Chapter 129 Not Appreciating the Effort to Save One from Embarrassment

During high school, Qin Sheng was the leader of this small little clique. During then, he was good in his studies, skillful in fights, and was even an expert at picking up girls. Naturally, he became the backbone of this group of people. During then, they were satisfied with him as the leader. Afterward, everyone went to university. Qin Sheng and Su Qin went to Shanghai while the rest stayed behind in Xi’an. Hao Lei went to the army. Everyone started having lesser contact with each other. Everyone knew that university was the smaller version of the real society, so they also started to enter society. Among other things, their ways of thinking changed too. They were no longer their childish and ignorant self-back then. After university, Qin Sheng went missing for more than two years. Everyone had already stepped into society and were gradually changing themselves completely. In addition, for the majority of the people, there was a difference between society and school. In society, the competition was about who had a more powerful family background, whose family was richer, who could make it till the end, who was the most powerful.

Therefore, Wu Hao and Zhao Xuan walked in the forefront before everyone. They used to be satisfied with Qin Sheng being the leader, but that may not be the case anymore. They were both spoiled children, they would for sure want some accomplishment for themselves. Besides, back then, all of them had thoughts about Su Qin, especially Wu Hao. He could never forget her.

Given today’s situation, naturally, they would show off in front of Qin Sheng, as if they were telling everyone: Weren’t you the best back then? How did you end up living so miserably now? Back then, those people, including Su Qin, must have been blind. We are the ones with true potential. Are you guys full of regrets now?

Most importantly, Qin Sheng was useless to them, which was why they did not have to care about the so-called feelings. To them, in this society, would managing their relationships put food on the table?

Qin Sheng was not angry, but he felt an obstruction in his heart which made him panicked a little. He was most afraid of running into a situation like this. Besides, he still treated Wu Hao and Zhao Xuan as his friends. After all, their relationships with each other used to be so real. But things were not going in the same direction that he wished; it was now heading for the worse.

“I was only missing for two years, look at how angry you are.” Qin Sheng laughed and said. He found a seat that was unoccupied. Hao Lei was cursing in his heart: Damn, you guys are not even worth anything to Qin Sheng! Meng Zhe was neither sad nor happy. After all, he was living in Xi’an, he would need Wu Hao and Zhao Xuan’s help more or less. No matter how pissed he felt, he must remain neutral.

However, Wu Hao stood up immediately and pulled Qin Sheng up. “Big Boss, you are our Big Boss, how can you be sitting here? You must sit at the main seat.”

“That’s right, the main seat is reserved for you. If you continue to sit there, we wouldn’t dare to eat.” Zhao Xuan followed.

Qin Sheng stood up slowly and went along with the flow. He sat on the main seat with smiling eyes. To him, no matter what, after this meal, if there are no complications, if there are no coincidences, he would never sit at the same table with them again. To him, they were now people from different paths.

Since you want to put on a show, let me see how well you can perform.

“Come, let’s order.” Wu Hao waved to the waiter.

The waiter came with the menu. Wu Hao directly pushed the main menu towards Qin Sheng. He smiled, “Big Boss, come, you should order first. Choose whatever you want.”

He then passed the sub-menu to Zhao Xuan and ignored Meng Zhe and Hao Lei completely. Qin Sheng was not over-courteous. He casually ordered a few dishes before passing the menu on to Meng Zhe.

After ordering, Wu Hao spoke again, “What do you guys want to drink? Red or white? We’re not going to drink beer tonight, okay?”

“Then let’s order some red wine. Old Wu, didn’t you save some bottles of Mouton red wine here? One bottle is four to five thousand dollars, we barely get to meet our Big Boss who is so busy, we must give you a treat today.” Zhao Xuan followed along. These two looked like they were acting out a dialogue.

With a tone of indifference, Wu Hao said, “Okay then, let’s have Mouton, it’s not expensive anyway. Drink as much as you want, we’re not going home until we’re drunk!”

