Chapter 134 Boss Ye

What goes around comes around. Both the good and evil would finally be paid back. Wu Hao did not expect his retribution to come back so fast. The so-called classmates and brothers’ feelings had long been abandoned by him because Qin Sheng had no use value for him. And this person was robbed of his reputation and his beloved woman. He had been an outstanding and successful businessman after time passed. What was Qin Sheng now? But an ordinary Shanghai sales practitioner. Maybe he even had solved the problem of food and clothes.

Once the pride of the school, now the bottom of society. The identity of the two was switched. Wu Hao naturally wanted to humiliate him. What he never thought of was that he lost the bigger part although what he wanted was just a little. In the end, he was actually humiliated. This made him feel embarrassed and angry, tearing the face and causing people to break legs of Qin Sheng and Hao Lei.

In the afternoon, when he heard Brother Wei told him that thing had been done, he felt quite happy and then he drank a few more cups than usual. He cursed Qin Sheng secretly in his mind, for Qin Sheng was always proud and considering him as an innocent and ignorant high school student at that moment. He thought that he was now a rich man worthy dozens of million and Qin Sheng could no longer be compared with him.

But what was this happening in front of him? Qin Sheng stood in front of himself in perfect condition, and it didn’t seem like one of his legs had been broken. He then instantly understood. Holy shit Li Wei.

Wu Hao was still stunned, apparently had not returned to himself. Meanwhile, Qin Sheng said jokingly, “Do you feel unexpected? Is that a surprise?”

“This, this, Big Boss, why are you here?” Wu Hao said. He was willing to do anything only if to avoid lose, which was part of Wu Hao’s character. After understanding what was going on, Wu Hao then knew what to do. He would pretend that nothing happened and pretend to be mad and silly.

Qin Sheng asked in return, “I have to ask you. Why am I here? Why are you here?”

“Boss, is there a misunderstanding between us?” Wu Hao answered with the same attitude.

Qin Sheng sighed and said, “Wu Hao, Wu Hao, it was said that when a child was three years old, others could tell the child’s future. I knew that when I was in high school. I knew that you were smart but most of them were just petty tricks, and you were relatively narrow-minded with no sense of responsibility, which made you not accountable. Once you face something, you fear. At this moment, you are still trying to fool me. Do you really treat me as a three-year-old child?”

“Big Boss, I don’t know what you are talking about!” Wu Hao said, with his eyes slightly flickering, his mouth subconsciously twitching, and his heart filled with extreme hate to Qin Sheng because Qin Sheng had spoken out all his shortcomings. Who wanted to be revealed?

Qin Sheng sneered and said, “You want one of my legs and one of Hao Lei’s legs, don’t you? Now we will send it to you at the door. Check the goods.”

“Boss, you are making jokes. I treat you as a friend. How can I do this?” Wu Hao argued.

Qin Sheng shook his head and smiled. He turned around and walked two steps forward. He said calmly, “Is it?”

After this sentence was finished, Qin Sheng suddenly turned around without warning and kicked Wu Hao onto the ground. This foot kicked directly on Wu Hao’s chest. Wu Hao was tied to a chair and could not escape at all. Wu Hao fell onto the ground, groaning painfully.

Qin Sheng dismissed and said, “Do you really think that I didn’t have a temper? I said that I ran sales in Shanghai and you do believe in it. Do you have a dog to eat your brain? Do you still remember that I said that sometimes rights and money couldn’t settle all the things. What’s more, you haven’t reached the point where you can reach and cover the sky. How dare you show off in front of me?”

“Big Boss, I was wrong. I am fucking sick minded. You just give me away like a fart. I will never do that again.” Wu Hao said, struggling for mercy. He feared that Qin Sheng would beat him again.

Wu Hao behaved like this, which made Qin Sheng also angry, because this made he look down on Wu Hao from the bottom of his heart. He slowly said, “Wu Hao, you look like a funny clown now. Do you know what character I most despise in a man? You can be greedy and lascivious and you can be shameless and dirty, but you can’t be without accountability and moral integrity. If you don’t even have these, no matter how good you have been, you are still a piece of rubbish.”

“If there is a next time, you’d better find someone stronger. Don’t look for a small guy. Look at me. I looked for someone to clean you up then I found Boss He so that there would be no more worries. Do you agree?” Qin Sheng said. He knew that if he wanted to make someone like Wu Hao completely obedient, he must not only let such kind of person suffer from the torture on the flesh and blood, but also had to find some strong backers to shock him. The one behind Old Chang and Xu Shen were Boss He. Such man like Wu Hao who was active in Xi’an must know Boss He.

As Qin Sheng had expected, when Wu Hao heard that the one Qin Sheng found was Boss He, he was scared and panicked and didn’t know what to do. Boss He started as mafia, who was now, indeed, a big man in Xi’an. If someone provoked this man, actually, he or she would never know who he or she would die.

“Big Boss, I am wrong. I dare not do that any more. Please take our past friendship into account and spare me this time.” Wu Hao said and burst into tears.

Qin Sheng helped Wu Hao to get up and patted Wu Hao’s shoulder. He said. “Now you know that we used to be friends. I really feel that I was blind to know friends like you. Fortunately, we two broke up in the early time, otherwise I could never know how you would make me up in the future?”

