Chapter 131 I’ll Take a Look

En route to Ancient Culture Street, Qin Sheng, Hao Lei, and Meng Zhe were not in the mood to talk. They also did not know what each other had in their minds. Initially, Han Bing tried to ask a few questions, but seeing the low response, she knew better and kept her mouth shut. She concentrated on playing her phone as she figured that something must have happened. Otherwise, they would not be in such a down mood. They would not have finished dinner that soon too. No wonder Qin Sheng said that it did not matter even if he did not eat.

Qin Sheng felt that the atmosphere was too depressing and turned on the radio. It was the familiar FM 93.1 Xi’an Music Broadcast Station. After a song, the DJ spoke in a husky voice, “Next up, I would like to give this song to all friends who are on the road. It is the song that many people like, Xu Wei’s “The You From The Past”.”

At this moment, Qin Sheng felt all kinds of emotions as he listened to the song. Who never dreamed of going around the world? Who never had a girl you loved? In the end, love cause you to be hurt. You experience life’s ups and downs and you see how cold or warm the world can be. The friends around you get lesser. Eventually, you become lonely. When you are sad, you could only look at the sea.

“Why do people change?” Meng Zhe muttered to himself. “I really miss the days when I was in high school. How great would it be if I could go back to the past? Even if I cannot return to the past, there was no need to become like this. Things do not change, but humans do.”

“Perhaps, those who are not fated to be on the same path will all walk away eventually.” Qin Sheng replied casually.

Meng Zhe nodded. “Maybe.”

Qin Sheng and Hao Lei were not in the wrong for what happened today, the fault lies on Wu Hao and Zhao Xuan. Perhaps, they were not in the wrong too. The fault lies in the complexity of society. It was the society that changed them completely, causing them to lose their innocence.

This restaurant that sold self-curated cuisines was called Drunken Chang’an. It was located in a backyard on Ancient Culture Street. The backyard was ancient and full of sentiments. There was also a beautiful lady playing the Guzheng. The scene matched the background very well. The group settled their dinner here. During then, the men finally calmed themselves down. Meng Zhe paid attention to Han Bing. After all, women like her were not easy to find. Based on the fact that she followed Qin Sheng to Xi’an, their relationship must be quite deep. Meng Zhe could not figure out what Qin Sheng was doing in Shanghai. And why did Hao Lei followed him so determinedly?

After dinner, the group dispersed. Today, Qin Sheng brought Han Bing around for a good amount of time. Forget about his bad mood, Han Bing herself was also tired.

When they returned to Jindi Furong Shijia, Auntie Wang was already homed. She was watching TV as she waited for them to return. Xin Xin was not homed yet. Auntie Wang explained that she had went karaoke with her friends after shopping and dinner.

After taking a shower, Qin Sheng laid on his bed with just a short-sleeved shirt and pants. He was looking through his old diaries. There was a picture of him with Su Qin in the diary. Back then, Su Qin had already glowed up, there was no way she could cover her beauty. On the other hand, Qin Sheng seemed ordinary. No wonder many people said that the couple was like a flower stuck onto cow dung. Unexpectedly, the Su family was very satisfied with Qin Sheng. Su Qin’s father especially thinks highly of Qin Sheng. Su Qin’s mother was objective of early dating at the beginning. Eventually, she could only close one eye. Indeed, mother-in-laws will always grow fonder of their son-in-laws.

Qin Sheng was recalling the incidents from high school and college. He was wondering if he had been too harsh on Su Qin. After all, for what happened back then, Su Qin was not in the wrong. It was just that everything happened at the same time.

At this moment, Han Bing, who had been chatting with Wang Li, pushed his door open and came in suddenly. Qin Sheng got a scare and jumped. He took in a deep breath before saying, “I say, are you educated? Don’t you know you have to knock before entering?”

“You didn’t close the door, so I just came in directly. What are you doing? What are you looking at?” Han Bing saw the notebook in his hand and asked with a smirk.

Qin Sheng replied casually, “Nothing much?”

“You’re guilty. I don’t believe you. Let me see what it is?” Han Bing stretched out her hand and asked.

Qin Sheng could not be bothered to entertain her, “Boring.”

“You’re really not giving it to me?”


“Then I’m gonna snatch it from you.”


Han Bing was not going to give up so easily. It was because Qin Sheng’s behavior was a little strange. Hence, she dashed for it without hesitation. Apparently, she was not going to give up unless she reached her goal. Hence, the duo starting fighting. It was quite a show. Eventually, Han Bing lost to Qin Sheng as expected. She was pinned against the bed.

Qin Sheng sat on her legs and pressed onto her elbows. She breathed heavily.

“You’re crossing the line, do you believe that I can punish you right now?” Qin Sheng threatened.