Before the wine and dishes arrived, Wu Hao and Zhao Xuan started chatting with Qin Sheng out of boredom. Wu Hao first provided an explanation for what happened last time. He smiled, “Big Boss, last time when you called, it was really too sudden. Both of us had a business dinner to attend, so we couldn’t make it. Besides, we are very busy now, we’re no longer like back when we were students. We initially wanted to welcome you on the next day, but when we asked Lao Meng, you’ve already gone to Shanghai. This time around, we quickly arranged this so that you will not feel uncomfortable.”

“Big Boss, Lao Wu is right. His business is so big now, his projects are all starting from the millions. He is crazily busy. Even normal people who want to meet him also need to schedule a time. Likewise, for me, I’m so stressed right now. Sometimes I’m so jealous of you guys, you all can live so carefreely.” Zhao Xuan added.

Hao Lei snorted, “You’re jealous of us? We’re all losers, how can we compare to rich second generations like you two?”

“We have no choice, we were born into our families, this is our fate. Otherwise, we’ll just be huge disappointments, “Wu Hao laughed as he said. This was a slap across their faces.

Qin Sheng replied sarcastically, “With great powers come great responsibility. I understand.”

“Oh right, Big Boss, what exactly did you do after graduation? Why didn’t we hear anything from you for two years?” Zhao Xuan tried to probe. Although he heard about some news from Meng Zhe, he was unsure about them.

Qin Sheng replied half-truthfully, “Nothing much, I just wanted to quieten down and go out to explore. I wanted to see the great mountains and rivers that people have visited and experience the different flavors of humanity across different countries.”

“Wow, Big Boss is for sure Big Boss, his level is always different. No wonder our high school teacher always said that he would be the most outstanding amongst us.” Wu Hao laughed. They actually did not care what Qin Sheng had done during those two years.

Zhao Xuan asked again, “Then why did you go to Shanghai? Were you trying to reunite with Su Qin? If that’s really the case, then Lao Wu really has no more chance.”

Hearing Zhao Xuan bringing up Su Qin, Qin Sheng was not pleased. Zhao Xuan could say anything except making a joke about her.

“Big beauty Su only has eyes for Big Boss, how would I dare to have such thoughts? Sometimes I’m curious as to why she had laid her eyes on Big Boss when there were so many other people chasing her, including me. Perhaps, was Big Boss very dominant?” Wu Hao deliberately shook his head as he said.

Zhao Xuan laughed aloud, “You’re saying that Big Boss is dominant!”

Wu Hao cooperated and laughed aloud.

Meng Zhe was afraid that Qin Sheng would flare up. He said quickly, “This is Big Boss’ charm, what do you know?”

“Why didn’t I see it?” Wu Hao deliberately stared at Qin Sheng.

Qin Sheng’s face showed a tint of unhappiness. At that instant, waiters came in with their food and wine. Wu Hao made them open it up without waking it and poured for everyone.

Lifting up his glass, Wu Hao smiled, “Big Boss, it was just a joke, don’t take it to heart. Come, let’s toss to welcome Big Boss, hope that he can go up a higher level.”

After the first cup of wine, they started to have more topics. Qin Sheng did not speak much. It was also not convenient for Wu Hao and Zhao Xuan to keep on staring at Qin Sheng, since there was Meng Zhe and Hao Lei.

After a while, Wu Hao started asking questions again. He smiled, “Big Boss, the few of us are all wondering. We always feel that you’re very mysterious and we don’t know what you’re doing in Shanghai. Did you really go there to chase Su Qin again?”

“Big Boss is still the Big Boss that we knew. Su Qin is no longer the Su Qin that we knew. I heard that she is a senior executive in a multinational company. She is surrounded by tyrants, why would she set her eyes on Big Boss?” Zhao Xuan said disapprovingly. One was arguing for, one was arguing against.

Wu Hao whined deliberately, “I say, Lao Zhao, why are you always bringing Su Qin up? Even I have already lost all hope, yet you still can’t forget about her. Let’s just focus on Big Boss.”

“How would I dare to? Fine, let’s talk about Big Boss.” Zhao Xuan laughed.

Qin Sheng sighed, “Haiz, I’m not born into a family like you guys’, I can only survive on my own capabilities. I’m doing sales in a small company.”

