Chapter 123 Let’s Go

When building a relationship, you must be honest with each other. Only a truthful relationship can surpass time’s challenges. Qin Sheng and Xue Qingyan were already this close. He did not expect her to help him. Even if she volunteered to change his job, he had also rejected her. He did not want things to be forced, and all the more did he not want to owe her a favor for something so small.

Qin Sheng cared about his relationship with her a lot, so he did wish that this incident would create a gap in between them. Hence, he decided to take the initiative, to be honest.

After hearing this, Xue Qingyan said thoughtfully, “I’ve guessed it a long time ago. Otherwise, how could you become a Manager so soon? Don’t forget about what happened in Hangzhou last time. Did you really think that eventually I wouldn’t know who Hong Xing is? I was just waiting for you to be honest with me. Luckily you didn’t disappoint me.”

“I really can’t hide anything from you, sis,” Qin Sheng explained. He also felt that she would have guessed something. Otherwise, she would not have reminded him to be careful and prioritize safety over the phone last time.

“Xue Qingyan picked up the teacup and said softly, “Come, tell me your story. I’m very interested to know how you met this alligator.”

“There’s actually not much, it’s just that my grandfather and Jiang Xianbang had some dealings before. He helped me several times when I was in university. After I returned to Shanghai, I wasn’t planning on doing anything and I found him. Besides, he can give me a better platform,” Qin Sheng answered very simply without many twists.

Xue Qingyan was confused, “What kind of dealings did Jiang Xianbang and your grandfather have?”

“It is between the elders, I’m not sure,” Qin Sheng answered casually. He did not intend to discuss further.

“No wonder. That’s why I was wondering why you became the Reception Manager so quickly. I bet you would become the General Manager very soon,” Xue Qingyan joked.

After this small interlude, Qin Sheng went back to the topic. “Sis, now can you tell me what happened to Old Jiang? Why is he hiding in Hong Kong?”

“The situation is not quite right, it’s not a bad thing for him to go into hiding. Seems like the North Tower of Four Seasons Hotel is going to have another VVIP,” Xue Qingyan said rather emotionally. She was not surprised that something would happen to Jiang Xianbang. Besides, the big boss behind his back is now in danger. However, it was not that serious. Otherwise, he would not have been able to go to Hong Kong. At least there were no restrictions on traveling or any restrictions on his personal freedom. Besides, if something were to happen, they could still catch him back from Hong Kong.

After listening, Qin Sheng was still confused. “I don’t understand, what kind of people did he offend?”

“It is best if you don’t know about these. It’s not that he offended anyone powerful, it’s just that the big character behind his back had lost his influence. There would inevitably be a good amount of people who decide to run for their lives at this point in time,” Xue Qingyan explained. Until this point, there was no need to say further. Besides, even if Qin Sheng wanted to help, there was nothing he could do.

Qin Sheng did not continue asking. It seemed like some things were still kept in the dark, be it Jiang Xianbang or Xue Qingyan. He sighed and said,“Sis, you already knew what happened this morning. I’m worried that someone would come and cause trouble when Old Jiang is not here. Without him as a support, these people do not even treat us as their worthy opponent.”

“Don’t worry, you still have me. Besides, Shangshan Ruoshui has six VIP members. When I get back I’ll ask Old Jiang if he’s interested in transferring his shares. This way, Shangshan Ruoshui will not be targeted,” Xue Qingyan said.

Hearing this, Qin Sheng was relieved. If Xue Qingyan were to stand up for them, the people would most likely give her some face. Besides, her older brother was a governor.

At this moment, Aunty Zhu came back from making her phone call. She said apologetically, “Qing Yan, there’s some stuff at school, I have to go now, I won’t keep you guys accompany.”

“Aunty Zhu, what’s wrong? Do you need me to give you a ride?”Xue Qingyan quickly stood up and asked. She had planned to sit down and have a good chat with her since it had been a long while since they last met.

Aunty Zhu came over and took her jacket and bag. She replied, “It’s okay, it’s just a small matter, I can hitch a taxi.”

“Let me send you there, I have nothing to do anyway,” Xue Qingyan insisted. She did not dare to treat the wife of a governor so lightly. Besides, their two families had always had a good relationship. Eventually, Aunty Zhu followed her arrangement.

Qin Sheng politely sent them to the entrance. Along the way, Aunty Zhu smiled and said, “Xiao Qin, I’ve always felt that we are very fated. In the future, I’ll come here often. By then, hope that you won’t find me annoying.”

“Aunty Zhu, what are you talking about? I desperately want you to come every day! Just inform me beforehand and I’ll arrange everything,” Qin Sheng immediately replied.

After chatting a few more lines, Qin Sheng watched as they got on the car and only left when Xue Qingyan’s car left the big gate.

After work, Qin Sheng rushed to No.1 Zhong Liang Ocean View to find Xia Ding. He was so busy recently and had not had the time to see him. They could only chat a few lines in the dormitory WeChat group every now and down. Everyone was now busy, they were no longer the young boys who only knew how to daydream.

Upon entering, Qin Sheng was greeted by a fragrant aroma. He joked, “Oh my! You’re personally cooking for me to welcome me! Not bad, I actually have such treatment.”

Before he finished speaking, a beautiful lady came out of the kitchen. She was wearing an apron and tied a ponytail. With a spatula in her hand, she asked, “Honey, is Big Boss here?”

Qin Sheng was at a lost. The little rascal did not tell him that there was going to be someone else. Xia Ding stood aside and laughed.

“Hello, Big Boss,” the beautiful lady greeted with a smile.

