Chapter 118 Noisily Rush Forward

Jiang Xianbang experienced lots of things for so many years. No matter what kind of ups and downs he experienced, he survived. How many friends around him could not get a good death, and how many people could survive, couldn’t he be prepared for danger in times of peace? Besides, every big man with sins would make plans to escape. In the Bund, no matter how glorious you had been, there would always be a day when you lost all your reputation. Lots of heroes who slaughtered others would eventually die of anonymity.

Therefore, when there was a sign of trouble, Jiang Xianbang already began to make preparations. His actions of transferring assets, cleaning up his industry, donating antiques and so on, were all for this purpose. He also planned to go to Hong Kong to hide for a while. After the danger passed, he would act according to circumstances. He would not be like Han Guoping, who had no choice, but to shoot himself and commit suicide.

However, just as something happened, some people planned to deal with him, which made Jiang Xianbang somewhat dissatisfied. Things including the Hangzhou affair also targeted him. However, Jiang Xianbang did not know exactly who it was. After all, many people could be, even including his heart-to-heart friends. At this time, they would only think of preserve themselves, how could they care about him?

Qin Sheng helped Jiang Xianbang to stop the unexpected visitor. After he left, Jiang Xianbang was not at ease, so he immediately called Lv Zhengyi and asked him to come and help, so that he could be sure.

This young man wearing sportswear and cap did not carry any weapons, showing his strength. Qin Sheng naturally dared not take him lightly. He would not despise any opponent. Even lions should fight rabbits with all their strength. In addition, how many heroes died in the hands of little guys. It was not about the ugly means of the little guy. It was just about the carelessness of the hero.

Sure enough, in the beginning, the young people used a sidekick with an extremely tricky angle, straight into Qin Sheng’s face. Qin Sheng did not dare to directly resist but stooped to avoid it. However, he did not choose to blindly defend but intended to aggressively attack. After avoiding that, he punched the young man’s back.

The young man, as if there were eyes on his back, agilely turned to avoid it. Then he grabbed Qin Sheng’s arm and jumped up to attack Qin Sheng’s chest with his knees lifted. Qin Sheng didn’t panic, just raised his knee and got stuck in the young man’s leg socket. No one could go any further.

However, both sides did not intend to keep so. Qin Sheng used his strength to smash his left elbow into the young man’s chest. At the same time, the young man also threw a powerful hook and went straight to Qin Sheng.

No one dodged. Eventually, both fell to the ground, seemingly evenly matched.

The young man covered his chest and stared at Qin Sheng. Qin Sheng’s shoulders ached lightly, and he slightly bent like a cheetah. The young man said, “Not bad. I don’t expect that there is such a powerful person followed Jiang Xianbang. It seems that our intelligence system is not good.”

“You’re as good as Yang Deng followed Third Master Wu. But since you’re here, you have to leave something behind,” Qin Sheng said, squinting.

“Well, it seems that I met a tough guy today. I didn’t expect Yang Deng to be defeated in your hands. Interesting. It seems that this trip is not in vain. So let me have a good look at your abilities.” The young man slowly rose up, clenched his fists and slightly bent his legs, ready for the next attack.

Qin Sheng gave a self-introduction, “I’m Qin Sheng.”

“Wei Long,” the young man slowly said.

This time, Qin Sheng took the lead in attacking. It was impolite not to reciprocate. Wei Long stood still in his place. As he approached, Qin Sheng jumped up and kicked Wei Long in succession. Wei Long hid and retreated, did not confront the tough with the toughness of Qin Sheng. After Qin Sheng landed, Wei Long found the right time and kicked to Qin Sheng’s calf. At the moment, Qin Sheng seemed to have no reaction time to escape. In addition, Wei Long also guessed that.

However, he looked down at Qin Sheng, who deliberately exposed the flaw. He took the distance very accurately, his whole body turned to Wei Long, and his fists suddenly went to Wei Long’s chest.

Wei Long’s face instantaneously changed, and it was impossible for him to stop. Just as his foot was about to hit his target, the fallen Qin Sheng struck him in the chest with his fists, directly pushing him back several steps.

Qin Sheng took advantage of the strength to closing, bent his knees and rushed up again. This time, Qin Sheng’s offensive was even fiercer, as fast as lightning. He did not give Wei Long a chance to attack at all, leaving him tired of defense.

Both sides went back and forth, using their fists and feet. In addition, eventually, Qin Sheng knocked Wei Long out with a shoulder down, getting a slight advantage. Qin Sheng also was hit by Wei Long’s foot on his back.

“Just so so,” Qin Sheng sarcastically said, “With this, how dare you to kill Mr. Jiang alone. You looked down on Mr. Jiang!”

Wei Long’s eyes were grim, and he finally understood why the man could make Yang Deng suffer losses. He was really powerful. Moreover, he had unique skills beyond all expectations, and his fists seemed to have a lot of movements.

“Haha, yeah, you also are not that good. You want to keep me, not even close,” Wei Long did not give up, disapprovingly said.

Qin Sheng coldly said, “Then let’s go on.”

“No, we shall meet again someday. Next time I’ll take your life.” Wei Long knew that he couldn’t do anything to this man today. Even if he did, he would be seriously injured, and Jiang Xianbang had already escaped. It was not his task, so he knew it was time to go.

