Chapter 107 Receiving Some News

The feud between the Zhang and Song families was beyond the reach of Qin Sheng and did not concern him. It was a coincidence that he got the piece of jade. He did not expect that it caused him fatal trouble. The two families had been chasing after him for two years. Even when Qin Sheng returned to Xi’an, the Song family still sent people to go after him.

In fact, the piece of ancient jade was completely meaningless to Qin Sheng. The biggest meaning might be to make money by selling it. However, even if he was able to sell it, he might not have an opportunity to spend the money. Qin Sheng could have handed the jade to them, but he was young and arrogant; he was irritated after going through moments of life and death, so he thought, “You want it, but I won’t satisfy you.”

Now things were different. Qin Sheng returned to Shanghai and began to strive for his life goal. However, the Zhang and Song families would find him sooner or later. At that time, they would disturb his peaceful life. Hence, he decided to take advantage of this matter to fix it, handing over the troublesome thing and also doing them a favor at little cost. Qin Sheng had a trump card. Once his task was done, he would tell not only the Zhang family but also the Song family where the ancient jade was. After all, Miss Song was considered his fiancee. He had feelings for her, so he would not let the Zhang family monopolize it.

Now Zhang Zibang and his sister left. Qin Sheng had to deal with the traitor. What he said almost scared the pants off Bi Yong, who immediately asked for mercy, “Mr. Qin, I was wrong. I was really wrong. Please spare my life, Mr. Qin. I have a family to support.”

“When you betrayed us, why didn’t you say this?” Zhao Song snorted. He always despised the men who had no morale and ignored brotherhood.

Hong Tao also wore a disdainful look. Although they’re relatives, he would not help Bi Yong beg for mercy at this moment.

Qin Sheng walked toward Bi Yong and said with interest, “Would you give me a reason not to kill you?”

“Mr. Qin, as long as you don’t kill me, I’ll be your servant and do whatever you want me to do without hesitation.” Bi Yong immediately knelt down before Qin Sheng. A man in his forties fell into an awkward position, which was really funny.

Qin Sheng sighed, “Alas, but you have betrayed us once. How can I believe you?”

“Mr. Qin, I beg you. I beg you. Spare my life. I really don’t want to die.” Bi Yong continued to beg for mercy.

Zhao Song and Hong Tao pulled up Bi Yong and said to Qin Sheng, “Mr. Qin, don’t talk nonsense with him. There’s no need to pity this guy even if he died.”

In fact, Qin Sheng did not intend to kill Bi Yong. He was playing tricks on him. If he had really wanted to kill Bi Yong, he would not have chatted with him. Hence, he waved his hand and said, “Forget it, considering your sincerity, I’ll spare your life. When we find Brother Hong, I’ll ask him to deal with you.”

Hearing this, Bi Yong felt relieved. He immediately kowtowed as he said, “Thank you, Mr. Qin. Thank you, Mr. Qin.”

Leaving Meijiawu meant that Qin Sheng and his people completely evacuated this stronghold. Under the suggestion of Zhao Song and others, they came to a stronghold by the Xixi National Wetland Park. It was an ordinary residential complex. Qin Sheng sent Zhao Song, Hong Tao, Bi Yong to help Zhang Zibang search for Brother Hong. Time passed by; things seemed more unpredictable.

Qin Sheng had been living in the complex. One day, he finally had leisure time to roam in the Xixi National Wetland Park alone. When he planned to visit the Xixi National Wetland Park by boat, he received a call from Ms. Cheongsam Xue Qingyan, who said with a smile, “I heard that you’re suspended for a week?”

“It’s really that bad news has wings. Sister, you’ve got the news,” Qin Sheng sighed.

Xue Qingyan had been busy since she returned from Nanjing. She had not met Qin Sheng since they hurriedly exchanged goodbyes in Shangshan Ruoshui. Qin Sheng originally needed to tutor Xue Hao on the weekend, but Xue Hao’s grandmother was sick and his mother brought Xue Hao to the hospital to visit his grandmother. Hence, Qin Sheng did not go to Xue Qingyan’s house.

“It’s a small thing. Don’t be upset. If you’re not happy in Shangshan Ruoshui, you can come to my company.” Xue Qingyan comforted Qin Sheng.

Qin Sheng replied tactfully, “You treat me well, my sister.”

“Being suspended, you must have time in the evening. I’ll go back to Shanghai this afternoon and treat you to a big meal tonight,” Xue Qingyan said casually.

Qin Sheng responded awkwardly. “Sister, I really want to have a big meal, but I have to wait a few more days, for I’m in Hangzhou.”

Hearing this, Xue Qingyan, who was drinking coffee with her friends by the West Lake, asked with surprise and joy, “Hangzhou? Where are you in Hangzhou?”

