Chapter 102 A Bad Start…

While on their way, the cautious Zhao Quan had mentioned that this was the most secretive place that Brother Hong had prepared. Only those closest to him knew of this place. It took them a change of four cars and a three-hour drive to get there last time. They almost went around the whole of Hangzhou. For the past few days, everyone remained inside for fear of exposing their hideout. But for today, Zhao Quan came out with his nephew to pick up Qin Sheng.

Then, who would know of this place? They had just returned not long ago, who could predict that Qin Sheng was going to come? And who could coincidentally figure out what time he was arriving?

Therefore, Qin Sheng guessed that there was a traitor among these four people, including Zhao Quan.

At this moment, it was complete darkness. The team separated and went their own ways. No one knew where each other was. The few of them remained loyal to the team and did not dare to step out of the place. They listened carefully to the movements from outside.

Sure enough, they heard hurried footsteps and low whispers. Indeed, someone was coming! They must be here for Qin Sheng!

“Bi Yong, Hong Tao, why not the both of you go out and take a look?” Zhao Quan instructed softly. There was an undeniable element of selfishness, as both of them were outsiders.

Bi Yong and Hong Tao came from a malicious background. Without thinking too much about it, they went out one after another. As soon as they stepped outside, Zhao Quan and the rest heard fighting sounds coming from the yard. There seemed to be a big commotion, the enemy must have quite an army.

After giving it careful thought, Qin Sheng felt that they could not just sit there and wait. If their enemy came prepared, then staying inside could only lead to death. Besides, there was a traitor among them, they could be sabotaged. They could not just die right after reaching Hangzhou, right?

“Brother Zhao, we can’t hide here. They came prepared, we must get out fast. “Qin Sheng probed. He was waiting to see Zhao Quan’s response.

Zhao Quan squinted his eyes and started thinking. He felt that Qin Sheng was right. “Mr. Qin, I’ll go first. You and Zhao Song come later. Once you’re out, act according to the situation. If they have many people, we’ll split up and kill them. We’ll contact each other by phone afterward. Zhao Song, protect Mr. Qin, if anything happens to him, I’m holding you accountable.”

Zhao Song was in the dark and did not speak. He remained silent.

After a few seconds, Zhao Quan pulled out a long hand-made dagger from his waist and headed out carefully. Qin Sheng did not wait at all and followed closely after. Without hesitation, Zhao Song followed behind Qin Sheng.

At this moment, the outside world was in a mess. The enemy did come prepared, there were at least more than 10 of them. Zhao Quan and the other two had already fought with them. Seeing more people coming out, their enemy ran towards them without hesitation.

“That’s him, grab him!” Someone shouted very suddenly.

This sentence confirmed Qin Sheng’s earlier prediction.

Zhao Song came in front of Qing Sheng and slashed his knife against the chest of the man that neared him first. At the same time, Zhao Quan shouted, “Kill them all, split up!”

Qin Sheng did not want to fight at all, it was too dangerous here. He bent down and inclined sideways to dodge another incoming man. He then hit him on the back with his arm and grabbed the man’s shoulder before pushing him towards two other incoming men.

Qin Sheng saw that the wall of the courtyard was slightly lower. He pushed against his feet and ran towards it instantly. He stepped onto a neighboring window and flipped over the wall instantly. The whole set of actions was so swift, he did not give his enemy a chance at all.

“The prey has escaped, chase after him!” Someone shouted loudly from the yard. Two men flipped over the wall and chased after while some went out by the door.

This lessened the stress for Zhao Quan and some others. Bi Yong and Hong Tao’s situation was unclear, both of them joined the fight outside too. Zhao Quan suffered three cuts and was seriously injured as he had met the enemy’s best fighter. Zhao Song wanted to save him but Zhao Quan ordered him, “Don’t care about me, and go protect Mr. Qin now!”

Zhao Song could only grit his teeth, flip over the wall and run, leaving Zhao Song behind in the yard.

After Qin Sheng flipped over the wall, he did not expect there to be people on guard. However, he did not dare to waste time. He quickly jumped down and knocked down the nearest man. Then, he followed along the small path in the tea garden and walked down the hill. It led to the bustling Mei Jia Wu Street. There was also a police station, so it would be easier to escape.

When Qin Sheng was a child, he was always running around with his prey in Zhongnan Mountains. The ground in Zhongnan Mountains was not as flat as the one on this tea mountain. Besides, he was very athletic, an ordinary person could not be compared to him. He could run forever without resting.

After 20 minutes, Qin Sheng arrived at the bustling street of Mei Jia Wu. He planned to grab a ride and flee from this place. At this moment, someone came running after him. After looking carefully, he realized that it was Zhao Song.

Qin Sheng kept a distance from him. “How’s the rest?”

“I don’t know, my uncle asked me to protect you,” Zhao Song panted heavily. This was also his first time speaking in front of Qin Sheng. He thought that he was quite athletic, but did not expect this Mr. Qin to be even better. He did not even stop to rest for a bit and had already left the bunch of people far behind.

Qin Sheng’s face was black and he did not say a word. He got played once he reached Hangzhou, how could he not be mad?

Seeing Qin Sheng remain silent, Zhao Song continued asking, “Mr. Qin, what do we do now?”

“Let’s get out of here first, we’ll figure out the rest later.” Qin Sheng snapped back from his thoughts and ordered, “Let’s go to the city.”

