Chapter 138 Thoughtful Considerations

In the Shanghai Bund, there were not many youngsters who did not treat him seriously, unless they were big shots whose family history dated back way longer than his, or they were those that came from Sijiu City to lure people into their preying nets. Or maybe, they were those rich and manipulative second generations from Yangtze River Delta that had no family. Qin Sheng was so ordinary, yet he did not take Yan Chaozong seriously at all. It would be a lie to say that Yan Chaozong was not mad. Even the bodhisattva made from mud had three different tempers.

Yan Chaozong stared at the opposite Lu family in a daze. After an unknown period of time, he called the secretary to bring in his two confidants. One was the middle-aged man who went to find Qin Sheng the night before. The other was his bodyguard cum confidant who seemed to be everywhere. He was also an outstanding younger generation trained by the Yan family since young.

Half an hour later, two men appeared in Yan Chaozong’s office. This building belonged to the Yan family. However, this was not the headquarters of their company. It was just one of their subsidiaries. Yang Chaozong was the CEO. He was first in line for their succession to the throne. No one else could be compare to him. Even though Yan Chaozong’s father did not have much status in the family, his grandfather valued Yan Chaozong very highly. Yan Chaozong lived with the glory of a main lead.

“Young Master, you were looking for us?” A middle-aged man and a young junior came in. They stood not far away from him and asked respectfully.

Yan Chaozong turned around. He first stared at the middle-aged man whom he had sent to Qin Sheng the night before. “Uncle Zhen, you didn’t expose your identity yesterday, did you?”

“No, I just chatted a few words with him and left. However, this young man is very firm. I don’t know if he really has such a strong background or was merely saying it,” the middle-aged man called Uncle Zhen replied softly.

Yan Chaozong gave a burst of cold laughter. “I don’t know about anything else, but talking about personal capabilities, this man is indeed not easy. He was the strong man that had defeated Third Master Wu’s favorite disciple. He is also probably the mastermind behind Zhao Dongsheng and Zhou Wenwu.”

“No wonder,” Uncle Zhen exclaimed in shock.

“Young Master, if this is true, I think we have to do a thorough check and figure out his identity and background before we decide how to deal with him. This way, we can prevent miscalculations on our part,” Uncle Zhen reminded subconsciously. Although the Yan family was powerful, as compared to the big families in Sijiu City, the Yan family was really nothing. They could even perhaps be the younger generation of one of those families.”

Yan Chaozong said rather disapprovingly, “Don’t worry. I’ve already sent Peng He to check on whatever there is to check. I only sent you to find him after I’ve made sure of the information.”

“If that’s the case, what do you think we should do?” Uncle Zhen frowned and asked.

Yan Chaozong glanced at Feng He who was standing next to him. He was apparently seeking for Feng He’s advice. Feng He was a man of courage and brains. He does not leave a trace of evidence behind what he does. More importantly, he was stone-hearted and wicked in his actions. He was also very loyal to the Yan family. This was why Yan Chaozong invested in him so much. After giving it a little thought, Feng He replied, “Young Master, to be honest, this issue is a little tricky to handle. Firstly, this Qin Sheng is definitely not an easy character. I always feel that something is amiss. He does not have any background, why would he and Han Guoping know each other? And how did he cling onto Jiang Xianbang and be favored? I can understand why he knows Xue Qingyan, but shouldn’t there be a reason why he’s able to get so close to her? Secondly, this man is definitely a harsh character, but he’s also very careful. For example, he did not kill Yang Deng. But when facing Zhao Dongsheng and Zhou Wenwu, he removed them completely. He did not even leave a trace behind and was very secretive. Then where did his skillful capabilities come from? Finally, about you and Miss Lin’s relationship, if you touch him, will it trigger Miss Lin’s rebuttal? During then, your relationship with her will be affected.”

After Feng He finished, Yan Chaozong nodded in satisfaction. Indeed, Feng He was thoughtful in all things that he did. He also pointed out all of Yan Chaozong’s concerns. He was most worried about the first and third point. However, the second point was not much of a threat to him.

Uncle Zhen also followed along. “Feng He is right. Young Master, you have to give it some consideration.”

“Feng He, take a trip to Xi’an again. Find out his story in Xi’an, including his grandfather and the situation with his foster family. Uncle Zhen, help me to keep a close eye on him. Also, find out what’s going on with Jiang Xianbang. Let him run around for a few days first,” Yan Chaozong ordered after careful considerations.

Uncle Zhen asked, “Then do I still have to find him three days later?”

“No need, it’s not urgent right now. If he really tramples on my bottom line, I’ll kill him.” Yan Chaozong punched the table.

Over at Shangshan Ruoshui, Qin Sheng had not realized that danger was coming. He was still having fun chit-chatting with Zhao Zixi. Zhao Zixi now had a deeper impression of Qin Sheng. Jiang Xianbang helped him several times, so he did not keep a distance from him because he was now in trouble. Most of the time, Zho Zixi did not like to be the icing on the cake, he would rather be the life-saver in a critical situation. By doing so, the smallest investment can give him the greatest return, unlike the icing on the cake, which was often just a cover-up.

“Brother Zhao, let’s meet up for drinks when you’re free.” Just when Zhao Zixi was getting ready to leave, Qin Sheng sparked a topic to find a suitable reason for their next meet-up.

