Chapter 133 You Tell Me Who I Am

Qin Sheng really did not want to know that it was Wu Hao and Zhao Xuan. He would rather know it was his former enemy, but it was really done by Wu Hao and Zhao Xuan, which made Qin Sheng very embarrassed. He could not meet them for they had broken up. He could not see them later. Qin Sheng thought, “What you had done makes me have no choice but be hard to you.”

From last night to the present, Qin Sheng had been troubled by this incident. The feelings of the past had been so sincere. After a few years of immersion in the society, it had been so dirty. This was really sorrowful.

Qin Sheng could be cold and cruel to his enemies but he couldn’t be cruel and cold to his friends. But now, he had no choice. He took out a cigarette and light it up. He turned to Hao Lei and said, “How long would it take for the old friends of Old Chang to come?”

“I will call and ask.” Hao Lei said in a low voice. He had already sent their position to Old Chang and he supposed that they would arrive soon. After the call, he told Qin Sheng, “There are still ten minutes.”

Qin Sheng waved his hand to Han Bing and Xin Xin in the distance, indicating that the two could come over. Han Bing, who had experienced several disturbances, had already used to this scene, so she was not nervous nor afraid, but Xin Xin saw it for the first time, and she was somewhat frightened. Han Bing comforted her and said, “Nothing, just a little thing.”

After Han Bing and Xin Xin came over, Qin Sheng threw the key to Han Bing and said, “Take the car to the side of the road. Wait for us over there. When we complete our work, we will go and find you.”

“Okay.” Han Bing said and nodded.

Xin Xin saw the six or seven men with bruised and sullen faces, lying on the ground. She was then so scared that her face turned pale. Especially when she saw the shoulders of Brother Wei, whose clothes were already soaked with blood with a knife in his shoulder.

“Brother, is it okay?” Xin Xin asked worriedly.

Qin Sheng touched Xin Xin’s hair and smiled. He said, “Nothing. Wait for us with your Sister Bing Bing in the car.”

Ten minutes later, the old friends of Old Change arrived, driving three cars. Compared with Qin Sheng, the friends of Old Chang’s arranging was a bit bigger, including a Land Rover Range and two Toyota tyrants. They were obviously doing big things. Brother Wei and other guys couldn’t be compared with them.

After the three cars stopped, more than a dozen men jumped out of the cars and held the weapons in their hands, either choppers or sticks. They intended to show off their strength but when they saw the situation, they were stunned in an instant. What happened?

The man who took the lead was in his thirties, wearing a stylish suit and carrying a cigar in his mouth. He slowly came over. He was not so surprised to see the scene. He said softly, “You are friends of Manager Chang?”

Qin Sheng and Hao Lei nodded and reported their names.

“I am Xu Shen. Manager Chang asked me to cooperate with you.” The men, in a stylish suit and with a fancy hairstyle, applying grey hair wax, smiled and answered.

Qin Sheng did not intend to say too much with this man called Xu Shen. So Qin Sheng said casually, “Brother Xu, this group of people is at your hands.”

“Okay, give them to me.” Xu Shen took over directly.

Qin Sheng hesitated for a moment and smiled at Xu Shen. He said, “Brother Xu, I want to see my two friends tonight. They are the ones who planned this incident. I will appreciate your efforts.”

Xu Shen held his chin with one hand and meditated for a while. Eventually, unwillingly, he said, “Okay, wait for my news.”

“Then we leave first.” Qin Sheng said and nodded to Xu Shen and left with Hao Lei directly. He left the image of a strong man on Xu Shen. The aura he showed between his words was completely stunned Xu Shen and made Xu Shen felt that Qin Sheng was not a small role, rather, Qin Sheng should be a big man otherwise he was too young. It was impossible for a young man to have such an imposing manner.

After seeing Qin Sheng and Hao Lei coming over, Han Bing quickly got off the car and asked, “Is it finished?”

