Chapter 120 An Ambitious Woman

Within a short three months, Qin Sheng had been promoted from intern in the reception department to Assistant Manager and finally Manager. He had leveled up three ranks and each one took him less than a month. He was on full fire. The old workers at the reception department at Shangshan Ruoshui have been working there for three to four years, but they had never dared to think about being promoted. Besides, their two Assistant Managers have worked their way up with loads of experiences. Qin Sheng had now surpassed them and took the role of Manager. If they still did not understand what was going on, then they are really quite dumb.

Qin Sheng was indeed outstanding, there was no doubt to that. But in the reception department, Wang Haichao and Yu Fengzhi were not worse than him. It could only be said that Qin Sheng had huge support behind him, and it could very well be the Big Boss. According to this speed, Qin Sheng would next become Assistant General Manager. His eventual goal would be General Manager.

Majority of those present already understood what was going on. There were a few exceptions who did not and were given hints by those around them. In the future, everyone’s attitude towards Qin Sheng would definitely change. They would not dare to treat him like he was a nobody anymore.

“Everyone, please give your applause to Manager Qin. Hope that he can lead the reception department to achieve greater heights.” Xu Lancheng knew that everyone else was thinking, but this was the Big Boss’ decision, he had no right to interfere. Right now, the Big Boss needed him to save the fire somewhere else, so he could only leave Qin Sheng and the rest in charge.

Even if they were unwilling and full of admiration, jealousy, and hate, everyone could only clap at this point in time. Wang Haichao was the only one with a bad look on his face and was not clapping. His eyes were filled with fury and he was trying his best to control the rage in his heart. He was already considered calm as he did not explode there and then.

When Xu Lancheng made the announcement, Yu Fengzhi was not surprised at all. When Qin Sheng became an exception and became the third Assistant Manager, he already knew that Qin Sheng had a complex background. He knew that Qin Sheng would be promoted again, but did not expect it to be this fast. Yun Fengzhi stared at him with a playful look, as if he was thinking about something. If he could get on Qin Sheng’s good side, perhaps one day, she could be like Ms. An and become Shangshan Ruoshui’s Assistant General Manager.

The small Assistant Manager of the reception department and the Assistant General Manager of Shangshan Ruoshui were on two different levels. You can only make full use of Shangshan Ruoshui’s human resource after you become the Assistant General Manager. Then will your life be on the fast track.

“Everyone else, you can go and do your work. Old Chang, Qin Sheng, Angie, the three of you stay behind, I have something to discuss with you guys,” Xu Lancheng waved his hand at the others and made Qin Sheng and the rest stay.

Wang Haichao wanted to stay behind and talk to Xu Lancheng about why Qin Sheng was chosen to become the Manager of the reception department and not him. He had been fighting so hard for Shangshan Ruoshui, had never caused trouble and there was not a single problem that he could not solve. He was also on good terms with the members. Why was he not chosen?

However, Xu Lancheng did not give him a chance. Actually, Wang Haichao and Yu Fengzhi had the same thought in mind, you can only have a brighter future if you climb up to a higher spot.

Xu Lancheng made everyone take a seat on the sofa in the office. He took the initiative to pour tea for them. Angie indeed did not expect herself to ever become the Assistant General Manager. Anyways, ever since Qin Sheng appeared in Shangshan Ruoshui, things had never been normal again.

“Angie, it is Big Boss’ idea to nurture you as the Assistant General Manager. He recognizes your abilities. Besides, I have to focus on other things for the time being. Shangshan Ruoshui will now be under Old Chang and your care. Qin Sheng will cooperate with the both of you,” Xu Lancheng tried his best to convince.

Angie nodded. “Manager Xu, don’t worry. Old Chang and I will take care of everything when you’re not around.”

“Also, there will definitely be people that are displeased with how Qin Sheng had been promoted to Assistant General Manager. I think that you should do something about it since you are the ex-Manager.” Xu Lancheng was considered to be relieving Qin Sheng’s stress, in case the reception department were to be filled with arguments.

