Chapter 116 You are…

Yan Chaozong was really annoyed. For so many years he had known Lin Su, when did he be treated like this? The most he could do was to invite Lin Su for dinner, send her home or attend some formal occasions. He didn’t even enter Lin Su’s home, let alone accompanied Lin Su to go shopping.

Nowadays, a man suddenly appearing raced ahead. How could Yan Chaozong not envy and jealousy him? Most importantly, he knew all of Lin Su’s friends. As for those pursuers, they were also rejected by him. Who was this man? Why could he let Lin Su fancy to him? Didn’t he know that Lin Su was going to be the fiancee of him Yan Chaozong? Did he not want to stay in Shanghai, or did he want to die?

The more he thought about it, the angrier he was. Why was he Yan Chaozong unworthy of Lin Su? In daily life, he focused on his career, kept himself clean and only had a few girlfriends which they were not for fun. He was far from being comparable to those rich and spoiled childes. In the eyes of his relatives and friends, he was a rare young talent. There were too many people who wanted to marry their Yan family. But Lin Su didn’t cherish it at all, he really did not know what she thought.

For Lin Su, firstly Yan Chaozong really liked her. From childhood to adulthood, in the eyes of many people, they were a couple of childhood sweetheart. Lin Su was better than boys at everything. When he was a child, he worshiped Lin Su very much. When he grew up, he also actively pursued Lin Su. However, Lin Su always regarded him as a friend. Now he was of married age and his family naturally attached great importance to his marriage. Unlike other families who did not ask children’s opinions and just directly decided, his family asked his own opinions. Finally, he chose Lin Su. The two families were friends. His patriarch spoke in person, and the Lin family readily agreed. He thought the matter had been nailed down. However, Lin Su did not agree, which made him very dissatisfied. In Lin and Yan’s two families, Yan’s was stronger and Lin’s was a little weaker. It was Yan’s condescension, Lin’s family was naturally delighted.

After calming down, Yan Chaozong bitterly laughed, but who let him like Lin Su? Some things could not be too anxious, the easier to get, the less it will be cherished. Perhaps all this was a test for him.

Therefore, Yan Chaozong did not make any decision at last. He wanted to further observe the relationship between Lin Su and this man. If it was really more and more dangerous, then he must come out. If it was just an ordinary friendship, then he could rest assured. He knew very well that his role played by Lin Su in the past two years made Lin Su somewhat disgusted. As long as any pursuers appeared, they would be beaten back by him and voluntarily given up. It was impossible for Lin Su not getting angry. Perhaps it was the reason why Lin Su was reluctant to nod.

In the Luna bar, Qin Sheng and Lin Su chatted for a while. It was over nine o’clock, and Lin Su felt a little sleepy. Moreover, foreigners kept coming to chat her up, which made Lin Su very uncomfortable. So she got up and wanted to leave.

At this time, two drunk foreigners came over and wanted to have a drink with Lin Su. However, Lin Su was already a little drunk and did not want to drink anymore. Today, she was in a bad mood, but she was decent. She still had a busy work to do tomorrow, so Lin Su directly refused.

But the two foreigners kept badger, not intending to let Lin Su go, but also wanted to do something. Qin Sheng directly stood in front of Lin Su, which was the responsibility of a flower protector.

These two big burly foreigners were taller and stronger than Qin Sheng, who didn’t give Qin Sheng any attention at all. Nowadays, in this society, there were many foreigners who couldn’t survive in their home country and then came to China to pretend to be great men. However, many Chinese people worshiped foreign and really seriously took them. Sometimes because of some foreign affairs, the Chinese even dared not provoke them, but today, they met Qin Sheng.

A brown-haired, bearded foreigner didn’t want to talk to Qin Sheng. He reached out to push Qin Sheng away, but Qin Sheng grabbed his arm. Qin Sheng whispered to Lin Su, “You take things out first, I’ll come later.”

Without saying anything more, Lin Su picked up her things and went out. At the same time, she gave Qin Sheng a look to let him be careful and not to cause any trouble. Qin Sheng smiled and nodded. When the two foreigners saw Lin Su leaving, they instantly got angry. Besides, Qin Sheng was still holding one of his arms. The foreigners beside him cursed a fuck and directly waved his fists to Qin Sheng.

Qin Sheng just turned around, he was about to get a punch. So he quickly pulled another foreigner’s arm in front of him, followed by hitting the foreigner’s abdomen with a punch. The foreigner’s skin was rough and fleshy, so Qin Sheng did not save his strength.

When the foreigner saw Qin Sheng dare to hit, he kicked Qin Sheng. But he was drunk and unstable under his feet, and he almost got shaken by Qin Sheng. Qin Sheng was not interested in foreigners at all. He scolded these people for earning money in our country and even daring to bully our people. He just picked up a bottle from the table next to him and hit the foreigner on the head. The foreigner immediately fell to the ground.

Without hesitation, Qin Sheng quickly ducked a hook from the first foreigner and elbowed him on his back. When the foreigner bent down, he raised his knee and hit the foreigner’s face. The man lost all consciousness, directly lay down on the ground, and could not get up again.

