Chapter 139 Birthday Present

There were a few reasons why Qin Sheng and Xue Qingyan’s relationship could last until now: Firstly, Qin Sheng treated her with sincerity. Secondly, Qin Sheng never backs out at crucial moments. Thirdly, Qin Sheng did indeed possess various capabilities that caused her to value him highly initially. Qin Sheng did have some men’s playful intention towards her. However, he knew that he could never conquer such a woman like her. At least, based on his status back then, it was like aiming for the moon. Afterward, he got closer to her and treated her like an older sister. Besides, Xue Qingyan took great care of him. She helped him silently, be it in his daily life or his career. Having a sister like this, Qing Sheng could smile until he wakes up from his dream. Hence, why would he have such thoughts towards her?

Hence, hearing what Xu Hao the kid said, Qin Sheng covered his mouth and said, “What the heck? Keep your volume down, don’t let your aunt here you. What do you mean by I’m trying to be your uncle? Do you think that a loser like me can match your aunt?”

“Hahahaha,” Xue Hao burst into laughter. “Buck up a little, won’t you? See how scared you are. I’m just saying! If you want to be my uncle, even if my aunt agrees, our family will say no even in their graves!”

“At least I am aware of that face,” Qin Sheng said disdainfully.

Xue Hao turned around and glanced at his aunt who was still on the phone, far away from them. He then lowered his voice and said, “Qin Sheng, but I feel that my aunt likes you a little. At least she has good feelings towards you. You really don’t think of her that way?”

“Scram, don’t set me up,” Qin Sheng pushed him and said.

Xue Hao rolled his eyes. “Tsk, what are you afraid of? If my family doesn’t agree, I’ll support you. My aunt is already so old if she still doesn’t marry, gosh, our family will go crazy.”

“Who she loves has nothing to do with me,” Qin Sheng quickly drew the line. He knew that there were some things that he could not cross the line. Once he crossed over, they could not even be friends anymore.

His chasing after Lin Su had already offended Big Master Yan. If he continued to have an unclear relationship with Xue Qingyan, who knows how many more people he would offend. Xue Qingyan could not be compared to Lin Su.

At this moment, Xue Qingyan finished her call and came back in. She had a funny look on her face. “What were you two whispering about? Why did you keep glancing at me?”

“Nothing, Aunt. We were saying that you’re the most beautiful woman in the restaurant today. Look at the burning eyes of those men. They’re almost salivating,” Xue Hao quickly flattered her. After coming to Shanghai, he did not spend much time with his parents. He was with his aunt most of the time. However, his aunt did not treat him like how an elder would, but more like a sister-brother relationship.

This caused Xue Qinyan to be very happy, but she still scolded, “Don’t play with your words; you learned all these from Qin Sheng. Quickly eat, I’ll send you back when we’re done.”

“Is this called ‘getting shot even when lying down’?” Qin Sheng grabbed a piece of mao du and had a speechless expression on his face.

After the hotpot, Qin Sheng drove Xue Qingyan’s Range Rover and sent Xue Hao to Shanghai Concert Hall first. His mother was waiting there. After they arrived, Qin Sheng did not get off the car. Xue Qingyan brought him in. After a few minutes, Xue Qingyan came back. After getting onto the car, she smiled and asked, “Do you want to find somewhere to have a couple of drinks?”

A woman would only choose to drink with a man alone if she had enough trust in him, let alone a beautiful woman. Qin Sheng asked in confusion, “Sis, what’s with you today? Are you in a good or bad mood?”

“What do you think?” Xue Qingyan smiled sweetly.

Qin Sheng shook his head and laughed bitterly, “I don’t know. Women’s hearts are like finding a needle in a haystack, how would I know?”

“Am I such an ordinary woman?” Xue Qingyan laughed. “Stop guessing, I’m in a pretty good mood. It’s just that it’s still early and I have nothing to do when I get back, so I want to find somewhere to have a drink and listen to good music.”

“Then what do we do about this car?” Qin Sheng naturally had to comply with her needs.

“Throw it there or find someone else to drive it,” Xue Qingyan replied casually.

Xue Qingyan had somewhere that she visited often. It was also at Hengshan Road. The bar was not big and not small. However, at that timing, there were already a number of people. Xue Qingyan said that the bar was opened by her friend. She would come here once in a while and even kept some alcohol here. Qin Sheng asked what good wine they had and she replied saying that there were fine whiskey and red wine. She specifically said that she drank those.

Qin Sheng was speechless once again. He could understand why red wine, as it suited her a lot. But what about whiskey? It was such a strong Eastern drink; even he was not used to drinking it.

However, tonight, Xue Qingyan decided to drink some red wine. She chose a seat with Qing Sheng and listened to the resident band’s not-yet-mature self-composed song. Not long after, the manager came to say hello. That ass-kissing look turned Qin Sheng off. Luckily, they left after one drink.

“Sis, I had a call with Lao Jiang last night.” Qin Sheng brought up the matter on his own. He wanted to hear what she thinks.

Xue Qingyan bite into a piece of watermelon and asked softly, “How is he doing?”

“Not bad. But it seems like he’s preparing to pull out of China. I was wondering why Manager Xu did not show up at all, turns out that he had gone there to help Lao Jiang settle his assets,” Qin Sheng sighed.