“Want to go?” Qin Sheng sneered.

Wei Long did not hesitate, defiantly waved at Qin Sheng, immediately turned around and pulled away, faster than a runaway wild horse. With a series of Parkour movements, he jumped over several obstacles and disappeared in an instant. By the time Qin Sheng came to himself, the man already went away.

Qin Sheng bitterly smiled and said, “Shit! He ran so fast.”

At this time, Lv Zhengyi rushed over and saw Qin Sheng safely standing in the distance, slightly frowning and saying, “Are you all right?”

“I’m all right,” Qin Sheng said, shaking his head, “The guy can’t beat me and then run away, faster than rabbits.”

“Okay, Mr. Jiang is waiting for you,” Lv Zhengyi calmly said, but his eyes were somewhat unexpected. Unexpectedly, Qin Sheng was not hurt. It was not an ordinary role who dared to kill Mr. Jiang, which meant that Qin Sheng’s skill was not simple.

Qin Sheng shook his head and said, “No, you tell him I’m going back, and I’ll call him later.”

Lv Zhengyi did not stop him, just silently nodded and watched Qin Sheng leave. He knew that Qin Sheng had a not low status in Mr. Jiang’s heart, and he also knew the original relationship of Mr. Jiang and Qin Sheng’s grandfather.

It was over on Qin Sheng’s side. Moreover, the play of the Shangshan Ruoshui on Sinan Road was just staged. Two members brought two friends or staff to eat in the box. Suddenly, they criticized that the food was really awful. And just Ms. An and Wang Haichao had not come yet, only Wang Haichao tired to deal with it.

“What the hell. Is this pig feed? Taste it, is it edible?” After scolding the two artists away, when Wang Haichao entered the box, the man directly pulled Wang Haichao down on the table and shouted.

If Wang Haichao didn’t hold on the table, his face would be in direct contact with the plate. Wang Haichao responded with a temper of endurance, “Mr. Liu, if you don’t like it, I’ll let the kitchen redo it for you. Today’s meal is on me, and I’ll send you a bottle of wine to make amends.”

In addition, he was a little narrow-minded, liked to toady to people and take advantage of artists, there was nothing really wrong with Wang Haichao. He really did his best in his work. Most of the time, he could bear things well, and he could also make good relations with members. For example, in this case, there was nothing wrong with Wang Haichao’s handling.

However, today these two were entrusted by others to deliberately make trouble. They naturally would not put Wang Haichao in their eye, scolding, “What do you think you are? Are you eligible to invite me to dinner? Just with a bottle of dilapidated thing, you want to cool me down. Am I short of such little money?”

Wang Haichao was just ready to ask what he wanted. Then that man directly pushed Wang Haichao into the dish next to him, and immediately his men began to throw dishes and bowls.

Wang Haichao knew in his heart that he couldn’t cope with the fact that these people were not coming to eat but to make trouble.

The whole box instantly was in a mess, and the artists ran out in fear. Wang Haichao was even more miserable, who was directly beaten on the ground, with all the leftovers on his body. It was really embarrassing, and his heart was full of bitterness.

Some artists rushed out to find Chang Baji. After all, Xu Lancheng and Ms. An were not here, and Chang Baji was the deputy general manager whose rank was higher than Wang Haichao, he even was the manager of the security department.

Chang Baji had sent people to notice the situation. After hearing the noise, he directly rushed up with all the security guards of the security department. He happened to meet the artist, who sadly said, “Mr. Chang, a fight, a fight broke out inside.”

Chang Baji shouted to the security guards behind him, “Give me up!”

After saying that, he took the lead and ran over. All the artists surrounded the door. When they saw Chang Baji coming with the security guards, they immediately spread out and let them in. And then Chang Baji firstly rushed in.

When he saw the scene in front, he couldn’t help getting angry and said, “A group of guys who don’t know good from bad, coming to die?”

“What do you think you are?” One of Liu’s men pointed at Chang Baji and scolded him.

Chang Baji was unwilling to talk with these guys. He just directly grabbed his arm and pulled him over. In addition, he used a suplex to hit him hard on the ground. The body of 1.8 meters was like a plaything in front of Chang Baji, which could not stand a blow at all. Eventually, Chang Baji’s foot stepped on the man’s face.

Chang Baji’s domineering action directly shocked all the people present. Nobody dared to do anything. At this moment, Chang Baji’s eyes can kill everyone in the room.

“What the hell are you doing here? Arrest them all! Who the hell dares to fight back, just beat them to death!” Chang Baji shouted to a group of guards behind him.

A thousand days the country nurtured its soldiers and all for one day’s battle. Chang Baji took over the security department for a period, and he rectified all the staff in the security department. All the crap were kicked out and most of the guards were newly joined. With the special training during this period, these security guards only obeyed Chang Baji’s orders. Even Xu Lancheng’s orders, they should be reported to Chang Baji before the implementation.

Hearing Chang Baji’s words, a group of security guards rushed up, as if they were on drugs. Regardless of what kind of characters inside, with Chang Baji taking responsibility for what happened, they were not to blame.