Chapter 111 Are You Speaking The Truth?

Early in the morning when Qin Sheng was still deep in his sleep, he was abruptly awakened by a series of hurried knocking on the door. Before he could get out of bed, he was quietly cursing the idiot who woke him up this early.

When he answered the door, still in his bathrobe, he found out who this idiot was. It was none other than Zhang Ziyu, the aggressive lady. Qin Sheng could not contain his anger and blurted out, “Are you sick? What’s the hurry? It’s still so early, can’t we talk later? I want to go back to sleep now.”

After saying what he needed to say, Qin Sheng tried to close to the door as an indication that she should leave. However, Zhang Ziyu refused to budge and said, “Haven’t you had enough sleep? Do you even know what time it is? Get up quickly! My brother is waiting to meet you. If you don’t get up and get going, I’m going to use violence!”

Qin Sheng could not be bothered about her. He headed straight back, jumped onto his bed and fell asleep. He really was feeling sleepy.

Zhang Ziyu followed closely behind him and when he plopped down onto his bed, she stretched out her hand and tried to pull on his arm and get him out of bed. However, it was impossible for her to pull this 160 pounds man up. “Zhang Ziyu, I’m getting mad if you don’t stop!” said Qin Sheng, provoked.

“Show me what you’re capable of!” snorted Zhang Ziyu.

By now, Qin Sheng was infuriated. He pulled hard on Zhang Ziyu so much so she fell onto the bed. Together, they rolled over and Qin Sheng ended up on top of Zhang Ziyu.

“What are you trying to do?” asked Zhang Ziyu in panic as she struggled to get up, but too bad she was being pinned down as Qin Sheng held her arms and legs down securely so she was unable to move an inch.

Qin Sheng snorted coldly and said, “You were the one who prompted me to show you what I can do. You forced me into doing this!”

“Let me tell you, Qin Sheng, if you do anything rude to me, my brother won’t let you off!” said Zhang Ziyu nervously. The reason Zhang Ziyu refused to negotiate with Qin Sheng, but sprung into action immediately was that Qin Sheng had treated her frivolously previously.

“Sorry, Qin Sheng, it’s my fault,” Zhang Ziyu knew she was no match for him, and that there was no way she could resist him, so she started to back down and asked for forgiveness.

Qin Sheng chuckled and said, “It’s only now that you admit that it’s your fault? What happened to that confidence you had previously?”

“Sorry, I’m at fault, please get off me,” Zhang Ziyu implored. No matter how little fears she had, she was really a little scared now.

“You have to say, ‘Sorry Sir, I’m wrong!'” Qin Sheng joked.

“Sir, I’m wrong!” Zhang Ziyu said pitifully.

“That’s more like it,” said Qin Sheng at rolled off her when Zhang Ziyu finally backed down.

Freed from Qin Sheng’s restraint, Zhang Ziyu was so ashamed and angry that she immediately threw Qin Sheng a punch. It was too bad Qin Sheng caught her wrist and bellowed, “Have you thought over this carefully? I’m only giving you one last chance.”

“Let go,” Zhang Ziyu said through gritted teeth as she tried to calm herself down.

Qin Sheng flung Zhang Ziyu’s arm away. Zhang Ziyu stood there with eyes burning with rage but she could do nothing to Qin Sheng because she was not his match.

“What are you still standing there for? I’m going to take a shower, unless you want to shower together with me?” teased Qin Sheng as he fixed his glare on Zhang Ziyu. Although this silly girl from the Zhang family was a sassy girl, she was actually a kind-hearted girl who was just lacking in femininity. She was a total contrast to Miss Song, who was an alluring fox.

Zhang Ziyu finally exited from the apartment, feeling humiliated and furious, and stood outside to wait. She had never won an argument with Qin Sheng. This was especially frustrating for her when Qin Sheng sneaked away under her watch earlier, which made her very angry. Qin Sheng was a despicable, cunning and frivolous villain in her eyes.

Finally, after 10 minutes, Qin Sheng finished showering and emerged from the door. By then, Hong Tao and Bi Yong had already gone to the hospital. They had a closer relationship with Hong Xing after all, and guarding over Hong Xin would put their heart at ease.

“Alright, let’s go,” Qin Sheng called out to Zhang Ziyu when he got out of the house.

They finally arrived at the house by Xiang Lake after half an hour where both Zhao Quan and Zhao Song were. Zhao Quan was locked up in a room without windows while Zhao Song was in a bedroom upstairs. Besides coming out of the rooms to have their meals, they basically stay in the rooms. Qin Sheng had reported everything to Jiang Xianbang, and Jiang Xianbang had also directed him as to what he should do to settle Bi Yong and Zhao Quan.

The weather in Hangzhou was fantastic with lots of sunlight. Zhang Zibang was enjoying a tanning session at the rooftop while drinking tea. Qin Sheng had promised him that after this trip to settle everything in Hangzhou, and when Hong Xing awoke, he would bring him to take the item he wanted. However, he had invited Qin Sheng here today in order to regain the Zhang Family’s heirloom, which was that piece of jade. What he worried most now was that Qin Sheng would play tricks, so he had someone to spy on Qin Sheng after they returned to Hangzhou. He had sent Ziyu to personally look for Qin Sheng because he could not get through to Qin Sheng through his phone.