Han Bing was not falling for it. She replied bluntly, “Do it! Do you think that I’m scared of you?”

Qin Sheng was K.O-ed by her one line. He felt that no matter what he threatened her with, it was of no use. He let go of her and jumped off the bed. “I admit defeat, you’ve won.”

Han Bing tidied her clothes and said disdainfully, “This is your house, even if you have ten times the courage you wouldn’t do it. Hmph, if not I’ll hold you accountable for the rest of my life.”

Qin Sheng was left speechless. You really have no way to win this scheming elf. Indeed, he preferred girls who were more conservative. He cannot handle a girl like Han Bing.

Just as he was about to put the notebook back into the drawer, Han Bing found a picture out of nowhere. While looking at the picture, she said, “Tsk tsk tsk, who is this beautiful lady? She’s innocent, cute, and make people’s heart flutter. She’s even more infatuated than me. And who’s this guy playing the guitar? He’s quite handsome.”

Qin Sheng turned around and his face was red with anger. He knew that the picture was his. It probably fell out when they were fighting just now. Angrily, h said, “Hand it over.”

Qin Sheng’s gaze was a little scary. Han Bing got a shock and immediately returned it to him. “It’s just a picture, do you have to get so worked up?”

Qin Sheng said nothing and kept it in between the notebook before tucking it away into the drawer. He locked up the drawer. This drawer housed his memories from the first half of his life, including his grandfather and Su Qin.

“The boy must be you, then who is the girl? Your first love? She’s quite pretty, at least she’s prettier than me. You look quite innocent when you were younger?” Han Bing started to gossip out of boredom.

Qin Sheng glared at her. “Are you saying that I’m very old now?”

“You’re not old, but I feel that your heart is old, like my dad. Do people like you guys all have the same mentality? I think it’s not good.” she shook her head and said.

Qin Sheng replied casually, “No one can lead the same lifestyle. Everyone has their own choices and contributions.”

“I’m most annoyed at the fact that you sound exactly like him.” Han Bing whined. “Although you’re not willing to answer my question, it’s about there. She must be either your first love or ex. Otherwise, you wouldn’t been treasuring it.”

Seeing that Qin Sheng was about to flare up again, she quickly switched the topic. “Okay, okay, let’s not talk about it anymore. What are the arrangements for tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow morning I’m going to see grandfather. Hao Lei will bring you to go see the terracotta warriors. After that, we’ll meet up.” Qin Sheng said.

After a moment of hesitation, Han Bing said, “Bring me along, let me pay my respects to grandfather. Besides, I might be the future daughter-in-law of your Qin family. Let your grandfather help you see if I pass.”

“Crazy.” Qin Sheng was somewhat annoyed and immediately pulled her up and pushed her out of the door.

Han Bing muttered, “If you don’t want to let me go, fine! Why do you always have to flare up? You’re no fun!”

On the next morning, Qin Sheng bought paper money and Xifeng 375. He woke up early and headed to Zhongnan Mountains. Hao Lei also came over to bring Han Bing to see the terracotta warriors. However, Han Bing insisted on following Qin Sheng to Zhongnan Mountains. Eventually, he agreed helplessly. Xin Xin and Hao Lei also went with them. Xin Xin went to pay her respects on behalf of the Lin family.

Zhongnan Mountains was the most blessed land on earth. The car drove all the way till the end, where there was no more road. The group got off the car and walked towards Old Master Qin’s grave. If Qin Sheng did not remember clearly where it was, no one could ever find it. How was it a grave? It was just a small mound of wild grass.

“We’re here.” Qin Sheng said plainly.

Hao Lei and Xin Xin had all been here before, so they were not surprised. Only Han Bing exclaimed in surprise, “This is it?”

“Yes, this is it.” Qin Sheng replied casually. He was too lazy to explain more.

Qin Sheng squatted down slowly and began clearing the weeds on the grave. Hao Lei helped him out and they cleaned it up quickly. At this moment. Qin Sheng started paying his respects. He started burning quite a number of paper money and poured a bottle of Xifeng 375 over the grave. This was the old man’s favorite drink. His second favorite would be Erguotou.

After all these, Qin Sheng knelt down first, followed by Xin Xin and Hao Lei. Han Bing hesitated for a moment and followed suit. The group bowed to the old man three times and got up.

Qin Sheng said to them, “Go and wait for me on the car, I have some things that I want to say to grandfather. I’ll be right back.”

They understood what he wanted and went back to the car together, leaving him alone.

“Grandfather, I’m back to see you again. I’ve been gone for three months, how are you doing over there?” Qin Sheng started to chat with him.

Hao Lei led Han Bing and Xin Xin back to the car. Before they arrived at where the car was parked, from afar they saw two other cars beside their parked Audi A4L. Hao Lei frowned slightly and said, “You guys stay here, I’ll take a look.”