Qin Sheng could only reply politely, “Hello, hello.”

“This is my girlfriend, Chen Jing. She’s a beauty right, Big Boss?” Xia Ding asked casually, paying no attention to Qin Sheng’s helpless stare.

Qin Sheng replied awkwardly, “Pretty, pretty.”

“Then you guys can talk first, dinner will be ready soon.” The beautiful lady called Chen Jing went back into the kitchen after greeting him.

Qin Sheng and Xia Ding went to the balcony to take a puff. Xia Ding brought him a cup of cola. Qin Sheng sighed, “I’m so done with you, can’t you just stop for a while? Aren’t you afraid of karma?”

“Both parties are willing in this relationship, what karma are you talking about? Who asked you to snatch away my goddess, such that I can only immerse myself in a new relationship to forget about it? This one is an Internet celebrity, she wasn’t cheap,” Xia Ding countered.

Qin Sheng snorted, “What do you mean by snatching away your goddess? Yours was just wishful thinking. I don’t even know where you were when Lin Su and I met?”

“Tut tut tut. Look at you being all hoes before bros. Once big beauty Lin is mentioned, you’re so impatient. I’m not even fighting with you. Tell me, how’s your progress?” Xia Ding broke into laughter. To him, love and beautiful women were life’s necessities. Without these two, his life would be plain and boring. As for karma, he did not care at all. He only cared about how he was going to spend this lifetime.

Qin Sheng laughed, “Okay, I guess. I accompanied her to go shopping yesterday. I almost died. Going shopping with women is such physical work. I don’t even know how you do it, you seem like you’re enjoying yourself.”

“Not bad, Big Boss, you’re fast and furious. I know for a fact that big beauty Lin basically don’t eat with one man alone, let alone going on dates. You even went shopping with her, seems like she has a good impression of you. I really don’t know what happened between you guys before, is there something that can’t be told?” Xia Ding teased.

Qin Sheng glared at him, “This has nothing to do with you.”

“But Big Boss, I have to remind you, goddess Lin has a capable man with a strong background to protect her. I only found out about it a few days ago. Luckily it was a wise choice for me to give up. Otherwise, if I become his target, he would want a layer of my skin,” Xia Ding warned thoughtfully as his expression changed slightly.

Speaking of the rich son of the Yan family, it would be a lie if Qin Sheng said that he was not fearful of him. But in a relationship, both parties have to be willing. If the male likes the female but the female does not feel the same way, then the relationship should not be forced. Whoever Lin Su chooses in the end would have the qualifications. If she does not make a choice, even if you were to kill the other party, she would not change her mind.

“You’re talking about Yan Chaozhong right? I know,” Qin Sheng said slowly.

Xia Ding was not surprised. “Seems like you’ve done enough homework.”

“Not only do I know him, I even met him the other day,” Qin Sheng continued.

Xia Ding was taken aback. “Love rivals meeting each other, did you get into a fight? Big Boss, you’re really something else! But I would still advise you to be careful regarding this matter. This Yan Chaozhong is not someone to look down upon. If he really wants to vent his temper on you…let me say something ugly, it would be hard for you to continue staying in Shanghai.”

“I don’t think it’s that serious,” Qin Sheng said with a smile.

Xia Ding laughed. He was afraid that he would frighten Qin Sheng, so he replied, “I’m just saying that’s the worst outcome, I’m telling you to prepare yourself mentally. It would be best if that doesn’t happen. If big beauty Lin can settle the relationship between you and Yan Chaozhong, I don’t think he will make your life difficult.”

“Let’s not talk about this. It’s going to be New Year’s Day soon, I intend to return to Xi’an,” Qin Sheng switched the topic and said.

Xia Ding laughed, “I’m taking my girlfriend to play at the Maldives for a week, hahahaha, we are going to be separated again.”

“Haiz, I really don’t know what to say about you. As long as you’re happy,” Qin Sheng shook his head and said.

10 minutes later, Xia Ding’s new girlfriend finished making dinner. It was Western food, which was not to Qin Sheng’s liking. There were steak, salad, and other dishes. Although Western cuisine is healthier, but as someone who only is picky when it comes to food, Qin Sheng loved Chinese food even more. Look, there are eight major cuisines with local specialties from so many places; you would not be able to finish everything in your lifetime. Meanwhile, Western cuisine is all the same.

After dinner, Qin Sheng took his leave. He did not want to disturb their world of two.

He called Lin Su. She had just finished dinner and had returned to her apartment. Qin Sheng said deliberately, “I just finished eating too. I’m kind of full. There’s a garden in your neighborhood, right? Should we go take a walk together?”

Lin Su had a lot of work waiting to be done and she was hesitant. However, as if possessed, her mouth answered yes. Qin Sheng immediately dashed towards Century Park. Lin Su, wrapped like a panda, was already waiting at the entrance.

Qin Sheng ran over joyfully. She welcomed him with a smile on her face, “Why aren’t you wearing thicker clothes? Aren’t you cold?”

“Seeing you makes my heart feel warm, why would I feel cold?” Qin Sheng teased.

Lin Su rolled her eyes. “What a slick tongue, did you use to chase girls using the same tactic?”

“That depends on who it is,” Qin Sheng chuckled.

Lin Su argued, “Do you think I’ll believe you? Let’s go.”

The two walked side by side into the depths of the park. What they did not know was that Yan Chaozhong was staring at them intensely from a Bentley parked across the road. His gaze was complicated and the corners of his mouth were twitching slightly. After they walked far from him, he told the driver, “Let’s go.”