Chapter 121 Obedient

It was nature’s law that it was men’s duty to expand their territory and women’s to help their husbands and teach their children. Men were always very ambitious and ambitious men, whether they had potential or not, were all very scary. They are decisive and merciless, they achieve their goal by hook or by crook, they were unpredictable, the list could go on. But ambitious women were even more terrifying. They have no bottom line and principle, much worse than men. They also have more advantage than men. But they seemed to forget that this is a patriarchal society. Even the most ambitious women would become a man’s play toy. After all, there could only be that many women like Wu Zetian and Empress Dowager Cixi.

Yu Fengzhi was born in an ordinary family in a small town of fish and rice. She did well in her studies since young and got into an elite secondary school in the city. Ever since then, her whole life took a turn. City kids were naturally different from country-side kids. Seeing them wearing different clothes every day and playing with all kinds of interesting electronic devices, she was full of admiration. However, her family situation did not allow her to be like them, so she could only conceal her admiration. Yu Fengzhi spent her secondary and high school days with this complicated feeling. When she went to university, their difference and her complicated feeling grew. During then, her family only gave her 500 dollars for pocket money. After all, the money to pay her school fees were accumulated from various sources. Girls become totally different when they enter university, especially in the first semester. Those who were naturally a beauty but did not doll themselves up would have a sudden change that would shock everyone.

Yu Fengzhi belonged to the type that was a natural beauty, and she was one of the better-looking ones. Seeing others buy new clothes and makeup and eating all kinds of good food every day, she felt very bitter. Hence, she started to work while studying and save up so that she could become like them and change herself.

After she put in the effort to doll up, she was instantly different. She was even chosen as one of the ‘school flowers’. Right after that, the number of boys that wanted to chase her could line up all the way till the school gate. There were some rich second generations and children of government officials among them. However, other than the first love that she had in high school, which happened blurrily and resulted in nothing, she had not dated seriously before. Although she was excited and satisfied, she did not dare to step out of her comfort zone. There were a few other girls in the dormitory who were from big cities. They start to brainwash her and said things like: Why must you make yourself so tired? You’re so pretty, you can find a rich second generation for a boyfriend, it’s fine as long as he treats you well. At the same time, you can get a long-term free meal voucher, you don’t have to pay for anything, and you can also relieve your parents’ burden.

Under their encouragement, Yu Fenzhi chose a rich second generation as her boyfriend among the numerous pursuers. The guy’s parents worked at China Zheshang Bank and were extremely wealthy. He was one year older than her. When they first started, he treated her very well. He doted on her a lot and was willing to spend money on her, buying clothes, makeup, bags and other things for her. He brought her to elite gatherings and high-end restaurants. It was the first time that Yu Fengzhi was exposed to this side of society. But after some time, she realized that they did not have a common topic. The guy even started flirting with other girls. As long as they were pretty, he was interested. At the same time, Yu Fengzhi could also feel her roommates being distant. She was left alone.

Eventually, Yu Fengzhi could not stand him flirting around anymore and decided to break up. She felt that at the end of the day, she still had to rely on herself. Hence, she concentrated on her studies and received all kinds of scholarships. She went on to grad school and after graduation, she first entered private enterprises before she turned to foreign companies. Eventually, she ended up in Shangshan Ruoshui.

Why did she come here?

Because in her previous company, although she was capable and had the looks, it was a pity that she had no background. Those who entered the company the same time as she did were all promoted and had a raise. Yet she was still stuck at the same place. The leaders hinted to her that if she wanted to improve, then she could only trade with her body. But this was not what she wanted.

Hence, she quit her job and her friend recommended her to come to Shangshan Ruoshui. Because of this place’s uniqueness, she could use her advantage and gather enough network and resources for future use.

Unfortunately, Qin Sheng’s appearance messed up her plan. She wanted to go one step further but was now unsure of how long more she had to wait. The longer she stayed there and see all kinds of powerful figures, the more she found herself become increasingly ambitious. Hence, she did not want to spend her life stuck at this stage. This was also why she would flirt with the members that she set her eyes on. This was because she could jump to a higher platform when she have a bottom line.

But she was already turning 30; she was not young anymore. If she does not hurry, her life would most likely just stop there. Hence, Yu Fengzhi finally made the decision. If she wanted to gain more, she must sacrifice more. At least in her eyes, she did not hate Qin Sheng. On the contrary, she admired him.