“Sales? What the heck? Big Boss, are you for real? You are the famous genius in our high school, why did you end up wasting your potential?” Zhao Xuan looked shocked, but he could have been acting.

Wu Hao also replied, “Big Boss must definitely be kidding. Why would someone with so much potential end up doing basic sales? Right?”

Hao Lei said nothing. He was on the same frontline as Qin Sheng. He understood what Qin Sheng was thinking when he said it.

Meng Zhe did not know whether it was true or fake. He frowned and asked, “Big Boss, is it true?”

“Would I even lie to you guys about a job? It’s not easy to find jobs nowadays.” Qin Sheng said emotionally.

Wu Hao said immediately, “Big Boss, this can’t do. This is a waste of your potential! Why don’t you come back? I’ll offer you $10,000 per month, come to my company and work with me. We can all earn big bucks together.”

“Lao Wu is right. You can come to my company too, I’ll offer $15, 000.” Zhao Xuan joined in the hype.

Wu Hao laughed aloud, “Lao Zhao, did you think that you’re shopping in the market?”

Hao Lei could not stand it anymore. He slammed the table and stood up. Glaring at Zhao Xuan and Wu Hao, he shouted, “Do you find this interesting?”

“Brother Lei, what are you doing?” Wu Hao said very unhappily.

Zhao Xuan laughed with a knife hidden his smile. “Brother Lei, we are just joking, why did you take it seriously? You’re no fun.”

Meng Zhe was dumbfounded. At this point in time, no matter who he sided with, he could offend someone. However, the victim, Qin Sheng, stood up and waved to Hao Lei. “Sit down, why are you causing a scene? We are just playing around, it’s fine as long as everyone is happy.”

Hearing Qin Sheng’s words, Hao Lei could only contain his own temper. He sat down helplessly but felt very unjust for Qin Sheng. If it was an outsider, based on Hao Lei’s rash temper, he would have already smashed the bottle of win across the other person’s face. Who does he think he is? What is he playing?

“Okay, okay, okay, let’s change the topic, in case Brother Lei is upset again.” Zhao Xuan sighed.

The weaker Qin Sheng portrayed himself, the more Wu Hao and Zhao Xuan feel that he did not have a temper and did not dare to offend them. After all, he was not doing well. On the other hand, they could not be doing better. Besides, they still have a strong background in Xi’an.

Hence, Wu Hao continued to challenge Qin Sheng’s bottom line. “Big Boss, I’m actually curious, why did you and Su Qin break up? Did you move on, or did she? Or was it because she had high standards and started to look down on you?”

Qin Sheng was not angry. Instead, he laughed. “Perhaps we didn’t have such a strong fate.”

“Come on, Big Boss. At least you guys were fated to be together. For me, I had the fate to know her but not to be together with her. I can’t get close to her. She was my goddess in high school. Every time I think about it, I feel that it was such a pity. Last year I was lucky enough to run into her. She’s so different now, that visuals, that aura, that figure, especially her chest and long legs. Using modern slang, I can play with her for a year!” Wu Hao was already starting to sound pervert as he reached the end of his sentence. He even ended it off with a burst of laughter.

Zhao Xuan even cooperated and said, “No matter who conquers a woman like that, he can play with her for his whole life! That’s why I’m so jealous of Big Boss. Big Boss, tell us, how’s big beauty Su in bed? You guys have broken up anyways. Right?”

“I know right! Tell us, I bet everyone’s curious too.” Wu Hao laughed. With a face of anticipation, he looked at Hao Lei and Meng Zhe and shouted, “Are you guys curious too?”

At this point in time, Qin Sheng’s expression was very ugly. When they first joked about Su Qin, he was not angry. Besides, they knew when to stop and did not go overboard. Afterward, when they started to joke about him, he did not care at all. Besides, he still valued their relationships and hence did not confront them. But now, they were still joking about her and even trampled onto his bottom line. If Qin Sheng was still not angry, then he must definitely be a good-for-nothing.

Hence, after a moment of silence, Qin Sheng stared at Wu Hao and Zhao Xuan with a deadly gaze. He said with a cold smile word by word, “You’re not appreciating my effort to save you from embarrassment, are you?”