Chapter 103 There’s Indeed a ProblemA neighbor’s daughter had just become an adult. This sentence suited Ching’er the most.

More than 10 years have already passed. From the small little girl in tattered clothes that could not lift her big eyes off Jiang Xianbang, Ching’er have grown into a fairy-like, out-of-the-world goddess.

However, Ching’er’s marriage was Jiang Xianbang’s top concern. Until today, she had not been in love once. Jiang Xianbang did not know what to do. He never forced her to do anything, nor did he make her go on blind dates and other stuff. Sometimes, he would casually bring her along to some gatherings and introduce her to either young gentlemen whom he thought was not bad or rich second-generations. When he caught up with her on how she felt, there would be no one that caught her heart.

Looking at her grow older, Jiang Xianbang felt all the more helpless. Currently, he was purposely training Qin Sheng to be his successor. He thought that the best scenario would be if the two could get together.

The two had known each other for so long. After snapping back from his thoughts, Jiang Xiangbang asked, “Ching’er, what do you think of Qin Sheng?”

“Him?” Thinking about this man whom she disliked, who had teased her and offended her several times, Qing’er answered nonchalantly, “Not much?”

“Oh.” Jiang Xianbang said with much interest, “I think he’s not bad though?”

Ching’er stopped what she was doing. She did not understand. “Uncle, what are you trying to say?”

“I think that if you find him okay, you guys can try to get along. You’re not young anymore, “Jiang Xianbang laughed as he said.

Ching’er finally understood what he was trying to say. She turned shy immediately, “Uncle, you’re matching people again! I don’t want to talk to you anymore, I’m going to school.”

Jiang Xianbang laughed heartily…

Back at West Lake’s Hyatt Hotel, Qin Sheng and Zhao Song had just finished their breakfast at the hotel. They ran to the nearest mall to get Zhao Song an outfit. Right after that, Qin Sheng followed Zhao Song to get a car from their base, where they put materials and other things.

Qin Sheng got a shock when he realized that there were even guns inside. When Zhao Song handed him a Browning, he immediately shook his head and said, “Don’t use these, we are in Hangzhou, we still have to be careful. One dagger each for defense.”

Zhao Song thought about it for a moment and agreed with his suggestion. Hence, both of them picked a dagger that suited them and eventually drove and left the base that was situated in the downtown area.

“Brother Qin, where are we going?” Zhao Song drove the car and his phone was still in Qin Sheng’s hands. Qin Sheng had told him earlier that only Bi Yong and Hong Tao contacted him. There was still no news from his uncle Zhao Quan. Zhao Song’s expression was not good.

Qin Sheng answered nonchalantly, “Let’s go back to Mei Jia Wu.”

“Back to Mei Jia Wu?” Zhao Song was utterly shocked. Isn’t this jumping into a death trap? Their enemy was probably waiting for them there.

Zhao Song quickly said, “Brother Qin, isn’t this too risky?”

“It’s okay, just listen to me. Let’s go.” Qin Sheng did not explain much and said casually.

Zhao Song sighed. There was no other way now, he could only listen to Qin Sheng’s arrangements. They then drove towards Wu Jia Mei. However, the discomposure from yesterday still left a lingering fear in Zhao Song’s heart.

On the way to Mei Jia Wu, Qin Sheng started a casual chat with Zhao Song. “You seemed quite young, you should be in your early twenties, right? When did you start doing this with your uncle?”

“I started before graduating junior high. It’s been about six years. I wasn’t good at studying and my parents can’t be bothered to care, so I ended up following my uncle’s path,” Zhao Song recounted. Their previous generation was already in this line of business, but his father was not interested in it. His uncle was the one who inherited his grandfather’s skills.

After the duo got to know each other more, they could not stop chatting. They were very unlike the day before, where none of them spoke a word.

“So you plan to continue doing this?” Qin Sheng asked with a smile.

Zhao Song shook his head, “No, this line of work is too risky. Those who fought with us were almost all killed. My uncle protected me and did not allow me to come face to face with danger. This is why I was lucky to survive until today. Uncle said that he’ll withdraw from this business permanently after three years. When that time comes, I’ll go back to my hometown in Hubei, start a small business, marry a wife and spend the rest of my life there.”

“That’s not bad, I see that you’re quite skillful, how did you train?” Qin Sheng continued to ask. Zhao Song was right, who wouldn’t want to have a peaceful life? It was just that life sometimes force people to take the risky path.

Zhao Song explained,” In our small town, there were very few elderly who knew a thing or two about fighting. My grandfather was a practitioner. I trained with him since young. Afterward, I also trained with the other uncles in our town. And after I came out with my uncle, he also taught me. In addition to that, I also have some real-life experiences. I can at least keep myself alive now.”

Qin Sheng did not want to burst his bubble, but Zhao Quan had not contacted them from the night before till now. He could have been dead by now. Besides, among the four of them, Qin Sheng trusted Zhao Quan more.

“Brother Qin, what about you? How did you enter this line of work?” Zhao Song was interested and asked.

Qin Sheng sighed. “I am not in this line of business, Mr. Jiang asked me to come and settle this, that’s why I’m here, although I’m not really willing.”

Zhao Song asked subconsciously, “Brother Qin, so Mr. Jiang didn’t tell you what that item is?”

