Chapter 136 That’s Impossible

In the face of reality, many so-called tactful people did not find becoming spineless or losing their dignity that big of a deal. To them, this was a skill of adaptation. The society was too complicated, this was just a method of survival. As long as you could endure the humiliation to get to your big goal, it was just a matter of time before you get back what was yours. Majority of the people facing the situation like Wang Haichao’s would make this decision, just that some would take it to the extreme. Wang Haichao had not mingled in the industry long enough. At least what he had brought to the table had planted a seed of defense in Qin Sheng’s heart.

After Wang Haichao left, Lyu Yuan came in right after. He directly thanked Qin Sheng. Until today, he finally figured out everything. Without Qin Sheng, it would be impossible for him to sit on that spot. If Qin Sheng did not come, there would not be the third Assistant Manager’s position. If it was someone else, Qin Sheng might not give him the promise. This only showed that Qin Sheng was loyal and trustworthy. Hence, Lyu Yuan decided to repay his kindness by standing on his side loyally.

As of this current moment, Shangshan Ruoshui’s Reception Department was basically completely taken down by Qin Sheng. Two out of three Managers have become his loyal confidants. As for Wang Haichao, it was not worth mentioning him.

After Jiang Xianbang’s incident, plus the different issues that keep popping up, Shangshan Ruoshui’s business was not as usual. Hence, at noontime, there were basically no customers. Although it was abstract, otherwise Jiang Xianbang would not have reached Hong Kong so smoothly, but the smart business partners would subconsciously avoid being suspected, in case they bring trouble to themselves.

Qin Sheng could not help but recall what he and Xue Qingyan chatted about. If the business gets really bad, he could make Jiang Xianbang consider selling his shares or transferring the business. Besides, the six VVIP members all have the intention to take over. Shangshan Ruoshui had accumulated a wealth of connections these few years, but for a no-loss transaction, Qin Sheng was most willing for Xue Qingyan to take over.

During lunch, Qin Sheng went to the music school. He found out from the butler that Ching’er was teaching there. After all, the butler had made the arrangements for people to protect Ching’er. He would not allow anyone to lay hands on her in times like this. Hence, before her classes were over, Qin Sheng was already waiting downstairs.

Be it the music school or the drama school, there would definitely be a pool of beautiful girls. Hence, in economically-developed Shanghai, this was a heavily affected area. Every day, many rich second-generation playboys would wait here for their prey. A beautiful woman like Ching’er naturally could not escape from them. However, because of Jiang Xianbang’s existence, no one dared to step beyond the line.

After the after-school bell rang, students started running out of the building. This was the best piece of music to them. Ching’er dressed up in a refreshing style. She walked with some of her students and chatted with them. Everyone liked having a beautiful teacher. Qin Sheng stood near her and when she got closer to him, he walked over slowly and asked with smiling eyes, “Hey beauty, do you mind letting me treat you to a meal?”

Ching’er students formed disdainful looks on their faces. Anyways, they knew that Miss Ching’er had many pursuers. They would often run into unexpected and impetuous men like this. Miss Ching’er always ignored them completely. But this time around, just when they thought that Miss Ching’er would ignore him, she subconsciously stopped in her path. She frowned slightly and asked, “What are you doing here?”

Just one sentence and the few students started to get interested in this gossip. Obviously, the relationship between Miss Ching’er and this man was not simple.

“Why can’t I come?” Qin Sheng struck a pose that he thought he looked handsome in, when in actual fact, he looked like a fool in the eyes of others.

After a momentary thought, Ching’er made her students go first. After bidding their goodbyes, the students left them. But after walking not far away, they stopped to observe the two. It was a rare sight to see Miss Ching’er get so close to a man, of course they had to gossip.

“Is there something going on?” After her uncle went to Hong Kong, Ching’er had not been in a good mood. She was already quick-tempered to him in the past, and even more now.