Xue Qingyan was not surprised. There were countless people that encountered problems these two years, and there were several that were more powerful than Jiang Xianbang. He was not the first, nor the second. The anti-corruption force was now unprecedentedly strong. Any powerful figure who committed crime first-hand could be uncovered. But Jiang Xianbang was not affected that badly, the support he had was stronger and would not collapse instantly. Otherwise, he would have ended up in jail already. How could he have escaped to Hong Kong?

“It’s not a bad thing to prepare for a rainy day. He should do it now when he still has the chance. Otherwise, when the storm comes, he can’t even run away,” Xue Qingyan smiled faintly and said.

Qin Sheng continued, “So Shangshan Ruoshui is also being dealt with. I’ve asked him already, I’m wondering if you’re interested.”

Xue Qingyan’s smile disappeared and she seemed hesitant. After a moment, she said, “I have to think about it. Besides, this is not a small sum. Even if I take over, I don’t have the time to manage it. But I can ask my friends and see if any one of them is interested. This will be beneficial for you too.”

To be honest, Qin Sheng was a little disappointed. He had high hopes towards Xue Qinyan. He wanted to stay at Shangshan Ruoshui and climb up step by step. He would then manage his connections and build a stable foundation for his future. However, he understood where she was coming from. Even though he was quite close to her, it was not to the extent where she would move a huge sum of money for him. This was not a small sum. Besides, Jiang Xianbang also mentioned that Xue Qingyan’s status was a little special. She had to consider for the people that had her back.

Just like what Qin Sheng said, if it was someone else, Xue Qingyan would have rejected directly. But for him, she was still willing to try.

“Sis, I understand what you mean,” he smiled and said.

Xue Qingyan comforted, “Shanghai is so big, you will still have many places to go and develop at when you leave Shangshan Ruoshui. Don’t think too much about it.”

Qin Sheng nodded. At this moment, the resident singer left the stage. Qin Sheng suddenly had an idea. “Sis, do you want to hear me sing?”

“How’s your singing? If it’s not good, you’re paying for tonight’s bill,” Xue Qingyan joked.

Qin Sheng did not say anything. He went to the manager directly. After a few sentences, the manager agreed readily. Hence, Qin Sheng went onto the stage and discussed with the band members. They chose Zhang Chu’s “Sister”. He then stood behind the microphone, pointed towards Xue Qingyan and smiled, “Zhang Chu’s “Sister” for my most beautiful sister!”

Xue Qingyan initially thought that he was joking. She did not expect him to really go on stage and sing. His aura showed that he was not joking around. Hearing what he said, all guests turned to look towards Xue Qingyan. They were surprised that this dude’s sister is such a gorgeous lady. Xue Qingyan lowered her head in embarrassment.

The prelude ended.

Qin Sheng started to sing.

The winter snow is not falling

Standing on the road, not blinking

My heartbeat is still very gentle

You should praise me for being obedient today

My clothes are a little big

You said that I looked awkward

I know that I look silly

When I stand in the crowd

Oh! Sister

I want to go home

Hold my hand

I’m getting sleepy

Oh! Sister

Bring me home

Hold my hand

You don’t have to be afraid

I’m getting sleepy…”

The three musketeers of Magic Stone Label: Dou Wei, Zhang Chu, He Yong. They were the pioneers of local rock music. Back then the concert at Hong Kong Coliseum was unbeatable. Sadly, eventually, one became so elevated in his music that he was ‘out of the world’. One made a stupid decision, and one became crazy. What a pity.

Qin Sheng liked the beginning and ending lyrics of ‘Sister’. He did not feel much towards the lyrics in the middle, so he changed it a little when singing it for Xue Qingyan.

When he sang till the last part, he sang it with a sincere heart and stared at Xue Qingyan. He voice was filled with the vicissitudes of life. Be it folk song or rock, he could always sing it with his own color.

Xue Qingyan was more or less touched. She inexplicably thought of something and her eyes turned red unknowingly.

After the song ended, the audience clapped for him. Qin Sheng was already used to this kind of setting. Xue Qingyan pressed her lips together and clapped too. Qin Sheng took a bow and walked off the stage.

Upon returning to Xue Qingyan, Qin Sheng noticed that her eyes were red. He was confused, “What’s wrong, sis?”

“Nothing, I’m just touched,” she replied causally to brush it off.

They stayed for less than half an hour in the bar. Qin Sheng and Xue Qingyan called a cab home. Qin Sheng held on to the key. He was going to drive the car to her office the next day.

For the following few days, Qin Sheng was quite busy. But there was something that was troubling him. That was, when he was on the phone with Lin Su, when she asked him if he was free next Thursday night, Qin Sheng found that it was still a few days away so he said that he was not sure. Lin Su did not say anything about that.

After hanging up, Qin Sheng felt that something was wrong. He lit a cigarette and tried his best to arrive at an answer. Suddenly, he thought that it could be Lin Su’s birthday. He remembered when they booked a room outside, he saw her ID before. Her birthday seemed to be on the twelfth lunar month.

Hence, he proceeded to check on his phone. Indeed, it was her birthday.

Lin Su’s birthday, what should he give her? This question gave him a hard time. Besides, Lin Su did not lack anything in material form. Besides, he could not afford very expensive items.

Hence, he thought hard again. Finally, late at night on the third day, he suddenly thought of a gift idea.