Chapter 115 Sorry to Offense

An organization interviewed hundreds of elderly people over 70 and asked them what they regretted or pitied in their lives? Most of the elderly said that there was nothing to regret, but there was too much pity, one of which was that they easily gave up their loved ones, and finally pitied a lifetime.

Qin Sheng exactly knew what it meant when he said this to Lin Su. He was not a man who liked to talk big, valuing commitment and trust above all else. He could say nothing, but if he said, he must do it. A people, especially a man, must live like this.

Who was Yan’s family? It was a big family that even Jiang Xianbang dared not provoke. He worked hard so many years on the Bund, could he not be afraid? Compared with abandoning Lin Su, Qin Sheng naturally made a choice. Yan’s family was terrible in Shanghai, but as long as Lin Su was willing to be with him, where couldn’t they take root and sprout, must they stubbornly stay in Shanghai?

Most of the men who pursued Lin Su were men from extraordinary families or with successful careers. Naturally, they were more afraid of Yan’s background. Lin Su met many men. After hearing Yan Chaozhong’s name, they immediately kept away from her without hesitation. Qin Sheng, however, went on undeterred by the dangers ahead. Alternatively, just to say it, he was just the more wit, the less courage.

However, Lin Su suddenly said “did he dare to do something crazy?” frightened Qin Sheng. Qin Sheng knew that this woman dared to do anything. If she blew her mind, she would really do something crazy.

“Yes.” Qin Sheng just paused for a moment and directly nodded his head.

Lin Su laughed. “Don’t you ask me what to do?”

“I believe you; at least what you can do is within the scope of my imagination. You could not go to kill people, set fires, smuggle or sell drugs. You are a sensible and disciplined woman,” Qin Sheng said with a faint smile.

At least Qin Sheng promised, Lin Su was satisfied. She just had an impulse in that second and then calmed down in the next second. She felt that it might really frighten Qin Sheng, and even frighten all the Lins, so she finally gave up.

“Forget it.” Lin Su shook her head.

Qin Sheng did not question her again.

“I’m in a bad mood today, wanted to indulge myself for a day,” Lin Su said with a slight sigh.

Qin Sheng chuckled and said, “Okay, I’ll accompany you.”

This was the duty of flower protector. Even if he did have something, he had to put it off.

Before long, they arrived at Xiaolongkan on Middle Huaihai Road. This time, Lin Su didn’t stand Qin Sheng up again. There were not many people eating. And they chose a window seat and ordered the same dishes as last time. Hotpot was the lover of winter. On such a cold rainy day, it was really comfortable to eat hotpot.

After eating the hotpot, Qin Sheng took the initiative to ask, “What do you want to do next?”

“Women, they go shopping when they are happy, they go shopping when they are unhappy, so we go shopping. Not to mention that now we have you this free workforce, it’s too pity not use it,” Lin Su turned her head and looked at Qin Sheng, deliberately said.

Qin Sheng half-jokingly said, “Yes, accompany you. Even if you’re going to kill or set fire today, I will accompany you. Accompanying beautiful women shopping, that’s my honor.”

Did not go to Lujiazui, did not go to the busy Nanjing Road, they finally chose Xintiandi. Women always aimlessly went shopping, Lin Su was also the same. They just strolled in the mall of Xintiandi, stopped and went. When buying things, Lin Su didn’t care about the price, only care about whether it was suitable for her. Therefore, it was possible that the former one cost thousands of Yuan, the latter one only tens of Yuan.

After three hours of shopping, Qin Sheng’s body was full of bags, which made him somewhat regret promising to go shopping, but he could only follow his promise even with tears. Thank God Lin Su finally said, “That’s all for today.”

In the three hours, Lin Su spent twenty or thirty thousand Yuan, which was nothing to her. She did not ask Qin Sheng to pay for it, so Qin Sheng did not pretend to be rich. After all, he wasn’t her boyfriend yet, and Lin Su could not allow him to do so.

“For the sake of your hard work today, if you want anything, I can give you a gift,” Lin Su took the initiative to say, more or less embarrassed. She never let a man accompany her to go shopping, and she seldom went shopping, just occasionally bought a few clothes. Going shopping like today was already unprecedented.

Qin Sheng did not respond, just laughing and declining, “Come on, I don’t need anything. Just save your money.”

“I don’t like to owe people, you accompany me shopping, and I should give you gifts.” Lin Su stubbornly insisted, otherwise she was really embarrassed.

Qin Sheng felt that he could go shopping with Lin Su, which showed that his relationship with Lin Su had progressed well. In addition, after a day together, he became more familiar with him. Not every pursuer had such an honor.

There was a bookstore just below. Qin Sheng always wanted to go to the bookstore and bought some books. After all, that small bookstore was full of old books and didn’t have new books that kept up with the times. So he pointed to the downstairs bookstore and said, “I like books, so present me some books.”

“Okay.” Lin Su was a little surprised but still agreed. She did not know if Qin Sheng really liked reading, or if he was just trying to impress her. After all, she saw a lot of men like that.

