Chapter 135 All These Were Just Part of the Show

The success of Shangshan Ruoshui was inseparable from the strong support of the six VVIP members, especially their strong background and contacts. Thanks to that, Shangshan Ruohui could have a place on the Bund. These six members were either friend of Jiang Xianbang or his business partners. Boss Ye’s information was the least among the six members, but the information was just for the process. Such as Xue Qingyi, there was merely information about her job, etc. If there were no internal information sources, nobody could tell that her brother was an influential member of the municipal government. So this Boss Ye, with less information, seemed more and more mysterious.

Why Boss Ye was looking for him made Qin Sheng quite puzzled. However, since Boss Ye wanted to see him, then he would go and meet Boss Ye. He was also eager to know what was going on. After all, after Jiang Xianbang moved to Hong Kong to stay away from the possible threats, anything could happen.

Even in the winter, Shanghai in the early morning was still full of vitality. Those who wanted to stand firm in the city and who were willing to pay more efforts always got up earlier than most people. After sending Lin Su flowers after return to Shanghai, as a routine task, Qin Sheng rushed to Shangshan Ruoshui. Just after his arrival at Shangshan Ruoshui, he received WeChat messages from Lin Su — you’ve been back? Qin Sheng just returned her message with a yes. He planned to call back when he was not busy.

Not long after he arrived at Shangshan Ruoshui, Yu Fengzhi arrived. She had changed her clothes and stepped into Qin Sheng’s office. Every time when Qin Sheng saw Yu Fengzhi, wearing OL clothing, Qin Sheng couldn’t help but felt she was quite charming. He really didn’t know how these men in Shangshan Ruoshui managed to keep calm and do not commit crimes, facing so many beautiful women every day. Or perhaps they had already been aesthetically tired.

“When did you come back?” Yu Fengzhi asked. Qin Sheng took a vacation back to Xi’an, and naturally had told Yu Fengzhi. They hadn’t solved the problems with Wang Haichao. He had to rely on Yu Fengzhi to take charge of the reception department when he was absent. With the cooperation with Lyu Yuan, then they could be free from problems.

Qin Sheng made himself a cup of tea and said, “I came back last night. Well. Why do you care about me so much? Do you miss me?”

Yu Fengzhi glanced at Qin Sheng dismissively. She did not respond to this sentence. She knew that Qin Sheng deliberately teased her, but she could do nothing. From that day on, their positions had been inverted.

Qin Sheng saw Yu Fengzhi not paying attention to him. He slowly walked over and reached for the shoulder of Yu Fengzhi. He sniffed the hair of Yu Fengzhi behind her, enjoying the fragrance. He whispered, “We haven’t met for a few days. Now you are not obedient again. Do you regret, don’t you?”

“I don’t regret. What do you want to do? Just do it directly.” Yu Fengzhi said. She shook her head and sneered. The colder she was, the easier it was to provoke a man’s desire to conquer her.

Qin Sheng hugged her waist from the back of Yu Fengzhi, and whispered in her ear, “When I am not there, how is the reception department? Did Wang Haichao come to work?”

Yu Fengzhi muttered and said, “Don’t do this.”

“Then what do you want?” Qin Sheng said, a bit unscrupulously. But he did not run for a mile while getting an inch. He just smiled and appreciated the embarrassment of Yu Fengzhi.

Yu Fengzhi gradually recovered, but her eyes were filled with anger. Qin Sheng deliberately tortured her so much but she could do nothing, which made her feel very shameful.

“Why, have you started to hate me? You have to know that this is your choice. If you want to hate, you have to hate yourself.” Qin Sheng said, without caring her feelings.

Yu Fengzhi keeps silent. She thought, “Yeah, even if I want to hate someone, I have to hate yourself. This is my choice. If I want to get something, I have to pay for it, unless I regret it now. However, I have already reached this step. How do I recall my choice?”

“Say business. Did Wang Haichao come to work these days?” Qin Sheng said and transferred the topic.

Yu Feng nodded and said, “Once you left, he came to work. It seemed that nothing happened. He performed quite normal, as usual, doing what he should do.”

“The more normal he is, the more abnormal the situation will be. I overtook him in a corner. He must be upset, but he did not resign. This makes me quite surprised. I don’t know if it is because he is forbearing enough, or he is just reluctant to leave Shangshan Ruoshui for its attractive payment.” Qin Sheng thoughtfully said.

Yu Fengzhi shook her head and said, “I don’t know about that. You have to find the answers by yourself.”

“Go to do your own business. Remember to attend the regular meeting on time. When Ms. An arrived, come to inform me.” Qin Sheng ordered.

It was when Yu Fengzhi was about to open the door and left, she heard Qin Sheng in the back shouting. He said, “I remembered that you said that you would give me the key to your home last time. Where is the key?”

His words made Yu Fengzhi feel ashamed and annoyed. She turned back to Qin Sheng and quickly fled the devil in front of her. Qin Sheng was left behind, laughing happily. He did not expect Yu Fengzhi to have such a lovely side.

After Ms. An’s arrival, Qin Sheng went to the office of Ms. An. She would make do with Xu Lancheng’s office during this time. She was waiting and when her office was cleaned up, she would move into it. Chang Baji had been in the previous security manager’s office.

Becoming the deputy general manager, taking charge of the overall situation, Ms. An was different in her mental status and the impression she left upon others. But after seeing Qin Sheng, she was still polite. She smiled and said, “You finally come back. No more leave this month.”

“Hahaha, Ms. An, you can rest assured. I will not ask for leave this month. I promise I will go to work every day on time.” Qin Sheng said in a low voice. He sat down and took over the water poured by Ms. An personally.

