Chapter 128 Hurtful Words

Be it in junior high school, high school or college, everyone had a few besties around them. Perhaps this was just how those who were alike stick together. Otherwise, they would be separated from each other, like Qin Sheng. Until now, those whom he was closest with were the few roommates he had in college. Then there were Hao Lei and Meng Zhe. Perhaps it was because everyone started drifting apart after college, gained different social experiences, and also met a number of new friends, they started to gradually forget about those close friends whom they once told everything.

Time and the society have changed how we used to be. Eventually, they caused us to live in the state that we hated the most.

However, Qin Sheng eventually agreed to Hao Lei’s request. Besides, there were still Hao Lei and Meng Zhe. After all, they were trying to welcome him. Or perhaps, he was selfishly looking down on their kind-heartedness. Everyone was so busy, they finally had a time to meet up together.

The dinner was scheduled at Da Tang Xi Shi on Labor South Road. It was a high-end Cantonese resturant opened by Wu Hao’s friend. Other than Zhao Lei and Meng Zhe, there were also Wu Zhao and Zhao Xuan. With the addition of Qin Sheng and Han Bing, there were only six people.

“Is it suitable for me to go?” Han Bing asked en route to Da Tang Xi Shi. After all, it was a gathering between Qin Sheng’s friends. She would be the only outsider and the only female. The others might feel too restricted by her presence and she was also not used to it.

While diving along Huancheng South Road, Qin Sheng casually replied, “There’s no such thing as suitable or not, it’s just a simple dinner, don’t think too much. If you feel uncomfortable by then, you can leave first.”

Since Qin Sheng had already said so, Han Bing did not insist anymore, in case he found her childish. Besides, for someone as beautiful as her, she was always the spotlight wherever she went. She could even “give face” to him during the dinner.

The so-called Ring Road in Xi’an referred to the road that circled around the city’s wall. The nights are longer in winter and the sky darkened earlier. When the Chinese lanterns were turned on, the lights on the city’s wall also lighted up. The big red lanterns and yellow strings of light made the wall look mysterious and filled with the vicissitudes of life. It felt like they were returning back to olden days of Chang’an.

Sitting on the passenger seat, Han Bing stared at the city’s wall. No one could tell what was in her mind. She had always wanted to come to Xi’an since a long time ago but never had the chance. Unexpectedly, her first visit here was under such a situation.

“The city’s wall is so beautiful at night. It is different from how it looks in the daytime. I should have come earlier.” Han Bing muttered to herself.

Qin Sheng casually said, “If you really like Xi’an, you can always come back often.”

“Yea, Xi’an is really a city full of history and culture. I like this city, I can feel its composure. Although it did not develop like a coastal city, it is full of its own uniqueness, something that other cities cannot replicate.” Han Bing was a designer, so she could easily find inspiration and materials from the history and culture in Xi’an.

After which, she immediately followed with, “But I’m worried that Auntie Wang will find my annoying if I come too often.”

“Why would she do that? Just treat this as your own home. You can stay at home every time you come, don’t stay at a hotel.” Qin Sheng said with a smile.

“That’s what you think, but Aunty Wang may not think so, unless…”Han Being turned her head and stared at him. A scheming look leaked from her eyes.

Qin Sheng asked without thinking too much, “Unless what?”

“Unless I become her daughter-in-law! She’ll definitely not find me annoying and might even wish that I stay here every day!” Han Bing covered her mouth and laughed. Her laughter was so scheming, as if she had taken a big advantage of him.

Qin Sheng rolled his eyes at her. He was too lazy to reply her. He knew that no good content would come out of this sneaky woman’s mouth. However, he was actually enjoying being flirted to by such a beautiful woman.

Half an hour later, they finally reached Da Tang Xi Shi on Labor South Road. This place was also an attraction in Xi’an. It was the starting point of the Silk Road. Da Tang Xi Shi was built on the same piece of land that housed the most prosperous business district in Xi’an during the Tang dynasty.

After they parked the car, Han Bing was not willing to attend the dinner anymore. She insisted on walking around on her own because she felt like it was interesting here. Hence, without hesitation, she left Qin Sheng alone. Helplessly, he stared at big beauty Han’s back view as she walked away. He heaved a long sigh and said, “Only women and villains are so difficult to entertain.”

Eventually, Qin Sheng could only go look for Hao Lei and the rest on his own.

This restaurant specializes in Cantonese cuisine and takes the high-end route. At this moment, there were four men seated in the box, laughing and having fun as they waited for Qin Sheng to arrive. Although Wu Hao and Zhao Xuan had not contacted Qin Sheng for a very long time, they were still quite close with Hao Lei and Meng Zhe, cheerfully chatting together.

Those present all came from families with a powerful background in Xi’an, especially Wu Hao and Zhao Xuan. They were considered rich second generations. Meng Zhe was considered a second generation of a government official. Hao Lei’s family had a miliatary background, which was why he went to serve the army back then. However, he was unwilling to quit. To him, serving in the army was just to fulfill his father’s wishes. After all, three generations of his family were all soldiers. His older sister was also now in the army. However, this was not his dream.

