Chapter 104: This Was Goddamn Confusing

At this current moment, between Bi Yong and Hong Tao, the former had a greater possibility of being the traitor. After all, this bunch of people followed after him and exposed themselves. This discovery made Qin Sheng very happy, as he had been waiting for this.

The BYD F3 that Zhao Song found was parked not far away from the foot of the mountain. Qin Sheng brought him along and the duo dashed to the car, waiting silently for the bunch of people to return after having no success. Qin Sheng returned Zhao Song his phone and signaled for him to turn it off again. The two of them had now completely disappeared.

The PRADO returned from the mountain within the time taken for a cigarette to be exhausted. This time around, Qin Sheng took the wheels. He followed behind at a good pace, as he was cautious not to be caught. Otherwise, it would be like using a bamboo basket to fetch water; an empty result.

They followed the two PRADOs across the Zhijiang Bridge and finally stopped at a farmhouse villa on Xiang Xi Road, near Xianghu Lake in Xiaoshan District. Qin Sheng’s anti-reconnaissance skills were very strong, he had not been discovered throughout the whole ride.

They parked the BYD at an open space not far away. There were a few other cars parked there as well, so theirs was not eye-catching. Qin Sheng and Zhao Song stayed in the car, where they could observe the small bungalow from a near vicinity. There were a few cars parked outside the door. It seemed like this bunch of people chose the suburbs as a cover-up, since what they were doing could not see light.

Their opponent was rich in numbers. Qin Sheng and Zhao Song did not act rashly. They had to first figure out the identity and background of these people. Hence, they spent the whole morning spying from their car. It was indeed somewhat boring and uninteresting.

At lunchtime, Zhao Song got off the car and went to buy some food. Qin Sheng continued to keep his eyes on the bungalow. The person he had suspected showed up. The traitor among the four was Bi Yong.

Bi Yong drove a Volvo. After he got off the car, he looked around before heading in. He seemed like he clearly understood what he was doing. Once discovered, he would only end up dead.

The traitor had shown up and the mastermind behind all of this had shown up as well. The truth was getting closer. However, Qin Sheng was still most concerned about Brother Hong’s life and death. This was the mission that Jiang Xianbang gave him.

Just when Qin Sheng was still thinking about their next strategy, his goddess Lin Su called. After looking at the caller ID, Qin Sheng only picked up the phone after stoning for a few seconds. He was surprised, as the last time he had received her call was two years ago. After their last ‘goodbye’, they had mostly communicated by text messages. It was a really outdated way of doing things.

“How’s your business trip in Hangzhou?” Lin Su smiled and asked as she stood in front of a French window and looked at the view of the opposite Bund. She had just ordered takeaway and was waiting for it to be delivered. In the past, Lin Su often went to restaurants in Poly Plaza. However, there were always people wanting to hit her up. This troubled her greatly, so she ended up solving her lunch problem through deliveries. She was undeniably somewhat pitiful, it was not her fault for being so beautiful.

Qin Sheng crossed his legs. Without a doubt, he could not tell her how he almost lost his life. He smiled and recited the poem, “Endless green mountains and stretches of houses, when will the singing and dancing at West Lake stop? The warm air serenades the people, they are treating Hangzhou like Bianzhou. Hangzhou is such a good place, I must enjoy it thoroughly, of course.”

“Are you on a business trip or vacation?” Lin Su laughed. She hoped that any men who approach her for any reason had the confidence like him, instead of feeling inferior or submissive to her and giving her endless praises. Unfortunately, most of them were the latter, including Yan Chaozong. When facing her, he always had so much worries.

Qin Sheng stopped joking around. “I’m just saying only. Of course I’m on a business trip! Why? Wonder Woman is not busy today?”

“I’m not Wonder Woman, “Lin Su said unhappily.

Qin Sheng knew that he had just stepped on a land mine. He quickly explained, “Your grandmother is visiting Shanghai, you’re not spending time shopping with her?”

“I had a talk with her yesterday night, she’s visiting her old friends today and Aunt is accompanying her, so she doesn’t need me.” Lin Su furrowed her brows slightly. She still felt guilty for what happened yesterday night. After all, she was the one that stood up the other party.

Qin Sheng replied as if he was thinking deeply about it, “Sometimes, you can afford to put down your work and spend more time with the elderly. After all, they’re getting old. To put it plainly, their days get lesser day by day. They’re most happy when they’re with their children and grandchildren. The thing that I regret the most in this life is that I did not spend quality time with my grandfather. Now that I want to accompany him, I don’t have the chance anymore.”

Lin Su already knew what happened to Qin Sheng the night that it happened. She felt bad for him more or less.

“Okay, I know,” she sighed and said.

Qin Sheng asked casually, “You haven’t eaten? You should take care of yourself no matter how busy you are.”

“I’m waiting for delivery,” she replied softly.

Qin Sheng was just about to ask why she did not get proper food when there was a situation at the bungalow. A bunch of people came out and there were a man and woman in the middle, surrounded by a crowd of people.

Qin Sheng’s face fell. He was shocked because he knew this man and woman. He did not expect to bump into them here. What was happening? Why were they involved in this?

“I have to go, something cropped up, talk to you later.” At this moment, Qin Sheng could no longer pay attention to Lin Su, so he replied absent-mindedly. He hung up the phone before she could reply.

On the other end of the line, it took Lin Su a moment to realize what just happened. She was a little angry and pursed on her lower lip. Since when did men dare to hang up on her? This Qin Sheng was so daring!