“However, anyway , I will let you go. I don’t intend to kill you. But if I just let you go, then I have no face. At least I have to let you suffer a bit. Rest assured, I will not do it myself. I am afraid that my hands will get dirty. The men of Boss He will talk to you and take care of you. If you have any requirements, you can talk to them.” Qin Sheng said with a smile. This kind of small matter could be handed over to Xu Shen.

“My point has never changed. Give you a chance, but never give a second chance. If you still want to revenge on me, think about the consequences. My next chip is to take your life. Or you can solve me before that.” Qin Sheng put down his words.

After saying this, Qin Sheng intended to leave, but suddenly he remembered one thing. He said, “Well, I almost forgot to say something, you can make jokes on me. But if you let me hear from anyone else that you make jokes on Su Qin, no need to doubt, I will never spare you.”

Wu Hao didn’t know when Qin Sheng’s hand suddenly had a dagger. It seemed to have just been taken from the outside table. He had been holding it in his hand. When this sentence was finished, the dagger’s coldness suddenly appeared, and Wu Hao’s eyes were instantly enlarged. Before he even shouted out, Qin Sheng’s dagger had been inserted into Wu Hao’s thigh, and his blood instantly dyed his pants, and Wu Hao cried with tears.

Qin Sheng didn’t care about anything. He turned and left. After he came out, he explained a few words with Xu Shen. Then he left with Hao Lei. Wu Hao and Zhao Xuan, it was enough to pack one of them. Besides, Wu Hao was the mastermind.

Back to the Jindi Furong Family, none of the three women had gone to bed. They were watching a TV show in the living room. Han Bing was truly a clever woman. She had already taken Lin’s mother and daughter in two days. Xin Xin used to be hostile to her from the very beginning, now Xin Xin called her sister. Qin Sheng almost felt that he had to fight for Su Qin since Xin Xin was such a white-eyed wolf, whose heart would easily turn to others.

In fact, Qin Sheng knew clearly that Han Bing and Xin Xin did not trust him, so they kept waiting for him. They didn’t go to bed until he came back. Wang Li saw Qin Sheng pushing the door and entering, she smiled and got up and said, “Sheng’er, you’ve come back. There is some porridge in the kitchen. I made it for you. Do you want to have some?”

“Auntie, why are you still not sleeping?” Qin Sheng asked and laughed.

Han Bing pointed at the TV and blinked. She said, “We are looking at this reality show. We will go to sleep after the show.”

Qin Sheng took a bowl of porridge from the kitchen and accompanied the women to watch the reality show. After finishing it, several people went back to the room and went to sleep.

The next day, they started very early. Hao Lei arrived at the gate of the community early. Then Qin Sheng took Han Bing and others to go straight to the famous Yuanjia Village in the next city. That was a national customs village with many snacks. Xi’an citizens would go there to eat and drink during the weekend holidays.

Several people played in Yuanjiacun for a long time. In the afternoon, Qin Sheng took them to Famen Temple to burn incense. The most famous thing in the Famen Temple was undoubtedly the Buddha’s finger bone relic, which made the temple have a particularly high position in Buddhism. There was also a story about how the relic was found. It was said that there was an old tower in the Famen Temple. This tower was in danger due to years of disrepair. It finally collapsed. When it was cleaned up, people discovered the underground palace below. The antiques and cultural relics inside were countless and what shocked people most was the Buddha’s finger bone relic.

When they returned to the city, it was already afternoon. The sky was getting dark. The short trip was over like that. After they had returned home to pack luggage, Wang Li then sent these few people to the airport. She was somewhat reluctant to see their leaving. After all, when Qin Sheng and Xin Xin left, this big home would again be somewhat deserted and desolate again, with only one person in it, namely herslef.

When leaving, Xin Xin hung her mom with her eyes in red. Qin Sheng also hugged and bid farewell with Auntie Wang, but he also promised Auntie Wang that he would get back during the Spring Festival to accompany her New Year.

Two and a half hours later, the plane landed at Pudong International Airport. Chang Baji was waiting at the airport early. Qin Sheng first asked him to send Han Bing and Xin Xin back to Huarun Nine Mile Bund. Han Bing was going to sleep with Xin Xin tonight. The two women had a lot of words to say and they did not hesitate to abandon Qin Sheng.

Qin Sheng and Hao Lei returned to Shilin Huayuan. On the way back, Qin Sheng naturally asked, “How is Shangshan Ruoshui these days. Is there any more accidents?”

“There is nothing wrong with it. Just the business was a bit bleak. Jiang Xianbang’s experience must have been heard by many people. Everyone wants to draw a line, naturally. So these days we are so leisure.” Chang Baji said casually. He was really idle these days and even felt bored. He could only sit in the office and had tea, chatting and making jokes.

Qin Sheng sighed and said, “I’ve expected that. I suppose that if Jiang Xianbang’s business was not ended, there would be no improvement in the business of Shangshan Ruoshi. What else?”

“Yes, one of the six members, Boss Ye who has never been exposed, was looking for you and said that he wanted to see you.” Chang Baji said casually.

“Boss Ye?” Qin Sheng muttered to himself.

This Boss Ye, about whom he had heard Jiang Xianbang said, seemed to be somewhat mysterious, having not appeared before. Qin Sheng was curious why he was looking for him when there seemed to be no intersection between the two.