Chapter 137 This Is the Shanghai Bund

No matter how oblivious Yan Chaozong could be, after this period of observation, he could already tell that Qin Sheng and Lin Su were no longer just friends. Qin Sheng sent her flowers every day and met up with her every now and then. He also sent her home each time. If Yan Chaozong still felt that nothing was going on, then he was extremely naive. He did not even give her this kind of treatment. Most importantly, Lin Su did not turn down Qin Sheng.

Hence, Yan Chaozong sent people to steer Qin Sheng away. At the same time, he also wanted to test Qin Sheng. Yan Chaozong did not want to do it himself because he did not want to cause a big scene. He was also afraid that Lin Su would hate him. However, if Yan Chaozong did not act upon the situation and allow them to enter a relationship, then he would be at an awkward position and become a joke to others.

The man standing in front of Qin Sheng was a professional in the Yan family. Hence, while talking Qin Sheng, he was fearless and even spoke in a dominant tone. After all, he was representing Yan Chaozong.

How would Qin Sheng be unable to guess who sent this man?

Other than Lin Su’s number one pursuer Yan Chaozong, he really could not think of anyone else. Besides, when he knew of Yan Chaozong’s existence, he had already predicted that this day would come.

“You don’t have to make a decision so soon. I can give you three days to think. I’ll come to find you three days later. By then, I hope to hear the answer I’m looking for.” The middle-aged man let out a cold smile from the corners of his lips. At the end of the day, his only duty was to convey a message. It did not matter even if he was rejected. As long as his master did not give any orders, he would not act rashly.

“Even if it’s three days later, this is still my answer. Tell the person you’re working for, I like Lin Su, and this is my decision. If he likes her too, he can peruse her with his own capabilities. Lin Su has the freedom to choose who she wants to be with, no one can tell her what to think,” Qin Sheng replied sternly.

“You’re really like a newborn calf that’s not afraid of tigers. Alright, understood.” After finishing his sentence, the man turned and left.

Qin Sheng remained where he was and got deep into thinking. Apparently, Yan Chaozong had already sprang into action. If he had used a soft approach, Qin Sheng could still handle it. If he chose a hard way, it would spell deep trouble for Qin Sheng. Besides, his biggest support, Jiang Xianbang, was not in Shanghai at this moment. Even if he was, he might not be able to deter the Yan family’s force.

Hence, what he needed was Lin Su’s decision. If Lin Su really chose him, no matter how powerful Yan Chaozong was, he could not do anything to Qin Sheng. If Yan Chaozong was still unwilling to let go, the couple could run to other cities to develop their careers. The Yan family was not that powerful to stop them.

At night, when Qin Sheng returned to Shilin Huayuan, he first called Jiang Xianbang and asked him how he was doing in Hong Kong. Jiang Cianbang smiled and answered, “All is good, just that it gets really boring. I’ve been to Macau twice and lost some money.”

“Seems like you’re really bored,” the speechless Qin Sheng replied.

For the past few years, Jiang Xianbang had been buying a good amount of properties. He had bought three villas in Hong Kong. Now, he was staying at the Mid-levels in Repulse Bay. This area was concentrated by the famous rich people of Hong Kong. The housing prices here are sky-rocket crazy. After arriving in Hong Kong, Jiang Xianbang had been staying here. He also got a professional security company to protect him. He was followed by bodyguards wherever he went. Other than that, he obviously could not live without the accompaniment of beautiful women. Otherwise, his days here would be indeed boring.

“I have too little capital here. I’m recently waiting for the cash to arrive back home so that I can do my things abroad,” Jiang Xianbang said thoughtfully.

Qin Sheng frowned and said, “Seems like you’ve already heard some news. You’re getting ready to withdraw from China?”

“Not quite. This is just a preventive measure. Lao Xu had been managing my domestic assets and properties for this period of time. It doesn’t matter if I pay a little, as long as I’m alive, when this is over, I can still go back,” Jiang Xianbang replied honestly.

Although Jiang Xianbang spoke of it easily, Qin Sheng felt that things were getting more serious, which was why Jiang Xianbang had no choice but to make such a decision. Besides, based on today’s financial policies, be it hot money or laundered money, they are easy to enter the market, but difficult to retrieve back. What Jiang Xianbang was equivalent to a clearance sale.

Qin Sheng did not expect to encounter two crises after returning to Shanghai. First, it was Han Guoping, and now, it was Jiang Xianbang. Both were influential characters who have faced big difficulties. Han Guoping’s story was worse; he decided to commit suicide. Jiang Xianbang was much better than him. He had towering support behind him that helped him to escape and watch the trouble resolve itself from afar.

But for Qin Sheng, this was not good news. When Jiang Xianbang left Shanghai, Qin Sheng had lost his strongest pillar of support. He had to restart from the beginning. Although he was extremely unwilling, he could only accept the fact. Besides, he had already received help. He should learn how to settle it himself too.

“Hmm, what about Shangshan Ruoshui?” Qin Sheng answered thoughtfully.

From Jiang Xianbang’s point of view, Shangshan Ruoshui was just one of the many businesses he was handling. Hence, he was not bothered that much. He replied casually, “Recently I have a friend who asked me about it. I’m still considering it. However, I also recommended you to him. Even if I were to transfer it to someone else, you can still continue to work there.”

“Is it Boss Ye?” Qin Sheng asked subconsciously.

Jiang Xianbang was not surprised. “Seems like Lao Ye had already contacted you. You can meet him, he is an old friend of mine. Although we don’t keep in contact that much, he is of crucial help in critical times.”

“Okay.” Qin Sheng finally understood why Boss Ye was looking for him. It was because of Jiang Xianbang’s recommendation. However, he quickly followed with another question, “You’re not considering anyone else other than Boss Ye?”

