Fine. We’ll have a good drink another day, I really miss that time in college. Do you remember when we fought in the dorms? Boss, you were standing in the corridor and challenging a group of people, while no one dared to go up alone. That aura was amazing. every time I think about it, I feel like my blood is boiling,” Xia Ding said excitedly as he finished a glass of red wine.

“Everyone has a young time. It’s all in the past,” Qin Sheng shook his head and laughed bitterly. That was one of his high-profile events in college. In the end, if Xia Ding did not use his family’s network to suppress the matter, he would have already been dismissed by Fudan University.

“By the way, how does Lao Er and Lao Si do? I have not seen them for more than two years. I really miss them …” Qin Sheng thought of his two roommates and asked hurriedly.

Xia Ding said slowly, “Lao Er came to Shanghai last week for a business trip. We had a meal. At that time, we talked about you. He has a bright future in the government. His director thinks highly of him. Lao Si and I are pretty much the same. We both went into our family business. But he works harder than me and has became an extraordinary young entrepreneurs in Jiangsu Province, not like me. I just kill the time. We often meet with each other. If any of us is not in a good mood and wants to drink, we will immediately drive over to another.”

“You should make an appointment with them later, so we’ll meet up when we have time!” Qin Sheng said casually. He still cared a lot about his relationship with college roommates.

“Haha, alright. I’ll call them later and see if they are free.” When Xia Ding thought of the four friends gathering together again, he laughed loudly.

Just as he finished speaking, Xia Ding suddenly thought of something. “Boss, tell me, if I send them a photo and tell them that you are here in Shanghai, do you think they would come over right now?”

Qin Sheng did not stop him, so Xia Ding took out his phone and intentionally took a photo of Qin Sheng and Han Bing, then sent it to Lao Er and Lao Si via WeChat without saying a word.

Just as he was about to place his phone on the table and wait for responses, Lao Si called in and asked, “Xia Ding, damn you!”

“No more bullshit. We are in Wang Jiang Ge on the Bund. Are you coming or not?” Although Xia Ding was scolded by Lao Si, he was not angry at all.

“I’m in Suzhou right now. Give me two hours and I’ll be there.” Lao Si, who was in Suzhou for business meeting, said without hesitation and hung up immediately.

Xia Ding turned on the speaker, so everyone could hear.

Just as Lao Si hung up and Xia Ding was about to make a few jokes, Lao Er called in and asked straightly, “Where are you?”

“The Bund, Shanghai.” Xia Ding was overwhelmed by Lao Er’s aura and said with hesitation.

Lao Er, who was chatting happily on a party, said in a low voice, “I’ve booked a plane ticket. I’ll send you the airline number. Send a car to pick me up.”

After saying that, he also hung up.

Xia Ding laughed without a care, “Are they crazy?”

Han Bing and the beauty looked at each other.

Qin Sheng tilted his head back to drink the red wine in glass. At this moment, he sighed with emotion. Who hadn’t had a few close friends in their lives?

Some people left, but some people would always be there.