Chapter 109 Why Is He Here?

Qin Sheng did not understand how important Hong Xing was to Jiang Xianbang. “Whether Hong Xing is alive or dead, Jiang Xianbang wants to see him. If Hong Xing betrays him, I’ll have to kill him without hesitation. With Jiang Xianbang’s strength, if he had really wanted to find Hong Xing, he would have used his own connections with a fanfare, but Jiang Xianbang chose to search for him covertly.”

Qin Sheng could not help but guess. “Maybe Hong Xing knows a lot of his secrets, so Jiang Xianbang has some scruples and acts prudently. He dare not give up the idea of finding Hong Xing or look for him in a high-profile way. Anyway, he wants to have a result. As for the thing, he has forgotten it completely. It’s no wonder that Jiang Xianbang did not say anything when I told him that I made a deal with Zhang Zibang and Zhang Ziyu.”

With the help of Zhang Zibang and Zhang Ziyu, Qin Sheng finally found Hong Xing now, just not knowing whether he was alive or dead.

The brother and sister of the Zhang family were really awesome. They had prepared two fishing boats, used an unmanned aerial vehicle to tour the whole island and found the specific location. They decided to take action when it was dark. Everything was well-prepared. Qin Sheng did not need to worry about anything. Zhang Zibang and Zhang Ziyu thought Qin Sheng would not play tricks and would obediently hand over the ancient jade, as long as they offered good service to him.

After the two fishing boats arrived at the island, Zhang Zibang arranged for someone to guard the boats. They would leave the place after their mission was done.

“You’ve already seen the photos of this place. There were three small buildings in total. We’re not clear about the specific location of Brother Hong you said, so your people and mine will act separately. You’ll go in the left direction while we’ll go in the right one. Send a few of our people to sneak into the buildings. After they confirm the specific location, we can attack them.” Even though it was not their business, Zhang Zibang did not dare to take it lightly. After all, he was in the same boat as Qin Sheng. If they got into trouble, they would die.

Qin Sheng nodded silently. At this time, he naturally had to obey Zhang Zibang’s order. “Let’s walk toward the buildings. Ziyu will use the unmanned aerial vehicle to monitor the situation on the island. All of us must follow her order. Don’t act at will.”

Qin Sheng glanced at Zhang Ziyu, not far from them. Now she was holding the remote control of the unmanned aerial vehicle and absorbed in controlling the equipment. When the violent girl became serious, she looked like a graceful lady.

After confirming the plan, Zhang Zibang said in a low voice, “Let’s go.”

Hence, the two sides acted separately. Qin Sheng took his people and drew toward the manor from the left side while Zhang Zibang brought his people and set off from the right side. Zhang Ziyu used the unmanned aerial vehicle to monitor the situation in the manor. There were two people left, who would wait for them to reach the destination and drive the fishing boats to Changfa Ridge to pick them up.

Qin Sheng unhurriedly moved toward the hill with Zhao Song, Hong Tao, and Bi Yong. This hill was not high. It only took them ten minutes to climb over the hill. The landing spot Zhang Zibang chose was the nearest place from the manor. In order to keep a low profile, they avoided a tree farm in the north, where there were lots of buildings and many people must live inside.

After a dozen minutes, Qin Sheng and his people finally arrived at the left side of the manor while Zhang Zibang reached the designated place. Zhang Ziyu was on a highland not far from Qin Sheng, controlling the small unmanned aerial vehicle.

Qin Sheng could see clearly that the building in the middle was brightly lit and the other two were poorly lit, so the building would be their target.

“Ziyu, what’s going on now?” Zhang Zibang asked by using the headset.

Zhang Ziyu carefully checked the situation of the whole manor two times and replied, “There’re only two enemies outside the main building of the manor. No one is in other directions. I suggest you deal with the two first and you’d better let them tell you where Brother Hong is.”

Qin Sheng also heard their conversation. Zhang Zibang spoke again. “Qin Sheng, let’s do it. I’ll lure one of them away and let you handle the other.”

Qin Sheng and his people quickly rushed toward the main building. When they approached near, they stopped, for fear of acting rashly and alerting the enemy.

Usually, there were many people in the manor; most of them were staff members. After Hong Xing was locked here, most of the staff members were sent away and only a few of them were left. The rest of the people were Ren Zhun’s minions.

The lights outside the main building were still on. Two men were standing there while chatting. It was extremely cold now in Hangzhou. They wore down jackets but still trembled because of coldness. One of them shouted angrily. “I wonder when we will be able to leave this barren place.”

“What’s the point of saying those words? Things haven’t been done; it’s too early to think about when we will leave,” the other replied.

The man who spoke first scolded, “The man inside is really tough. He has still kept his mouth shut. Such a kind of man is rarely seen in this society. I really admire him.”

“I also admire him.”

At this point, Zhang Zibang made a noise and drew the duo’s attention. The two men looked in the direction of the sound source and one of them said, “What is it?”

“I didn’t hear it. It must be a pheasant or hare,” the other said carelessly. He did not expect that someone would come here. They had been here for five days. Except for them, no one was here.

“Let’s go to check it out. If there are hares or pheasants, we’ll have a barbecue tonight,” the duo said in chorus. Hence, they walked toward the other side.

“There’s nothing in this season.” The man laughed and said.

