Chapter 124 What a Temper

Both the Yan family and the Lin family felt that the couple should get married soon. Yan Chaozhong’s friends also treated Lin Su as his fiancee. Now that Lin Su did something like this, Yan Chaozhong did not know what she was thinking. Was she trying to trigger him on purpose or going against her family’s arrangements?

All of these had nothing to do with Yan Chaozhong. It was just that he knew, if Lin Su really chooses to pick this man, it would be a cold hard slap across his and his family’s face. In the future, he would become a joke among his friends. Those who were more than eager to see the Yan family’s disgrace would also start finger-pointing behind their backs.

However, Yan Chaozhong still chose to hold it in, because he was not sure of what Lin Su was thinking, whether she was playing around or serious. He was worried that his slightest moves would anger her.

“Young Master, do you need me to find someone to get rid of him?” After the Bentley left Century Park, the bodyguard sitting in the passenger seat asked in a stiff voice. People like him had the duty to get rid of difficulties for their masters. If their masters are not in not a good mood, they might vent their anger on their bodyguards.

Yan Chaozhong said plainly, “It’s not the right time yet. We have to at least find out what’s this man’s background first. Did Lao Ba find anything?”

“I think they’ve already found it, I forgot to inform you,” the man in the passenger seat replied in a low voice.

Yan Chaozong said with much thought, “Okay, send him to me. I want to find out what kind of a man he is.”

Century Park was quite big. Shanghai was a place where land was expensive, yet there was such a huge park. It seemed like a city’s development was not always based on economic profits.

Qin Sheng and Lin Su walked side by side. Giving her flowers every morning was already a part of his schedule. To him, it was like a body workout. Besides, Shangshan Ruoshui starts work earlier. The couple chatted about the small things at work. Qin Sheng smiled and said, “I’ve been promoted today and I got a raise, I’m now the Manager of my department.”

“Congratulations! You seem quite ambitious?” Lin Su put her hands in her pockets and smiled as she said.

Qin Sheng wanted to act cool instead of staying true to the ground. He boasted, “Of course, if not how am I going to keep you alive? My money is not even enough to buy your clothes and makeup.”

“Actually, feeding me is very simple, I’m not as expensive as you think I am. Having bread and water is enough to live,” Lin Su said subconsciously. Afterward, she felt that she had fallen into his trap and pretended to be angry, “You haven’t gotten my heart yet, right?”

“Isn’t it just a matter of time?” Qin Sheng said confidently.

Lin Su scoffed. “If you’re so confident, then fine! I’ll delete all of your contact information later and see how you’re gonna chase me.”

“Sis, I’m in the wrong, please let me go.” Qin Sheng failed in acting cool and could only quickly admit to his weakness.

Lin Su glared at him and covered her mouth as she broke into laughter. She was always so relaxed when she was with him. Perhaps she trusted him more. And because of what happened in the past, she was much closer to him. Otherwise, if it was spoken by other men, Lin Su would think of lightly of them.

“Qin Sheng, do you remember when we went to Dege Babang Temple?” Lin Su asked suddenly as she thought of something.

Qin Sheng searched through his memory and answered, “Of course I do! That is a piece of pure land, and you also met a pair of twin sisters there. Their family is not doing well and they were going to drop out of school. You then started sponsoring their annual living expenses and school fees until they graduate from college. They should probably be in high school now.”

“Yes, the older sister is now in her third year and the younger one is in her second year. They did not disappoint me and studied very hard. Their teacher would regularly tell me about their situation. They are always the top three of their cohort. I always said that I would go back and visit them, but I haven’t had the time. I wonder how they’re doing now?” Lin Su said thoughtfully. Back then, Qin Sheng did not have the resources, so Lin Su sponsored them.

If you have kindness in your heart, you are of Buddha’s heart. If you do kind deeds, you will have good karma. This was the quality of Lin Su that Qin Sheng was attracted to. It was all accumulated.

“During then, I felt that you are a good person, which is why I don’t want to let go of you just like that,” Qin Sheng said emotionally.

Lin Su did not reply to him. She said, “Actually, many people did not know that it does not require a large sum of money to sponsor a child’s education. A secondary school student’s annual school fee is $1000, and for a high school student, it’s $2500. And adding in their uniforms and other miscellaneous items, the two girls only need $5000 a year. To many people in Shanghai, this was the amount that they would spend on a meal or a trip to the nightclub. But they don’t have the heart, they don’t know that their expenses for a meal or a night at the nightclub could change a child’s life forever. This is why I set up a charity education fund later on to help these poor children to continue their studies. The outside world is so interesting, what have they done to be trapped there forever?”

Qin Sheng then remembered that Xia Ding had mentioned that the Charity Auction Dinner held at the Banyan Tree Hotel was started by Lin Su and her friends. A person must know how to be grateful and give back to the society the wealth and status he has gotten from it. Lin Su had done so much better than countless other people in this aspect. Besides, she really wanted to help the children, those tycoons who pretended to do so could not be compared to her.

Qin Sheng said wholeheartedly, “I admire you for it. When I have the abilities, I will be like you too.”

“I believe you,” Lin Su said as she smiled until her eyes turn into two fine lines.

They walked and stopped, talked and laughed. Time passed very quickly. For any pair of lovers, or a soon-to-be couple, the time spent together is always not enough.