Yu Fengzhi’s words stunned him. She was so carefree and reckless. It seemed like his previous guesses have been right. But why did Yu Fengzhi tell him all these? It seemed like Yu Fengzhi had guessed something.

“Wow, big beauty Yu wants to become the Assistant General Manager? You’re quite ambitious! But why are you telling me that? Am I in your way?” Qin Sheng sat up straight and said jokingly.

Yu Fengzhi knew that he was fooling around, so she replied, “Because you can make me the Assistant General Manager.”

“I’m just a small reception manager, just one level up from you. How in the world am I going to make you Assistant General Manager? You think of me too highly,” Qin Sheng said as he sat on the chair opposite of her and crossed his legs.

Yu Fengzhi smiled faintly. “Qin Sheng, do you really think that I don’t know about all those things? Wang Haichao may be dumb, but I’m not. Manager Xu and Ms. An all support you, but why? And why is it that you alight from Manager Chang’s car every day and walk to Shangshan Ruoshui? What is your relationship with Manager Xu who appeared suddenly? You’ve caused trouble twice, especially last time. If it was Wang Haichao and I, we would’ve been fired right away, why are you still fine? Also, what’s your relationship with Ms. Xue? Why are you two so close?”

Qin Sheng broke in laughter. “Big beauty Yu, what are you trying to say?”

“What’s your relationship with Big Boss? Who are you to him?” Yu Fengzhi stared at Qin Sheng and asked directly.

Qin Sheng answered calmly, “I didn’t expect big beauty Yu to be so concerned about me. Everything about me can’t escape your eagle eyes.”

“You’re right, I do have a deep connection with Jiang Xianbang. I’m here just to train myself. Let me also tell you the truth, Jiang Xianbang has already prepared to assign Manager Xu somewhere else, I’ll become the General Manager after New Year’s Day. But what do all these have to do with you?” Qin Sheng spoke word by word. Since Yu Fengzhi had already guessed, there was no point in hiding anymore.

Yu Fengzhi repeated again, “I said before, I want to become Assistant General Manager, only you can help me.”

“Why would I make you Assistant General Manager? What about Ms. An?” Qin Sheng shrugged his shoulders in disapproval.

Yu Fengzhi calmed down after hearing this sentence. These are all things that she wanted to do, not Qin Sheng. There are numerous artists in Shangshan Ruoshui that are prettier than her, why would he choose her?”

Instantly, Yu Fengzhi fell into a dead end. She did not know how to phrase her words. Qin Sheng smiled at her with squinted eyes and remained silent. The atmosphere was a little weird.

“If you want to become Assistant General Manager, you should at least give me a reason? Why should I choose you?” Qin Sheng saw that she was not speaking anymore and grabbed hold of the authority. “Or rather, if I make you Assistant General Manager, what can you give me?”

Yu Fengzhi’s gaze was hesitant. But eventually she bit onto her lip and said, “I can become your woman.”

“Hahahaha, big beauty Yu, you think too highly of yourself. By the time I become General Manager, there are so many artists in the reception department that are prettier than you, as long as I want, let alone the Assistant General Manager’s position?” Qin Sheng broke into laughter.

Yu Fengzhi knew that he would say that, but she still persists. “They are not capable like me.”

“But they are more obedient than you,” Qin Sheng said provokingly.

Yu Fengzhi knew that at this point in time there was no turning back. If Qin Sheng does not agree, she would not be able to lift up her head in front of him anymore. Perhaps she would be too embarrassed to even stay in Shangshan Ruoshui.

Hence, she gathered up the courage and said, “I will be more obedient than them.”

“Really?” Qin Sheng froze for a while before he said sinisterly, “Take it off.”

Yu Fengzhi was shocked. She did not know that Qin Sheng would be so direct. Was he humiliating her? She began to sink deep into thinking. She did not know if it would be worth it, so she did not move for a very long time.

“Why, are you regretting?” Qin Sheng sneered.

Yu Fenzhi Fengzhi shook her head and said, “No.”

“Then take it off, you have to let me see your sincerity right, big beauty Yu?” Qin Sheng said quite pervertedly. Thinking about admiring this cold-blooded woman’s attractive body, he was excited.

Yu Fengzhi gritted her teeth and began to unbutton…