Zhao Zixi did not reject him. He replied, “I know that your alcohol tolerance is not bad. I’m probably worthy to be your opponent. It’s fine if we have some, but if I were to end up incredibly drunk, I bet I’ll have to kneel on a washboard when I get home.”

Qin Sheng laughed out loud. “I didn’t expect Brother Zhao to be controlled by your wife so strictly!”

“Sometimes even when you’re successful at work, you might not have a happy family. I want to have both.” Zhao Zixi patted his shoulder and said, “Okay, enough talk, I’ve got to go.”

Qin Sheng sent Zhao Zixi out of Shangshan Ruoshui. After he returned to his office and sat down, Yu Fengzhi pushed the door open and walked in. She asked out of curiosity, “What does this man do? He looks very posh.”

“Why? Do you need me to introduce you guys to each other?” Qin Sheng looked up and said with smiling eyes.

Yu Fengzhi snorted, “If you’re willing, I don’t mind.”

Qin Sheng got up and walked to him. He gave a burst of cold laughter. “Have you forgotten your identity?”

Yu Fengzhi was a little nervous. Qin Sheng was like Pandora’s Box to her. She was scared but curious and want to get closer.

Qin Sheng glanced at Yu Fengzhi from head to toe. He caressed her hair gently and gave a sinister smile as he said, “I’m wondering when I should conquer you. Besides, you should pluck the flower when it’s ready and not wait till the flower withers.”

Yu Fengzhi had no expression on her face. After all, she could not say, Come, master! for it was not her style. However, she knew that it was just a matter of time before she chose to surrender to him.

Qin Sheng liked her cold attitude. The colder she is to him, the stronger his desire to conquer her. Hence, without warning, Qing Sheng suddenly went in for a kiss. His dominant lips enveloped her luring and juicy lips. Yu Fengzhi was stunned. Her eyes were wide-opened and she did not know what to do. She had not expected Qin Sheng to be so reckless in the office. Subconsciously, she quickly bit onto her lips.

Women need men’s nourishment, and men also need women’s nourishment. Qin Sheng had not experienced the taste of a kiss for a period of time. However, he had dated a few times and had a few relationships. He was still equipped with the skills to reach beyond her teeth.

Yu Fengzhi was a woman after all, and women are very sensitive. She let out a shriek and her tightly-shut teeth opened up immediately. Hence, Qin Sheng’s tongue went straight in and he started enjoying his trophy recklessly.

Yu Fengzhi wanted to push Qin Sheng away, but she did not have the strength to do so. After struggling for a while, she gave up completely and closed her eyes as she allowed Qin Sheng to take advantage of her.

“Not here,” Yu Fengzhi panicked and said. She regretted immediately after the words left her mouth. This sentence had another meaning that seemed to suggest that she had consented to his behaviour and allowed him to make further progress.

Qing Sheng’s face was not flushed red, and neither was his heart thumping crazily. “You’re right, this is indeed not a suitable place. Anyways, I have your house key, I don’t have to do it now.”

Yu Fengzhi glared at him harshly, yet it was like a couple playing with each other. She was afraid that Qin Sheng would turn into a beast and really do something to her if she continued to stay here. She quickly tidied herself and fled.

In the afternoon, Qin Sheng treated Xue Qingyan to lunch. She brought along Xue Hao that kid. Initially, Qin Sheng wanted to give him tuition. However, he was so busy that he could not find the time, so it had to be forgone.

The place where they ate was near Xue Qingyan’s neighborhood. It was an old Chongqing hotpot restaurant. Hotpot is the most suitable food to eat in winter. Not long after Qin Sheng arrived, Xue Qingyan came along with Xue Hao.

“Sis, this is for you, I brought it from Xi’an when I went back a few days ago.” Qin Sheng picked up a bag next to him and passed it to Xue Qingyan. It was a souvenir from Xi’an, just a little gift, but it came from his heart nonetheless.

Xue Qingyan received the bag and put it down. She chuckled, “Wow, I didn’t expect you to still remember your sister.”

“How could I possibly forget you, my sister?” Qin Sheng replied joyfully.

However, Xue Hao had a deep frown. “Stop there. Aunt, what is happening? If this dog Qin Sheng calls you sister, then isn’t he bullying me? I’ll have to call him Uncle! This can’t do, I’m at a disadvantage.”

When Qin Sheng and Xue Qingyan heard that, they replied with a confused look. They would never think of something like that.

“Hahahaha,” Xue Qingyan could not hold it anymore and covered her mouth as she laughed gracefully. She was waiting to see how Qin Sheng would deal with Xue Hao.

Qin Sheng smiled sheepishly and said indifferently, “Everyone has their own opinions. You little fella sure have a lot of things to say. If you turn this attention into studying, let alone Tsinghua or Beijing University, even Harvard and Yale would be possibilities.”

Xue Hao wanted to rebut but Qin Sheng glared at him harshly, as if trying to warn: If you dare to say one more word, I’ll tell your Aunt about you dating at a young age and we’ll see how she takes care of you.

Xue Hao calmed down immediately.

After the pot came, the trio ate and talked. Qin Sheng always had ways to make Xue Qingyan laugh non-stop. Anyways, as long as its women, he always had a method. Xue Qingyan kept on listening to his jokes, interesting stories, etc.

Halfway through, Xue Qingyan went out to pick up a call. After his aunt left, Xue Hao quickly put down his chopsticks and stared at Qin Sheng intensely. “Are you trying to become my brother-in-law?”