Qin Sheng did not dare to act rashly. He saw the two familiar faces got on a PRODA and left. The traitor Bi Yong did not leave. He stood at the door and took a puff before heading back in.

A few minutes later, Zhao Song came back with lunch, two fried rice and some water. After getting on the car, he asked, “Brother Qin, is there any updates?”

Qin Sheng did not mention that he met someone he knew. He only mentioned, “There’s really a traitor among you guys. He appeared.”

“Who is it?” Zhao Song was shocked. He did not expect there to be a traitor. No wonder they were always targeted. What a bitch! If he ever laid his hands on him, he would kill him!

Qin Sheng smiled and replied, “You’ll know in a while.”

After they were done with lunch, Bi Yong appeared once again. This time, he drove and left. When he saw Bi Yong, Zhao Song exclaimed in shock, “It’s him!”

“There’s nothing to be surprised, “Qin Sheng was nonchalant.

Although Zhao Song guessed that it could be either one of Bi Yong or Hong Tao, he was still shocked when he saw Bi Yong. After all, they had known each other for such a long time. But thinking about all the incidents that had happened recently, Zhao Song was furious.

Qin Sheng did not think too much about it. He started chasing Bi Yong without hesitation, tail-gating him all the way.

Bi Yong drove from Xianghu all the way to the China Academy of Art on Nanshan Road. He parked by the road and walked towards the West Lake. Qin Sheng and Zhao Song left their car there as well and split up to stop Bi Yong.

A few minutes later, just as he was about to turn into a shady path, Bi Yong saw an unfriendly-looking Zhao Song staring at him intently. At that moment, Bi Yong knew that he had exposed himself. Without hesitation, he started running in the opposite direction. But just as he turned around, he found Qin Sheng standing behind him.

Bi Yong did not want to surrender. He made the quick decision to dive into the forest. Qin Sheng and Zhao Song chased after right away. Qin Sheng was much faster than Bi Yong. He ran just a few steps and jumped up high, landing a harsh kick on Bi Yong’s back.

Bi Yong suffered a terrible fall and fell face-flat into the sand. After getting up, he tried to escape again, but Zhao Song was already in front of him and kicked his face. Just as Zhao Song was about to bend down and pull Bi Yong up, Bi Yong suddenly pulled out a dagger from his waist and aimed for Zhao Song. Luckily, he was prepared and quickly took two steps back.

After Qin Sheng got up, he saw what was happening and quickly ran towards them. He grabbed Bi Yong’s elbow and smashed his elbow against Bi Yong’s head harshly. Then, he followed up with an over-shoulder throw, sending Bi Yong flying a few meters away. This time around, Bi Yong could not get up again.

This place was more secluded and there were no tourists. Otherwise, there may be good citizens who would have called the police. Qin Sheng and Zhao Song walked up to Bi Yong slowly. Qin Sheng laughed in a cold voice, “Run, why aren’t you running?”

“What the heck, I didn’t expect you to be a traitor! Fuck you bitch, how dare you betray us!” Zhao Song grabbed onto Bi Yong and shouted.

Bi Yong spat out a mouthful of blood and pleaded, “Don’t hit me, and don’t hit me! We can talk this out, we can talk!”

“Brother Yong, Mr. Jiang treated you quite well, right? Why did you betray him? Aren’t you scared that once he finds out, he won’t even give you a place to be buried?” Qin Sheng asked with smiling eyes.

Bi Yong cried and said, “Mr. Qin, I had no choice!”

Although the place was quite secluded, there were still passers-by. Qin Sheng and Zhao Song could only bring him to the car first. After getting on the car, Zhao Song asked, “Brother Qin, where should we go?”

“The most dangerous place is the safest place. Still Wu Jia Mei, “Qin Sheng replied casually. He believed that there would not be anyone guarding the place, as there was no more value in it.

After Zhao Song started driving, Qin Sheng played with the dagger in his hand and asked, “Brother Yong, I think now is a good time to talk. Where is Brother Hong?”

“Believe it or not, I really don’t know where my brother-in-law is.” Bi Yong shook his head frantically and replied.

Qin Sheng snorted. “We’ve already come so far, yet you’re still keeping your mouth shut so tightly. You’re really not afraid of dying. Last night, I’ve already suspected that there’s a traitor, so I set you guys up to catch your loopholes. Eventually, I followed all the way to Xianghu, but didn’t expect you to be the undercover. The group of people you have behind your back is not simple. If they didn’t take Brother Hong away, then who did?”

“Mr. Qin, I may be greedy for money, but it’s not to the extent where I would betray my brother-in-law. That bunch of people does not know where he is as well, they’re also looking for him, “Bi Yong explained as he endured the pain.

Qin Sheng snorted, “You think that I’m so easy to fool? How are you going to explain what happened yesterday night and today?”

“They’re not responsible for what happened yesterday night! If not, I wouldn’t be injured. I was waiting to inform them after it’s dark and quiet, but I didn’t expect for someone to be faster than us. As for today, I was the messenger. They want the item but could not locate my brother-in-law. The few of us do not know where it is as well and thought that you might know, “Bi Yong continued.

After listening to his explanation, Qin Sheng’s face fell even more. Bi Yong did not seem like he was lying. If what he said was true, then there was another bunch of people other than the one Bi Yong was working for.

This was goddamn confusing.