Chapter 119: Promoted Again

Shangshan Ruoshui and Jiang Xianbang were attacked at the same time. If this was considered a pure coincidence, then all couples on earth would be long-lost siblings. Hence, this was an obvious set-up that had been in planning for a long time.

Chang Baji did not know the situation, but on the night before, when Qin Sheng told him to take note of the guest volume at Shangshan Ruoshui, he felt surprised. And today, not long after they opened their doors, trouble came to them. And there were even two members among them. Did they not know what kind of a place this was?

Chang Baji did not care. If you dare to cause trouble, then I’ll dare to teach you a lesson. In the blink of an eye, several security guards got all six of them under control. Whoever dared to resist or say a word, Chang Baji would immediately reply with a punch, no matter their identity or background.

Seeing how harsh Chang Baji was, this bunch of troublemakers did not dare to be arrogant anymore. They surrendered quietly and was held under arrest in the office by the security guards. Chang Baji has already sent someone to contact Xu Lancheng and he was on his way. He was about to take the day off but such a thing had to happen. This was causing an adverse effect to Shangshan Ruoshui.

Xu Lancheng was not in a rush to inform his big boss Jiang Xianbang. He decided to first find out the details before making the report. However, Chang Baji had already informed Qin Sheng. During then, Qin Sheng was on the subway, going back to the city. It was not convenient to talk about matters like these on the train, so he got off at the next station and called him back.

“You said that someone is causing a ruckus at Shangshan Ruoshui?” Qin Sheng frowned and asked after hearing Chang Baji’s detailed recount. Just now, someone tried to kill Jiang Xianbang, and right after that, someone caused a ruckus at Shangshan Ruoshui. It was very likely to be done by a group of people.

Chang Baji explained slowly, “They’re now under control, but they won’t tell us who they’re working for. Two of them are even members, their identity is more unique, we dare not touch them. Xu Lancheng is on his way here.”

“Hold on, I’ll be right there,” Qin Sheng said in a low voice after thinking for a moment. Who cares if he was on suspension.

Since such a big incident had happened at Shangshan Ruoshui, the few leaders have all rushed over. At this moment, Xu Lancheng was discussing a strategy with Chang Baji. On the outside, the in-charge of each section were also discussing in whispers. Wang Haichao had already taken a shower and changed into a new set of clothes. But because he had suffered such an extreme humiliation, he was set on getting an explanation.

Yu Fengzhi squinted her eyes as she judged the Wang Haichao who now had bruises and a swollen face. Although usually, they were not exactly agreeable with each other, she felt pity for him. She was just about to go and comfort him, but the petty Wang Haichao thought that she was laughing at him, saying that she was pretending to be kind-hearted. He also made some sarcastic remarks, leaving her with no choice. She became too lazy to care about him.

The two Assistant Managers in the security department were also too lazy to care about Wang Haichao. Usually, they found him an eye sore, and today they felt that he deserved it. Only the Manager and Assistant Manager from the administrative department went up to comfort him.

In the office, Xu Lancheng and Chang Baiji sat opposite each other and both lit a cigarette. Xu Lancheng was the first to speak. “Old Chang, what do you think of this?”

“There’s always someone behind an unexpected incident. I heard from the subordinates that Shangshan Ruoshui had not encountered any incidents ever since it’s opening, let alone its members causing a ruckus on their own. These members are all elites, who would cause a scene just because of such a small thing? Besides, Mr. Jiang’s identity is special, who would dare to go against the rules?” Chang Baji analyzed the situation as he smoked his cigarette. He had been in this environment for so many years, it was a given that he would know all these rules. Usually in this kind of venue, unless the person did not have eyes or was drunk, otherwise, no one would dare to cause a scene.

Xu Lancheng understood what he meant. He lowered his voice and said, “You’re saying that someone is directing all of this, they’re doing this on purpose?”

“Yes, if there’s no one ordering them, then they’re seeking for death! So you have to report this matter to Mr. Jiang, let him know first, and we’ll then decide on how to deal with this; if we’re going to settle it on our own or hand it over to the police,” Chang Baji suggested.

Chang Baji sighed, “Just that we don’t know who is the real mastermind behind all these, finding trouble for Shangshan Ruoshui.”