“Who? Tell me,” Jiang Xianbang asked curiously.

Qin Sheng answered bluntly, “Sister Xue also has intentions to take over Shangshan Ruoshui. If she can become the boss, or one of the bosses, then I can stand firm here.”

“Seems like you’ve been interacting well with Qing Yan during this period of time, you’re already at this stage. That’s good, if Qing Yan’s really interested, get her to contact me. I’ll have a good chat with her. But her older brother’s status is too special, I’m worried that she’ll have reservations,” Jiang Xianbang spoke with a hidden meaning. He knew Qin Sheng’s intention. Now that Qin Sheng and Xue Qingyan have gotten close, if she accepted Shangshan Ruoshui, no matter his freedom or status, it would be a guarantee. But if Lao Ye took over, then it might not be that easy. Besides, Lao Ye and Qin Sheng were not close to each other.

Jiang Xianbang was right, this was Qin Sheng’s consideration. Qin Sheng chuckled, “Okay, I’ll ask Sister Xue. If she’s interested, I’ll ask her to contact you.”

“Pay attention to Qing’er for me. Spend time with her when you’re free. I’m thinking of getting her to come to Hong Kong, I’m not sure if she’s willing?” Jiang Xianbang sighed. He was forced and could only do this out of helplessness.

Qin Sheng did not know to laugh or cry. “We’re each other’s foe, we try not to meet as much as we can. As to making her go to Hong Kong, this depends on what she thinks. I can’t do anything.”

“Okay, stop joking around. It’s late, I’m hanging up,” Jiang Xianbang laughed and scolded. Xiao Mi was already getting impatient. Girls in Hong Kong were much open than those in the Mainland. As long as you are willing to pay, there would naturally be people who are willing to bite onto the bait.

After the call ended, Qin Sheng came out of his bedroom. Chang Baji had not gone to bed. He was watching TV. This middle-aged man loved to watch outdoor reality that featured celebrities, as well as funny variety shows. He was already so old, yet he was still a fanboy. Qin Sheng could not stand him.

“Why do you look troubled?” Chang Baji put the remote down and asked casually.

Qin Sheng sighed, “Jiang Xianbang’s issue is getting serious. He’s now transferring his assets, including Shangshan Ruoshui.”

Chang Baji could not help but frown. This was not a small matter. The two of them were still relying on Jiang Xianbang to feed themselves. He rose up and asked, “What do you plan to do? Did he have any arrangements for you?”

“I’m not sure yet. Let’s take it one step at a time,” Qin Sheng shook his head and laughed bitterly.

When the sun rises again, life continues. Sometimes, people have to prepare for heyday. However, they must also not always worry unnecessarily. Qin Sheng indeed had a bigger ambition, but eventually, he was still down-to-earth. Those standing at the tip of the golden pyramid also exchanged decades of their life for this accomplishment. Some of them even experienced a few generations of battle. Qin Sheng had just returned to Shanghai for a few months, what was the point of worrying so much? Besides, the present day Qin Sheng was already much more powerful than many people in this city.

The business in Shangshan Ruoshui was still not good. However, they welcomed a guest today. He was someone close to Qin Sheng. It was Zhao Zixi, whom Qin Sheng had met when he first went to Jiang Xianbang’s villa. Qin Sheng had already knew that he was a member of Shangshan Ruoshui but had never seen him here. Now that he had come, he specifically requested for Qin Sheng.

Yu Fengzhi was the one that welcomed Zhao Zixi, so he immediately notified Qin Sheng to come over. Qin Sheng went up immediately. Yu Fengzhi introduced Zhao Zixi to things like the rules of Shangshan Ruoshui.

“Brother Zhao, what a rare guest. What brings you here?” Qin Sheng laughed as he pushed open the door and walked in.

Zhao Zixi was dressed relatively formal. He dressed well to his status and his temperament was outstanding. Most importantly, he was down-to-earth when doing things for others. No wonder he was able to mix well with Jiang Xianbang and the other big shots. Apparently, he was not the kind of rich second generations that only knew how to rely on their family. Yu Fengzhi could also feel the difference in Zhao Zixi,which was why he took the initiative to welcome him. However, he did not expect Zhao Zixi and Qin Sheng to know each other. But thinking about it carefully, it was not surprising.

“Since you didn’t ask to meet me, I could only be thick-skinned and come look for you,” Zhao Zixi joked. He gave enough ‘face’ to Qin Sheng. To be honest, Qin Sheng was a nobody to Zhao Zixi. If it was not for Jiang Xianbang who had asked him to take good care of Qin Sheng, he would not be popping by here when he had the time.

Qin Sheng replied quickly, “Brother Zhao, you’re kidding. I’ve been busy recently, I was going to find some time to meet you after I’m done with being busy.”

“I was just joking. I was passing by here and decided to come and chat with you since I heard Uncle Jiang mentioning that you’re still here,” Zhao Zixi stated.

Qin Sheng laughed, “Thanks Brother Zhao for remembering me.”

Yu Fengzhi continued standing there, which made Qin Sheng feel uncomfortable. Hence, Qin Sheng nodded towards him. Yu Fengzhi received the signal and finally left. But before leaving, he glared at Qin Sheng. Zhao Zixi did not see it.

After Qin Sheng took a seat, he poured Zhao Zixi a cup of tea. The duo started to chat randomly. Qin Sheng did not ask anything about Jiang Xianbang, and Zhao Xixi did not bring the matter up. The duo had telepathy.

At this moment, in a building on Shanghai Bund, Yan Chaozong was staring intensely at Poly Plaza, which was opposite him. The people that he had sent out had already reported to him word by word on what happened the night before. This angered Yan Chaozong so much that he distinguished his cigarette butt and said in a low voice, “But this is the Shanghai Bund.”