During the sudden fight, before anyone in the bar could recover their minds, the two foreigners were overthrown by Qin Sheng. Lin Su stood at the door and kept looking inside, fearing that Qin Sheng would suffer a loss. Although she had seen Qin Sheng fought with the Tibetans two years ago, and she knew the skill and prowess of Qin Sheng who seemed to have practiced, she was somewhat worried.

After that, Qin Sheng did not dare to stay. He ignored the security guards coming from the bar, hurried to the door, and took Lin Su’s hand. Before Lin Su could recover her mind, they rushed outside. When the bar security guards saw Qin Sheng running, they also chased out.

They directly rushed out of the north of Xintiandi. Thanks to the flat shoes Lin Su wore today, she kept exercising all the time and ran every morning, or she wouldn’t be able to keep up with Qin Sheng.

At the roadside of Taiping Park, Lin Su threw her things on the ground. They heavily gasped and were very embarrassed. Lin Su stared at Qin Sheng. Suddenly, she giggled, and Qin Sheng also laughed.

Passers-by thought they met two neurotics.

“What are you laughing at?” Qin Sheng finally came round and puzzledly asked.

“Then what are you laughing at?” Lin Su asked him.

“I laugh that you don’t look like a goddess anymore, more like a female neurotic, ha ha ha ha,” Qin Sheng said with joy.

Lin Su stared at Qin Sheng with her waist crossed, saying, “It’s because of you. To be honest, do you often do that?”

“I used to do it in high school. After that I seldom do it. Besides, it doesn’t blame me. Who makes you so charming that the two foreigners are fascinated, and they drank too much. If I don’t quickly solve them, who knows how long they would entangle us?” Qin Sheng unkindly said.

Lin Su heartily laughed, but she did not contradict Qin Sheng.

Qin Sheng picked up things from the ground and said to Lin Su, “Well, it’s been a crazy day. It’s getting late. I’ll send you home.”

“Okay.” Lin Su nodded.

On the way back to Lujiazui apartment, Qin Sheng sat in the front, and Lin Su sat in the back, with all her trophies beside. Neither of them spoke, they seemed to be thinking about something.

After getting off the car, Qin Sheng took the initiative to lift those things. Lin Su only took the bag in her hand. Today was her happiest day in this period, she had no worries and could think about nothing.

Lin Su walked ahead, Qin Sheng followed behind. It was very cold on rainy nights. Fortunately, the rain stopped in the afternoon, and Qin Sheng followed in Lin Su’s footsteps at a leisurely pace.

When he was idle, Qin Sheng whistled a song that he liked very much. It was not very popular that most people might not hear of it. Lin Su thought it sounded good. During walking, he whistled, and she listened. A few minutes later, they were downstairs.

Lin Su stopped, turned around, and said, “Okay, that’s it.”

Qin Sheng was very sensible. He didn’t dare to think to enter Lin Su’s boudoir, so he gave things to Lin Su, only leaving the two books. He said with a smile, “Okay, then, have an early rest.”

“Okay,” Lin Su took things and said with a smile, “Thank you, Qin Sheng.”

Qin Sheng didn’t say a word, smiled and waved, turned around and left, without hesitation. After all, it was not departure, just the beginning.

Qin Sheng had not gone a few steps when Lin Su shouted, “Qin Sheng!”

Qin Sheng turned subconsciously, puzzledly saying, “What’s wrong?”

“Oh, nothing. I just want to ask, what song was that you just whistled?” Lin Su asked with somewhat embarrassment.

Qin Sheng said with a faint smile, “Twelve.”

“Twelve?” Lin Su muttered to herself, staring at Qin Sheng’s back as he left.

It was almost 11 o’clock when he got back to Shilin Huayuan. Both Chang Baji and Hao Lei were back. Hao Lei curiously said, “What did you do this day? You didn’t answer the phone, nor see you in the gym.”

Qin Sheng delightedly said, “Guess what?”

In Hao Lei’s curse of “guessing your big uncle”, Qin Sheng went back to his room to take a bath.

In the Lujiazui apartment, Lin Su also took a bath, sat in front of the computer in her pajamas, ready to check several work emails. Yan Chaozong sent several WeChat messages, but Lin Su ignored them.

She was supposed to receive emails, suddenly thought of the song Qin Sheng just said. So she opened Netease Cloud Music and searched the song Twelve, and then she was fascinated by it.

“You are hot waves of September summer. You are pouring yearnings of heavy rain.

You are a dream of flying over mountains and rivers. You are the roadside of all snow-white night.

You are the young scenery of the southern hemisphere. You are speechless. You are staring at each other.

You are wings through the landing window. You are the fragrance of the small town’s sunshine.

You are the magnetic field, unable to resist and constantly chase. You are the direction of sunset in the evening.

You are a short-lived ideal that I cannot embrace.

You are the journey. You are the hometown.

You are unforgettable love, reluctant to stop. You are a long way from the ruins.

You are the unrepentant hour that comes and goes. You are a bundle of life in full bloom.

You are the careful rows of written stroke. You are the wrong growth of a few strands of hair.

You are the cure. You are the nutrition.

You are missing the home from all over the world.

You are my only regret and desire.

You are a dream I don’t want to wake up, a tender one.

My name is unforgettable.

My name is unforgettable.”