Angie said thoughtfully, “I will do my best.”

“Qin Sheng, now that you’re Manager, you have to mingle with the gentlemen in the reception department. Don’t act bossy,” Xu Lancheng turned to Qin Sheng and reminded. He was apparently joking.

“I will learn from Ms. An and mingle well with the whole department,” Qin Sheng replied with a stiff expression. He had conveniently flattered Ms. An.

Xu Lancheng quickly continued, “Also, I know that there’s some hurdle between you and Hai Chao, the two of you don’t look up to each other. But now that you are the Manager of the reception department, I still hope that you can communicate with him and solve the issue. Otherwise, your work won’t be smooth.”

“Yes, I will do it later,” Qin Sheng nodded.

Xu Lancheng finally said, “Old Chang, as to how that issue should be resolved, just follow Big Boss’ wishes and solve it ASAP.”

“Yes, I’ll do it right away,” Chang Baji replied.

Xu Lancheng got up and said, “Okay, you guys go and do your stuff. I should get going.”

The trio sent him out and Chang Baji quickly went to settle that issue. Ms. An and Qinsheng walked back together and had a joyful conversation. Qin Sheng naturally wanted to ask her some questions.

Wang Haichao had been waiting outside all along. Seeing the crowd leave, he quickly dashed towards Xu Lancheng and stopped him just as he was about to get into his car. He shoot right away, “Manager Xu, I have something to say to you.”

Xu Lancheng turned around and paused when he saw Wang Haichao running out. He was not very surprised but he interrupted directly, “Hai Chao, I know what you want to talk about. It had already happened, you can only accept this arrangement. Shangshan Ruoshui is a good place. Cooperate with Qin Sheng in his role and you will get what you want.”

“Manager Xu,” Wang Haichao pleaded unsatisfied.

Yet Xu Lancheng waved his hand and said, “Go and do your work, I have other stuff to settle. We’ll talk afterward. If you’re unwilling to stay here, I can find you another job.”

If Wang Haichao were to still persist after he was already so direct, Xu Lancheng felt like it would not be suitable for him to stay. Besides, if he were to leave, someone else could replace him in the reception department. For example, Lyu Yuan was very outstanding. As for the artists and gentlemen, how many more people do they need in Shanghai, this big city?

Wang Haichao was very disheartened. He could only watch Xu Lancheng get on the car and leave. He felt that staying in the reception department would make him seem like a joke to everyone else. Hence, he texted Ms. An and told her that he was feeling unwell and would like to take the day off. He then left Shangshan Ruoshui without even telling Qin Sheng.

After returning to the reception department, Qin Sheng found out that news had traveled fast and everyone already knew that he had taken over as the new Manager. After a moment of embezzlement, everyone quickly congratulated the new Manager.

Ms. An told Qin Sheng about it and he had no comments. They were both feeling uncomfortable, so they should take some time off before talking about it.

Therefore, Qin Sheng made everyone go back to their roles without calling for a meeting. Song Siyu and Tang Wan, who were closest to Qin Sheng, secretly ran into the office. On the other hand, Lyu Yuan was busy taking care of the messy situation upstairs. Song Siyu ran upstairs and told him that Qin Sheng had become the new Manager. Thinking back about the words that Qin Sheng had said last time, Lyu Yuan smiled lightly. The empty spot for Assistant Manager was now within his reach.

“Manager Qin, good Manager Qin, you have to take good care of me and Tang Wan in the future, okay? We are your confidants!” Song Siyu, who was in a sexy outfit, pulled Qin Sheng’s elbow towards her seductive chest and pleaded cutely.

Qin Sheng smiled till his eyes turned into two fine lines and said, “Instead of doing your job you’re here to flatter me, I think you guys don’t want your jobs anymore.”

“How should we do our jobs? You have to teach us, we don’t know.” Song Siyu had no boundaries and started to tease him. Standing at a side, Tang Wan’s face was already bright red.

“Si Yu, behave yourself, stop fooling around,” Tang Wan pulled her aside and said. She was preventing the artists and gentlemen outside from gossiping about them. That would cause a bad influence on Qin Sheng.