“I’ve done my part in the matter between the two of us. I’ve found the person you wanted to find. Now is the time you carry out what you promised?” Zhang Zibang said casually as he took a sip of the tea with squinted eyes.

Wearing a smile on his face, Qin Sheng said, “Certainly. I’m an honest man who keeps to my promise. However, since that piece of jade heirloom from the Zhang family is so valuable, shouldn’t you also repay me with something as a token?”

Zhang Zibang and Zhang Ziyu’s faces changed immediately. “Qin Sheng, it’s not up to you to tell us or not. If you don’t, you won’t be able to leave today,” cried Zhang Ziyu, furious.

“Put all your antics away, Qin Sheng,” said Zhang Zibang, glaring at Qin Sheng as he put down the teacup.

Qin Sheng burst out laughing and said, “I was just joking! Look at the panic in your eyes! I’m surely going to tell you, otherwise you would be following me around again.”

“Out with it then,” Zhang Ziyu said impatiently. This matter was at the top of their mind now. If her brother were to lay hold of this heirloom, he would have accomplished a great task and grandfather would be so happy with him that he would be entrusted with more important tasks.

Last night, Qin Sheng was pondering over this matter and thought he had been shortchanged. He had made up his mind to negotiate further for a better return. “Old Zhang, I can certainly tell you where your heirloom is located. However, I’m faced with two problems. I may not be able to give you the item I promised because my boss had prohibited to deal privately with you and he berated me over this, so much so I felt ashamed to come to see you.”

“What do you mean?” Zhang Zibang said, squinting.

Qin Sheng took his time and said, “You can only choose between the heirloom and the item you requested. I’m left with no choice.”

“Do you want to die?” Zhang Ziyu cried out, charging towards Qin Sheng and put the dagger in her hand on Qin Sheng’s neck.

Without any fear, Qin Sheng said, “Anyways, I’m sandwiched between you and my boss now. If I agree to your request, my boss would kill me. However, if I reject your request, you will kill me. It’s going to be death for me anyway, just grant me a quick death!”

“I don’t believe you’re not afraid to die,” bellowed Zhang Ziyu as she pressed the dagger closer to Qin Sheng’s throat.

Zhang Zibang’s face was tense and drained of colors. He waved his hand at Zhang Ziyu and said, “Back away for now, Ziyu.”

“He’s trying to play tricks on us!” Zhang Ziyu cried in anger.

In a furious tone, Zhang Zibang shouted, “I told you to back off for now.”

Helpless, Zhang Ziyu snorted and backed off to the side. She gnashed her teeth at Qin Sheng but could not do anything more.

“What exactly do you mean, Qin Sheng?” Zhang Zibang asked, surprisingly smiling instead of getting mad.

Taking his time, Qin Sheng replied, “If you take a step back, give me some leeway, I assure you that you would get your heirloom back. I promise this is not a trick. I’m currently living my life in Shanghai and will finally settle down there. It’s easy for you to find me so I promise won’t be playing tricks.”

Zhang Zibang lit a stick of cigarette and went into deep thoughts. The other item was specified by grandfather. Just because they arrived a little later than Jiang Xianbang, now they had to pursue all the way to Hangzhou.

As for the heirloom, it was the life and pride of the Zhang family. Grandfather had always been thinking about it so much so that it had taken a toll on his health. If they only have a choice to choose one, it had to be the heirloom, no question asked. The only fear was that there would be others in the family who would complain. The trip to Hangzhou would be complete if he could lay hold of both items. However, this Qin Sheng…

Zhang Zibang sighed. He did not really care if Qin Sheng was trying to deceive them, there was no way he could avenge themselves even if he were to kill Qin Sheng. What was one life compared to the family’s heirloom and his future.

“Alright, I would agree to let go of the other item. However, you have to hand me the family’s heirloom. If you play any tricks, I will devote the rest of my life pursuing your life,” said Zhang Zibang decidedly.

Zhang Zibang’s words gave Qin Sheng a fright this time. It sounded as if there he owed his life to Zhang Zibang. There was no way he was going to brush this off lightly again. He could feel that Zhang Zibang would not let him off so easily. Qin Sheng had meant to test Zhang Zibang earlier on. If Zhang Zibang refused to agree to his request, he would have no other choice but to hand him the other item as well. Qin Sheng was truly surprised that Zhang Zibang would back off. This family heirloom must be very precious and important to him.

“Rest assured, I wouldn’t dare to play tricks with you,” Qin Sheng said with a grin.

“Now can you tell me?” Zhang Zibang said with a serious tone.

Qin Sheng scanned the place to indicate that there were too many people present for him to let out the secret. Zhang Zibang indicated for all the people to leave except Zhang Ziyu.

Qin Sheng sighed and said, “When the two families were pursuing me all the way to Qinghai, I end up hiding in Temple Ta’er. Knowing that I couldn’t keep the item with me and that I bumped into Reverend Lake of Temple Ta’er coincidentally, I handed he jade to him, telling him that someone would come to him one day to ask for the jade. If you go to Temple Ta’er to look for him, he would give the piece of jade to you.

“Are you serious?” Zhang Zibang asked suspiciously.

“I’m serious,” Qin Sheng answered without hesitation.

To him, it had been two years since. Finally, this was coming to an end. He would cut himself off totally from this matter. However, how was he going to solve the other problems after going through so much during these last two years?