Chapter 117: Hit When He Is Down

Lin Su listened to the Twelve, smiling faintly and exceedingly beautiful. After receiving several work emails, Lin Su went to bed and rested. Everything was so perfect today.

More or less, she knew that Qin Sheng just whistled and sang Twelve, naturally to satisfy her little desire to hear him sing today. This man always touched her in small details. Just like when she was in a bar, he quietly stood in front of her. Just like when they traveled together before, no matter what happened, she would not worry about it, and he would try to solve it.

Why could Lin Su and Qin Sheng’s relationship go such rapid? It was naturally because of those previous stories. Although it was less than two months, Qin Sheng left an indelible mark in her life and was also a man who rarely could interest her. Unfortunately, he came and left in such a hurry. If Qin Sheng did not suddenly appear, Lin Su felt that she might already agree that marriage. After all, there was no man to let her like yet. As her grandma said, at this age, it was time to get married. Anyway, it already was, and it was a lifetime no matter whom she married.

But now, she was not going to do that. She wanted to go crazy once.

“Make your whole year’s plan in the spring and the whole day’s plan in the morning.” If a man could keep his regular schedule for decades, he was really not simple. This, of course, had to get rid of some special jobs.

Qin Sheng got up and came back after running, bought breakfast for Hao Lei and Chang Baji, and finally went out together. During this time, Qin Sheng did not go to work. Chang Baji would go out together with Hao Lei every day, and then they directly went to Shangshan Ruoshui to replace the deputy manager Yuan Hua or Sun Chao who was on duty last night. Now, Chang Baji played a key role in the security department. At first, Yuan Hua and Sun Chao were not somewhat convinced. Nevertheless, things Chang Baji did really didn’t give them the chance to criticize, so now they became very loyal.

What about Qin Sheng?

He planned to go to see Jiang Xianbang yesterday, but he finally had to give up after accompanying Lin Su for a crazy day. Therefore, he went straight to the Middle Huaihai Road after leaving the house. But when he arrived, he knew that Jiang Xianbang was not there, who lived in Dadian Lake in Zhujiajiao these two days. Therefore, Qin Sheng had to call Jiang Xianbang and finally went straight to Dadian Lake.

An hour later, on the road around Dadian Lake in Zhujiajiao, Jiang Xianbang took a walk by the lake with the help of a beautiful young woman, followed by the young man who was his henchman and driver, keeping a suitable distance. Qin Sheng didn’t have much connection with him. Each time they met, they just nodded.

When he saw Qin Sheng, Jiang Xianbang patted the beautiful woman’s buttocks next to him, nodded to the young man behind him, signaling to take her back first, and then waved to Qin Sheng.

After being coquetry with Jiang Xianbang, the beauty unwillingly left. Qin Sheng slowly walked over and joked, “You’re so leisurely, coming here to enjoy your happiness.”

“After so many years of tossing, I should have a good rest. Otherwise, I’ll be tired to death in this life.” Jiang Xianbang laughed, still kept the attitude of the retired emperor who didn’t care about anything.

Jiang Xianbang continued to walk along the lake, Qin Sheng closely followed. Jiang Xianbang sighed, “I think you would come here just after returning to Shanghai, but I don’t expect you to come today.”

“You would enjoy your life; couldn’t you let me rest for two days? That doesn’t make sense.” Qin Sheng coldly snorted.

Jiang Xianbang sighed, “Do you have something to say? Just ask what you want.”

Qin Sheng didn’t refuse and directly asked, “Uncle Jiang, is something happened?”

Jiang Xianbang lightly laughed. There were not many people near the lake in the early morning. It was quiet here, where it became lively only at weekends. He casually said, “I’ve experienced so many things, what could be called a matter? As long as we live, everything will pass away.”

That also gave Qin Sheng an answer, although it was rather ambiguous.

Qin Sheng frowned and asked, “Who will be against you?”

“Being against me is not as complicated as you think. It’s too early to make a final decision on some things. The gods fight, we common people are easy to suffer. Besides, it’s not easy for me, a sinner, to live up to now.” Jiang Xianbang still did not intend to say too much to Qin Sheng.

Qin Sheng wanted to say something else and was stopped by Jiang Xianbang, who directly said, “I may be a little busy lately. When you are free, please spend more time with Qing’er. Don’t let this girl worry too much. I plan to hand over all the antiques to several big museums first. Next month, I will appoint you as the general manager of Shangshan Ruoshui. Xu Lancheng help me deal with the company’s trifles, I still trust him a little bit.”

Qin Sheng had only been here for less than three months and would become the general manager of Shangshan Ruoshui. Hearing this, Qin Sheng was somewhat shocked. From this, it was clear that Jiang Xianbang was also having some difficulties. Otherwise, he would not do so.

“How much you can absorb depends on your abilities,” Jiang Xianbang casually said.