“Brother Lei, I heard that you’ve followed Qin Sheng to Shanghai. What do you do there?” Wu Hao was infamous for being a playboy. Back then he pursued Su Qin too but lost to Qin Sheng. After all, their relationship back then was very stiff, so he could helplessly only sigh while keeping a grudge in his heart. When he knew that Qin Sheng and Su Qin have broken up, he was extremely happy. He turned around and continued chasing her, but she did not even pay attention to him.

Hao Lei looked up and glanced at Wu Hao as he casually answered, “I chauffeur my friend.”

“Wtf? Brother Lei, are you crazy? Are you so free to go all the way to Shanghai to be a chauffeur? Stay in Xi’an, the few of us will try to find some work for you. No matter what, it will definitely be more enjoyable than working in Shanghai.” Zhao Xuan lectured. This man spoke fluent coarse language and he liked to talk bad behind others’ back. Today, he worked in construction by relying on his family. His net worth amounted up to millions and he drove around a sissy blue Maserati and picked up girls all day round. So among the few of them, he was considered to be alike to Wu Hao, and they also had business dealings.

Wu Hao echoed, “Our soldier goes all the way to Shanghai to drive people around instead of staying in the military. I really don’t know what you’re thinking. I say, Brother Lei, how much do they pay you each month? I’ll give you double. Why not you come and work for me? I’m also short of a chauffeur. I’m going to fire mine soon, He’s so clumsy and his skills cannot be compared to yours.”

In the past, Wu Hao and Zhao Xuan always followed behind Qin Sheng and Hao Lei and flattered them. Now that they had entered the society, with the addition of their families’ resources, they were more than getting by. They no longer paid attention to people like Hao Lei and Meng Zhe and speak with no respect. More importantly, they flaunt their achievements every now and then.

This sentence made Hao Lei very uncomfortable, but he was patient and said, “I don’t have that kind of luck, let’s talk about it when I really cannot take it anymore.”

“Why isn’t this Qin Sheng coming? He’s making all of us wait for so long…what a big shot.” Wu Hao lifted up his wrist and looked at the time. He deliberately showed off his Glashütte watch and ambiguously said.

Zhao Xuan smiled with thinned eyes, “What do you think? He is a genius that scored big beauty Su, of course he’s a big shot. Did you think that he’s so vulgar like you?”

“Oh right, Hao Lei, did you meet Su Qin in Shanghai?” Wu Hao took the initiative and asked.

Hao Lei honestly answered, “I did.”

“Did you see Su Qin after Qin Sheng came back?” Wu Hao continued to ask.

Hao Lei casually answered, “I did.”

“Oh god, are they back together again?” Zhao Xuan exclaimed in surprise. He then turned to Wu Hao and said, “Old Wu, I don’t think you have a chance!”

“That’s not necessarily true. It’s a fair competition, I might just win the trophy back.” Wu Hao disapprovingly said.

Meng Zhe had long gotten used to how Wu Hao and Zhao Xuan talked. He concentrated on chatting with his wife via his phone. His wife clung onto him a lot. They were already engaged, yet they were still living in the hot phase period.

Zhao Xuan probed, “Brother Lei, you and Qin Sheng are both in Shanghai, what is he doing now? Is he doing really well? Back then he was the genius among us, all the teachers said that he had a bright future ahead.”

Actually, Wu Hao and Zhao Xuan had found out some stuff from Meng Zhe, like how Qin Sheng’s foster father Lin Yi was now imprisoned. If it was in the past, Qin Sheng could be living a better life than them, but that might not necessarily be the case now. For example, Qin Sheng seemed to be starting from zero in Shanghai, otherwise, Hao Lei would not just be a chauffeur.

“Ask him yourselves later.” Hao Lei was too lazy to entertain them.

Meng Zhe looked up at Wu Hao and Zhao Xuan and snorted, “You guys really have nothing to do.”

At this moment, a waiter pushed the door open and walked in with Qin Sheng. He lightly smiled and apologized, “Sorry I’m late.”

Meng Zhe, Hao Lei and the rest all stood up one after another. Wu Hao glanced at Zhao Xuan and exaggeratively exclaimed, “Oh my, who is this! Isn’t this our genius? We haven’t met for two years and I almost can’t recognize you.”

Zhao Xuan laughed, “Who do you think you are? He can’t even be bothered to contact you. The both of us are only here today all thanks to Brother Lei and Lao Meng.”

“You’re right.” Wu Hao sighed.

Hearing the two’s conversation, Qin Sheng’s gaze changed slightly. Some people had changed a long time ago, the knife hidden in their words was really heart-wrenching.

Hao Lei also felt extremely uncomfortable. Actually, he understood fully why Wu Hao and Hao Lei wanted to meet Qin Sheng, and why they coincidentally did not turn up when Qin Sheng called them the last time. Actually, they only wanted to see how Qin Sheng was doing recently, if he was having a worse time than them. If that was the case, they would probably tease as much as they could. If Qin Sheng was having a better life than them, then this plan would be useless. They would definitely try to catch up with him and reminisce about their past.

Men were so despicable.