Qin Sheng turned and squinted his eyes as he stared at Zhao Song. Zhao Song immediately realized that something was wrong. He quickly explained, “I don’t mean anything, I’m just asking casually.”

“I’m not interested in that thing, I just want to know where Brother Hong is,” Qin Sheng answered honestly. However, he knew that others might not believe him.

Zhao Song was worried that Qin Sheng would think too much. He quickly switched the topic, “Brother Qin, are you married?”

“Single as a dog,” Qin Sheng shook his head and laughed bitterly.

Zhao Song sighed, “After this thing ends, I really want to be in a relationship. These few years, I’ve been following my uncle to those bath centers and nightclubs. I even gave my first time to the ladies there. I really regret it.”

“Young man, fall in love! Life is meant for you to be in love.” Hearing Zhao Song’s words, Qin Sheng broke into laughter. He’s still young and doesn’t know what it’s like, yet he’s sighing and tearing.

After returning to Mei Jia Wu, Qin Sheng made Zhao Song park at the side of the road. The duo flipped over the tea garden and went up. In the day time, there were several tea farmers, so no one took notice of them.

As they gradually approached the yard, they became more careful. After confirming that there was no abnormality in their surroundings, they went into the yard again.

There was still the smell of blood in the yard. The blood on the floor was apparently washed away before. There was no one in the yard, it was just a complete, utter mess. Everything was turned over. The dinner and wine from the night before still laid on the table in the big hall. Qin Sheng’s bag was flung not far away from it. It was also opened and his clothes and books were thrown aside.

After searching one round, Zhao Song did not find any trace of his uncle. He started to worry. He gritted his teeth and asked, “Brother Qin, I think my uncle has already…?”

“To determine life, you need to see the person. To determine death, you need to see the corpse. If you haven’t seen the corpse, there’s no need to be anxious,” Qin Sheng’s face was sullen as he replied him. He then added on by ordering him, “Right now, give a call to Bi Yong and Hong Tao, we have to first make sure if they’re together. If not, make them come here on their separate ways. If they’re together, try to break them up.”

Zhao Song’s suspicion had been lowered. Hence, the possibility of a traitor laid between Bi Yong and Hong Tao. Qin Sheng had to first find a loophole and then dig out the mastermind.

Hence, Zhao Song dialed Bi Yong’s number. Bi Yong, calling from an unknown place, was panicking. “Zhao Song, you finally called me! I thought that you and your uncle had died! Where are you now?”

“Are you alone, or with other people?” Zhao Song asked as Qin Sheng had instructed.

Bi Yong answered with contemplation, “Right now, it’s just me alone.”

Zhao Song continued, “Then come to Mei Jia Wu right now, Mr. Qin wants to see you.” Standing beside him, Qin Sheng smiled and nodded.

Bi Yong was very surprised. “Is Mr. Qin with you? Is he okay? You guys actually went back? Do you want to die?”

“You don’t have to worry about that, Mr. Qin knows what he’s doing. Come over right now, be careful to not let anywhere discover your whereabouts.” After finishing this sentence, Zhao Song hung up.

After about 10 minutes, Qin Sheng made Zhao Song follow up with a call to Hong Tao. He said roughly the same things. After the two phone calls, Zhao Song continued to ask, “Brother Qin, what next?”

Qin Sheng kept a calm face as he instructed, “Let’s go, we’ll head downhill and see who the problematic one among these two is.”

Qin Sheng knew very clearly that if there was a traitor, then their goal would be him, as they wanted that item. If Hong Tao were to go missing and they still could not find it, that means Hong Tao did not betray Jiang Xianbang. Zhao Quan and the rest did not know too. Hence, they placed their hope on this outsider, thinking that he may know.

There was only one way that led from the Mei Jia Wu to this yard on the tea mountain. Qin Sheng and Zhao Song hid under a big tree not far away. They had a bird’s eye view of the area and with the tea tree as their natural cover, it was impossible for them to be found.

About 20 minutes later, a Nisang Scorpio appeared and drove along this road up to the yard. Qin Sheng and Zhao Song were guessed who it could be.

A few minutes later, Hong Tao called. He asked worriedly, “Zhao Song, I’ve already reached, why didn’t I see you and Mr. Qin?”

“Wait a moment, we’re buying something down here. We’ll be back soon, be careful,” Zhao Song replied as planned.

Another 10 minutes had passed and a taxi appeared. This time around, it should be Bi Yong. The taxi stopped a few hundred meters away from the yard. Bi Yong got off the car and walked towards the yard.

What Qin Sheng predicted did not come true. He pondered and mumbled, “That should not be happening…”

Just as he was still trying to comprehend the situation, two Prados came speeding towards the yard. Qin Sheng was surprised. “There’s indeed something wrong.”

He motioned for Zhao Song to call Bi Yong and Hong Tao immediately, asking them to run away from the yard quickly as their whereabouts have been exposed and people were chasing after them.

Zhao Song quickly made the call. Upon hearing the news, both Bi Yong and Hong Tao were shocked. Without considerations, they immediately fled towards the back hill.

And as for Qin Sheng and Zhao Song, they went towards the parked cars. They finally found a clue and were not going to let it go so easily. And as for who was the traitor, it was not important anymore.