Qin Sheng walked up to her and said, “I say, we’re not enemies, can you stop treating me so coldly? I’m here to visit you on goodwill, at least give me a smile?”

“Say if you have anything to say, if not I’m heading back,” Ching’er snorted.

Qin Sheng said helplessly, “Nothing much. I came back yesterday and wanted to visit you today. Besides, Uncle Jiang made me take care of you. I’ll treat you to a meal while I’m at it.”

“I’m not hungry, go eat on your own,” Ching’er rejected directly.

Qin Sheng teased, “You’re really not going?”

“No,” Ching’er said between gritted teeth.

Qin Sheng let out an evil smirk and said, “If you don’t go, I’ll immediately shout ‘You’re having my child, now you don’t want to acknowledge me and want to kill my child’.”

This happened during the after-school peak period. There were students and teachers everywhere on the streets. Besides, there were already a number of people staring at them. If Qin Sheng were to really do that, Ching’er’s reputation would be tarnished. In the future, there would be countless rumors circulating around the music school.

“You…” Hearing his words, Ching’er scolded between gritted teeth, “You’re shameless!”

“Being shameless is what I’m best at, thank you for your compliment,” Qin Sheng replied indifferently. “Are you going or not?”

Now that she had run into a gangster like him, what other choices did she have? She was very desperate. For her innocence and reputation, she eventually left with him.

There were too many places to eat on Middle Huaihai Road, so they chose one Chinese restaurant randomly. Ching’er did not have much appetite. After taking a few bites, she put her chopsticks down. On the other hand, Qin Sheng had a great appetite. He took the food in like a storm. This angered her so much that she shouted, “Are you here to treat me to a meal or to make me watch you eat?”

“I’m treating you, but you can’t make me go hungry, it doesn’t make sense! Besides, I’m treating you, so I should at least eat more so that it’ll be worth it,” Qin Sheng said without lifting his head.

Ching’er was speechless. “You’re so thick-skinned, where do all of your weird theories come from?”

“You’ll be fine after you get used to it,” Qin Seng looked up and smiled as he said. However, his lips were so oily and there was still food remains stuck on his teeth; a total mood-killer. Ching’er really wanted to say: I don’t know you.

Last time when Ching’er enquired Qin Sheng about Jiang Xianbang, he brushed her off very casually, causing her to become so ruthless now. This time around, Qin Sheng really wanted to have a good chat. After he was done eating, he wiped his mouth and said seriously, “During this period of time, it is best that you remain in Shanghai. Don’t go out and play when you are bored. Go home earlier at night. No matter what, as long as you feel like something is not right, call me immediately. I will definitely be there as fast as I can.”

“Did anything happen to Uncle?” Ching’er asked nervously.

Qin Sheng shook his head and said, “Not that, just that with Uncle Jiang not here, I’m worried that someone would cause harm to you. Last time when you asked me about Uncle Jiang, it’s not that I don’t want to say, its because he made me not tell you. Who knew that you would throw your temper at me.”

“Hmph,” Ching’er snorted with not intention to apologize.

Qin Sheng continued, “But I think, now that you’re such a big person, there are some things that you should know. At least you can keep a look out.”

“Then say it now,” Ching’er said very seriously.

Qin Sheng said thoughtfully, “No one’s life can be forever smooth-sailing, no one could ever keep up with the society’s changes. Rise and fall are normal. Uncle Jiang’s support may have some problem, so people are starting to target him. There are two goals. One is to tackle him down and the other is to use him as a breakthrough point. However, as of now, the support has not fallen over completely. Otherwise, something would already have happened to him. Uncle Jiang is an experienced fox. Maybe because of his wide connections, he had got hold of the news in advance, which was why he went to Hong Kong.”

Although Qin Sheng spoke of the matter very lightly, Ching’er felt that it was very serious. She could not help but ask, “Then what do we do?”