“You’ll definitely not get the answer from them. If they’re really set on stirring trouble, this is apparently just the beginning, not the end. We have to remain careful these few days,” Chang Baji said slowly.

Xu Lancheng nodded. “You can continue to sit here while I report to Mr. Jiang.”

Xu Lancheng used his phone to enter the suite. He has his own lounge here. Chang Baji waited outside.

At this moment, Qin Sheng finally arrived. Upon entering Shangshan Ruoshui, he immediately felt that the gentlemen’s expressions were not quite right. Brother Lu was on leave and Song Siyu and Tang Wan were waiting in the hall. Seeing Qin Sheng arrive, they immediately went up and welcomed him, “Manager Qin, why are you here?”

“How can I not come when such a big incident had happened?” It had been almost a week since Qin Sheng last came to Shangshan Ruoshui. Everyone almost forgot about his role as an Assistant Manager. During this period of time, Wang Haichao had been enjoying all the glory.

Song Siyu pouted, “You’re a bad man, you didn’t even keep in contact with us. We texted and called you but you didn’t pick up. We even thought you were missing?”

“How could that be possible? I can’t bear to be separated with my Sister Siyu. I was out of town these few days, I had some stuff to settle,” Qin Sheng explained between smiles.

Tang Wan was still guilty. “It’s all my fault for causing you to be suspended and deducted off your salary.”

“Okay, this is already in the past, stop blaming yourself. If you still feel bad, how about you treat us all to dinner tonight?” Knowing that Tang Wan was kind-hearted, Qin Sheng replied. Otherwise, she would continue to be guilty.

Song Siyu added, “Okay, okay! Let’s take full advantage of her treat. I want Japanese.”

“Okay, I’m willing to be taken advantage of,” Tang Wan laughed.

Qin Sheng followed with a question, “Where’s Director Xu and the rest?”

Song Siyu replied, “In the office. Everyone rushed back.”

Hence, Qin Sheng stopped joking around with Song Siyu and Tang Wan and quickly headed towards the office downstairs. In the corridor outside of the office, the crowd of people were very uneasy. When they saw Qin Sheng appear, they appear to be very surprised. After all, he was still on suspension.

After Qin Sheng walked towards him, Yu Fengzhi smiled faintly, “You’re back too?”

“Yes. How are we doing to deal with this?” Qin Sheng asked.

Yu Fengzhi was not at all surprised that Qin Sheng already knew. Looking inside the office, he said, “Director Xu and Director Chang are discussing, they probably already reported it to Big Boss. What do you think of this?”

Qin Sheng smiled faintly and patted him on the shoulder without saying a word.

After walking to Wang Haichao, Qin Sheng asked naturally, “Are you alright?”

“Why? You also came running back to see my joke? Stop being fake, I know you’re laughing inside. I don’t need your care and concern,” Wang Haichao was like a porcupine; he must retaliate whoever comforted him.

Qin Sheng did not say a word. Knowing his relationship with Wang Haichao, they would not make up in such a short time. Qin Sheng walked to the office directly. At the door, Ms. An was making a call. After greeting her, he directly pushed the door and walked in without paying attention to the reaction of the people outside.

Everyone was puzzled, Director Xu and Director Chang were in the midst of a discussion, who did he think he was to be qualified to go in? He really thought that he was important.

After Qin Sheng entered, Chang Baji stood up and walked towards him. “You mentioned over the phone that you have something else to tell me, what is it?”

Qin Sheng first poured a cup of water and sat down. “I just came back from Jiang Xianbang’s place. I discussed some stuff with him. It’s quite unpeaceful recently, just now, someone tried to kill Jiang Xianbang. And the timing she picked was very spot-on, just that they didn’t know my background, so they were unsuccessful.”

“Someone wants to kill Jiang Xianbang?” This was a shocking piece of news. Chang Baji was naturally shocked.

Qin Sheng continued, “Right after that happened, this happened. This is not easy. Also, about me going to Hangzhou a few days ago, someone was probably targeting Jiang Xianbang and must have already gotten the upper hand, that’s why they could be so reckless. Two days later, Jiang Xianbang is going to Hong Kong. I’m suspecting it’s because he wanted to hide from all the danger. So it could be more troublesome recently.”