“Yes. Let’s take you to the terracotta warriors and horses and the Huaqing pool.” Qin Sheng said and laughed very casually.

Hao Lei drove, followed the Guanzhong ring line to the west and then got on the highway, and then went straight to the terracotta warriors and horses in Lintong. Emperor Qin Shihuang was the emperor of ancient times. So if they skipped the terracotta warriors and horses during their trip in Xi’an, it was like going to Beijing without going to the Tian’an’men, going to Shanghai not going to the Bund. Terracotta had already been a sign of the city.

During the three-day holiday of New Year’s Day, the terracotta warriors and horses had already been overcrowded. This place was always the most popular place in Xi’an. After Qin Sheng bought the tickets, he found a beautiful tour guide who took them to look around the terracotta warriors and horses. They spent more than an hour. Without professional explanation, obviously, they couldn’t tell anything about these historical relics.

Han Bing was very interested in the Terracotta Warriors and Horses. The majestic momentum indicated the glory of the Qin Empire. After watching the Terracotta Warriors and Horses, they rushed to Huaqing Pool, which was much simpler. When Qin Sheng came, he gave Huaqing Pool a nickname, the Royal Baths of Tang Dynasty. This nickname somewhat matched. They were the ruins of some bathing halls. Behind the Huaqing Pool was the Lishan Mountain. Since it was in the winter, no one had the desire to climb the mountain.

Dinner was settled in Lintong. There was a food stall in Lintong called Wengji Seafood. There was one dish there especially famous. It was called hot and sour cabbage. Almost all customers would order this meal. The taste was absolutely perfect, and the business was particularly hot.

After dinner, they went back to Xi’an. Qin Sheng then took Han Bing and the others to the folk bar in Shuncheng Lane to drink alcohol and listen to the songs. Xin Xin didn’t drink alcohol, so she drove them back home at night. This girl had already got a driving license, but her driving skills really didn’t worth any compliment.

This bar was called Nanxiang. It was a place frequented by Qin Sheng when he was in high school. At that time, he and Su Qin were doing the part-time jobs here. The Lin family was still at the peak, so Qin Sheng never lacked pocket money, but Qin Sheng was squatting the money. Su Qin’s family was also the same, but the money they earned was not the same as the money given by others.

Two high school students held up the business of this bar. They worked in the bar irregularly every month. They came here more frequently during the holidays. They were the gods of wealth to the owner of the bar. After the end of each night, Qin Sheng would send Su Qin back first and then took a bus to go home on his own.

However, six or seven years had passed. Maybe the owner of the bar had changed a few more, let alone the waiters here, so no one knew Qin Sheng. This was also easier for Qin Sheng, no need to talk about the things in the past. He then ordered a dozen of wine and ordered juice for Xin Xin. Han Bing naturally drank alcohol and this woman was not bad at drinking.

Qin Sheng was not interested in singing today so he simply sat down and listened to the songs. It was sung in Chen Sheng’s “Peony Pavilion Outside” that the person who sang was pretending to be serious, while the person who listened to the song was the most ruthless one. Every time when he sand on the stage, Qin Sheng would have the same feeling. At least there would always be an audience down the stage in the past. Later, Qin Sheng just sang to himself.

They had been chatting, preparing to rush to Yuanjia Village tomorrow morning, and then went to the Famen Temple on their way back. They would return to Shanghai at night by air and end this short three-day trip.

In the evening, Zhao Xuan and Wu Hao had social entertainment, ready to take over a new project. They were able to talk with laughter easily. Others couldn’t find the hints of them being young and unfamiliar with all these. They were sleeker than those who had been old and familiar with all these things. They thought this was a success.

After the meal, the driver sent them back. The two separated at the hotel entrance. They went home by car. Wu Hao also lived in Qujiang District. Zhao Xuan lived in High-tech District. What they didn’t know was that they had been spotted by others. When they had just left the hotel, four cars followed them.