Qin Sheng naturally did not know that Xue Qingyan was in Hangzhou, so he replied, “I’m available now and strolling in the Xixi National Wetland Park.”

“Wait for me. I’ll come over soon,” Xue Qingyan said bluntly before she hung up the phone.

Qin Sheng was astonished and confused about what happened. The next moment, he realized what was going on. It turned out that Ms. Cheongsam also came to Hangzhou.

Hence, Qin Sheng continued hanging around. After about forty minutes, Xue Qingyan drove directly to the Xixi National Wetland Park and easily found Qin Sheng.

“Sister, you’re really in Hangzhou.” Qin Sheng spoke, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

Xue Qingyan, wearing a gray woollen coat and long leather boots, said with a smile, “Have you forgotten it? I’m a native of Hangzhou and often shuttle between Hangzhou and Shanghai because I have lots of business here.”

“Ooh! I remember it. No wonder you’re here. In that case, please be my free tour guide and show me around Hangzhou. It’s my first time being here. Hangzhou and Chengdu are My favorite cities,” Qin Sheng quipped with a grin.

Xue Qingyan was familiar with the Xixi National Wetland Park for she had come here more than ten times. Hence, she rented a boat and showed Qin Sheng around the Xixi National Wetland Park while making tea on the boat.

Xue Qingyan put her bag aside, took the teacup, and stared at Qin Sheng, saying, “Say it. You’re suspended and I thought you were in Shanghai. Why did you come to Hangzhou? You did it covertly and had not told me about it. If I had not called you, I would not have known that you’re in Hangzhou.”

Qin Sheng did not intend to tell her the real reason and said, “Nothing. I hadn’t been here, so I came to relax and cheer myself up. What a nice place Hangzhou is! Moreover, it’s a place where you, a pretty lady, were born.”

“Don’t flatter me. Do you think that I don’t know you? You said, ‘Nothing.’ I won’t believe it. Is there anything you don’t want to reveal? If you need help, I’ll be able to help you out for I do have some power in Hangzhou. Cherish the rare chance,” Xue Qingyan said in a proud tone and actually set a snare for Qin Sheng.

Qin Sheng thought what Jiang Xianbang had said. The Xue family was really powerful in Hangzhou and maybe she could help him. Moreover, he had no clues, so he said honestly, “Sister, since you said so, I won’t stand on ceremony. I do have some trouble and wonder whether you can do me a favor.”

Hearing this, Xue Qingyan said in a miffed tone, “Didn’t you say ‘Nothing’ just now?”

Qin Sheng immediately replied, “I was afraid that I would trouble you. Sister, don’t be petty.”

“Say it. What’s the matter? I can’t guarantee that I can help you.” Xue Qingyan did not dare to make a promise to him and could only decide how to deal with it after Qin Sheng told her about it.

Qin Sheng was debating how to tell her the event. After a while, he said, “Help me find a man. He is called Hong Xing, who does antique business in Hangzhou. He disappeared a few days ago and has a thing many people covets.”

“Hong Xing? Why does this name sound familiar to me?” Xue Qingyan did not expect that Qin Sheng asked her to look for a person. However, the name sounded familiar and she seemed to have heard of it.

Qin Sheng suddenly remembered that Xue Qingyan was the VVIP member of Shangshan Ruoshui and had a lot of contact with Jiang Xianbang, so she might know Hong Xing was one of Jiang Xianbang’s minions. Did he expose Jiang Xianbang?

Fortunately, Xue Qingyan did not remember who Hong Xing was. She said calmly, “I’ll ask my people to ask around. I can’t guarantee that I’ll find him. I’ll contact you if there is news.”

“Thank you, sister,” Qin Sheng said with a grin. He really wanted to hold this beautiful lady with the outstanding temperament and give her a kiss, yet he was afraid that he would be kicked into the lake.

They had hung around the Xixi National Wetland Park for a whole afternoon. At dust, Xue Qingyan took Qin Sheng to a restaurant by the West Lake, called Lake View 1921. Its specialty was Hangzhou dishes and it was considered a relatively fancy restaurant.

The setting sun looked nice at twilight. By the West Lake, it was full of tourists. Seen from afar, the scenery was infinitely good. A gorgeous beauty sitting opposite him, Qin Sheng was in a good mood.

After dinner, Xue Qingyan returned to Shanghai that night. As for Qin Sheng’s matter, Xue Qingyan said she would tell him as soon as there was some news. Hence, Qin Sheng had to wait.

Qin Sheng stayed in Hangzhou for another day. On the afternoon of the next day, he received some news from Xue Qingyan and Zhang Zibang at the same time, which overjoyed him. The news finally came. If there was no news, Qin Sheng could only call Jiang Xianbang.

Xue Qingyan knew who took Hong Xing away while Zhang Zibang found more detailed information and knew where Hong Xing was.

Qin Sheng did not dare to hesitate and acted immediately…