Qin Sheng was surprised and did not expect the two of them to leave. He immediately said, “Both of them leave.”

“That’s good. We can deal with them both. Watch the doorway!” Zhang Zibang ordered.

When the duo walked toward the side of the main building, Zhang Zibang, who had been waiting there, rushed over with his trusted subordinates and grabbed the duo, without giving them any chance to resist.

Qin Sheng and his people waited at the door of the main building, in case someone came out.

After a few minutes, Zhang Zibang came over with his trusted subordinates. They had got what they wanted to know. The two men had been tied up and thrown into somewhere not far from here.

“What have you got?” Qin Sheng asked with a frown.

Zhang Zibang said with a smile, “I’ve got all we need to know. Four servants and two cooks lived in the building on the left. Apart from Brother Hong, there were eight people in total in the main building. Your Brother Hong is locked in the basement. It’s said that he has suffered a lot.”

“What shall we do next?” Qin Sheng asked.

Zhang Zibang took out a gun with a meaningful look and displayed it in front of Qin Sheng, saying, “With this in my hand, there’s no need to be afraid. They don’t have weapons. Don’t worry.”

“Why did you bring this with you?” Qin Sheng said as his face changed slightly.

Zhang Zibang said with a smile, “I have to take the precaution of taking the gun.”

Qin Sheng was speechless and could not help but hold Zhang Zibang in awe. He was afraid that the man would point his gun at him.

“Send a few people to control the servants and cooks in the left building, in case they will alert our enemy. We have to make it foolproof before we take action,” Zhang Zibang sneered.

Hence, Qin Sheng sent out Zhao Song and Bi Yong; Zhang Zibang also dispatched two of his people. It was not long before they came back. They told them that all the servants were watching TV in the living room and were directly tied up by them.

After everything was done, Zhang Zibang felt relieved and said, “Now it’s time for us to get into the house. You can climb the wall and sneak into the house from the second floor. We will rush in. Let’s cooperate with each other then.”

Qin Sheng nodded. The building was not tall, so it was easy for them to climb up into the second floor. They neatly reached the second floor from the balcony. After searching for a while, they found nobody on the second floor. Qin Sheng and his people immediately moved toward the stairs.

In the living room of the main building, there were only two people left. The rest, including Zhao Quan and Ren Zhun, were in the basement. They had tortured Hong Xing for a while but still had not got what they wanted. If they continued to torture him, Hong Xing would die.

Qin Sheng and his people, standing in the stairway, found that there were only two people in the living room. He signaled to his people to surround them. Zhao Song and Bi Yong approached from the left side; Qin Sheng and Hong Tao moved from the right. The two men were drinking while eating fish, so they did not expect someone to break in.

Qin Sheng winked at them. Both sides rushed over. Hong Tao grabbed a man’s neck while Qin Sheng punched the man on his belly and beat his face with his elbow. The man did not figure out what happened and was knocked out by Qin Sheng.

Zhao Song and Bi Yong also launched an attack…

At this moment, Ren Zhun, who failed to force Hong Xing to tell Jiang Xianbang’s secrets, walked out of the basement with his minions. They happened to see this scene and Ren Zhun went pale with shock, saying, “Who are you?”

Qin Sheng and the rest were shocked. They did not expect such an accident.

Even if he was silly, Ren Zhun still figured out what was going on and immediately ordered. “Beat them.”

This minions all rushed up, followed by Ren Zhun. The two sides immediately started a fight and the whole room was in a mess.

Qin Sheng stepped aside, dodged the attack from a man who rushed over, and knocked him down with a sweeping kick. Then his knee landed on the latter’s chest. At this point, Ren Zhun dashed toward Qin Sheng.

Hearing the sounds coming from inside, Zhang Zibang, who had been waiting outside for the opportunity, rushed in without hesitation, and his people immediately joined the battle.

When he saw the chaotic scene in front of him, Zhang Zibang unhurriedly loaded his gun and shouted. “Fuck, all of you stop.”

Zhang Zibang said in a powerful voice. Everyone looked at him. When they saw the gun in his hand, they all dared not move.

“Fight. Why do you not fight with each other?” Zhang Zibang said with a grin.

Ren Zhun, who was standing in front of Qin Sheng, twitched his mouth and did not know what to do now. He did not expect the gang of people to carry weapons and they had not prepared it at all. It seemed that they had bad luck today.

Aside from the man who was knocked out by Qin Sheng, Ren Zhun only had three helpers at this moment, but Qin Sheng had seven helpers, including Zhang Zibang, who was holding a gun. Obviously, Qin Sheng’s side had an advantage.

“Tie all of them up.” Qin Sheng ordered.

Ren Zhun and his people did not dare to act rashly, for fear that Zhang Zibang fired the gun. Zhao Song and the rest immediately took action. Shortly after, they had already tied them up.

After everything was done, Hong Tao pointed at the entrance not far from them, saying, “Mr. Qin, the basement is over there.”

Qin Sheng looked calm and thought that he would finally meet Brother Hong. Everything went smoothly tonight.

At this moment, the door of the basement was opened. Zhao Quan, who heard the noises and had no idea what happened, slowly walked out and cried with a chuckle, “It’s so noisy. What are you doing?”

The moment he finished his words, Zhao Quan was stunned. Qin Sheng and his people were also struck dumb and did not react in time…

“Why is he here?”