It was a relatively literary bookstore, called Cat’s Sky City. The bookstore was not very big, not as big and modern as Chengpin and Fangsuo bookstores. There were lots of seats in the middle of the bookstore, where people could drink coffee and so on, with many people in it. When Qin Sheng and Lin Su came in, they naturally became the center of attraction. There were many beautiful women in it. However, once Lin Su appeared, she won the laurel crown in an instant. The men’s eyes widely opened, some boldly stared and some pretentiously looked, which somehow satisfied Qin Sheng’s vanity.

Lin Su also liked reading, but after a few hours of walking, she was a little tired, so she just sat in her seat and drank coffee. Qin Sheng entered the sea of books and wandered in the sea of knowledge. Sometimes the more he knew, the more he felt his insignificance and ignorance, the more he wanted to know, which was the common fault of most readers. However, some people just read books, while others learned and practiced it; they could turn knowledge into their own strength.

Most of them were bestsellers or poor-popular literature and art books, which didn’t appeal to Qin Sheng, who ended up finding two relatively interesting psychological books, and before he knew it, an hour had passed. Therefore, time flied.

“I didn’t notice the time,” Qin Sheng embarrassingly said after coming over with two books.

Lin Su shook her head and looked at Qin Sheng, saying, “It’s all right. Anyway, we have plenty of time today. I find that you are really charming when reading books.”

“You do? You finally find out my advantage. Don’t worry, you will find more in the future, “Qin Sheng shamelessly said.

Lin Su helplessly said, “What a nice atmosphere, you just broke it.”

Qin Sheng sat down with a jerky smiling and ordered a glass of juice.

“Why did you just buy two books?” Lin Su picked up the book that Qin Sheng had chosen and confusedly asked. After all, he chose it for an hour.

Qin Sheng casually said, “There are fewer books here, and they’re all best-sellers. I like books with depth.”

“Well, your taste is good, so you can go to Zhongshuge or Chengpin, where there are more books,” Lin Su suggested.

Qin Sheng nodded and said, “I’ve been thinking about this recently. I plan to go to the bookstore and buy some interesting books to enrich myself. Besides work and exercise, I’m going to spend most of my time reading books.”

“These days, there aren’t many young people like you.” Lin Su appreciated. She roughly looked into Qin Sheng’s books, feeling that they were quite interesting.

Qin Sheng handed the book to Lin Su, meaning she could go to pay for it. Rolling his eyes, Lin Su took the book and then went to pay the bill, which made the male compatriots present admire. He taught his girlfriend really good.

When Lin Su finished paying the bill, Qin Sheng cleverly picked up the bags and asked, “Where are we going next, my lady Lin?”

“Go to the meal, I’m hungry,” Lin Su grinned.

Qin Sheng remembered that the Japanese restaurant she went with Xia Ding and Xin Xin last time was just here, so they went there to eat Japanese food. Qin Shen paid the hotpot at noon, so for dinner at night, Lin Su naturally invited Qin Sheng, and he was not refuse either.

Laughing and talking, eating and drinking enough, Lin Su’s mood was finally relaxed. However, what they didn’t know was that from the moment they left Poly Square, Yan Chaozong arranged people to watch them all the time. Yan Chaozong knew everything they did. This time Qin Sheng completely offended Yan Chaozong.

After dinner, coming out of Xintiandi, Qin Sheng thought it was over and said with a sigh of relief, “I’ll take you home.”

“Why did you go back?” Lin Su frowned, clearly meaning that today was not over yet.

Qin Sheng was stunned, and then deliberately pretended to be a fool, saying, “Well, if we don’t go home, do we have to stay in a hotel? It’s a bit too fast for me to accept.”

Lin Su was surprised and knew that Qin Sheng was deliberately joking with her. She angrily said, “What do you think in your mind?”

Qin Sheng laughed and said, “So what do you want to do? Today I’ll disregard anything else to accompany you.”

“To find a bar to drink, I want to hear you sing,” Lin Su simply and directly said. She said that they should indulge themselves, naturally not just talk about it.

This sentence seemed to be somewhat familiar, Su Qin used to say the same when he was in a bad mood, just without the first half sentence.

Qin Sheng agreed without hesitation, “Okay, let’s go.”

With Lin Su, Qin Sheng naturally couldn’t go to the YOUNG bar anymore. Since he knew that the new owner of the YOUNG bar was Su Qin, Qin Sheng had never been there.

So the place Lin Su found was located in the north of Xintiandi, where there were a lot of bars, which was a little quieter than other places. However, obviously, the style of bars here was not lounge bars of folk songs that Qin Sheng liked. They were all bars of European style fulling of Shanghai style. Therefore, Lin Su finally gave up the idea that she wanted to listen to Qin Sheng singing. After all, singing folk songs here was too nondescript.

Just when Qin Sheng and Lin Su drank and chatted in the Luna bar in the north of Xintiandi, Yan Chaozong who was busy all day remembered the matter and immediately called his men who watched Qin Sheng and Lin Su, asking whether Lin Su already went home yet. When he knew that Lin Su and Qin Sheng had been together for a whole day, eating, hanging, and shopping, they even drank in the bar at the moment.

Yan Chaozong, who became angry, threw his mobile phone on the ground directly.