Ms. An took the initiative to say, “When you are not there, Wang Haichao had come to me and he intended to reconcile with you. He was afraid that you still remembered the previous hatred, so he asked me to have a talk with you. What do you think about this? Anyway, I think, Wang Haichao is still capable. After this incident, he will definitely be more low-key, so it is impossible for him to provoke you recently. Perhaps we can let him stay. If you feel that it is not suitable, even if it is expelled, it will be fine. Anyway, you had said that you would promote Lyu Yuan. There will be more capable employers in reception department after that.”

Qin Sheng knew that Ms. An had given the initiative to him. He would, undoubtedly, not expel Wang Haichao. Otherwise, it would be hard for him to find his position in Shangshan Ruoshui in the future if everyone found him a narrow-minded man. If Wang Haichao was clever enough and was cooperative while working, then he would have nothing to worry about.

So Qin Sheng smiled and said, “I will talk to him later.”

“Anytime you are available will be fine. I will not attend the meeting then for announcing Lyu Yuan as the deputy manager of the reception department. There are still a lot of things to be dealt with on the financial department. I will let Old Chang go instead.” Ms. An said.

Qin Sheng asked in a seemingly casual way, “Why? is there any problem with finance?”

“Nothing, a little thing. No need to worry.” Ms. Ann said with a smile.

This time everyone attended the regular meeting of the reception department. This was the first time for Qin Sheng to attend the meeting. Chang Baji stood in the middle. Qin Sheng stood next to Chang Baji. Wang Haichao and Lyu Yuan stood by his side and Yu Fengzhi stood on the other side.

The process of the regular meeting was very simple. Chang Baji said some official words, saying that Shangshan Ruoshui had carried out personnel transfer for better service and management. Qin Sheng had already s taken over the position of manager of the reception department. Chang Baji said that he hoped everyone in the reception department could support Qin Sheng’s work and hoped that the reception department would be upgraded to a higher level under the leadership of Qin Sheng. Chang Baji then announced that Lyu Yuan would be the deputy manager of the reception department, followed by the speeches of Qin Sheng and Lyu Yuan, all of which were boring words.

For Lyu Yuan’s promotion, Wang Haichao was not surprised and he kept smiling.

After the meeting was over and Chang Baji left, Qin Sheng patted Wang Haichao’s shoulder and smiled. Qin Sheng asked, “Old Wang, have a talk?”

Everyone in the reception department stared at the leaders on the stage. They naturally noticed the actions of Qin Sheng and Wang Haichao. Everyone had their own thoughts. Everyone knew that the two had not been dealt with before, but Qin Sheng was promoted step by step and eventually surpassed Wang Haichao. Wang Haichao couldn’t be convinced in his heart. People had no idea about what the result of their talk would be and some guessed that they would fight with each other.

After entering the office, Qin Sheng casually said, “Old Wang, sit.”

Then he threw a cigarette at Wang Haichao and ignited the one in his hand without any scruples. Wang Haichao hesitated for a moment and followed him to ignite. Wang Haichao then heard Qin Sheng said, “I suppose, many people outside are waiting to see jokes between you and me.”

“I suppose they are looking forward to seeing my jokes.” Wang Haichao smiled, embarrassedly. He was showing compromise and his words also showed his attitude, namely, bowing his head to Qin Sheng.

Every teenager used to full of enthusiasm and desire deep in their minds, but in the end they became sleek and secular, polished by the society. Wang Haichao used to be such a teenager, but he was already in his thirties. He had to bow down to the reality. If he did not bow his head, he could only leave the company. Since he was in his thirties, where should he go to find a decent job with such a high salary?

Therefore, actually, he had no choice. All he should do was to convince himself.

What Qin Sheng had to do was to take a step back and give Wang Haichao a step.

“Old Wang, to tell the truth and let aside cynicism and hypocrisy, we do have contradictions before. But they are all work matters. We may have different personalities and ways of dealing thins but there is no real personal grievance between us. You have been working at Shangshan Ruoshui for a long time. Both your qualifications and ability is above me. But I come to Shangshan Ruoshui with different start-point that’s why I can go faster than you. I know that you have grievances in your heart. If it is me, I will have the same feelings. Am I right?” Qin Sheng said slowly.

No matter what Wang Haichao thought in his heart, at this moment, he could only say, “I agree with what you have said, Manager Qin.”

“You are too polite. There are no outsiders here, you call just me Little Qin.” Qin Sheng said and he had shown enough respect for Wang Haichao.

Wang Haichao smiled bitterly and said, “Manager Qin, I know what you want to say. The past things are ended no matter those are right or wrong. I will naturally cooperate with your work. As you said, there is no personal grievance between us. ”

Was there really no personal grievance? Wang Haichao said in his heart. And he once again told himself that he was bowing to the reality and not to Qin Sheng. If there was a chance, he would definitely fight back.

Hearing that Wang Haichao still called him Manager Qin, and the tone of his words, Qin Sheng knew that the grudges between him and Wang Haichao were destined not to be solved. In the future, Wang Haichao might do something secretly at a crucial time. So Qin Sheng decided that he would look for opportunities to get Wang Haichao away, but not now.

“Old Wang, I am relieved to have your words.” Qin Sheng said. Although saying that he was relieved, deep in his mind, Qin Sheng didn’t feel relieved at all. But he still had to say so. After all, he was a leader.

Wang Haichao didn’t want to stay on because he felt it had been enough. So he got up and said, “Manager Qin, if you have nothing else, I will go and work.”

“Okay.” Qin Sheng said and nodded, and then he smiled and sent Wang Haichao out of the office.

Many people still stayed outside waiting to watch the show. But they didn’t expect the two to talk happily with each other. They were behaving like close friends of many years. The audience couldn’t understand the reason behind. Only the two knew that these were just part of the show.