As for Qin Sheng and Hao Lei, Wu Hao and Zhao Xuan did not pay attention to them. They were naturally relieved since it was Brother Wei who was taken in charge of it. In the afternoon, Brother Wei had called them and said that things had been done, which made them feel great and happy, finally able to take a sigh of relief.

Xu Shen’s men had been looking for opportunities. The traffic flow in High-tech District was relatively large. The Qujiang District was relatively quiet at night, so Wu Hao took the opportunity in Qujiang first. In a cross with the traffic lights, only Wu Hao and Xu Shen’s two cars waiting. Wu Hao’s Mercedes-Benz S600L was at the forefront, and the rear one was directly crashed on the rear, but not too seriously.

Wu Hao’s driver squatted down and the two parties began to quarrel. Wu Hao had been in the car all the time. He saw that their quarrel was getting more fierce, he stepped out of the impatiently. Once he got to the incident centre, several men came down from the car behind them and grabbed him into the car without hesitation, including his driver.

The two cars went away and drove Wu Hao’s Mercedes-Benz S600L. It seemed that nothing had happened.

As for Zhao Xuan, the men of Xu Shen failed to find an opportunity and finally they had to give up.

After Xu Shen succeeded, he immediately called Qin Sheng and told Qin Shengdao. Xu Shen said, “We only caught Wu Hao. We didn’t find an opportunity to catch Zhao Xuan and we could only wait.”

“One is enough. Thank you, Brother Xu.” Qin Sheng answered, neither too casually nor too seriously.

Xu Shen laughed and said, “Nothing of me. Just a piece of cake.”

“Where are you, I will come over immediately.” Qin Sheng asked. After confirming the address, he then hang up the phone.

In the South Lane Bar. Qin Sheng hang up the phone and got back and said, “Okay, it has been quite late. It’s time to go or Auntie Wang will get worried.”

“Let’s go.” Han Bing and Xin Xin answered and nodded, following Qin Sheng and Hao Lei to leave the bar.

After coming out, Qin Sheng threw the key to Xin Xin and said, “Xin Xin, take your Sister Bing Bing home with you. Your Brother Lei and I got something to deal with. I will go back later.”

“It has been so late. What do you want to do? Tell me the truth!” Xin Xin said. Her question was up to no good. But she was not a clever girl like Han Bing, who had immediately realized that it must be something about what had happened during the day.

Qin Sheng smiled and said, “You a little girl! Why you have so many questions?”

After Xin Xin left with Han Bing, Qin Sheng and Hao Lei took a taxi and went straight to a single courtyard in Chang’an District. Xu Shen’s men did not do something to Wu Hao, just blindfolding him and binding him on the chair. Such a helpless feeling made Wu Hao felt quite fearful deep in his heart. He asked for mercy. He said, “Brother, who are you? What do you want to do? Nothing can’t be talked about!”

“We don’t want to do anything. You just sit here. It’s someone who wants to see you.” Xu Shen casually said, then he left regardless of Wu Hao, went out and drank with his men outside.

People were most afraid when they were in the dark. At this moment, Wu Hao felt like this. He shouted loudly but no one cared about him, as if he was thrown into a dark world.

He didn’t know how long it took. Wu Hao felt tired to keep shouting and he also calmed down. Since they got him here and didn’t kill him, it was obvious that he had no need to worry about his life. Secondly, they said that someone wanted to see him, then he would, anyway, meet the black hand behind.

Just as Wu Hao was about to fall asleep, he heard the door of the room being pushed open. Someone slowly walked in. The man’s footsteps were light and his breathing was very rhythmic.

“Who are you?” Wu Hao said.

The man did not answer, just turned on the light, then walked up to him, untiringly untied the black cloth that was covered on his eyes. The man said, “Who do you think I am?”

Hearing this familiar voice, Wu Hao was still trying to recall who it was. But when the black cloth was untied, he already knew the final answer. He did not expect revenge to come so fast.