Jiang Xianbang had already been like this, he still wanted to continue paving the way for Qin Sheng. Qin Sheng felt that besides his grandfather’s relationship, he really did not do things for Jiang Xianbang, just let him help him everywhere. Therefore, he gritted his teeth and said, “What can I do for you?”

“What can you do for me? I’ve lived for most of my life. I can accept any result. Besides, it’s not that difficult, so don’t worry about me becoming Han Guoping. I’m going to live to be a hundred years old, and even King of the Underworld won’t take me away,” laughed Jiang Xianbang, “But you’re still young, and your life is just beginning. Well, if you really want to help me, could you help me handle some things for me during my stay in Hong Kong, and I’ll give them orders.”

“Okay.” Qin Sheng nodded without hesitation.

Jiang Xianbang patted Qin Sheng on the shoulder and said, “I haven’t met any big people in my life. In my eyes, those officials and nobles are just as miserable as I am. To say the big people, your grandfather was one of them. He forecasted that I would have misfortune in my life; he just didn’t say whether I could safely survive. Maybe that’s why he wouldn’t let me see him afterward. So I helped you when you were in college, just wanted to see him again, but it turned out to be a pity.”

“Why don’t I think he’s so good?” Qin Sheng disagreed. In his eyes, grandpa was an ordinary old man who listened to operas, drank, met friends and took walks. But he slept most of his time.

Jiang Xianbang laughed and said, “You don’t know when you are lucky. I wonder if your father is still alive, would he also be a big people?”

“I haven’t seen him. I think maybe he’s already dead,” Qin Sheng shook his head and said. He had not thought about it for a long time.

Jiang Xianbang did not comment on it. Everything had its cause and effect. He shook his head and said with a bitter smile, “Come on, let’s go back and have some tea. It’s quite cold outside, my woman makes tea pretty well.”

They were going back along the lake when a cynical young man, wearing a sports suit and a cap, stared at them with a smile.

“Well, there is just a sign of trouble; someone already wants to drop down stones. They really don’t take me seriously,” Jiang Xianbang calmly said.

The cynical young man said with a smile, “You are Mr. Jiang.”

“Whose man are you?” Jiang Xianbang casually said.

The young man laughed and said, “Don’t worry about that. I just take money to kill you. You’ve lived to this age, which is long enough. But your mistress is very beautiful; I plan to take her over. Mr. Jiang, if you don’t mind.”

“Young man, you really talk big,” Jiang Xianbang said, not angry at all.

Qin Sheng couldn’t stand it anymore. Everyone dared to show off in front of Jiang Xianbang, which showed no respect at all. He smiled at Jiang Xianbang and said, “Uncle, you go back first. I’ll handle this.”

“Can you do it?” Jiang Xianbang was not surprised that Qin Sheng could stand up and asked with a smile.

Qin Sheng said, “Have you forgotten whose grandson I am?”

“Okay, shed a bit blood is enough, don’t kill him, which would make a little trouble.” Jiang Xianbang slightly nodded and then turned to leave.

Qin Sheng slowly moved forward a few steps and said, “Do you eat garlic when going out? You really talk big.”

“Lv Zhengyi could stop me, but I don’t think you could. If you want to live, get out of my way.” The young man’s tone was still very big, and he didn’t take Qin Sheng seriously at all.

Who was Lu Zhengyi?

Oh, Qin Sheng remembered that he should be Jiang Xianbang’s driver and bodyguard. It seemed that he was not a simple role. No wonder this man would choose to kill people at this time. It turned out that he felt the opportunity had come without Lv Zhengyi here.

“Could you stop talking? If you go on talking too much, Elder Jiang will go far. Maybe you could meet Lv Zhengyi soon. I really hate you people who always talk too much before starting. So you have only one ending, die and no place to bury.” Qin Sheng indifferently provoked.

The young man threw off his cap, took off his down jacket, and exposed the tight black short sleeve underneath. His muscles were as fierce as Qin Sheng’s, and he was probably friends of young women at the gym. He angrily said to Qin Sheng, “Get yourself killed.”

After that, he rushed to Qin Sheng, just like a tiger coming down the mountain. The momentum was not an ordinary role. Qin Sheng stared at him and took off his jacket. It was a grey sweater inside, but it didn’t affect his performance at all. He had recovered from his injury in Nanjing. If it was a while ago, he might not have been able to do his best.

Lake Dadian had a great view, surrounded by villas or high-end hotels, such as Zhujiajiao Anman, which belonged to Anman Hotel Group. However, they had to fight here, which was really a big unpleasantness.

Qin Sheng pushed up with his feet and rushed towards without retreating. He lunged at the young man, and the duel between them began.

At the same time, the Shangshan Ruoshui on Sinan Road just opened a few minutes ago, and then a group of strange guests arrived. After seeing them, Chang Baji, who was knowledgeable and resourceful, felt that they were not easy. Therefore, he immediately sent someone to follow him.