Song Siyu finally stopped teasing him. Instead, she turned and asked, “Manager Qin, now that you’re promoted, there’s an empty spot for the Assistant Manager role. What is Manager Xu trying to do?”

“What are you trying to say?” Qin Sheng asked in disapproval.

Song Siyu said truthfully, “Is there a chance for Brother Lyu to become the Assistant Manager?”

“That is, Manager Lyu, I also want to ask a question. Now that the seat is empty, Brother Lyu is the most qualified. Is he going to be promoted?” Tang Wan added. The two of them were the closest to Lyu yuan, naturally they would support him.

Qin Sheng replied casually, “Manager Xu did not say anything about this. But I will recommend him, don’t worry. Okay, hurry and get back to work, I have some stuff to settle.”

Hearing this, Song Siyu and Tang Wan could now rest assured. They were here to congratulate Qin Sheng for becoming Manager and also here to find out some information.

Qin Sheng was by himself for a while before he finally went to look for Chang Baji to talk about how this issue should be handled. Chang Baji was just coming out from the security department’s lounge. The two of them met coincidentally and Qin Sheng shoot right away, “What did they say?”

“They can compensate, but they refuse to apologize,” Chang Baji said with squinted eyes.

Qin Sheng frowned, “What do you plan to do?”

“I’ve already reported this to the police and made them calm down inside. I bet they will still be firm in their decision,” Chang Baji sighed and said. The opposite party came from a complex background, if they were here to cause a scene, they must have been ordered, which was why they had no scruples.

Qin Sheng nodded, “This is the only way.”

Not long after, some policemen from the nearest police station took the bunch of troublemakers away. These people were still very arrogant when taken away, they obviously did not give any respect to Chang Baji and the rest. Chang Baji sent Yuan Hua to follow them to settle the matter and also bring the security footage and other stuff.

This matter would probably end up unresolved.

After taking care of all these things, Qin Sheng started inspecting the preparatory work for the boxes. However, he bumped into Yu Fengzhi in the Yazi box on the third floor. The woman was actually sitting on the sofa and drinking from a bottle of red wine on her own.

Under normal circumstances, the artists and gentlemen rarely go up to the third floor. Even when doing decorations, the Assistant Manager would bring them in personally. The Assistant Manager would also serve them personally. It was unexpected for Yu Fengzhi to be sneaking around and drinking wine instead of working.

Seeing Qin Sheng come in, she was not nervous at all. She smiled seductively and asked, “A cup?”

“Didn’t you know that you’re not allowed to drink during working hours?” Qin Sheng walked in slowly and asked in a cold voice.

Yu Fengzhi seemed to not take his words seriously. She even offered to pour another cup. She bit onto her lip and said, “People always do three good things when they take on a new role, seems like I’m your first target?”

“Give me a suitable reason,” Qin Sheng stood in front of her and said in a low voice.

Yu Fengzhi sighed. “You’ve been to Shangshan Ruoshui for less than three months and you’re already the Manager of the reception department. I’ve been here for more than three years yet I’m just a normal Assistant Manager. I feel unbalanced; I feel admiration, jealousy, and hate.”

Qin Sheng had already known that she was an ambitious woman. She did not just want to be a small Assistant Manager. Hence, he broke into a cold smile. “So what if you feel admiration, jealousy, and hate?”

Yu Fengzhi put down her glass and leaned forward suddenly. She stretched out her hand and lifted up his chin. She asked with squinted eyes, “Qin Sheng, what’s your background?”

Qin Sheng looked down at her. He could very obviously peek into her chest. It seemed bottomless. He smiled disdainfully, “What do you think?”

Yu Fengzhi was already near the correct answer, especially when she recalled how Big Boss came down to Shangshan Ruoshui personally the last time and plus what happened today, she was very close.

She was drinking alone because she wanted to make a decision. And at this moment, she seemed to have made up her mind.

So she said to him word by word, “Qin Sheng, I want to be Assistant General Manager.”