Chapter 125 Return to Xi’an

A pot of best Pu’er tea, Qin Sheng only drank two cups. It was just ruined, somehow pity. He did not expect Qing’er, a beauty who seemed dispatched from the earthly life and always pure would have such a wayward side. Qin Sheng didn’t know whether he should cry or laugh.

After the old butler came down, he saw Qin Sheng sitting alone on the sofa, in a daze. He slowly came over towards Qin Sheng and said, “Little Qin, have you made Qing’er angry?”

“Uncle Rong, it was she who bullied me,” Qin Sheng answered helplessly as if he was reporting to the teacher for help.

The old butler was almost sixty and Jiang Xianbang was very respectful to him. In the early years, he followed Jiang Xianbang and he also had been somewhat gloomy and viciously cruel, which had affected his fortune — he had neither wife nor child, just like Jiang Xianbang. He had helped Jiang Xianbang a lot, even helping Jiang Xianbang to block bullets twice. He was fortunate enough to survive. When he was old, Jiang Xianbang was not willing to let him go outside and he also planned to wash his hands in the golden basin, so he stayed in this garden house to spend the rest of his life, and at the same time, he took care of some trivial things. This time, the antiques handled by Jiang Xianbang were passed through his hands.

For Qing’er, Uncle Rong and Jiang Xianbang always treated her as their own daughter and they always loved this girl, so Uncle Rong laughed and said, “Qing’er is someone who can be persuaded by reason but not be cowed by strong words. You have to coax her.”

“I will not tolerate her temper. I don’t care what she does,” Qin Sheng said, coldly humming a voice.

After calming down, Qin Sheng recalled the serious business. Looking up at Uncle Rong, who was a little humpback, Qin Sheng said, “Uncle Rong, since Uncle Jiang had been to Hong Kong, I am afraid that some people will plan to harm Qing’er. Do we need to arrange some staff to protect her? After all, I have something to do and I cannot always follow her.”

The old butler, Uncle Rong gave a half smile. This Qin Sheng had a heart made of tofu and his bark was a lot worse than his bite. Uncle Rong replied, “You don’t have to worry about it this time. Old Jiang has arranged everything.”

Upon hearing this, Qin Sheng was completely relieved and he nodded silently. He said, “That’s good.”

After leaving Middle Huaihai Road, Qin Sheng had made an arrangement with Xin Xin. He would go to Fudan University to see her. He used to think that after returning to Shanghai, there would be more time to accompany Xin Xin, but he did not expect that the two of them had only seen each other for twice. Qin Sheng sometimes thought about it and felt quite guilty. People always chased for the distant goals, appreciating the scenery along the way, but forgot their loved ones and family around.

What made Qin Sheng felt pleased was that Xin Xin didn’t entangle him unless, occasionally, she was bored and talked with him for a few words. This little girl was very sensible and thoughtful from an early age. She never had a bad temper as some pretty girls from a rich family would have, which explained why, after the accident happened on her family, Xin Xin was able to withstand the pressure and not collapsed because of maladjustments. Perhaps it was because she grew up with Qin Sheng and had been influenced.

Qin Sheng remembered that Grandpa said that this girl had a destiny for a rich and great future. She would never have worries in her life nor encounter any setbacks. Qin Sheng used to felt Grandpa’s words reliable, but after the accident happened to Uncle Lin, he felt that Grandpa sometimes was not so reliable.

University life was the last worry-free time for everyone. After leaving this campus, everyone’s shoulders must bear more or less responsibility. Some time ago, he read a piece of chicken soup for the soul. Some people said that kindergarten was measured as a big kindergarten. The primary school was measured as a class. The junior high school was measured as a group of students. The high school was a high school for several people and the university was a university for two persons. Working was a job for a person. That was how people headed towards loneliness.

Qin Sheng sometimes felt that he was quite lonely. Maybe everyone was like this, but at least he had several friends with whom he could talk about everything, such as Hao Lei and Meng Zhe, such as Xia Ding, Yu Kefei and Old Cao.

After returning to Shanghai, returning Fudan University for the second time, he had no time to recall his youth and also had no time to visit the teachers and counsellor who were good to him when he was in the university, but he would definitely find the opportunity to do it.

Xin Xin was sitting on the steps beside the basketball court and waited for Qin Sheng. Maybe because there was a beautiful woman present, the boys on the basketball court were so excited. They indulged themselves and the hormones in their bodies burned. They wanted to win the attention of beautiful women. After all, in the university, not every student was rich enough to change girlfriends as they wished. Many people might never have girlfriends for four years.

After the appearance of Qin Sheng, these boys were very lost in the moment. They thought that Qin Sheng was the boyfriend of Xin Xin. They felt that another flower was inserted in the cow dung. Also, such flowers never belonged to the losers like them.

“Don’t you feel cold sitting here? Let me treat you for lunch. What? Are you trying to save money for your brother?” Qin Sheng said. He came over and touched the hair of Xin Xin.

Wearing a down jacket, boots and a grey neckpiece, Xin Xin turned to look at Qin Sheng. Her hair should have just been washed, and still had the smell of shampoo. Revealing a bright smile, she said, “I have had lunch. And I feel too full because I’ve had too much. I want to go out and take a walk. By the way, can you not touch my hair next time, which makes me feel like I am always a little girl?”