“If Jiang Xianbang goes, who’s going to take care of his mess?” Chang Baji asked in confusion.

Qin Sheng continued, “He had already made the arrangements for the big matters, just listen to him. He had already planned an escape route. The remaining things are all small cases, he had already handed them to me. As for Shangshan Ruoshui, I think today’s incident is just the beginning, we have to be low-key from now on.”

After he finished this sentence, Xu Lancheng came out of the office. Seeing Qin Sheng in a conversation with Chang Baji, he said unsurprised, “Qin Sheng, you’re back?”

“Director Xu, what did Uncle Jiang say?” Qin Sheng asked.

Xu Lancheng sighed, “Mr. Jiang’s idea is to quieten the matter and get rid of them. If we can handle it privately, we’ll ask them to apologize and compensate us. If we can’t take it into our hands, we’ll call the police.”

Qin Sheng understood. Apparently, Jiang Xianbang did not want to have more troubles before going to Hong Kong. Settling it this way would be equivalent to not settling it at all. Apologizing and asking for compensation was a small case. If the opposite party would not apologize and they have to resort to calling the police, judging the other party, it would only be a matter of time before they strike again.

“This is all that we can do, “Qin Sheng sighed.

Xu Lancheng spoke slowly, “Qin Sheng, Mr. Jiang said that he’s going to Hong Kong. I may start to get busy, I have some stuff to settle and won’t be able to take care of the matters here, in Shangshan Ruoshui. I plan to promote Ms. An to become the Assistant General Manager and to promote you to become General Manager. During this period of time, the three of you will be in charge of everything. I’ve already told Mr. Jiang about all this, he had no opinions against it.”

Qin Sheng said thoughtfully, “I have no opinions against it.”

“Okay then, it has been decided. I hope that we can get through this period peacefully and not have too many incidents,” Xu Lancheng said thoughtfully. Apparently, Jiang Xianbang had given him some information.

Eventually, the ending of this story was to quieten the matter and get rid of the people.

Xu Lancheng made Qin Sheng call in the management personnel from outside. After they had all arrived, Xu Lancheng ordered in a cold voice, “You guy all know what happened today. I’ve already reported to the Big Boss, I hope that everyone can pretend that nothing happened today. I will take care of the rest. We must treat our customers just like how we usually would. Customers and profits come first before anything. At the same time, let’s give our compliments to Assistant Manager Wang, he had suffered a lot today.”

Xu Lancheng’s words were a little confusing, everyone did not understand what he was trying to say.

Before they could figure it out, Xu Lancheng continued, “Next, I have two appointments to make, Big Boss had already agreed to this.”

Everyone was shocked. Why were there changes so suddenly? They heard no rumors. Everyone stared at Xu Lancheng with a curious face.

Xu Lancheng spoke slowly, “First, Reception Manager Angie is now Shangshui Ruoshui Club’s Assistant General Manager. Applause.”

Ms. An did not expect her to take over the role of Assistant General Manager. Her face was full of bewilderment. Everyone else was surprised too, but started clapping subconsciously.

With Ms. An becoming the Assistant General Manager, then the spot for Reception Manager would be empty. Then obviously, the second appointment was most likely to appoint someone for that. Currently, there were three Assistant Reception Managers: Qin Sheng, Wang Haichao, and Yu Fengzhi. Qin Sheng had just been promoted to Assistant Manager, it was impossible for him to become Reception Manager. The ones with bigger possibilities were Yu Fengzhi and Wang Haichao. Thinking about Wang Haichao’s performance and suffering today, everyone thought that the position belonged to him.

Wang Haichao could not contain the excitement in his heart. His heart was beating like crazy. If he became Manager, then he could easily order Yu Fengzhi and Qin Sheng around. Yu Fengzhi was also very nervous. Although she had already guessed the result, she was still a little hopeful.

Xu Lancheng waved his hand to stop the applause. He said in a steady pace, “Second, Assistant Reception Manger Qin Sheng is now appointed Reception Manger.”

After he finished his sentence, the crowd turned into chaos. Wang Haichao’s expression became very ugly, while Qin Sheng stood rooted to the ground.