Hence, Zhao Song quickly stopped a car and the duo finally left Wu Jia Mei. Qin Sheng’s backpack was left in the small yard, but he was unable to retrieve it back at this point.

Relatively speaking, the city was much safer. Hangzhou’s security was not bad. That bunch of people probably did not have the guts to cause a ruckus there, unless they were not afraid to die.

Where would they stay at night? Qin Sheng finally chose the Hyatt Hotel beside West Lake for two reasons. One, it was in downtown. Two, it was safer at a five-star hotel.

After telling the taxi driver the address, Qin Sheng immediately turned to Zhao Song, who had a flat head and was similar to him in body size. “From now on, if you want to follow me, hand me your phone and listen to my arrangements.”

“Mr. Qin, you don’t trust me?” Zhao Song was still expressionless.

Qin Sheng snorted, “There are some things that were just too coincidental. I had just arrived at Mei Jia Wu and they already know. Your uncle did mention, only you guys knew about that place.”

“Well, since you say so, I’ll give you my phone.” Zhao Song did not say too much, he handed his phone over directly. Qin Sheng also did not hesitate to open up Zhao Song’s call history and message history in front of him. Other than his uncle Zhao Quan, Bi Yong and Hong Tao, he did not contact anyone else. But Qin Sheng still did not trust him, as there could be a possibility that he had deleted them beforehand. A cautious person would definitely not expose himself accidentally.

Half an hour later, they finally arrived at Hyatt Hotel by West Lake. Zhao Song had nothing on him, and his jacket was still stained with blood. Luckily, it was pitch dark outside, so the taxi driver did not see anything. Otherwise, he would have already called the police. Qin Sheng made Zhao Song throw the jacket away; they would be getting a makeover tomorrow.

Qin Sheng went to the reception with his wallet and ID and got a standard room. After entering the room, both of them went to bed immediately. Zhao Song turned off his phone while Qin Sheng kept his on. If Zhao Quan were doing fine, he would definitely contact him. After all, he trusted Zhao Quan more. Otherwise, Jiang Xianbang would not have made him his contact person.

That night, Qin Sheng did not sleep well. Other than receiving a call from Han Bing whom he chatted with for a short while, his phone did not ring again. Zhao Song was already soundly asleep beside him. Qin Sheng did not know if he was faking it or not.

In the past, if Qin Sheng were to live by the West Lake, he would definitely explore the lake when he wakes up. But today, he had no mood for that. He woke up between 7 am to 8 am and headed straight to the shower. Zhao Song woke up soon after.

“Mr. Qin, what do we do now?” Zhao Song asked. He passed Qin Sheng the authority to initiate.

Qin Sheng replied casually, “Just call me Brother Qin, you don’t have to be so formal.”

“Let me report to Mr. Jiang first and see if he has any other connections in Hangzhou,” Qin Sheng said thoughtfully. He guessed that Jiang Xianbang must have already woken up, the old man had a much disciplined routine.

Qin Sheng made Zhao Song wait for him in the room while he made a call in the hallway. He kept his voice very soft.

Jiang Xianbang had indeed woken up. He had just finished breakfast and was listening to Qing’er play the Guzheng while sipping on tea. She was playing “High Mountains and Flowing Water”. It was a refreshing piece to listen to and the melody was smooth and beautiful. The instrument was elegant and unique. Qing’er looked extraordinary as she played the Guzheng. She was very impressive.

“How is it? Have you contacted Zhao Quan?” Jiang Xianbang asked lazily as he picked up the call.

Qin Sheng answered rudely, “I’ve just arrived in Hangzhou and almost died. You’ve really pushed me into the fire pit!”

“What’s wrong?” Jiang Xianbang’s expression changed.

Qin Sheng started a detailed recount of what happened the night before. He then added, “Is there anyone else in Hangzhou that you can employ?”

“I do, but they’re from the company. I don’t want the company to have anything to do with this. Don’t rush, act according to what you think. If it really doesn’t work out, I’ll think of another way,” Jiang Xianbang frowned deeply and answered. Regarding the situation in Hangzhou, he could give up on that item, but he must know if Hong Xing survives or dies.

Qin Sheng nodded. “Okay, then wait for my call.”

“Be careful,” Jiang Xianbang reminded.

After ending the call, Qin Sheng returned back to the room. Zhao Song was taking a shower. At this moment, Qin Sheng took out Zhao Song’s phone and turned it on. He found messages from Bi Yong and Hong Tao, and the content was largely similar, asking how Zhao Song was doing, where was he, and whether he was with Zhao Quan and Qin Sheng.

Qin Sheng was not in a rush to reply them. Instead, after Zhao Song got out of the shower, he brought him to breakfast and also bought him a jacket from a clothing store nearby.

Jiang Xianbang was in a garden villa on Middle Huaihai Road. After ending the call, he sank into deep thoughts. He had a tint of regret for making Qin Sheng deal with this matter. If something were to happen to him, he did not know what to tell Senior Qin.

After Ching’er finished playing a piece, she walked up behind Jiang Xianbang and massaged his shoulders. “Uncle, what’s wrong? Who was that on the phone?”

“Qin Sheng that kid, “Jian Xianbang sighed and replied.

So it’s Qin Sheng! Ching’er replied coldly with an “Oh.”

Jiang Xianbang stopped thinking about the situation in Hangzhou. If Qin Sheng could not handle it, he would have to go there personally…