“In front of me, you are always a little girl that would never grow up,” Qin Sheng said happily.

“Humph!” Xin Xin snorted, turned her head aside and ignored Qin Sheng.

Qin Sheng laughed and said, “The money I sent to your card last time, have you used it? I asked you to buy new clothes and cosmetics. Have you bought them?”

“I’ve bought two pieces of clothes, but no cosmetics. Don’t you think that your sister has already been very good looking even she had no cosmetics? If I do makeup too, I will die because of my beauty,” Xin Xin said with a look of harmlessness and purity. That cute look really made people feel like touching by a spring breeze.

Qin Sheng glared at her and said, “How long has it been since I saw you last time? Your skin has become so thick in such a short time.”

“Hey, how can you judge your sister like that?” Xin Xin said in a displeased way and with coquetry, holding Qin Sheng’s arm.

Qin Sheng really didn’t know how to treat her. Considering who was the most important one for him in the world, it must be Xin Xin. In addition to Xin Xin, there was no one else, followed by Uncle Lin and Auntie Wang.

Qin Sheng sighed and said, “Don’t be hesitate to use the money I give you. Your brother, I am a manager now, and I have a salary of several thousand per month, enough to feed you and me.”

“Well, I know. How can you be so wordy?” Xin Xin said perfunctorily. Even if Qin Sheng said so, Xin Xin could not really spend money like that. Even if in the past time when her family was rich, she was very economical. And she said that she knew Qin Sheng definitely would not report the bad news — even if he was too poor to open the pot, he would not let her lead a hard life.

Qin Sheng had no choice but to shake his head and smile. This girl! How couldn’t he know what did the girl think about deep in mind?

“I have already bought plane tickets for us. The plane will depart in the night after tomorrow. I will pick you up when it is time. You just need to pack the things up.” Qin Sheng said, making arrangements. “And, this time your Brother Lei and a beautiful sister will join us to go there to play for several days.”

“Brother, have you found a new girlfriend?” Xin Xin smirked and said. Apparently, she was very curious about this beautiful sister.

Qin Sheng knocked on Xin Xin’s forehead and said, “What are you thinking about? She’s just a friend of mine. Don’t say strange things when you get there, or I’ll pack you when we get back.”

“Know it,” Xin Xin grinned and said.

But then she asked, “Brother, what happened to you and sister Su Qin? A few days ago, sister Su Qin came to see me again and she asked me to go shopping with her and bought me some clothes and cosmetics. I didn’t dare to tell you. Won’t you be angry at me?”

Qin Sheng slightly frowned and did not know what Su Qin meant for visiting Xin Xin frequently. He had heard from Xin Xin that during the two years studying in Shanghai, Su Qin often came to see her and every time Su Qin would buy clothes for her and treat her meals.

In any case, Qin Sheng was very grateful from the bottom of his heart. At least Su Qin still treated Xin Xin as a younger sister and didn’t keep distance with Xin Xin because of him. This was also the goodness of Su Qin’s heart.

“What am I angry at? The relationship between her and me is one thing and the relationship between you and her is another thing,” Qin Sheng explained casually.

Xin Xin kept asking, “Sister Su Qin said that she had seen you, but it was obviously not a very happy meeting according to her look. Brother, I think Su Qin is very good, even if you can’t be lovers, you can still be friends. After all, you haven’t done anything needed to apologize to each other. Is there anything you can’t solve?”

“Well, what do you think you are doing, you silly girl?” Qin Sheng patted his ass and got up, obviously unwilling to continue to entangle on this topic.

They once loved each other. Would that be possible to be friends after breaking up? It had been said that no matter what happened in the past, the best choice was not to disturb each other.

Xin Xin followed him and stood up and didn’t dare to continue to talk about this. She was afraid that Qin Sheng would be unhappy at her. Then she handed the bag in her hand to Qin Sheng and said, “This the neckpiece I bought for you last time when shopping. Remember to wear it when you are out and keep yourself warm.”

“My care for this sister is not in vain.” Qin Sheng said with satisfaction. Although it was worthless, the care from her was more important than anything else.

After getting up, Qin Sheng took Xin Xin and said, “Let’s go, today I have nothing to do. I will go shopping with you and treat you with a big meal, and then we buy some gifts for your mom. The last time I went to see her empty-handed. I am afraid that your mom will not let me enter the door if I do the same thing again.”

Xin Xin did hope that Qin Sheng could accompany her to go shopping, so, naturally, she readily agreed. Then the two went to Nanjing Road. Their shopping cost a long time and didn’t finish until nine o’clock. Then Qin Sheng sent Xin Xin back.

In the next two days, there was nothing wrong with Shangshan Ruoshui. That event ended up losing money. The other party did not apologize. It was said that it only took a few hours to leave.

Chang Baji did not intend to return to Xi’an, just staying in Shanghai to take care of Shangshan Ruoshui, so that Qin Sheng could rest assured.

On the last afternoon, Chang Baji sent Qin Sheng to the airport. Chang Baji first went to pick up Han Bing, who got off from work early to get things packed. This sister, carrying a bag only, pulled a suitcase of rimowa, but Qin Sheng estimated that this box had already been fully packed.

Finally, they went to Fudan University to pick Xin Xin. When Xin Xin saw Han Bing, Xinxin had to admit that Qin Sheng was really popular among women. This beautiful sister was no worse than sister Su Qin.