At about 10pm, Qin Sheng walked her home. Once again, he stopped below her house. Lin Su did not invite him up either, in case he interprets it further. Qin Sheng did not dare to be impolite as well. Actually, this felt good enough.

During noon on the next day, Qin Sheng left Shangshan Ruoshui and headed straight for Jiang Xianbang’s garden house. Jiang Xianbang was always quick to act, he has just mentioned that he was ready to donate his antiques and now there was none to be found in his garden house. Today, some packing up was also being done at Shangshan Ruoshui. Perhaps Jiang Xianbang had already thought of his escape plan long ago.

Jiang Xianbang only brought Lyu Zhengyi on this trip to Hong Kong. He had a friend there that would take good care of them. He left the house in the hands of the old butler and Qing’er. She too, felt that something was amiss. Since Jiang Xianbang did not tell her, she dared not be nosy and ask on her own.

Qin Sheng and Qing’er wanted to send Jiang Xianbang to the airport but was rejected by him. Perhaps he did not want to arouse suspicion, or perhaps he did not want to make it into a parting scene. Besides, no one knew when he was coming back.

“Shanghai is now in your hands,” Jiang Xianbang patted Qin Sheng’s shoulder and said thoughtfully. His words were thought-provoking.

Qin Sheng always felt that it was a huge responsibility but he gritted his teeth and nodded. “Uncle Jiang, don’t worry. Just tell me if you need anything.”

“Help me take good care of Qing’er,” Jiang Xianbang said with a lowered voice. He did not want to let her hear it.

After bidding goodbye to Qin Sheng, Jiang Xianbang walked over to Qing’er. Like what a father would do, he caressed her head and smiled. “Your mouth is pouting so much so that I can even hang a bottle of oil on it! I’m going to Hong Kong on a business trip, it’s not like I’m not coming back. I don’t see you behaving like this when I go on business trips in the past.”

“Uncle, come back soon,”Qing’er did not want to distract him and forced a smile as she said.

Lv Zhengyi opened the car door and Jiang Xianbang waved. “Okay, go back in, it’s cold outside.”

After which, he bent over and entered the car. Qin Sheng, Qing’er and the others watched the car drive off until it disappeared and the big door closed…

Today’s weather was not very good. Qing’er and Qin Sheng returned to the living room. The old butler had gone to take a nap, leaving the two of them seating opposing each other. Qin Sheng asked casually, “You don’t have lessons this afternoon?”

She shook her head absent-mindlessly.

Qin Sheng tried to initiate some fun. “I feel that watching you make tea is a form of art, do I have the honor of drinking a cup?”

Although Qin Sheng had tried her tea several times before, he was only following Jiang Xianbang. Since he was free and had nothing to do and Qing’er looked like she was in a bad mood, Qin Sheng thought of accompanying her.

In the past, she would be too lazy to pay attention to him. Today, as if possessed, she did not reject him. She got up and went to fetch Jiang Xianbang’s treasured tea leaves. She did not even ask which kind of tea he wanted to drink. Evidently, she had a lot going on in her mind.

A moment later, Qing’er brought over some ripe Pu’ er leaves and started making tea for him. Qin Sheng asked casually, “It’s going to be the New Year’s Day holiday soon, Uncle Jiang is not here, what do you have planned?”

“Nothing,” replied Qing’er without even lifting her head.

Qin Sheng took the initiative to invite her. “Since you’re on holiday and have nothing to do, I’m going back to Xi’ an, do you want to go there and play for two days?”

Qing’er did not know his motive. She looked up and glared at him, “You know that I have nothing to do? You think I’m as free as you?”

Qin Sheng was not angry that he was given the cold shoulder. He could only sulk and laugh bitterly. Yet in his heart, he was saying: If it wasn’t because Uncle Jiang made me take care of you because he is worried about leaving you in Shanghai, I can’t even be bothered to care about you.

Not long after, a kettle of Pu’er tea was ready. Qing’er poured Qin Sheng a cup. He lifted it up and took a sniff before a sip. It was unknown if it was his tea leaves that were good, or whether her skill was good. He commented professionally, “Good tea.”

Qing’er mumbled something.

Qin Sheng asked, “What are you saying?”

“Nothing.” Qing’er quickly hook her head. Apparently, she was scolding him, of course she could not let him know.

After having two cups of tea, Qing’er finally asked, “What happened to uncle? Do you know anything?”

Qin Sheng froze for a moment. He then realized that the reason as to why big miss was willing to make him tea was because she was trying to sieve out information from him. Hence, he put down his cup and shook his head. “It’s not that I don’t want to tell you, but I don’t know anything too.”

“You really don’t know?” Qing’er scoffed.

Qin Sheng was determined. “Big miss, I really don’t know, no matter you believe it or not.”

“I think I can don’t drink this cup of tea!” Qing’er felt that Qin Sheng was not willing to tell her. Hence, without hesitation, she poured the bottle of Pu’er that was worth tens of thousands of dollars into the bin.

Qin Sheng shouted immediately, “Wtf? What are you doing? Leave the tea leaves alone!”

Qing’er did not want to be with him a minute longer. She stood up and went up to her room immediately, leaving behind Qin Sheng who now wanted to cry but had no tears to do so. What a temper…do all beautiful women have this kind of temper? Qin Sheng sighed helplessly, “Who did I offend?”