“What can we do? Stuff like this, you and I can’t do anything. The only thing that we can do is to not pull him down. So for this period of time, you have to listen to me. Don’t let anyone use you to threaten Uncle Jiang,” Qin Sheng warned out of kindness.

Hearing his words, Ching’er was full of unwillingness. But for Uncle Jiang, she could only nod and say, “Okay.”

Ching’er was finally settled. If he had known that it would be so easy, he would not have listened to Lao Jiang’s words. Besides, this girl did not have a good impression of him. The duo was like enemies from the past life, they always could not get together.

In the afternoon, Qin Sheng got off work in advance. Yu Fengzhi and Lyu Yuan were at work today, so there was not much for him to worry. He had to worry about his next big step in life. Hence, he was going to fetch Lin Su from work and go on a date.

He did not inform her and waited for her at Poly Plaza all the way from after work till 6 pm. Yet, there was still no trace of Lin Su. Qin Sheng finally decided to call her. “Those better than you are even more hardworking than you. You’re really not letting us losers live.”

“What do you mean?” Lin Su wondered.

Qin Sheng pouted, “Are you OT-ing again?”

“How did you know?” Lin Su laughed.

Qin Sheng shuddered, “I’ve been waiting below your company for nearly an hour, I’m almost frozen, how do you think I know?”

“Then continue to freeze,” Lin Su laughed.

Qin Sheng quickly said, “Oh my god, please don’t. What should we do if I freeze to death? Come down quickly, I’ll take you to dinner.”

“Ten minutes.” Ling Su gave a simple and straightforward answer before she hung up.

After freezing for another 10 minutes, Lin Su finally came down. Seeing Qin Sheng standing in the brittle cold wind, she was indeed touched. She held on tightly to her down jacket and smiled as she said, “Why didn’t you find a place to meet up? There are a few cafes nearby.”

“Are you worrying about me?” Qin Sheng got lucky and still tried to gain more attention.

Lin Su glared at him. “Seeing that you’re full of sincerity, I’ll treat you to whatever you want to eat.”

“Then I must take full advantage of it,” Qin Sheng said truthfully.

The duo was not in a hurry to get dinner. Lin Su said that she was not very hungry yet, so Qin Sheng accompanied her for a walk. Lin Su smiled and asked what he had done these few days after he went back. Qin Sheng only talked about how he met up with his old classmates and friends.

As they walked, they met an old person who was manning a roadside store. Life must not be easy for an old person to come out and do business in the cold winter. Lin Su said, why not we eat here? Qin Sheng agreed without thinking.

Dumplings and Xiao Long Bao, these were what Lin Su called a big feast. But for Qin Sheng, it did not matter what they ate, the most important thing was who he ate with. When he got to eat with someone he liked, even if it was at a roadside stall like this, it would still be much more delicious than a mega feast.

After dinner, Qin Sheng sent Lin Su back. They still took public transport. There were quite a number of people on the bus. Qin Sheng stood behind her and protected her. Their position was a little romantic as if he was hugging her. At first, Lin Su was not used to it and felt a little embarrassedpose . But slowly, she got used to it.

Although Lin Su still had not accepted him as a pursuer, their current state was already like a pair of lovers.

They still parted ways below her apartment. Qin Sheng waited for her to go in before he left. On his way back, he hummed a little tune. Not long after he left the neighborhood, he was stopped by a random person.

The man looked like he was in his 40s and his appearance was ordinary, not much different from men his age. He blocked Qin Sheng in his path directly. It seemed like he was not friendly, but he did not spring into action rightaway.

“Is something wrong?” Qin Sheng squinted his eyes and asked. He was alert and prepared for an unknown danger.

The man kept a sullen face and said, “Young man, listen to my advice. Stay away from her.”

Qin Sheng naturally understood who the her referred to. Other than Lin Su, there was no one else. Hence, this was a threat. But Qin Sheng hated it the most when people threatened him. Hence, without hesitation, he replied, “That’s impossible”.